Chat Jobs From Home – 8 Companies To Check For Openings

Chat jobs are some of the most sought-after non-phone work at home positions. It seems there are almost as many people who want to do this at home as there are people wanting to do work at home data entry!

Sadly, there are not as many opportunities out there for this as there are work at home phone jobs.

But, if you have small children at home with you, the majority of the phone-based jobs may not work.

This is because of the “no background noise” requirement these companies typically have. So chat and/or email based customer service positions do seem ideal if that's your situation.

I've dug around today and compiled a list of companies that hire (at least occasionally) for chat jobs. Please note the companies listed might not be hiring now for these positions. I recommend keeping tabs on Indeed or a work at home jobs site like FlexJobs to check for new chat-based openings weekly.

Chat Jobs From Home

1 – Splinterlands

Splinterlands has opening for remote tech support agents that will respond to inquiries via chats and email. This is a remote-only position with a lot of different options for scheduling.

To qualify, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent. You also need 1-3 years of experience in live agent, technical support, customer support, or related field.

Go here for more details and to apply.

2 – Site Staff Chat Hosts

Site Staff occasionally hires work at home chat hosts. The nature of the chat support you provide will depend on the client. Pay is not listed, but I've read online in different reviews that it is around $10 an hour. Shifts last roughly four to five hours each.

Note – Do not ask them about their work at home employment via the live chat on their site. You will get a canned response saying they do not respond to employment inquiries via chat.

Go here to see if they are hiring.

3 – The Chat Shop Chat Jobs

The Chat Shop is a company based in the UK who provides chat agents for major companies.

Even though they are based in the UK, they do accept candidates in specific US states as well – Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, & Texas. However, you must have native-level English skills to qualify. Additionally, they require that you are able to put in 35 to 40 hours of work per week.

You can visit The Chat Shop here to see if this position is open now, or read our Chat Shop review for more details on how it works.

4 – Mental Health Virtual Chat Jobs

This company offers comprehensive, 24/7 care for stress, anxiety, and depression. They hire work at home chat agents to live chat with people who are suffering from these problems. You do need to have experience and a degree in the mental health field before they will consider you for employment.

You can go here to check for openings at, or read our review of

5 – Gubagoo Remote Chat Specialists

Gubagoo specializes in communication solutions for automotive dealerships. They are occasionally looking for remote chat specialists to work for them. According to a current job listing, they offer part-time and full-time positions with mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends as options.

You must be able to type at least 35 words per minute and they do prefer if you've had prior customer service experience, but it's not required.

Go here to check for chat specialist openings with Gubagoo.

6 – Paper

Paper is hiring work at home chat-based academic tutors in many US locations as well as in Canada. The position is part-time, and pay starts at $17.50 hourly.

Scheduling is flexible, and benefits are offered.

The main requirements to apply include:

  • Tutoring experience 1+ year
  • Undergraduate Degree (or in the process of completion) in relevant field

Go here for more details and to apply.

7 – Healthy Back Institute

This company is occasionally hiring for a remote customer service rep to provide support to their clients via phone, email, and chat. So with this job, you would need to be OK with occasional phone work. They pay $13 hourly to start and claim there is lots of potential for growth.

Go here to apply.

8 – Other Companies With Occasional Chat Jobs

Most of the companies I'm about to list are best known for their work at home customer service/phone support jobs, but they have all occasionally had some chat openings. So keep tabs on the openings at Sutherland, Teletech, Amazon, Simple Texting, and Sykes.

Always use the phrase “work from home” in quotations in the job search boxes for these sites to see openings if you are prompted to search the jobs. This makes it easier because lots of times there will be many, many jobs listed.

A Few Tips For Finding More Chat Agent Jobs

You may want to keep your eyes on freelancer sites like Upwork for chat/email support positions because sometimes companies and individuals recruit workers for chat jobs through there.

Also, you can do your own search for chat work at home via and FlexJobs.

If you sign up for FlexJobs, be sure to use promo code AFFILPROMO to get 30 percent off your membership. I'm a member with them and have so far been very pleased with it!

If we come across any new companies, we always try to include these in our free weekly newsletter as well.

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16 thoughts on “Chat Jobs From Home – 8 Companies To Check For Openings”

  1. offers w@home email and phone support for many companies. I have been with them for 9months and I still love it, like it was my first day. They are hiring too!

      • No you don’t. They have several states that they let you work from home. I was hired in March but I had to quit during training due to an emergency and I have to wait 6 months to reapply.

        • Sitel has a current hiring freeze in New York state and perhaps more because of wage increases. They ‘can’t afford’ to pay. Try to find out before you spend precious time applying only to be rejected.

    • It says you have to take inbound calls. What is the call volume like? I worked at Apple and the call volume was insane. 1000+ calls waiting it was stressful

      • Call volume at Sitel was very heavy – likely depends on client. $9.00 per hour for one of the most difficult jobs ever invented.

    • My experience with Sitel was so horrible. (Ethics) I worked in their actual call center in WI. I think I was a great employee for them. I did all kinds of things to help the Co. The contract is was working with is a HUGE Health insurance company. 3 yrs. Sitel told us that our jobs were so secure!!! Everything’s great. One month later they left for a different state about 400 miles away. The had known this was going to happen for at least 4 months but didn’t say anything because it was the busiest time of year. They renewed the contract with the Insurance company for a lot more money.. We (500 of us) were out of work.. (They were able to pay the new employees less money. That’s why they went to this particular state. We had the option to move..We would have to pay our expenses and take the pay cut. Last year they came back to WI with the work from home option. (same insurance company) I applied, told them I would love to come back..I was pretty much trained already.(or could adjust to the changes easily. They said I didn’t have enough skills for the position!!!! I should have known that they could sell us out so easily…..The honesty is lacking!!!!
      I just don’t think much of them any longer.

      • Wow, this is what has happened to me now with a major cable company that I have worked for 27 years, new owners now down sizing big time moving many departments to Texas, here in NY everyone is worried about what will happen next with layouts, being moved and not offered to move. 700 plus offered voluntary retire, some not at retirement age its crazy.

      • I worked for Sitel in 2012 and I have to agree that they were the worst too. I worked from home in NJ. Realized real quick why there was such a huge turnover every few months. You’re just an employee number with them. No loyalty. Not the type of company that I wanted to work for.

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