Phone Work From Home For Nex Rep

NexRep, formerly known as Stewart Response Group,  is a company hiring virtual agents to work from their homes in their virtual call center. Positions offered are for both inbound and outbound calling. These are independent contractor positions.

Positions Available

NexRep hires home agents for a variety of different positions depending on the needs of their clients. Current positions include tech support, virtual sales consulting, virtual receptionist, and beauty consultants.

NexRep Pay

They no longer list their salary information on the site, but based on information from Glassdoor anonymous reviewers, the average yearly salary for their home-based phone workers is in the range of $23,000 per year.

In the past, the pay for inbound calling was 100% commission-based with no limit or cap on the amount of money that you could earn. For outbound calling the pay was $5 an hour plus commission. The virtual receptionist pay was $0.25 a minute talk time.

Tech support was a flat rate of $10 an hour. Virtual sales consultants received a base pay of $8 an hour plus commission. Beauty consultants received a base pay of $10 an hour. Most NexRep agents were averaging $10 to $15 an hour after the commission was factored into the pay, with top performing agents making over $25.

When Does NexRep Pay?

NexRep pays every two weeks, and options available or mailed check or direct deposit.

Are You Qualified?

NexRep prefers to hire people who have at least two years of call center experience along with a college degree, but they are open to considering applicants who do not meet those requirements.

It's also important that you have basic computer skills at minimum and strong commitment to customer satisfaction and/or sales.

Equipment Needed

To do the work, you need:

  • High-speed Internet access hard wired in, no Wi-Fi
  • Windows-based computer with updated software
  • USB headset noise cancelling headset, such as Plantronics 478 Stereo USB Headset/Mic
  • Active email account
  • Unlimited long distance for certification or a Google voice account

Fees to Get Started

There is a $25 fee to cover a background check. NexRep requires this background check for all of their agents because they need to protect their client’s personal information.

If you are familiar with phone jobs from home, then you know that being asked to pay for your own background check is not outside the norm.

Only after you have had an assessment and are invited to a certification class will you be asked to pay for the background check.


Certification for Inbound agents is 2 weeks, the first being in a virtual classroom and the second taking live calls and receiving performance feedback and coaching. For the first week the hours will be Monday-Friday 10am-3pm and for the second is Monday-Friday 10am-4pm Eastern Time.

Outbound certification is also 2 weeks, with the first in a virtual classroom and the second taking live calls. For the week in the classroom the schedule is Tuesday-Friday from 11am to 4pm and the second week certification will be Monday-Friday from 10am-1pm or 1pm-4pm Eastern Time.

Certification for tech support is 2 weeks Monday-Friday 10am-3:30pm Eastern Time. Most of the time will be spent in the virtual classroom along with practicing troubleshooting techniques.

Virtual receptionists have certification for 1 week Monday-Friday 10am-3pm Eastern Time. This will include time in the classroom and taking practice calls.

Certification for virtual sales consultants is 1 week, Tuesday-Friday 11am-4pm Eastern Time. This will include time in the classroom and taking practice calls.

Certification for beauty consultants is 1 week Monday-Friday 10am-4pm Eastern Time. This will include time in the classroom and taking practice calls.


Your schedule at NexRep will depend on your position.

Inbound takes calls 24/7, and you must work at least 2 hours at a time.

Outbound is open 7 days a week from 9am – 11pm Eastern Time. Both inbound and outbound have a minimum requirement of 15 hours a week.

Tech support operates 7 days a week from 9am -10pm Eastern Time with a 25 hour a week minimum.

The virtual receptionists take appointment setting calls Monday-Saturday 7am-12am and Sunday 7am-10pm Eastern Time, with a 15 hour a week minimum.

Virtual sales consultants operate from 9am-9pm Eastern Time 7 days a week, with a 20 hour a week minimum.

Beauty consultants are required to work a 20 hour a week minimum within Monday-Friday 6am-10pm and Saturday 8am-6pm EST.


As is the case with most work from home companies, feedback is a little mixed — some positive, some negative. You will just have to decide for yourself after doing the research if you'd want to apply.

Here are some links to use:

  • WAHM – This is the search page displaying lots of results where people are discussing Nex Rep.
  • Glassdoor – There are a few different pages of reviews on NexRep at Glassdoor. Here is another one.

Want to apply?

Go here for details on getting started. Good luck if you decide to apply. Please share below if you have experience with this company.

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38 thoughts on “Phone Work From Home For Nex Rep”

  1. If you fall at the bottom of the call levels, you don’t get very many calls at all and will average about $3 an hour, no lie. I understand if you are a good salesperson you get rewarded with commission but if you aren’t good and just learning there ought to be a happy medium and you at least get steady calls, paid per minute, but you don’t. Most days I sit there for 4 to 5 hours and receive less than 10 calls. On a busy day, maybe 20, but the busy days aren’t too often and that is even if you are on during peak hours.

  2. Receptionist job is 25 cents per call is a joke. Unpaid training is not worth it. No can afford 20 hours of unpaid training with bills.

    • Hey,

      So, I have worked for them in the past as well as currently and once you do the training, they state you should be hardwired to your computer. The thing is, they can not verify that your are hardwired or not, but if you have any sort of tech issue due to WIFI having issues, they will remote access your computer and see this, thus making you have to obtain the hardwire connection anyways. When you go through tech to get programs set up on your system, they check for that as well.. So, it’s not possible like most call center jobs as they want your computer to be hardwired as it’s more RELIABLE than wifi.

      Good Luck

    • Yes they do. They have a STUBHUB project that are looking for Canadian/French agents to help support their new international project. If you go to the website and review the positions and qualification, you can see if where you live allows you to become an agent.

  3. I had a nice interview with a recruiter, but in the end did not end up receiving an invitation to contract with NexRep. I was quite disappointed as the recruiter even offered another position she felt I might be a better fit for. Oh well, at least the interview itself was pleasant. Good luck to everyone who is invited to contract with NexRep!

  4. In reply to the career consultant position, I am in the process on starting training on March 16,2015. I too, paid for my background, but it states you get it back after I believe 60 or 90 days of on call work, if you quit before the specified time you forfeit that$.. You are paid 7/hr as base and its a min of 20/hrs week. You pick the scheme and that client only allowed shifts mon-Friday from 9am-5Pm. You can earn more money from the number of prospect students that apply to the college. This is called conversions. If you get at least 2 a day your rate jumps to 14 I believe(going off memory) highest you can get is 20/hr with U believe 5 conversions. It’s no sales goals beau you aren’t selling anything. The student contact you for information about a company called liquid education. They want to further their education for personal or career gain. Simple and easy.

  5. Training with this company is fast and furious. The training was lacking. Training hours averaged about 3 hours a day for four days then go on the phones. It is an independent contractor job which you are responsible for taking out your own taxes. I decided to quit as I was only getting 2-3 hours per day. After a week, I am still waiting for my last check. First I was told it would be on a “cash card” which never arrived, then I was told the accountant would pay me through direct deposit to my bank, which is not there yet either. Be very leery of working for such a disorganized company and unethical payroll procedures.

  6. With respect to the $25 for “sales materials” that NexRep charges new hires (and the reviewer complained that all it was is emailed scripts) – as far as I and a couple of friends of mine who worked for NexRep have been able to determine, the money is actually used for a background check. One individual on the workplacelikehome board says they were told that, the rest of us were given the “sales material” claim (and I still have the email that says that).

    In my original training group, there was a woman who was terminated the first week because she supposedly failed a background check – and yet, they hadn’t told any of us a background check was going to be done.

    My guess is that this is a lie that NexRep tells potential candidates because a lot of people (including me) don’t apply to companies that charge them for a background check. I have nothing in my background to be worried about, I just don’t feel like putting out the money for that purpose and I bypass companies and jobs that want me to pay for one.

    Take this as a hint as to what working for NexRep will be like, at least on the inbound side where I worked. Almost all of the scripts that we were required to read stretched the truth, and the whole selling technique is really based on misleading advertising and confusing wording, so when you say “OK?” the customer thinks they are agreeing to something simple (like taking down a customer service number), when really they are agreeing to getting an autoship.

    Very sad, felt quite sleazy to work there. Add to this the fact that at least 3/4 of the customers are really old (seventies, eighties, even nineties), clearly have hearing problems, are often quite sick, and regularly apparently mental acuity problems – and it’s not a pretty picture. imho what NexRep inbound is really doing is deceiving and ripping off old people. And the clubs are just bizarre – totally inappropriate in a context where what is allegedly being sold is natural products.

    • they have changed the process of applying the $25 fee. Yes, it is for the background check. I just submitted all my documents the other day. They do it all electronically now though e-sign. You actually buy your own background check through a service they partner with for $25, and a copy gets sent to Nexrep (and to your email). You also fill out your tax form and contract agreement all electronically as well. The entire process was finished within about 10 minutes.

      • I paid the $25 and was told that I start the class on Tuesday. I did not submit any documents. I did not fill out any tax forms. What will you b doing with NexRep?

        • thats odd you didn’t fill anything out. Did you receive the email with all the document links and background check? The email we received had links to all 3 documents, and we had to fill them out and have them all sent by Sunday (tomorrow) to get into the class on Tuesday.

          I am doing outbound television division.

          • No I haven’t received anything yet. I don’t have anything wrong with my record. Never been in trouble and no financial issues either. I only received an email stating that the background check was done and that I will get a confirmation email tomorrow(August 4) so that I can start my class on Tuesday. I am doing the virtual receptionist position. Not sure if that has any bearing on why the process is a little different for me.

          • oh ok. When I got my email, they had just finished changing the process for doing the forms and such to make it all done electronically instead of the old way of printing and mailing it back to them. Maybe they will have you do it all once you start training. It also may have to do with being a different position.

            Anyway, good luck! I hope your training goes well, I am really looking forward to it.

          • Hi! Just an update. I did receive an email with all of the paperwork and it says to mail it. I guess it was based on the project that I am on. Just to confirm, once we complete training, do we get the chance to choose our own hours? And are we paid weekly or biweekly?

        • Hi Eboni,

          I am replying to your recent comment about hours and pay, but it won’t let me reply directly to it so I am replying to this comment instead.

          But yes, they showed in training today that you will have a blank calender each month you will fill out your committed hours and days. Those are the days and hours you commit to and must work. But, you can work on your non-committed says as well if you wish by logging in to the system.

          And we get paid every 2 weeks.

      • Sorry, but I am a little suspect of any company charging ME for a background check. If they want to do a background check on me they are more than welcome to, (many previous employers have) but NONE have ever charged me ANYTHING. I will not apply because I will not pay anything to apply.

  7. I applied to work for next rep on Friday night and they had emailed me today to set up a phone assessment. I think I applied for the outbound catalog section because they said they were hiring right away. I have many years in customer service, working as a virtual assistant and being a manager in retail. I’m happy to hear all the positive comments about the company and I hope to get on board with the company.

  8. This company’s recruiting practices are questionable. I applied a day or two ago and received an email stating I was not going to be moved forward. I have several years of customer service experience, especially working from home. So, I’m not sure why I was denied. Unless, of course, they don’t want males working on their programs.

    • “Unless, of course, they don’t want males working on their programs.”

      not true.

      I applied a couple weeks ago and got my invite for a phone interview. I passed that with no problem, and am now starting certification next week.

      …and I’m a male.

  9. I hate and I mean hate working for Nex Rep, but I need the money. Andrew who writes the scripts has a horrible attitude. I started to tell him to quit damn emailing me about those scripts last time he sent me an email. I put him in my spam mail as I do not need the stress. I am not going to force people to buy crap they do not want. I don’t know why they don’t care more about the main product that people are calling in about versus those darn clubs. I have had people curse me out so many times and one lady who probably stuck the phone as close to her vocal chords as she could get it yelling that she does not want that other stuff. Although in the end they all said they understood I was doing my job, but they just didn’t want the club offers. Nex Rep really pushes you to sell this crap. I have really good luck upselling to their most expensive packages but those clubs ruin it every time. My first pay check was the saddest one I had ever seen. As soon as a new opportunity comes I am quitting. If the only script I had to read was Hampshire Labs I would be so happy, but those others ones where you are trying to sell 4 additional clubs suck. I have an anxiety attack everytime I have to do a sale for those.

    • Then why don’t you just quit if you don’t like selling the clubs? You do earn commission for the clubs so I don’t get what you are complaining about. And if you hate your job, there is no way you can do it efficiently! I like Andrew; he’s actually pretty helpful. If you adjusted your attitude slightly, you just may do a bit better. Having a negative will turn you into a poor salesman.

      I do outbound and I like it. I dislike the clubs myself but they are part of the job and give me the opportunity to make more money.

  10. LOL, I’m going to have to add onto my first post above! I first thought that NexRep would be a great place to work for. I applied, paid my $25 for training, and I then got schedule to start training on May 28. The training was from May 28-June 4. I started my training on the 28th as scheduled but due to gall bladder issues and me not having any amniotic fluid left (I was pregnant), I had to have an emergency c-section on June 3rd. I notified Erica and let her know what was going on. She told me to contact her as soon as I wanted to start working, etc. I then sent her an email once I got back home and I let her know that I was recovering, but would be ready in a few days. She never responded to me. I contacted one of the supervisors and asked her to let Erica know I’ve been trying to complete my training, etc – no reply. So I then email one of the other managers that does hiring and I explain the situation.

    I finally got a message from Erica after that, apologizing and stating that she did not forget about me and that she could set me up to do test calls the next day. I replied and said that was fine but that she didn’t give me a time. Well, two days went by and still, no reply with a time. I then emailed her again. This time I get a day and time to do the test calls. I did my test calls and was then told to email Erica and she would tell me what to do next. I emailed her and asked her what to do next and got no reply.

    This has all been dragging out for 3 1/2 weeks now. I feel that this is unprofessional. While I was sitting here waiting to finish up, other girls were getting hired and starting. I have no idea why I was singled out and treated so unprofessionally. I would have much rather received an email stating “We’re sorry, all positions are filled” than getting the run-around which turned out to keep my hopes up, and ending unproductively. I’m more than disappointed. I counted on this job. I’m a single mother with 4 kids and have bills that need to be paid. The whole run-around that I received caused me to waste an unnecessary amount of time which i could have spent pursuing something else. 🙁

    • I’m sorry, Sandra. Sounds very disorganized! I also hate when situations are like that … continually emailing and either getting no response or late responses about important things. I’m sorry about your health issues and sincerely hope that you hear from them soon. If you don’t, there are a lot of other options if phone work is what you’re looking for. Some other good companies that people talk about having positive experiences with (just right off the top of my head) are Direct Interactions and the Active Network, although Active Network does not pay well, the work is really easy and apparently steady.

      • Hi Anna!

        It was disorganized but it was only that particular project. I’ve switched to outbound television sales and it’s very different – very organized and professional! 🙂

  11. For the receptionist job, the hours are still flexible although you do have to create a schedule for yourself – YOU choose the hours. However, appointments are only booked up until midnight EST, meaning that you can’t work overnight; you have to choose hours between 8am – midnight. You take calls for The DryBar, which has salons located all over the US. How much you make really depends on which hours you work. Since pay is .25 per talk time, you want to schedule yourself during the busy hours which are usually afternoon and evenings. You have the potential to make between $11-$13 an hour.

      • Anna,

        Can you find out more about the CAREER CONSULTANT position, I want to apply for that position, but I cant find enough information about that position to encourage me. Like the pay and the hours of that position. Also, is it paid training for all the positions or certain positions?.. Can you list the position that have paid training?..

    • Sandra, What is The Drybar? What do you actually do? And do you have to pay the $25 for the background check before you begin taking calls?

      • I actually got a interview for them on wednesday for the receptionist job which I’m excited especially after seeing what Sandra wrote above 🙂

        • The DryBar.. is a blow dry bar hair salon type of business that has grown from the west coast. I did this job but left as you are not paid hourly, you are only paid per talk time. I knew this but expected a lot of traffic, but I sat for many hours with no phone calls and only had a $200 pay check to show for over 30 hours a week. For example. You schedule yourself to work from 1pm until 4pm. Let’s say within those house you only receive 12 phone calls that ends with a total talk time of 45 minutes. You will be paid for the 45 minutes of talk time only. These phone calls don’t last long as your are making an appointment for someone to get their hair done and that it. these calls last no longer than 30 seconds most times. They hire so many people to be on the pone, but this takes away money from other agents on the project because when you don’t talk to a customer, you are not making money. If you looking for a little extra money and have another job to depend on, I would say go for it.

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