Sell Low Content Books On Amazon – 7 Good Reasons to Do It

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In recent years, the self-publishing industry has experienced a surge in demand for low content books. Today, we’re talking about how and why to sell low content books on Amazon for true passive income. These types of books, which typically feature activity books, journals, planners, coloring books, and more, have gained immense popularity on different … Read more

Medical Scribe Jobs (Work at Home) – What To Know

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Work at home medical scribes — this is a new remote job I’ve been seeing posted quite a bit lately. Today, I decided to do some more digging into what medical scribes do, what they earn, what it takes to become one, who is hiring medical scribes, where to get trained, and other details you … Read more

September 2023 – Most Popular Remote Jobs & Blog Posts


I’ve put together a quick update for you with the most-read work@home blog posts for September 2023, and a list of popular remote job leads listed this month that are STILL open that you can apply for. If you’re interested in anything, apply quickly, because these often do not stay open long! These Articles About … Read more

20 Work at Home Jobs For Fast Typists

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If you want to work at home and you also type fast, there are lots of work at home jobs for fast typists you could consider! I know that typing is not everyone’s strong suit — but if it happens to be — you do have an advantage since most work at home jobs actually … Read more

Work at Home Transcription For Beginners – 8 Companies

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Need options for transcription for beginners? General transcription is something you can do to earn money from home that does not always require experience or an education to get started, although I recommend learning what you are doing before getting started. However,¬†learning to do the work fast and efficiently will likely take some time because … Read more

The Massive List of 100+ Legit Work From Home & Flexible Jobs

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Are you looking for legit work from home jobs? If so, you are in luck! Today, I’ve published a HUGE list of 111 opportunities¬†to consider. Many (but not all) of these companies are accepting applications currently, so you can start applying right away and hopefully get hired soon. I also want to take a minute … Read more