6 Types Of Remote & Flexible Jobs For People Who Hate To Type

hate typing

There are all sorts of reasons why certain people just don’t enjoy typing. Some folks aren’t particularly dexterous, and despise getting their fingers tied in knots while wrestling with unforgiving keys, constantly having to back up to fix typos. Others have laptops with small cramped keyboards that aren’t really suited for typing jobs. Some suffer … Read more

4 Companies That Hire People to Book Cruises

paid to book cruises

Do you think you’d enjoy working from home, booking cruises for others? If so, you’re in luck because there are a few companies that have regular openings for this type of work. Keep in mind it’s phone work, so all of you non-phone job seekers may not find this is your cup of tea. These … Read more

16 Ways To Participate in Paid Research Studies Online

paid research

If you like the basic concept of doing surveys for cash, but want to take it to another level and earn more, you might want to consider participating in paid research studies online and online focus groups. There are many different kinds of paid research studies available, but most fit more broadly into two main … Read more

10 Work at Home Typing Jobs To Apply For

work at home typing jobs

Are you looking for a work at home typing job? Then you are in luck! There are several companies hiring right now for people to work at home doing jobs that involve typing. These jobs are varied — you may be doing transcription, data entry, or chat agent work — but for all of them, … Read more

8 High-Pay Customer Service Jobs From Home ($20 or More Hourly)

high pay customer service jobs

Are you looking for high-pay customer service jobs you can do from home? Work at home customer service jobs are fairly plentiful. When I’m searching for new remote job leads to add to the job leads page, I tend to find more customer service positions than anything else. That said, not all of the customer … Read more

9 Work From Home Monday Through Friday Jobs – Open Now

Work from home Monday through Friday jobs

Are you looking for a remote job that doesn’t require weekends? This is something many readers and subscribers ask me about, so today I dug through some of the open work at home job leads to find the work from home Monday through Friday jobs specifically. Keep in mind that most (but not all) of … Read more