Working at Home For Enterprise Rent-a-Car

You might see me posting leads for Enterprise Rent-a-Car quite frequently on my  job leads board.

This is a legit work at home opportunity from a reputable company I am sure you have heard of. This is also one company that recently closed down it's call centers and shifted all their employees to work at home (where they receive the same pay and benefits)!

Enterprise is location-based so they are not always hiring nationwide but rather in specific states. You can always check their careers page to see if they need anyone in your area.

Below, I've shared some details about working at home for Enterprise.

The Job

Enterprise currently hires people to work from home as customer service reps, reservation sales reps, and escalation support trainees.

The customer service reps answer general customer service questions and try to resolve customer concerns.

Reservation reps assist customers with reservation sales and other customer inquiries.

Escalation trainees “field customer assistance calls related to a variety of escalated requests, including researching reservations, communicating branch policies, processing special requests, and handling roadside assistance calls.”

The Pay

The pay at Enterprise varies for each position.

Their rates seem to have changed a little bit recently. Customer service reps used to start out at $12 an hour, Reservation sales reps started out at $11.10/hr with the opportunity to bonus based on individual and team performance. Escalation support trainees could earn $14.80 an hour.

Looking at anonymous Glassdoor reviews, and some of their more recent listings makes me think the pay might be a little better now. Some customer service jobs I looked at had starting rate of $15 hourly, but it's hard to say if this is the new standard rate.

Training is also paid and employees are eligible for monthly bonuses.


Because you are hired as an employee at Enterprise, you are eligible for lots of benefits here.

Some of these include insurance (health, dental, life), disability, retirement, time off (paid and unpaid), leaves of absence, and even all kinds of other perks like discounts on their services as well as adoption assistance.


These positions appear to be primarily full-time requiring that you put in 40 hours a week, which might include weekends.

From what I've read, the hours do seem like a lot so this probably would not be for you if you can't be flexible with your schedule and aren't able to put in as much time as they would need.


The training varies for the different positions.

Some of the positions require four weeks of virtual training while others require as much as eleven weeks. From what I'm reading, this varies depending on the location you're in. Your training time is also paid.

It can take a while to actually start working after you're hired. You will have a specific time for your training which could be a month or more after you know you have the job.

Tech Requirements

Enterprise does not require a land line phone, so this is one perk since I know a lot of you don't have one and don't want to get one. Here is the list of things you will need (in addition to a quiet working environment with no background noise).

  • Computer (PC, no Mac)
  • Computer USB Headset with Microphone or PC speakers and microphone (here's a list of good headsets for work from home)
  • High speed Internet access provided by a cable or DSL provider (Satellite broadband does not meet our requirements).
  • Minimum up load speed of 1000 kbps (1.0 mbps)
  • Minimum down load speed of 3000 kbps (3.0 mbps)
  • Use of wireless and WiFi “air cards” is prohibited

Are You Qualified?

Each of the positions Enterprise is hiring for has different requirements, but you'll have better luck getting in if you have at least some customer service or sales experience in your background.

You also need to be very computer literate. It is also a requirement that you are a US resident as well as a resident of the state you're applying in. Enterprise does not hire internationally.


The application process is apparently tough to get through from what I've read.

Someone on WPLH said that their interview lasted an hour and was pretty difficult, and afterward they did not get the job.

This thread on WAHM makes me think getting in here might be kind of tough and that it's one of those jobs where you go through a lot of interviews and other things and it can take a while before you know anything.


If you want to apply, you can go here to view the list of open work at home positions. I would appreciate any input or additional information on working at home for Enterprise Rent-a-Car if anyone has it. Good luck!

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407 thoughts on “Working at Home For Enterprise Rent-a-Car”

  1. My bf did the second interview for a work for home position & then was sent the email for a background check. Does that mean he’s hired as long as all goes well with the background check?

  2. Everyones inputs and advices definitely helped with my other questions! I currently just passed my first interview going onto my second interview tomorrow! My only question that I am a bit nervous about is what kind of background check do they do? I just found out (yesterday) that my licenses were suspended from a ticket that I totally forgot about in another city! Hopefully I can get it handled this week! But I wanted to know because during the application with out knowing I check yes for me having a licenses. Does anyone know if that will stop me from getting this opportunity once I past the second interview?

    • Hello everyone I am suppose to start the next training class coming up and i have a couple questions about training. If my computer has a mic do i still have to use the headset for training? Can they tell if you are not at the address you are suppose to be at?

      • What did you do or put on your resume for them to give you an interview? I have customer service experience but when i filled out they told me they were pursuing other candidates. Is anyone in the St. Louis, MO area?

  3. Hello all! I went through the test and assessment with Enterprise and I am scheduled for a phone interview next week. Can anyone tell me what questions to expect? How long after the first interview, will they schedule my second?

    • Hi, can you tell me How the class is and if you are there with others and what is expected? Dress code, testing etc how do you like it so far??

  4. I just had my second phone interview and was told I would hear something by phone or email within the next 7 to 10 business days, is this normal before the job offer?

      • Hello I am waiting my second interview I was wondering if you could tell me the shifts for the reservation tech?

    • At the end of my second interview I was told my next step is the back ground check. She sent me over the info after a couple hours. Filled it out on a Thursday and the following Monday I received a call with job offer.

      I start class tomorrow super excited! This is right up my alley 🙂

      Good luck everyone!

      • Hi Amy just wondering how the training went is it hard and do you have to take a quiz in order to pass and actually get hired once your training has ended or how does that work? And also what should I study for that’s gonna be on the quiz please help my training class starts in August

  5. Each state runs a bit differently. When I worked in MN, it was pretty good. They had good incentives to go promote to MA (management assistant) they gave you $200 macys card once you hit a major milestone (this was 2009 so I cant remember what it was) and if you promoted to assistant manager you received an increase in base pay plus branch commision of 4 percent. They also had a much better matrix (where you stack up monthly against your peers) that was based on the sales and seevice scores of all employees in the state. When I transferred to WI it was not good. They had a set matrix rubric that was very difficult, promotion to assistant manager was actually a pay cut, thus no MAs wanted to promote so they cut the hours to try to encourage them to promote. They also would train people to be dishonest with customers and make shaddy deals. I wont bore you with all the details. I know my experience in MN was mostly positive and my experience in Wi was mostly negative. I wouldnt work there again bc I dont like sales and I didnt like th long hours

  6. If you are hired and have to move to another city. Would they know that your are not in the location you applied for?

  7. you guys are crazy to try and work for this place. I worked there for a while and was the 17th best employee out of about 1000 employees. They will tell you to do one thing and then if it doesn’t work out blame you for it. They don’t have one set of rules to follow and it’s up to you to make sure you do the best decision for the location you are renting for. it’s back to back calls and you are timed, if you don’t rent enough cars you are warned then threatened with termination. The worst place I ever worked, unless you are stuck and have nothing else then go for it. As for working from home, I was so burnt out from handling over 100 calls a day that I had no family life.

    • I worked in the call center for 15 months and enjoyed my time there. I was then promoted to another position and 12 months later was promoted again. All while working at home. You can work your way up to a Department Manager in the Call Center, make $100,000 a year and still work at home. I know people that work in the call center who have been there 10 years. It isn’t for everybody, it is hard work and you have to hit your numbers. But the rewards are high and Enterprise is a truly great company.

    • Enterprise gives you a schedule to work and as long as you honor that schedule you are fine. They don’t dictate to you what you do outside of working at Enterprise. I know a couple people that work full time at Enterprise and full time at other jobs. That’s pretty crazy but some people are really hard workers and want the money, I guess.

  8. hmmmm I am located in Canada and I am a bit confused by the posts. So there are two reservation agent positions? Sales and no Sales??? I have done customer service and a little bit of sales with technical support with a cable company. I am curious how difficult it is to sell people on car rentals?

    • Calia,
      I’m in res sales and let’s just say. I NEVER knew it was this difficult to rent a car. Now let me say this.. The job itself is GREAT my Mgr is AWESOME!! But… The people you encounter on a daily basis can make this great job very difficult and stressful. Selling reservation is not hard at all, you just have to make a ridiculous rate sound attractive,lol. Now you do have those ppl that know what they want and make it real easy for you. But what they don’t tell you is ENTERPRISE is the main tree and National and Alamo rental car are connected to that tree,soooo you are also selling and making reservations for them as well.. ( tri-brand) It’s not a pushy sales position so if they are adamant about not booking you nicely let them go see and move on to the next call (cause there will be a next call). I have 15yrs of call center experience and this is my first time doing sales. When I was hired 6months ago there was no “sales” then it was incorporated and bonuses went away and was replaced by commission. Now the great thing is you still get your hourly rate but you can earn a % by the amount of reservations you book and they pick up.. Booking the reservation is one thing but your commission is based on them actually picking up the car. So that’s where your sales skills come in place.. Again it’s a GREAT job, but I’ll just say nothing comes easy.. Hopes this helps with your decision and hope I didn’t taint your decision. But, I’m a realist and I don’t like to have ppl blinded by just the good things.. Good luck to you and anyone else who decides to apply.. Oh ask me if I like the job… Again at first I didn’t think it would be hard, but I was put on a mental roller coaster so now my mindset is stable so yea I like my job for the most part. With any job it has its moments😃

  9. I was hired to work from home (no sales) I need advice on the modem. Mine has 4 ports. Will the phone hook up to one of the Ethernet ports? I start training in November & I am super nervous about it but excited at the same time. I would love any advice. Also the clause of “graduating” and making sure you are fit to move on is a little scary. I have never had it put in that tone before. Any advice or support would be great – especially about the phone because my Ethernet cable and phone will be hooked into the same modem. TIA

    • Amelia – I was offered my employment today too.. I start Nov 2… Where are you located? I am in Colorado Springs.. I would love to hear more.. My email address is Jennifer.than10 (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Hi Amelia,

      I am interviewing for the WTH Rental Reservation Rep (NO SALES). I have my first interview Monday. Can you advise me of what to expect on the first interview and what you think are the deciding factors on getting a second interview?

      Also do you only work Monday – Friday?


      & I haven’t worked for enterprise before but i did have a wfh job before and your phone should be able to hookup to the same modem. i have done it before.

  10. I am currently in the interview process for the Work From Home Reservation Rep (NO SALES).

    Can anyone who works here tell me the hours and days you work (i.e. mondau-friday). I am just trying to get an idea.

    • Nava,
      I have heard reservations work Mon-Fri hours vary based upon business needs.They will give you a list of hours to choose from once you are offered the job. I work reservation sales and I work every weekend thru-Fri off 12:45-9:45pm Est. I’m not sure if your hours will be that late. Don’t hold me to that.. hope this helps. Good luck to ya!!

      • Thank you Tee can you give a brief overview of the interview process. I was set up for an assessment and I passed that. I am now going on to my first phone interview sometime this week. I have heard/read there are two interviews. Can you provide a brief rundown on the job interview process?

  11. Anna, they recently changed the structure of the reservation reps. Basically, all reservation positions are now considered sales positions, and the pay scale was adjusted accordingly. The hourly pay is lower, and everybody can qualify for production based bonuses.

      • Lawlesslass, there is no average. Commission is based upon a % how much revenue you make from customers picking up their vehicles as well as any extra options they add on, like Sirius satellite radio, ins coverage etc. The commission payouts are In tiers so if your revenue is between $4,999.99- $10,999.99 you may get .02% of whatever ur total is.. that is just an example. So there is no set base amt.. the more reservations you make the greater your chances for higher payouts, I’ve seen payouts as low as $35 and as high as $150 after taxes of course.. so take as many calls and try to book 90% of ur calls.. hope this helps

  12. Hey, everyone! So, my husband got an email requesting that he do the online assessment for the Bilingual Reservation Rep position. We were waiting for him to do the online assessment until we upgraded our Windows system on our computer (which would be some time this week) in order for him to feel more confident with the test. Somebody called him today to follow up and see if he got the email. He said the lady was very polite and explained to him that the assessment could be done on any computer, for example, in a library, as long as it was running the proper system. So, we headed to the library tonight, my husband started the assessment, but it only took him about 20 minutes or so! He said there were a couple of technical computer questions that he wasn’t sure about, but nothing he couldn’t learn. After he submitted his answers to the first part he received a message thanking him and that somebody would be contacting him within the next couple days. Does anyone know why he was not taken to the simulation part of the assessment? Is it possible to not pass that first part and not be taken to the second part? We sure are hoping for the best, as this position would be ideal for him, but we just aren’t sure what happened! Thanks so much, and good luck to all who have applied!

  13. They are hiring in my area. I was just wondering … is this EVERY Saturday and Sunday for eight hours both days? My husband and I work different shifts and we hardly see each other except every other weekend, and I have my three year-old granddaughter those weekends as well. I’m pretty flexible at any other time, though, and I’m usually up between 4 and 5 am, so if I could start early, I could knock my day out pretty quick.

    • Hi Patti,
      If the position states Reservation Sales Rep it is every weekend. Reservation Rep (no sales,no commission) is Mon-Fri. I can tell you now the hours you are seeking is not available,like with starting any job you will get some late hours, nothing starting before 10 or 11am ( depending on ur time zone) Yes they are eight hr shifts. Hope this helps. Good luck to you.

    • Hello Patty, There are all sorts of options for scheduling. Some work M-F some do not. Mine for example mine is Mon
      , Tues and Fri 8-7 with an hr lunch and then Thurs and Sat 8-1

  14. I have a question, Im coming into my last week of Training and was told that you will know by Friday if you move on to work with Enterprise, has anyone not made it thru? I think Im doing pretty well but would like to know if there is ant feedback on moving forward.

    • Janice, first let me ask who is ur trainer? Secondly, if u made it this far without any major hiccups then you are fine. To get let go during training is rare, unless you miss days and are not meeting tech requirements or you are totally not getting it. Those will be the reasons I see u not moving fwd, but I highly doubt they would take u to the end of training and let u go, cause by this point you have signed all ur Hr paperwork and set up all ur passwords.
      Good luck to ya

  15. Any current employees up here? I am in my 4th and last week of training for the RSR position. I am really exhausted. I must say now that we are taking calls, it is very tiring. I do not have a sales background and this is all new to me. Pushing people to book vehicles is a lot of work! lol I’m hoping it gets better the more I do it. This job is not for the faint of heart. If you are easily stressed, it is not the job for you. A sales background would really help. I see my classmates who come from sales jobs are doing great! I love the pay and all the perks and bonus opportunities, just would like to hear any positive stories from people who are still working for Enterprise? Thanks in advance.

    • Katrina, what u are feeling is normal. I am currently a RSR. I just completed my 90 days. I come from a high volume call center background with no sales experience at all, so this is all new to me as well, but I love to talk and have scquired a master’s degree in persuasion. Lol. Don’t focus on other ppl. I thought the s

    • Same thing in training class. I had ppl in my class I thought were AWESOME,UNTIL we hit the floor and some sunk like rocks while I swam like a fish. Take it day to day one call at a time. Start trying to develop a strategy to meet ur goals. I set different goals for myself everyday. Because u work from home it’s diff cause you don’t have someone standing over you. Oh yea, KDB will be ur best friend. Read up on what it says and repeat it to the customer with confidence. Who is ur team Mgr? Wish u the best?

  16. I just have a question for current employees. I will be starting my training in July and I know the internet requirements. I was wondering what company some of you have internet with. I previously worked at home and had att uverse internet I ended up having speed issues and had to switch providers. I have cox internet now but I honestly I don’t like it because I had a lot of freezing and latency issues toward the end of my previous employment. The speed was also to be faster but I didn’t feel much if any difference. Just would like some personal opinions on the best internet service to go with that are within requirement. Thanks

    • Kim, i have cox as well. To this day i have not had any issues(knock on wood) the only thing i had to do was seperate my modem and my router to two diff units. When rhey sent me my phone rhats when i found out about the issue. Hope rhis helps,good luck to u

  17. I will tell you things that no one has let everyone know about. My first interview was the 1st week of Sept. I was on unemployment at the time, I was told if I was hired I would be in the Dec.5th class. I thought wow have to wait 3 months, I WAS looking forward to it. About two weeks when I didn’t hear anything back as they are really bad about contacting you, I called them, I was told the background check was not back yet and they were putting me in the Jan. 5th class as the others were already full. No one contacted me to let me know about a one month delay. As someone also mentioned you have to get your I-9 Notarized, my credit union would not notarize it so I had to pay a Postal Net $5.00 to do it, another thing they do not tell you You are NOT allowed to have a child under 15 in your home when you are working, one man commented that is why he wanted to work from home as he had is daughter in the summer, he was told told then you will need to find someone to watch her. (that wasn’t a factor with me) but would be for parents that have kids. .Also someone posted that thought training was a month, it is NOT is is two short weeks, in those 10 days it also includes getting your passwords, logging into a Payroll site and various other sites to pick up your emails before taking a call, you will only have a few minutes as they will not let you log into that site before your start time. They also do not tell you that you don’t get a vacation for a year and if you want off, you have to find someone to cover for you or you can’t take off, if you do you can lose you job. One lady said she will just just quit in the summer as you are only hourly and not salaried, she was upset about not being told in advance as well as others in the class that didn’t like it, You can also lose your job if you take off and don’t have coverage. If you have call center experience it will be a big help and can type pretty fast as you have to work in two software programs with 2 passwords and 2 log in names for each reservation plus write them down, calls are back to back and VERY stressful. You will also be receiving a phone that you will be using a lot, you will need to call other offices and take calls on it, that is something else you need to learn how to use. On the tenth day you are told you will be taking calls that day, I was not ready as tech support gave me wrong info on changing my password I was told I could just change one number with a name I would get back to class ad it wouldn’t work then I had to leave class make a phone call to tech support, then it was try this and that including turning off the computer this went on three times and only changed a number then I find out you have to change more that a number in Centrix in the meantime I lost about 3 hours a day taking calls we were to report back to our online class and give feedback, one lady said she was yelled at, and another was hug up on and other swore at, You are NOT given enough training or this wouldn’t happen. Some others besides me needed extra training, they offered 4 hours, I was told this on a Friday, the following week Mon. I was told she was giving me 1/2 hour, I told her it was supposed to be 4 hours she said she would get back to me as she didn’t know that, the next day, Tuesday I get a call again for 1/2 hour and told by the instructor someone would get back to me, I waited around for two days then got a call from them that she was going on vacation and would be back for about a week then would get back to me. I didn’t hear anything more for about 3 weeks and I quit. I was hired full time, as they offered me 4 hours extra training I would have thought they would still have me at 40 hours a week and not string me along for almost 3 weeks not knowing when they were going to call me, right now I have an appeal with unemployment pending. Think twice as this is also a high stress position and they don’t tell you everything until AFTER you are hired.Good Luck everyone, I was so excited to get this position and spent close to $300. to by a new modem and have Geek Squad hook it up, buy a headset which you don’t use after class ends, notary fees, postage etc.

    • Sharon sounds like you have been thru an ordeal. About the I-9 it states on the pw that ” a notary is not required” they recommend a notary because they know how an I-9 works. Yes the process does takes about 3months. Granted every thing is done over the phone and computer so that is too be expected. About the children yes they are strict about “SMALL NEEDY” children. I have a 12 yo and my Mgr knows this but my 12yo is self sufficient she knows not to come into the room when I’m working. Small children can’t grasp that concept so yea they have an issue with that. Again you are working even though u are at home u are still working. U can’t bring ur children to work with u if u were out in a busn. This no different, how professional would u sound with a baby crying or children playing in the back ground?? The training is very detailed and brief, hints to why everyday is crucial you are there taking notes. I won’t lie and say this job is not stressful,cause with any job it can be very stressful and every call center job is not for everybody. The vacation aspect is the same with any other job, yes you don’t get vacation until after one year. But you do get 1days every month for the first 7 months to use as you choose to. And you get ur benefits after 90days. You have to accumulate 5 or more attendance points and your numbers have to be below average to be let go for attendance, again it’s a busn, you are being hired to service the customers. It’s sad that you went thru this, but this is not an entirely bad job. I’ve been employed with the company for 3months and it is a decent job. (Seeing as though this my first work from job) the best advice I can give is this type of job is not for everyone, and you have to have your mind clear of distractions so you can focus. Because it is a wfh job things are a lot stricter cause you are held accountable for yourself. I love it cause I’m not being micro managed and I’m home in my fluffy slippers getting paid.. lol.. I wish and everyone the best of luck.

    • Hey Sharon I’m sorry to hear about that. It can be a long waiting time to get the job and I went out and bought a laptop and upgraded my internet as well so if you don’t already have that, it can be costly but you run a lot of systems so its understandable. I don’t know who your trainer was but it sounds like no one was prepared. I love my trainer and I think everyone has had some jitters but we have learned a lot!! I’ve had 4 years of customer service and used to work for T-Mobile so honestly these customers are easy and all we do is book rentals. I used to be customer service which does a lotttt more and I’m glad with my rental reservations position I don’t have to be customer care! Any specific billing questions or complaints go to customer care! I would definitely say the job isn’t for everyone. You have to be able to focus and training is so crucial so taking notes and being there constantly is something I reccomend to everyone! Like tiffany said, you get one day off extra per month for whatever plus u can have up to 5.5 attendance points before you are considered at risk. Pretty standard. The benefits start after 90 days and are awesome!! I love being in the comfort of my home in slippers and PJs if I want. I love working from home and also I did use a notary for my i-9 cus I thought it was required but fed UPS charged me like $7 to do the notary, make copies and fax them off. Easy and not bad at all.

    • @Sharon, I’ve just finished my second week of training and I love it. I don’t mean to sound rude, but I don’t really see what your complaint is. No job tells you absolutely every detail about it until you start. Also, I have worked in call centers before and can tell you from extensive experience that this job does not even require you to take care of half of the things other call center representatives have to take care of and be responsible for. I’m a college student so working from home is a necessity so I can maintain my GPA and get into graduate school. I save so much time on my commute that can be devoted to studying. And if I’m up late studying the night before work, I don’t even have to put on business-casual clothes if I don’t want to. I can stay in my pajamas and socks. Enterprise is a good company and I’ve been doing business with them for years prior to applying and getting hired. It sounds like you had different expectations, but if this job is something you are upset by, I just wonder how you could work at any job. Also, it is very unethical to say most of the things you are saying. It just didn’t work out for you. I’m sorry you had that experience, but take it and do something positive with it instead of trying to make Enterprise out to be the bad guys. They are awesome people and the trainers are top notch! 🙂

          • I worked customer service for a wireless provider before this and let me tell ya this is a breeze!! Haha I don’t understand how people think this is insanely hard? Sure its nerve wracking when u are new and I was shocked that they don’t think u need hovering help constantly after training but its because u only do one thing!! There are different types of rentals but that’s all u do…. Book rentals. And u don’t have to do any customer service complaints! And you work from home? Come on people! Lol it may not be for u if u think this is stressful but don’t scare others away who could handle it fine!

  18. Hey all, I so excited i was officially offerd the reservation rep position. I start on June 29. I hope to meet some new friends………

  19. Hello everyone,
    I applies for the reservation rep a couple of weeks ago. I got a phone call and email today about the first assessment. I was wondering if I need to go out and purchase a cheap headset for this assessment as I do not currently have a usb headset (only have a wireless one).

    I also was wondering what the reservation rep job entails: what are the shifts, etc. I have a 16 month old child and need to know when I’ll have to call on grandma for babysitting.. lol. I assume having a playpen in my office would not be an ideal environment for this job.

    • Hi Nicole,
      No headset is needed for the assessment. Just speakers on ur computer. As far as your baby. I highly recommend a sitter they are VERY STRICT!! on background noises especially small children. They stress that in training and in the interviews. Just look at like this, how would u feel calling a company and hear kids playing or crying in the background will you honestly think that company is professional enough to have your busniess? That’s their mindset, cause you will deal with travel agencies and other busn professionals when booking reservations.It’s just something to think about.
      Hopefully that helps. And good luck to ya..

      • Hello I am worried about my internet hook up. On the tech requirements they send you it says something about if you have a multi port modem that has phone then you need to have a separate router for your phone. We have a phone but we don’t have it hooked it. im just worried it’s going to give me issues. How do I find out if it is going to give them issues with the phone we use from them. I know my company does VoIP and that’s okay. But when I called TWC they said I would have to hook a router up to get the ports open they want open since my modem and router is in one. Can someone please help me.

        • Talor,
          I have a multi port modem/router with TWC as well as a home phone that is hooked up. I’ve never had any issues with my internet connection because of it so you should be fine if you haven’t experienced issues previously.

  20. My longest employment period was over a year, but it was an internship with a small business that did not give me a W-2 form, does anyone know of a solution to this?

  21. I have my first phone interview tomorrow? Does anybody know what I should expect as far as questions. I am trying my best to prepare because I really need this position as a reservation sales rep. Anything would be great!
    Let me know what to prepare for. Time is of the essence now, they are calling me tomorrow at 11:45am eastern time and I will be at work at my current job because I will be making a career change. I am nervous. Prayers or silent thoughts welcomed as well. (:

    • Tisha, yes u get a full check, granted u don’t miss any days. Training is started on the new pay period. You will get a paycheck calendar in training. The pay is bi weekly so u should get ur first check two weeks after starting training. So next Friday Is payday. Ur first check is mailed and u should get it the Tuesday following the payday. Then your direct deposit will start from then on out. Again all this will be given to you thru out ur training.
      Hope this helps.

  22. Hi everyone! I currently applied for a work at home reservation position and everything I have seen about the tech requirements just says a computer no Mac. Does that mean we are aloud to use a lap top if we chose to do so? I am not seeing anywhere that it has to be a desktop.

    • Hi Kristen,
      A laptop is allowed. You just have to make sure it passes the scan test. They will provide you with all that info if selected for position. Good luck to you

  23. Hi, I have been hired for the reservation (no sales) i believe because it is only 3 weeks. I start june 1st! Can someone tell me what speed of internet they have and if they had other devices in the home connected while working? Reading the comments i am very nervous about how strict they seem in training. I have waited a while to get this job and dont want to get fired over my internet right when i start! I have mediacom and am wondering if i should upgrade speed before i start.

    • Hi,
      If you got hired your speed should be goo. I had 15mbs (mediacom) which passed the test, but this weekend I upgraded to 50mbs and it was only 5 extra dollars. It also came with 150 more GB per month.

      • Thank you!! I upgraded to that too right before training! Good $5 deal too lol and I haven’t really had any problems in training. There were a lot more people in my class that had more issues than I did and honestly no one got fired so they are a bit more understanding than it seems.

        • Hi,
          Janessa! I’m glad it worked out for you. This is my last week of training. I’m ready to get out on the floor. I had one tech issues last week, so I praying nothing happens this week. Are you reservation sales or just reservations?

          • Hi Latoria I saw where this is ur last week of training.. congratulations… I start training on the 29th next Monday. I have a question when did ur trainer get in contact with u before u started training… Thanks in advance!

  24. I have another question, If say you needed to move after training, can you move in the same city and still be able to keep your position?

    • Trisha, I wouldn’t think it would be a big issue I know you will have to get approval from your Mgr. And you will have to pass the computer scan again,and be up and running within a certain time frame

  25. so I applied went thru both interviews and back found checlass but I’m a little nervous because my employment dates were off by a few months does anyone think this will effect me negatively

  26. I was hired last week here in Suwanee Ga, I am nervous, it has been a long time since i have had a call center job. Anything that I can do before I start training to get accustomed to the job?

    • Alex, congrats.. I worked in a call center for over 8yrs. And this job is NOTHING like what I’ve what experienced. I must say if you have had call center experience you will get a custom really quick. The job is not hard at all. Once you get use to the system it will be a breeze.. Alex just relax, they will train you on everything you need to know.. Good luck to ya

      • Oh thank you for your reply, I am a little nervous, but from the comments here it seems to be a good job that is not that stressful. i will roll with it, right now I am getting my I-9 together and I start training on the 1st. Thanks again.

        • Alex, you will be fine.. once you get into it, you’ll see it’s not as bad as you thought. Good luck in training.. take notes and try not to miss any days.. make sure ur internet is in top working order, they are really strict on that in training.. mines was fine until I got the phone and it wouldn’t connect.. I ended up having to switch from a all in one router to having them separately. After that I hadn’t had any problems, if you do have have an tech issues they will give you 24hrs to fix it it (tech warning) but you can’t have anymore issues while in training..
          Again good luck..

  27. Hi Tisha,
    I went to my bank Wells Fargo. Try your county/city municipal bldg. Good luck to you..

  28. Hey Everyone, is anyone in the Atlanta Area and can refer me to someone who can complete a notary for my I9?

  29. I got an email a few moments ago saying my background check and everything are in progress and they will contact me as soon as they receive a finalized report. I am just confused because I received a email copy of the report yesterday. So they should have it. Unless they are waiting for everything to be put together and offer me the job. I hate waiting lol. I know there is a process but I’m ready to know lol.

    • Talor the company that does the background reports for Enterprise automatically sends that to you when they have completed running the background check. You can contact them directly at the number on the email to find out specifically where you are in the process. If they have giving any indication of your training class date that is more than likely when you will start. My background check was completed in December and I didn’t actually start working until February 2. It’s a long process.

      • K Lynn,
        Hey, I thought for the first year and the first seven months after you finish training you get 1 paid day off each month. Then after you compete a year you get 12 days. Can you not use them when you need to?

        • Latoria you get what they call a choice day each month. But your receive attendance points for using these paid days off. Attendance is very strict.

          • K Lynn,
            Wow! They did not explain this to mee. So after a year if you want to take a vacation you can possibly get points and get fired?

    • May you tell me the name of the company that does the background check so I can keep an eye out for it. I completed my second interview on may 6th and waiting to hear back.

  30. Hi Tan,
    Only thing now is to wait until training starts provided your internet and computer are up to speed,

    • I got the email that has a copy of my background check. They have everything now. After you received the email how long did it take them to call you?

  31. Crissy87, I was feeling the exact same way They are only like that in training.. I had the same issue and was given a tech warning while in training.. Like you said just make sure your internet is on point.. Once out of training all those tech points go away and you start fresh.. They are strict cause training is so IMPORTANT!!! you can’t really afford to miss a day.. As far as the breaks and lunches, they are just trying to get you accustom to what’s expected when you are on your own, With you working from home there is no one to hold you accountable but yourself which is why they are so strict. I wish you the best and hopes everything works out.. I was came out of train on 4/17 and I LOVE IT!!! The Team mgrs. are awesome and very patient.. Who is your trainer?

  32. Started training on April 27th. During the first week trainer announced that we could only get one whole point for tardies and most tech issues. Each issue would be a half point throughout training. My internet went out on the third day so if it happenes again I will loose my job. Which to me is not fair since it is something that is out of my control because there are only two internet providers in my area. I left the other to get the job and lost my spot. Upset because I was patient with them during the long hiring process but they could care less about you. I am praying to just make it through my last two weeks to start work. P.S. Make sure to have all your tech issues ironed out and use a timer for all breaks and lunch. It is ZERO Tollerance period. Good luck to all that apply!

  33. Hello,
    I have done my background check form and just waiting to hear back. That was 3 days ago. How long does this normally take? I also had lot of addresses on my background. What happens if i missed one and it brings it up? Also how does the vacation and time off work? I hope to get this job and get and good shift. I hate waiting lol and wish i would just hear from them.

    • @Talor Says it takes quite sometime… but not for the background check but to hear back from your employer or previous employer

      completed mines on the 15th of April didnt hear back til the 6th of may

    • Taylor as Henry mentioned it takes a while to hear back. I missed a few addresses as well (not a problem). Be aware is the strictest job I have ever worked as far as vacations and time off. You get attendance points if you call in sick or have a family emergency such as a death (no excuses). I have heard from others that once they reached 6 points they lost their chosen work schedule. It is an amazing company to work for though.

      • K Lynn,
        Hey, I thought for the first year and the first seven months after you finish training you get 1 paid day off each month. Then after you compete a year you get 12 days. Can you not use them when you need to?

  34. Hi all,

    Does a year of work experience have to be the last job you worked? I had about 3 years at the same employer until 2013 but since then haven’t been anywhere a full year.

  35. just waiting on my background check to come back…. how long did it take for you all to get yours back

    • Henry it took mine a whole month to come back. But one of my past employers took forever to respond. It depends on how long it takes your past employer to respond. the criminal and address check only took a few days.

  36. Hi guys i was wondering if anyone knows how far they go back on backdround check………and as far as your location how would they know if u are not in the location u applied for…just curious

  37. What is the difference between Reservation and Reservation Sales? Are the regular Reservations Agents not required to sale?

    • Exactly.. reservation reps are just taking reservations. Sale rep you have to use your master of persuasion to get the customers to book the reservation. You have sales goals and incentives. Which if that is the position you were hired for you would definitely love to hear about in training. I can’t and won’t go into full detail you’ll have to see if that is ur hired job function. I think the reservation reps don’t work weekends cause they are basically back up for the store locations. Again you will learn the difference and it’s benefits. Either way welcome to enterprise.. Best of luck to ya

      • I got Reservation Rep. Training is just 3 weeks, and I will work M – F after that. I look forward to starting on Monday. 🙂

  38. Latoria

    I’m actually reservation rep (no sales). But I want to say best of luck (even though I’m sure you don’t need it) I think it says it all just making through the interview process and background check!

    • Sabrina

      Yes it looks like we have two different positions. Best of luck to you, I’m sure you will be awesome!

  39. Thank you Tiffany, I didn’t realize there were two different positions and I could see why sales would have an extra week of training, more to learn!

  40. Hey Fyi.. if you have two diff training periods cause you were hired for two different positions. There is a reservation sales rep (4wk training) and then there is reservation rep. (3wk training). Difference is program software u will use, and scheduling. But Same pay. I’m a reservation sales rep. I love it the system does all the work, no outbound calls etc.. again just an fyi which why y’all have different training times. I won’t spoil it.. lol.. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!

  41. Latoria the benefits are cool. For the price. Choice time is time you can use for anything. I won’t go too in depth, you’ll like it. I worked in a call center the same amt of time. Their process is different and probably 90% less stressful. We are coming into the summer months so the call volume is picking up. Who is ur trainer?

    • Tiffany,
      Thanks for the info. I don’t know who my trainer is just yet. I was hired early but could not do the May training because of school. Hopefully they will email me within the next 2 weeks.

  42. Congrats ladies, The job is great. As I said in previous post. Just make sure you keep your internet connection up to par. Get a ur appts out the way, I know things happen. I just finished training about two weeks ago. The trainers are AWESOME. My advice just ask questions if you don’t understand. Good luck to you all..

    • Tiffany,
      Thanks! I look forward to starting. I have worked for call centers for 10 plus years in retention, tech support, or sales. I’m ready to find out more about the benefits. I don’t really understand the choice time.

  43. Hi all,
    I have been reading everyone’s comments and I find it all very helpful. I have a second phone interview tomorrow and was just wondering if it is like the first interview (same questions) . I was also told that training would be starting in June and is for 3 weeks from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. I live in Las Vegas and was just wondering if anyone else applying for the at home position does?

    Good luck to you all!

      • Hi Latoria,
        Nice to meet you and looking forward to being in class with you. I think 4 weeks sounds better to me! I had my second phone interview and was moved forward to filling out background check.

        • Hi Sabrina,
          I’m excited! I have been at the same job for 8 years, so I’m a little nervous. Looking forward to being in class with you. We will be able to help each other out.

          • Hi Latoria!

            I am located in Las Vegas as well.
            I just received my background check request. I have completed it and sent it back. I am really looking forward to this position.
            How are things going? Do you like it so far? Any updates? Please share. My email address is:
            jjohnsonteam (at) yahoo (dot) com.

    • Tan if you have made it through the assessment and the two phone interviews and they are discussing final steps you got the job as long as the background check comes back okay and they’re going to request some notarized info from you verifiying US

      • HI K Lynn,
        I was told the first check is mailed, and then you can get direct deposit. Does it take a while to get the first check?

        • Hi Latoria,
          I started on Feb 2nd and received my first check on Feb 13th. So you work 2 weeks before you get paid. They mail it from California a day or 2 before payday. I ended up actually receiving it on the 15th or 16th of February. Be sure to fill out your direct dep right away so that your 2nd check is direct deposited. Good Luck

        • Congrats,we will be in the same class, but I was contacted today and told the date as changed to June 2.

        • Sabrina,
          We may not be in the same class. Yes I double checked and mine is on the 2nd. Originally June 1st, then I got a call changing it to May 29th due to a lot of training classes, now it’s June 2nd.

          • Tan,
            I’m sorry I meant to put Tan at the top of the previous message. We don’t have to have a phone line, but I use cable internet.

  44. I can an email that states in the subject Enterprise holding request and in the body of the email she stated that she would like to discuss the final step in the hiring process for the Work From Home-Rental Reservation Representative Position. Is this a good sign that I have the job?

  45. I had my first interview today and the lady said that she will send out an email within 5 days so do they schedule the second interview the same time as the first interview

  46. I know they will cover this during training, but does Insurance start after the 90 day period, or on day 1? Thanks

  47. Lynn, I hear ya.. who don’t want that extra $$. Pace yourself you will definitely get there. I set a goal for myself everyday and each day I try to surpass the goal for the other day. I’m the same as u I’m harder on myself than I should be,but that’s just me.. it really is a great job,I’m not one for micromanaging and this fits my mold perfectly. Again I’m still getting my feet wet. I have 90days to develop a skill set and then I’m headed for the land of a better sch and bonuses.. lol.. I know I’ll see u there.

    • Hi Tiffany
      I have my second interview for this position tomorrow. Is this the last interview or will I have another one should I make it through this one? Also, what should I expect in this interview? I read somewhere that if you have technical problems with your computer they will fire you. Is this true? I really would like the opportunity to work from home and this position pays more than my current position as a rental agent but I’m am worried about switching jobs and getting fired if my computer freezes or something.

      • Hi, There are only two interviews and they recap from the 1st one with some the same questions just you have to go into details. Try not to answer the same way as the first one. Yes!! in training they are very strict on internet connection. They do give you a 24hr warning to get what ever tech issues resolved. All I can say is just make sure your internet provider has your service top notch and let them know you are looking to work from home with a VOIP phone so they can make sure your speed is able to handle what is needed. I had issues the first week of training, but I resolved them in 4hrs so I was good. They have a tech team that will assist you as much as they can. They understand that power outages are out of your control. Good luck to ya!!

  48. Lol, Lynn.. now I get ya.. yea I was thinking the same thing. The bar for the goals are set a little high. I’m fresh into it so I’m still trying to get the work around, but looking at numbers now I still have a lot of work to do. I thought with already having 8yrs of heavy call center experience it wouldn’t be that mucb, but they are a bit demanding. I guess it’s to be expected. Cause you actually are unsupervised so the attendance policy is a lot stricter than a normal call center. But my last call center job was pretty much the same with attendance. They needed all hands on deck as much as possible, Lol. I guess for me I’m kinda used to the demand from the last call center I worked in cause you could only miss
    7 days in a year(unexcused) before u were out the door… again you are still a little fresh at this, give yourself some time and it will come to you don’t be so hard on yourself.. I can tell you have the determination in you. Good luck to ya..

    • I guess I am hard on myself. I love the job but want my numbers to look better and. I want that bonus LOL!!

  49. Hey Tiffany,
    I guess I should have been more specific. The actual job is a breeze and I enjoy interacting with the customers and assisting them. I guess I was referring to the potential for bonuses and the expectations of the company are a bit demanding. Bonuses are extremely difficult to get and there are too many factors that eliminate you even when you have high capture percentage. Also attendance is extremely strict. If your child or you get ill, you receive attendance points with no exception. It’s a great job for retirees or single people without children.

    • Now that you have been doing job for awhile, how do you like working for enterprise? I just had second interview.

      • Hey Cindy,
        I’m a realist. Soo I will say this is job is not for everyone. The work from home concept is nice and you are probably thinking how hard can it be to rent a car.. (those were my thoughts as well) until the first 6 months. If hired you are coming into the busiest season. So expect a very high call volume. Learn and ask as many questions in training. There is ALOT TO TAKE IN.. it’s not a walk in the park. I’m not trying to scare anyone, I just don’t want you thinking cause it a rental car company it’s easy. There are call metrics that have to be met, if you have ever worked in a call center where they use scripts then you should be fine, me personally I don’t like scripts. But there are scripts to follow.
        Good luck to you an whomever else is reading this.. oh and yes I’m still working there for now.. Lol

  50. Hey Lynn,
    Not really for me it’s ur typical call I couldn’t breathe in between calls, Lol. Other than my wkend hours, it’s okay to me.. I like it cause I don’t have to deal with antics or work drama that u have in the outside world. I just take one call at a time. Hope all turns out well for you.

  51. Congrats Tim,
    Just make sure you internet is up to par, they are really strict on that while in training. I just finished training and I love it.. you get to talk to ppl from around the world. It is amazing.. best of luck to you

    • Thanks Tiffany, I have Comcast High Speed. Never had a problem with it before, so hopefully, that continues. Glad your enjoying it.

  52. I have accepted a job with Enterprise Work From Home. I have to get the I-9 form filled out. Can this be done at any Notary?

    • I’m sure this is irrelevant for you now but any newcomers to this thread looking for I-9 information and finding a notary, visit and you can find a mobile notary! I contacted about 3 and all of them were familiar with the I-9 since they had been a notary for so long. They typically charge a fee but it’s less hassle then trying a bunch of different places just to get turned away! They can come
      right to your house or meet you.

  53. Hey Lynn,
    My current supv moved from st louis to fl. (Recently)So i think it may very well be possible. Good luck to ya , let me know what you find out.

  54. Hi, my name is Dee I applied for the position Friday, April 3rd. Someone called me and told me she emailed me the assessment. What type of interview questions should I expect…. I’ve been working on my current job for years I’m so nervous …. Thanks for your thoughts

  55. Toya,
    At this point expect to be contacted within the following week upon you completing the steps in the hiring process. Also pack you some patience!!!! With everything being done virtually the process is long. I applied Nov of 2014 I didn’t get a formal job offer till the end of January with my training class starting on March 23rd. So I’m telling you find you some patience, cause you will need them.. lol.. the training hours are Mon-Fri 10-6:30(4wks) your work hours will vary on what times they have available I have mid shift hours 12-9. Don’t expect day hours at first. You will have to work EVERY WEEKEND!!! (at least I do) I know some who don’t.(wish it was me). The trainers are AWESOME!!! I can’t stress enough to make sure your computer and internet connection/ provider is top notch.. that is the main thing they stress.. cause your internet service is what will keep you employed..

    Again I wish you the best.. keep me posted on your progress. Good luck to you

    • Thanks Tiffany. I will. I read your previous posts,, I know it takes a while. Hopefully it will work out for me and I’ll hear soon from them and if it doesn’t then I know it wasn’t for me. Wish you the best on your employment with Enterprise.

  56. Toya, your recruiter will email you regarding the assessment. It’s usually within 2/3 days after you complete it.
    Good luck!!

    • Thanks Tiffany. I applied for the Atlanta area customer service. I was told by the recruiter that she would contact me right after I completed the assessment but I guess that’s not the case. I took it on Thursday evening and nothing yet. What are the shift hours after training?

  57. Did anybody take the assessment that passed? And if so, how did you know? I went through five parts and the last part was a live call? does that mean I passed?

  58. Hi all . I had my 2nd interview last week,and got an email this morning that my background check and employment verification are complete. I was told if hired,it would be for the May training class.I’m praying that I get the job. I guess now the wait begins..

  59. Hi i applied at Enterprise. A lady called me and she said she emailed me the assessment. So i did it! I did the question assessment only.. I know there is a virtual assessment as well but i didn’t do it. So if i only did the question assessment, do you think i could still get the job?

    • Uh No!! They will not hire you. You have to complete everything, cause the virtual assessment is basically what you will be doing..

  60. How long does it take for someone to contact me about the background check? I just received a copy for it in my email and everything is good.

    • They usually contact you with the same week.. this is time where the process slows down. (At least it did for me) I think the next step is the job offer and next training class.. ( don’t quote me).. lol

      • Lol ok well I know the lady told me the next training class is in May and she was making it seem like I was already hired. I was just wondering how long does it take for them to contact me and offer me a job but thank you.

          • Yes I just received a call today and they offer me a job. I start on May 4. Once your background is done and you pass and they verify your employment you probably most likely got a job.

  61. They are doing the Valdosta GA area now. I applied on Tuesday, did the assessment yesterday. How long does it take to get a call back?

  62. I was wondering if anyone has sucessfully switched internet service providers after accepting an offer? I start Monday, I asked my recruiter about switching ISP but she said I should not. I am worried because my ISP is unreliable.

  63. Background takes about 7/10 busn days.. they will email you the results if you requested them to do so.

  64. How long does it take for the background check to usually come back? I submitted the background check last Friday

  65. Not sure, but it wouldn’t hurt to apply anyway. When I applied they just said the Ga area and the next hiring phase was for Columbus area only and they asked if you lived in that area before you began the application. If you decide to apply, good luck! It’s a pretty good place to work.

  66. Daniel,
    I would say yes. The demographics are based by the major cities in your state. As long as you live within the area you should be fine. I had a similar experience and I was hired. So go for it and good luck to you. Btw, the process takes about 3/4 months .

  67. Quick question before I apply for this opportunity in my area. I see that some of the requirements are that one must live in TN. Then the next bullet point says one must live in the Nashville Metropolitan area. My question is concerning the wording. Can I apply if I live in a suburb of Nashville or not? I hope my question makes sense (long day).

    • I live in ga and they wanted to live in the metropolitan area of Atlanta and in my first interview she ask me how far was I from Atlanta ga and I explained that it was 20 miles and she still went on with the interview. Just waitng for the background check to come back now

    • Vanessa you take quizzes almost daily during training but if u take good notes they are a breeze. Also ur trainer will usually give you a heads up if the material will be on quiz. Your quiz average and how you do during phone week determines if you pass training. Make sure u follow their greetings and speaking procedures as closely as possible when answering the phones. Good Luck

  68. Hey everyone, was hoping to get some insight into the 2nd interview. I have passed the assessment and been through the 1st interview. All pretty quickly. Just had the 1st interview yesterday and my recruiter called me today to schedule 2nd interview tomorrow morning! I’m anxious, nervous, and excited and am wondering what type of questions to expect in this 2nd interview. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Katrina,
      I was super nervous but the interview wasn’t bad at all. I was asked some follow up questions from the first interview and then touched more on experience with customer service, why you want to work for the company, info on past jobs (why you left,w hat you liked, etc.) If you are comfortable working alone, solving tech issues with your computer, working with different people (changes in management). The people are really nice and i’m sure you’ll do fine. Good luck!!!

  69. I have my 1st interview on Friday and reading all of your responses have made me more comfortable to pass on to the next stages. I have a friend who started back in September and she loves it! She is the one who recommended the job for me. And she did say to make sure to do some research on the company, which is what she did and they were very impressed with that as well, and they are strict but mainly in your first 90 days just like any other job. Thanks for all the good advice though and wish me luck on my interview!!!

  70. *UPDATE*
    I completed my first interview and everything went pretty good. Got the call today to set up my second interview. Once again I vou use ANY type of input from ANYONE that has gone through this. Thanks in advance!

    • Kudos!!!! Madison.. the 2nd interview is more in depth. They ask some of the same questions from the 1st interview, just don’t ans them the same.. they will give you some more info about the company to see if you’re comfortable. If you move fwd then they send you info for your background check/computer check. Then….. the waiting game begins.. I applied mid Nov. I didn’t get a job offer till the 2nd week of Jan to start training in March!! So please be patient..

      And as always good luck to you!!

    • Training is quite simple 🙂 dont fret too much. make sure you have good internet, and make SURE its reliable.
      thats my biggest hint.

  71. another great place for a headset is online, like ebay. i got my headset for about 30, and its a plantronics one. its actually really nice. so thats also a great place to look.

    • Hey Nicole,
      I haven’t gotten that far yet.. I haven’t received anything from HR. My training is not till March sooo that could be why.. I know your bank usually notarized forms, and the ups/ fedex stores(for a fee) try your city or county admin dept, mines does it. Good luck

      • I tried my bank, I tried my parents job on post, and asked around a few places. Nobody would do it because they said the way the forms are set up, they would be signing saying that they work for Enterprise at their corporate office. I was then told that they can’t lie and future date forms which is how the papers are set up. They ate already partially filled out and dated. After speaking with them, I understood what they were saying. I tried to contact the HR rep and still haven’t heard back from them. Guess I will just have to wait and keep searching.

        • Oh wow!! I’m pretty sure you are the person to have this issue, therefore it may be an alternate way of getting this done… Don’t stress about.. It will work out… Let me know the outcome…

        • Hey Nicole,
          Do u have an enterprise rental location near you?? Maybe they have a notary there,who can do it cause they work for them.. Let me know

        • I ran into a little trouble. I went to my bank but they would only fill out part of it. I ended up going to another branch to get section 2 filled out. It was a bit of a headache. But they’re only verifying your identity and they’re looking right at you and your id. I don’t see the big deal.

          • Mine wouldn’t even fill out part of it. There concern was that the form would state that they worked for Enterprise and asked me if enterprise would just sign the stuff themselves, send it to me, and they will watch me fill it out. They told me that they felt enterprise was trying to have another person or company do the job that they are supposed to be doing. It has been a major headache! They made it into a legal thing and told me that I should try a lawyer or an assistant to get it done. I can’t pay the lawyers what they were charging!

  72. I applied almost 2 weeks ago and I finally received an email to take the assessment on yesterday. Today I rexe the email stating that I passed the assessment and I have my first phone interview Friday. I could really use some pointers on what to expect from ANYONE . Thanks in advance

    • Congrats Madison on passing your assessment, that’s the first step.
      First interview is basic questions about why you choose enterprise, about your last job. They will ask to give scenario on how you handle an irritate customer. They will give some background as to what the job entails. The first interview is about 30min or so. Just general get to know you questions. Just speak clearly, and relax. You’ll be fine.. Good Luck to ya!!

    • Congrats on passing the assessment! Like Tiffany said, it’s pretty much a get to know you interview. I was asked about why I want to work for them, why I left my last job, how to handle irrate customers, a time I went above and beyond for a customer, if I could handle changes in management, and how I would troubleshoot an issue with my computer. It was about 30 min. As stated before, just relax, smile, stay positive and you’ll do fine.

      • Nicole make sure you know how to respond to behavior based interview questions. Both my interviews followed that format. I start training February 2. I applied in October so it takes awhile. Good luck.

        • I finished my interviews. I start training on the 2nd too. Trainer sent me an email last night with some info.

          • That reply was for Madison oops. I received my email last night also. So excited. I wonder if wireless headsets are allowed?

          • Oh ok. I want to say that they have to be USB headsets, I think that’s what I read. My recruiter called to check on me and said to just look over the packet they sent with the requirements and it should have the type of headset we have to used. She advised to to spend too much on one since it’s just temporary and to borrow one if you can. They’ll be sending us another one anyway towards the end of training. I’m excited and nervous!

          • Hey Nicole, I’m with you.. Im nervous and excited.. I seen a headset online at Wal-Mart for about $20 bucks.. I’m thinking to get that one cause you won’t need it but 4wks.. I worked in a heavy call center before,so i just have to get reacquainted with the situations.. It should be 100% better cause your at home and less office drama.. Lol.. Good luck to everyone who starts on Feb 2nd. Keep us updated

          • I plan to check Walmart before best buy, staples, etc.
            I did worked at call centers for about 5 years and have been a teacher at a private school for the last 7.5 years. Although call center experience never really leaves you, I’m super nervous to start it over again.
            Not having to deal with the call center drama was a big plus for me lol. I won’t miss that at all!

        • Thanks for all of the info everyone ! I greatly appreciate it , I will be sure to let you know how it goes !

  73. I applied last night. Do any of you remember how long it took to hear from them? It said within 5 days when I finished the application, but I was just curious! 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi Brittany,
      It took about a good week before I heard anything back. The entire process took months. I applied beginning of November and start Monday, Feb 2nd. Just be prepared to wait a little bit and be patient. They’ll send you an assessment to complete, you’ll have 2 interviews, and then some forms to fill out before your start date.

          • Well, I got an email stating that based on my assessment we can’t move forward. I’m really confused. Now I can’t reapply for a year. I’m pretty upset.

            The same thing happened to my friend, too.

          • I’m sorry to hear that! The assessment took me a while and was a bit tricky. If you’re still looking to work from home, check out Sitel. They have projects that will send you the equipment you need (computer and headset). I’ve worked for them before at the call center and liked it. They also have full and part time schedules for the work from home positions.

          • Hey Tiffany,

            I still haven’t had any luck. I tried the enterprise here and they gave me the number to their Amin dept to see if they could help me. I explained to them that since they work for enterprise I start on the 2nd, maybe they could be my authorized rep and that it just made sense. Nope…so w I am contacting their admin to see what to do. I still haven’t heard back from HR when I emailed her back and explained the issue I was having. I received my email from the trainer and just received the email for payroll today. Also got a message telling me to be home at 1030am to get a package from FedEx.

          • Oh wow!! I hope everything with out.. At what point after you job offer did you start receiving paperwork.. I haven’t received anything yet. I’m guessing cause my class doesn’t start till March.. But don’t worry i think you will be fine…

            As always best of luck to you.. Keep me updated with your training

          • Tiffany,
            So I get the call back from HR and told her that I contacted the store and couldn’t get anything. Explained to her that I researched this whole notary thing and authorized rep, and nobody has to agree to sign my papers fi there is not agreement between them and enterprise. She said that is correct, legally they can deny to sign the papers and they cant make them do it. I asked her about not having a rep hat we can go to in order to complete the paperwork and send it back to them. She said “I suppose the paper we send would be the agreement the agents are looking for. They don’t have to put their notary seal on it, just sign the papers and send them to us because I can’t do it myself.” She said that the manager or agents at the enterprise store can’t do it because its a legal document and it cant just be anybody signing it. They work for enterprise so why can they not? She mentioned not thinking a bank would do it (she was right, they wouldn’t). So the admin dept for the enterprise rental locations is where she suggested I stay unless I find someone else. That dept is in SC. So now I would have to drive to SC just to get a form authorized and send my license and social! On top of that, if she has not received the forms by the 5th then I cannot continue with them. This whole thing has been a headache. I have been out of work for 5 months and am in school. I am not paying these crazy fees to get I-9 forms signed by notary agents here, my gov. dept, or the lawyers office. I have 3 more places I am going to try and if I can’t get them to agree to sign the papers and fax them, I am going to do my few days of training and move on to something else.

          • OMG!!!! are you serious!!! So basically you need someone to witness your signature? How far are you from SC?? I think there should be another option, I’m not understanding why it’s that difficult to get forms notarized.. The wording must be really technical..I feel if you are sending in a copy of you Dl and social security card, they should be able to notarized the forms themselves (enterprise) you really don’t need a witness since your info is attached.. Nicole, I pray this works out for you.. I’m hoping i don’t have this issue.

            Keep me posted..

          • Tiffany,
            I said the same thing, how hard could this be! I don’t understand why the HR rep that sent the forms couldn’t just sign the forms before sending them out. I’m sending you all my personal information. I tried fed ex and they no longer offer those services as of 2008. UPS just told me they won’t do it for employment forms. I’m about 15 min from just crossing in to SC. Just depends on where the location of this HR dept is. They didn’t give me an address and I’m still waiting on a call back. I’ve played about this job and asked the Lord to show me if this isn’t for me…maybe I just need to keep looking.

          • Tiffany,
            I didnt have one problem getting my I-9 Wells Fargo here did it all, notorized anything i asked for. lol she said she has seen this alot lately.

          • Tyler,
            Thanks for the info.. I bank with Wells Fargo (16yrs). So they will definitely be my first stop. It appears I won’t get any paperwork till closer to my start date. Good luck on your training and keep me posted. I don’t start till Mar. 23rd

          • thats weird… i would go online and search for notary’s i mean even if it costs 20 bucks to get it notarized, you have to imagine how much youre gonna make so, 20 dollars is worth it in my opinion. i would ask and be like, look im a remote employee, i need this Notorized. Im sure you could even go to downtown and they have a public notary. wishing you hope!!

          • Tyler,
            Public notary was who i was going to today, but I called Wells Fargo back and got to someone who gave me some other places to check. She told me to try the library before going downtown to the public notary. The Adult Reference Dept. at the library said she would do it all for me and notarize it if needed, finally got it done!

  74. Working girl,
    Wow!! Taking calls on day 7.. sounds exciting!! Have you worked in a call center before?? Do they give you word tracks on what questions to ask? Do they have goals as to how many calls you are required to take? I guess I can ask those questions in my training class.. Well again thanks for info and Best of luck to ya!!

  75. For some reason it didn’t post my entire comment?? Just relax and don’t miss any classes. Ask lots of questions. The trainers are very nice and know exactly what they are doing. You will all be just fine

    • Thanks for all the info working girl and congrats. I start training on Feb 2. 10am to 6pm. How are they about lunch breaks as far as when they are taken during training and is there another assessment that has to be passed after training? Trying to figure how I will will pick my daughter up from school at 3pm?

  76. I bought a headset from best buy. It was about $60.00. You will only need it for the training because they send you a set that works with your phone. Tomorrow will be my 7th day and they informed us that we will be taking our first set of calls tomorrow

  77. Hi everyone! I Just finished my first week of training. It took 4 weeks to get hired and two months of waiting for training. Just a quick note about your first week! Be patient!!!! It’s a little overwhelming and study up on your sales techniques. Participate and pay attention. The trainers are amazing and will answer all your questions. You absolutely cannot miss 1 day of training. I’m in a class of 40. We can chat during training which is great because if you don’t understand something someone in class is eager to help. Great experience but you learn a lot in a small amount of time. Good luck!!

    • Thanks for the insight working girl. Is there a test or something that you are required to pass at the end of training? What type of headset is needed? Again thanks for the insight and best of luck to you

    • Thanks working girl! I start on Feb. 2 and I must admit that I’m a little nervous. Sounds a but overwhelming with 40 people on a chat!

  78. I completed assessments, computer check, 1st and 2nd interview, completed background check, received email saying my background was complete on January 13,2015, have not heard anything yet, I was wondering who to contact, the person who originally called me to set up 1st interview, or the person who I interviewed with the first time, I don’t have contact information for the person who did my second interview. I was told the class starts in February or March.

    • Hi rosebud,
      Ummm, your recruiter is the person who set up your interviews. (I think) The training class is set for March 23rd. Order some patience cause the process slows down from here(at least it did for me) I’ve been at this since the mid Nov. and still waiting for my initial job offer, I emailed my recruiter and was told should here something this week. So good luck to ya

  79. Hi I have a second interview tomorrow January 8 2015. Can someone please let me know how their 2nd interview went? Thank you

  80. My employment verification and background check is complete. My recruiter said she was waiting for training dates from HR. Maybe I’m just a little impatient…

    • Shannon i was told the same thing… It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with issues with patience.. This is the longest I’ve waited thru out the hiring process. Keep me posted

  81. Happy new year all!! I really enjoyed reading this forum. I was wondering in anyone has heard anything about the march training class. I am still waiting for aa offer from 12/17/14 and I am getting a little worried. Thanks

    • Welll goof luck witb everything. Idk how far you got but I got the call with the job offer the same day they sent the email about we will contact in I think it ways 7-10 business days. But its different for everybody. If you are waiting for a background check to come back I wouldn’t worry too much. Took mine 2 weeks and with the holidays its you probably wouldn’t hear anything until sometime this week.

    • Happy New year!!! Shannon,
      I am waiting as well, i did a follow up email with my recruiter the week of new years and i was this I would hear something this week.I’m still waiting.. I was also told about the March training class. Hopefully we will hear something soon

    • Hope you hear something soon! It’s been a month and I am just getting a reply back about additional paper work to complete and to let me know they received my other documents I turned in last month for Feb training. It’s crazy that it takes so long to get papers processed and hiring dates…guess it’s different for work from home positions.

      • Wow!!! Nicole I thought you were all set to go.. hopefully they will have all their things together so you can start as scheduled. I’m thinking the process is long because of how many ppl they are hiring, I’m going to assume the recruiters are assigned a certain amount of ppl at a time. The holidays could have also slowed up the process.. either way keep me posted regarding the training, I’m suppose to be in the March class. I’ll let you know when I get the official offer

        • Tiffany,
          I guess I am all set to go. I just assumed that I would get a response back and that took a month to get. After the offer and getting your schedule and all, they send you a couple of papers to read and fill out. The email I received Monday said that in a few weeks someone from HR will be sending another form. This one I believe is a verification of who you are and I think it mentioned license and birth certificate.
          I would think the same about the recruiters being assigned a certain number of people. My rep did say she had others on her list to contact as well.

      • I sent a follow up email Thursday. She said they would be contacting me this week with an official offer…still waiting.

        • Wow!! That is funny cause I sent an email today.. I am waiting for a response. When I sent an email back on the 29th of Dec. She told me she would contact me last week. I still haven’t heard anything. I am guessing since training is so far out they are taking their time. Well again I will let you know if I hear something this week, and you do the same.

          • Hey Tiffany, I finally received my offer for the March 23 training class. If u haven’t heard anything yet, you should be hearing from your recruiter soon. Keep me posted.

          • Hey Shannon,
            Congrats to you.. I still haven’t heard anything my recruiter replied tio my email mentioning the March 23rd training. But i haven’t talked to her yet.. I’m hoping soon.. What are your hours?? Again congrats

          • Hey Shannon,
            I got my job offer today.. Finally!! I will be in the March 23rd training class. I have completed all the pw and emailed it back to my recruiter. She went over a lot on the phone I am hoping she email me what we discussed. I am not over joyed by the sch, but I will def make it work.. Wheww.. I’m glad this part is over.. See you in training

  82. Been working here since July 2013 and I dont plan on going anywhere. As far at the tech compatibility they are very strict,but after training,there is a very lenient tech system that they have set up,so please do not worry. they will send you your avaya phone,headset,training materials and keyfob to access their network online.You will only have to download one program to access their network. what i love about my job is i was nervous at first,but after a while the calls really do become easy,just like any job. You will love the bonus and raises plan :wink wink: I cannot go further than that. There are monthly bidding schedules as well as trading schedules or giving away your schedule to another employee if you need a day off. As well as many other things i cannot tell because I am not sure that I can. One thing I love about this job is they have internal opportunities that you can apply for,which I did and got the job! am very grateful to this company. If you have any more question,I can help out as best as I can.

    • MST, I thank you for the great info.. You have answered all my doubts. I am now still waiting on that job offer.. I have passed everything, I was told I would be set up in the March training class. I can only assume that I will hear something after the holidays. I have worked in a busy call center before so just as you said once you are into it the calls will come easy. Again Thanks for the insight I know there is only so much info you can provide. I was just a little Leary of the tech support and the scheduling, but again you have provided me the insight that I needed..

      Thank you!!! ( now I am excited)

  83. Yes John I believe shifts vary with time zones as you mentioned. I’m in the Feb 2 training course as well Tyler.
    Tiffany they’ll definitely be calling any day now. I was getting a little impatient and finally received the call.

    • Thanks Lynn… I’m thinking maybe after the holidays… it’s no biggie!! I’m just wanting to know something for sure,that’s all… I remember you telling me to pack patience… Lol

  84. I was offered a position & Start Feb 2nd – They sent me all the information. and now i just have to wait until then 🙂 i believe they have all the information downloaded, the box they send definitely has a RSA token so you can access their network.

    • Congrats Tyler… I’m still waiting for a call back on a verbal offer. I was told March training, Feb would be nice… I’ve heard horror stories regarding their technical policies, they are really strict on you being able to control your inet connections.. Wish you the best,good luck to you

  85. I received email yesterday that I would receive a call at 11am today to discuss the final steps in the hiring process. Does anyone know if your computer’s dvd/cd drive needs to work or if there is software that will need to be installed using that drive. Mine has decided to stop working. :-(. I hear they send you equipment. Hoping none of that is software on a cd.

    • Hey Lynn,
      Glad to know your in the last phase, im not sure of the computer requirements, but I’ve been hearing that they are SUPER STRICT about technical requirements. I’m thinking you may have to uoload/download software on to your system.. Let me know the outcome… Wishing you the best

      • Hey Tiffany
        Just received call from Enterprise with job offer. I am starting the Feb 5 training class from 10-6 Monday thru Friday. They gave me 6 different shifts to choose from. She answered my question about software. No need to install anything everything will be downloaded from their site.
        Thanks and Good Luck

        • Congrats to you Lynn… I’m still waiting,they emailed me stating a March training class.. so I’m waiting… if you don’t mind me asking what shifts are they offering after training

          • All shifts start at either 9 or 10am and end at either 5 or 6pm. I was given the option of Thursday n Sunday’s off or Wednesday off n working half a day two days a week. Weird right. There were like 6 different shifts so have an idea when they call. Looks like noone gets Fridays or Sat off.

          • Well I got offered two different shifts. One with Sat off but working no later than 9pm. I think it has to deal with time zones what is available.

  86. I just received the job offer today. Not completely sure about training yet will go over all of that later today. I received the email actually early yesterday morning that everything was completed and they would contact w/in 5-10 business days. But I had already completed the scan and passed so they just called and were offering the job.

  87. Hopefully your employers will respond in a timely manner which wasn’t the case for me and I had to search for old W2s.

  88. Tiffany I received an email on Friday 12/12/14 that all my info was completed and I would receive a call in 5- days. I’m still waiting for the call to start training. Has been just 2 business days.

    • Hi everyone, I had my first telephone interview yesterday. I have my second interview on Dec 23rd. The lady I spoke with said that training doesn’t start until Mid-February to March. Training is 3 weeks and if offered the job I will be given schedule options to choose from. If I heard correctly. The schedule is huge for me because my husband works graveyard shift in the winter.

      • Hi Stacy! The schedules that rhe recruiter told me started at 900 the earliest and the latest started around 130-200. I’m in Ga so i dont know if its different for other areas. Good luck on the second interview. My second interview was mainly work experience questions and how you would manage working alone, convincing a customer to rent, and with changes with management.

    • I completed my assessments, interviews, and background check. I recieved an email to do another computer scan because i used google cor instead of internet explorer the first time. I have a desktop that I plan to use instead of my laptop that I initially told them about. My desktop is not set up yet, so should I complete the scan from my laptop and just do another one later for my desktop? Is it best to complete the scan once my desktop is set up instead? The computer scan is what they are waiting on.

      • I would strongly recommended doing the scan on the computer you are going to use. The rep I spoke to was really adamant about sticking to the computer you do the scan on, I think switching computers can disqualify you. Don’t take that chance.Just an Fyi.. My upload speed is my issue,but I’m waiting on a response from my background/employment check before I make any changes.

        • I guess I can finish getting it all set up today. I wish it was a for sure job offer before you make a lot of changes. The two reps I spoke to made it seem like it was ok to switch to another computer that I planned to use from home. After looking through comments, I dont think that’s the case. Hopefully they let you know something soon.

          • Nicole did they make you an job offer contingent on your computer scan? Tomorrow will be a week since I’ve completed everything, they said 7/10 business days before I hear something back, so hopefully soon. Thanks and good luck to u

          • I’ve heard that you can get bumped for switching computers. I feel the same way Nicole. They’re not super clear on if you’ve actually gotten the job or not. Will be glad when I actually hear. “You start training on____ date. Started this whole process in October.

          • Wow… So roughly it takes about 60 days and then you start training 30 days later.. I mean for a virtual and over the phone hiring process it’s to be expected.. I guess I can expect to be waiting for a while. Just keep me updated, good luck to ya

          • I hope so.. I just switched my internet provider,I pick up the equipment tomorrow, so we will see.. Thanks for the info regarding the shifts and time off.. I will definitely keep you posted

    • Don’t switch computers. Use the same computer you scanned it on to complete the test. They will allow you to take the first day of training on a different computer but then will terminate you after the first day. If you have to just ask the question about changing computers in training class. That way you won’t lose out on this job. I’m glad they have us train for a month. I mean consider the fact that we will be on our own after that. We surely want to be confident that we know what we are doing, right? I can’t wait to get started. February can’t come quick enough. Anyone else on here to be in that class? If so, talk to you then..

      • I called my rep last night and asked her if I was able to switch computers. She told me to just run the scan from whatever computer I plan to use for the job. I told her I was switching from my laptop to my desk top and she said that was fine, just keep running the scan until you get a passing score. The scan was no longer recognizing anything and kept giving me some error. After I did the scan she called me today and offered me the job. I start in February.

        • Wow!! Nicole congrats to you.. I still haven’t heard anything. Maybe once I pass my scan, I’ll hear something I’m going to switch internet providers since my current provider can’t give me a higher upload speed..

          • Thanks! It took me a week to get my scan done and get a passing score. After I did it last night, they called today. I’m sure once you do that you’ll hear something.

          • Hey Nicole,
            I completed my scan ( finally) it went thru got an email this am, stating that rep is waiting for March training sch. So far so good.. Haven’t gotten a hardcore offer yet.. Do they email you your paperwork?

          • Yay Tiffany!
            Yea, they email you paperwork. They send a form with your schedule and all that and you fill in your information. They also send a tech requirement form to fill out and ask if you have the required chair, computer and headset. You’ll also receive some equipment from them the week before training.
            The training is interactive and you’ll have to pass the class with a certain score in order to continue on with the job. They also said they’ll be sending some othet forms later by I haven’t recieved those yet. I haven’t heard from anyone since I sent in those forms. I’m going to contact them the end of the week to make sure they got them. You have to open the documents online, fill them out and then email them back. It didnt work for me online, so I saved them to word, selected the edit feature to input my info and then emailed them back to my recruiter.

          • Thanks Nicole for the info.. I am wondering what type of headset is needed. March training is cool for me.. I am guessing a lot of the new hires on here are from the Peach State. Just different areas.. Keep me updated on what to expect when I get that call I will def let you know how things go..

          • I’ll look and see if it says what kind. They do end up sending you one for the job after training. You just have to purchase one for the training.

          • oh ok cool… I honestly was thinking this wasn’t a legit job, but all is turning out to be true. Again thanks for the info.. I look forward to hearing how you training goes.. Best of luck to ya

          • Yeah. They will email u with an offer and paperwork to fill out that needs done within 24 hrs. Im in the feb class. I cant wait wish it was sooner

  89. Hi i got a job offer and accepted it. Do they drug test? I don’t smoke pot but was at a party where people were. I’m worried. Anyone know if they test us?

      • Hi, Lynn.. Did you get the job? If so what your hours, what’s it like?
        I’m still waiting has been quite a week yet..

        • Haven’t started yet. Had to send W2s a couple days ago for employment verification. That was 2 days ago so still waiting.

          • you should hear something by the end of the week. the process for me was very fast. were your jobs ones that you stayed at for a long time? I’ve only had 2 jobs in 14 years…oh I start training in mid February. after training, I chose to work 1pm to 9pm with Monday and Wednesday off. they will give you an option to start earlier than 1pm or later like 3pm. you will have to work the weekend and most likely on Friday too. so be flexible or you won’t probably want this job. any questions just ask. I’ll answer as best I can 🙂 Good luck!

          • Have no problems with weekends and will definitely be flexible. Thanks for the heads up on the shifts and the info. Good Luck to you too!

          • Well Lynn I’m still waiting as well… friday will be week since I completed my background paperwork.
            Wish you the best of luck, keep me posted..

          • Hi Lynn, Have you heard anything back yet.. Just received an email tonight with the copy of my background and employment check, all has been completed. Hoping to hear something soon.

    • Sally, congrats. So do they drug test(just curious on what else is required)? Do you remember the am hours that was offered to you.. I’m still waiting on a response from my background. Again, congrats

      • Tiffany, I’m not sure if they do or not. I am curious also. One person on here said they don’t. I haven’t been asked to take one yet but my start date isn’t till mid Feb. I think noon was the earliest the had available. I think you can ask for what they have open. Also, if u neec any days off before June let them know asap. I asked for a weekend off but have to wait to see if they approve it. Also be sure to get a headset b4 u start. If u are using a laptop they say getting a fullsize keyboard is a good idea….

        • Oh ok, Thanks for the info. I was told mid feb/march was the next training class. I really prefer early am shifts but I will see what’s offered..Do they emailed you all your paperwork? Ok what brand headset did you get and from where also estimated price.. I’m using a desktop. How long did your total hiring process take i.e.. from time you applied till you were offered the job.

          • The earliest shifts that she told me were 9:00. She gave me 10 shift times to choose from. I had to pick which shift I wanted while I was on the phone with her. She did mention emailing them to let them know of any days that were needed off before May 2nd for approval.

        • Finally received email today that employment verification background checks n computer scan complete and that I would hear something in 7-10 business days. Really hoping I’m in the January training don’t want to wait until February or March

  90. Hi everyone! I have so far done the first two tests and have one left to go. I had a recruiter call me and she said she looked through my application and would give me a call on mon or tue if I finish the last test. I have a couple questions. First, I had to use my son’s computer to pass the computer scan. I did this to move forward in the process so I could take the other tests while I figured out what was wrong with my screen resolution. I told the recruiter this and she said don’t worry about it I will just need to pass their requirements for training. Not sure if that means they have different requirements from the computer scan I took? Second, does anyone have an idea of the common hours that are required for shifts? Is there a graveyard shift or just daytime shifts? Thanks everyone. Look forward to seeing updates!

    • There are no other computer requirements, you just have to make sure at the time of offer the computer you are going to use meets those requirements from the initial computer scan. The shifts can be either morn,noon,or evenings. The latest you can work is 12am. I’m waiting for the results from my background and employment checks.
      Good luck to ya

  91. I had my second interview thursday and was sent an email for background and job verification. I was told training was in February. Hopefully after training I can get a good schedule. I’ve been reading many forums on how “strict” they are. Hopefully it’s not really that bad.

    • Good luck to you.. Have you ever worked in a call center? I imagine it’s only strict cause they are relying on you to be available during your scheduled hours, seeing as though they are putting a lot of trust in you to perform the job with minimal supervision. I was training around the same time frame. I just completed my background and employment verification on Friday. So now it’s a waiting game…

      • Thanks. They called an offered me a position today. I’ve worked in call centers for a few years. I agree, you’re on your own and they are trusting you. I completed my computer scan yesterday and background check came back this morning. She called this evening to let me know I had the job.

  92. Hi, I applied on Nov 22nd. Received an email regarding the assessment Nov. 24th. Got an email today saying I passed the assessment and will need to complete computer check. Also was scheduled for my phone interview on Monday Dec 1st… Things are moving quickly hope this works out..

    • Update… had 2nd phone interview,went well. I was told will hear something in 7/10 buns days after reviewing candidates info. Received an email within an hr for background check authorization. Completed that now just waiting was told training classes were mid feb/march… Hours possibly between 1-3pm start time (not real happy with that) but we will see maybe it will change for the best.

  93. Just Completed background check and second interview on November 3 and waiting to hear back. Wondering how soon I’ll start training.

    • The next training date right now is Jan.5th I was in that training start date but they call me and moved me up to the Dec.1st

          • Hello yes I have started already my start date was Dec.1 so I’m 5 days in its really fast pace & easy from the looks of it. It might be best if you can email me if you want a quicker response I’m on my lunch break as we speak 🙂 email me at jamirramathis (at) gmail (dot) com.

          • Haven’t started yet Tiffany. Have been hearing that they move pretty slow. I’m still waiting on my employment verification to be reviewed. Pack your patience.

          • Oh wow!!! My process started out pretty fast. I just completed my background info yesterday and was told 7/10 buns days before I hear something. I kinda figured the process will slow down since I was told training wasn’t till mid feb/mar. It’s okay I have plans before that time I would like to engage in.

            Lynn, did they tell you a preliminary scheduled shift

  94. Sarah, they sent an email with about 5 attachments the same day as the offer. You might want to check your spam or call the recruiter back. There were two attachments that are required to be signed and returned in 24hrs.

    To the others: I wouldn’t give up, if this is the company you “really want” or “would love to have” they hold a training class of 30 EACH AND EVERY MONTH. My advice would be to make sure nothing unexpected comes up in your life or will be tossed. Make sure you are using the computer you did the testing on. PERIOD. Do not up and decide to use your laptop or heaven’s sake life happens and you decide to be proactive by logging into class in another location. They WILL let you sit in the training environment then terminate you once class is over.

    Also they WILL terminate for tech issues. I let the recruiter that I was no longer interested. I’m not a hoop jumper ESPECIALLY for someone I’m not officially working under. Please. Get real, Enterprise. Yes, this is one of the “decent wage” at home employers, but not worth the hassle.

  95. I really enjoyed reading all the comments. I work for enterprise my training class was in April 2014. It is a great place to work and I wish you the best. And for the record, I applied in January and started in April so don’t give up.

  96. I applied 7 days agO and no one have contacted me yet. The said a recruiter will call in 5 days but no response. How long does it take for them to reach out.

  97. Hello guys I start today. I know they have another tttraining class starting on Nov 3rd so if you get an email or call they will offer you that

    • Have anyone ever completed the background check and the recruiter said she would be in touch within 5-7 days and got offered the job?????

    • How was your first day of training? I wonder why I wasn’t offered the nov start position … What kind of headset are you using ? Where did you purchase it? I hope all is well and your enjoying your new position congrats

  98. I just had my second interview today and completed the background check that was sent to my email. I was told about the placing a previous job that was for at least a year but I filled out all 3 spaces so I hope I didn’t submit it the wrong way because it was very easy and quick to do.

  99. I completed my background check and diagnostics .. I was told to wait up to 5 business days.. any one get an offer? What were you schedule options?

    • Hello Sarah I had completed my background check 2 days ago and I had to show proof of w-2 to show I did work for a full year with a company I emailed her and talk to her yesterday she told me she will review it and then give me a call back but I’m so anxious I haven’t heard back yet its only been a day I’m just wondering how much longer it will take. Training class starts next month in November

      • I’ve been trying to reply too you for a long time the post comment button doesn’t show on my iPhone I’m just get to a computer .. Someone finally contacted me on the 7th business day after background as promised .. The next day I was offered the job I start in December ..I was kindve sad because I was told November initially but I’m still grateful …I haven’t got any paperwork or any info in writing about my offer as yet though

        • I was offered the position to start Nov. 3th. I received the call on a Friday. Less than 24hrs later, I emailed the recruiter and explained to her that something unexpected came up and I will not be able to start Nov. 3th and if I could be placed in the upcoming class in Dec. I sent the email on the 29th of Sept. A week went by and no answer. I called the recruiter and was told that my email was overlooked.

          Okay. Whatever. I was then told that I could not change training times UNLESS I provided them with a doctor’s note. EXCUSE ME? I’m not even officially hired until the first day of training and they are requesting a doctor’s not? Get outta here. Furthermore, what doctor do you know that writes an excuse BEFORE you are seen. If I lacked integrity I would draw up the letter myself.

          It’s not that serious. Don’t except any flexibility from this company.

          • I never got any information what so ever after receiving an offer. I do not even have any documentation at all. Did they send you anything.. its been 2 weeks now

  100. Had my 2nd interview today and was told I will hear something in 5 to 7 days after they review everything. All seemed to go well, however, upon further researched I realized that most people who they wanted got an email for a background check right away. I’m guessing maybe I didn’t get it. Who knows.

  101. When I interviewed with them a few weeks, the interviewer told me that she would email me regarding the background check. That was 18 days ago. I finally received an email saying my background was complete and to expect a call in 3 to 5 days to review it.

  102. Well, I just completed my second phone interview today and the hiring manager never mentioned that I’ll be receiving any other calls but she did advise me that she would send me an email for permission to do my background check (I’ll take that as a good sign). So, I definitely gave my authorization and hopefully I’ll hear back soon with good news.

  103. I have my phone interview set for this monday i’ll keep my fingers crossed, also let me know how your interviews go and goodluck to everyone!

  104. Hey Laquita I would like to know did you get the job too, and I have my first phone interview thursday Good luck Latrice!

  105. I had a second phone interview today with Enterprise holdings. The first interview lasted for about 30 mins and I was told that the next step was to have the second one was with the managers on today at 3:p.m. central time and that lasted about the same. Just typical interview questions have I ever got into a conflict with someone at work or what I would consider as a manager type style. I feel that the interview went well as I was told that the next step in the process is to review other candidates and I will hear from them within 7-10 days. I always get uneasy with this part because most of the interviews I’ve been on will tell me this and I will soon get a rejection letter. So I’m still looking in the mean time trying to get as many interviews and offers as possible.

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