Work at Home Tech Support for OneSupport

If you have previous work at home, customer service, call center, or internal helpdesk experience, you may be able to get a job doing tech support from home for OneSupport.

Currently this position is only available to people in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

If you're not in those locations, be sure to keep tabs on their company “jobs” page to see if the areas change.

What if you don't have tech support experience?

Fortunately OneSupport is willing to train you on the job. However, you'll have the best chance of getting hired if you know at least a little something about dealing with tech issues and have had some prior customer support experience.

For instance, understanding how to deal with minor problems that come up with your internet/network at home is a good thing. You may find the job easier if you can do that.

What is OneSupport?

The company is described as, “the leading provider of outsourced technical support services and help desk solutions for industry leaders in telecommunications and management consulting.” The company was founded in 1993 and hires people to work both in house and from home.

How much does OneSupport pay?

The starting pay for their remote positions seems to be $10 per hour.

How and when do they pay?

You get paid twice a month with direct deposit.

Are there benefits?

Yes, they list a bunch of awesome benefits on their careers page including health care, dental, vision, vacation, and holiday pay.

You can read more details about the benefits here on their careers page. You will not qualify for benefits until after you have worked for teleNetwork for at least six months.

Do you need a land line to do the job?

No. OneSupport will have you install something called a “soft phone” onto your computer. You will use this to answer the inbound calls.

What other tech requirements are there?

Actually the tech requirements are rather extensive, and they are all a must. If you don't have them in place, you will have to get them if you want to work for this company:

Computer Requirements

Desktop or Laptop PC (No Macintosh computers, no dual booted Macs)

  • 2GHz processor
  • Windows Vista or Windows 7 or 8 operating system
  • 3GB of RAM
  • Sound card and speakers
  • 17″ monitor OR Dual 15″ monitors
  • Functional webcam and microphone (software download instructions will be provided upon selection for interview).*The webcam is for the interview as well as for daily training and mentoring conferences during the first 2 weeks
  • Windows Internet Explorer
  • Updated version of Java
  • Cisco VPN Client (software provided by teleNetwork)
  • A full (non-trial) AV/FW program (cannot just be anti-malware or spyware, will be verified before training begins)
  • Additional software programs which may be required including Adobe Acrobat reader.
  • Network Requirements
  • Broadband Internet connection (DSL and cable but not satellite, dial-up and wireless. A wireless connection inside the home is not allowed for the computer, the computer MUST be hardlined to the modem)
  • Skype compatible USB headset
  • Network device capable of providing internet connection to 2 or more devices via Ethernet (DSL modem with router capabilities, router or switch)
  • 2.0 Mbps Download Speed & 1.0 Mbps Upload Speed

And of course you'll need a quiet background to work in.

How is scheduling?

You can be either full-time or part-time for OneSupport. The hours per week range from about 20 to 36 with part-time starting at 20 hours per week.

This is a pretty flexible phone job that allows you to list your availability for scheduling. You can work daytime or evening hours. Some weekend work will be required every month, but you can split it up how you need to.

How does the interview process go?

There are a few different steps. The first thing you do is fill out an online application from their website. You'll have to take some tests that mostly cover how well you can troubleshoot things.

If you pass those, you'll have a phone interview. If that goes well, another interview via Skype will be conducted. And if THAT goes well, you will probably get offered the position.

What about training?

There is two weeks worth of training. This appears to be an employee position so I'm guessing the training is paid. Each week of training is about 20 to 25 hours total. After that you can start working.

Feedback on OneSupport?

  • Glassdoor – Lots of good info here, including some complaints previous workers have had

Want to get started?

If you live in one of the listed states, you can go here to start your application process for OneSupport. Good luck!

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11 thoughts on “Work at Home Tech Support for OneSupport”

  1. Do you really have to have your own pc/laptop or do they send equipment? I know sitel requires equipment per application but once hired they send it to you

  2. Hello I wanted to make a quick comment on the states. I live in Missouri about an hour out of St Louis and they offered me an interview for tech support. Not sure if they added Missouri but just wanted to let you know just in case you want to find out and update a state. Thanks for the information and comments everyone! Great place to read about this company!

  3. I have worked for teleNetwork for over two years and I genuinely enjoy it. As far as raises go, you honestly do have to earn them by working hard and showing your stats, but I personally went up from $8 (the starting pay when I first came on board) to $12 in a year. As of now the starting pay is $9 and then an automatic bump to $10 after 30 days.
    I find the women discrimination interesting too, considering I am, in fact, a woman and have never encountered that problem. 🙂
    I do agree the break system is difficult, however, I personally have never had much of a problem getting my breaks and lunches — honestly, when I realized how the break system worked, I asked my TL for split shifts to ensure a lunch at the same time every day, and once I was on a split it worked out fine for me.
    All in all I really like the company. Call centers are definitely stressful, and this one is no different, but it’s the nature of the beast. Customers don’t call in because they love us and want to tell us that…but the coworkers and supervisors I have worked with in my two years here make every pissy customer work it! 🙂 If anyone looking at this has the thick skin for call center support, I strongly recommend applying.

  4. The absolute worse company to work at home for. No breaks, no lunches, no raises. If you are a woman, forget working here as they discriminate against women. Forget good customer service as it isn’t rewarded. Be ready to lie and tell customers what they want to hear or don’t work at this place.

    • It’s interesting that you say they discriminate against women. Every single person I’ve talked to in the application process so far has been female. I’ve yet to encounter a single male.

      They’re required by law to give you breaks and a lunch. In regards to customer service being rewarded, it seems like you’re just not familiar with how tech support generally works. Customers always hate the tech support reps and supervisors rarely pat anyone on the back. It’s the name of the game.

  5. I worked at TeleNetwork for 2 years recently. They start you out at $9. They mislead you about the pay raises. The only way you get a raise is if your call stats (call times, fix ratio) stay above their ridiculous levels. The company I handled tech support calls for for TeleNetwork offered some of THE WORST service in their areas, incompetent technicians were dispatched over and over and nothing was ever resolved. So of course customers are going to call back, this in turn affects the phone rep’s fix ratios. So because field techs couldn’t do their job or didn’t show up at all and the company was too cheap to upgrade their system I didn’t get a raise for the entire 2 years I worked there because of their incompetence. They will ALWAYS find an excuse to NOT give you a well deserved raise. They never listen to employee suggestions and complaints, though they ask for feedback frequently. Their break system is seriously flawed, only allow 2-3 people to take breaks at a time (with over 75 employees in a break queue at once), some days you just don’t get a lunch break. You never know the name of the floor manager on duty. Managers/Team Leaders avoid taking supervisor calls from pi ssed of customers, and just let the customers hang up and keep calling back. And the cost of benefits doesn’t justify when you only make $9/hr. Save yourself the trouble, apply elsewhere.

  6. As someone who has previously worked for Telenetwork, they are a great company. The part about $1 raise every 30-45 days is wrong though. You have to average your call times below 10-11 minutes a call. You also must maintain 3%-5% sales. This will qualify you for a raise. The good news is that from what I understand, everyone starts out at $9 an hour now. Just be ready to work there for 4-6 months AFTER your 90 days before getting that first raise. Still a great company to work for.

  7. This looks like a great opportunity! I will be sure to share and tell people who I think may be qualified.

    • They start at $10 here in Texas. Benefits after 90 days and you do get breaks and a lunch if you work over 7 hours.

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