Work at Home as a Customer Service Representative For Transcom

Transcom is a company that used to go by the name of Cloud 10. They hire people to work from home doing primarily phone work — customer service, tech support, or sales.

The exact type of calls you will be taking will depend on the client you're handling calls for. The company has been in business for quite some time, but they've only recently started going by the name of Transcom.

Transcom Pay Info

You are paid hourly, but the rate of pay isn't listed anywhere on the website. I did some digging around, and according to anonymous Glassdoor reviews, you'll probably make in the range of $11 per hour.

As with many customer service type jobs from home, this could always vary depending on the client.

Transcom pays with direct deposit twice monthly.

Employment Status

If you get on with Transcom, you are considered an employee, not an independent contractor. This means all your training time will be paid, although I am not seeing anything on their website about more benefits.

Qualifications & Requirements

Transcom prefers if you've had some type of customer service experience before. As far as your education is concerned, you need to have at minimum a high school diploma.

You'll have to be able to pass a criminal background check and you *may* have to additionally pass a drug screen and credit check, just depending on the client you're working for. Not all clients have the drug screen/credit check requirement.

This company will not have openings in every state. I am having difficulty finding a list of states they are currently hiring in, but if you apply it should tell you whether or not you are eligible depending on where you live.

Transcom does not allow Macs and you must have an approved wired headset. You can find plenty of acceptable and affordable headsets on Amazon, but you'll have to get approval from Transcom prior to using the one you select.

Your Schedule

You will have a set schedule every week. They do not have a system where you log in and just grab hours where you can.

This may be good or bad just depending on you. The set schedule won't allow much room for flexibility, but you would always know exactly when you'd be working.

You will most likely be working more than 30 hours per week if you are hired, five days per week.

Application Process

The application process involves first filling out your basic information and checking your computer and internet speed to make sure they are up to par. Then, you'll have to do some online assessments.

After that, you might get an interview with a recruiter. If you're given an offer, you'll have to agree to a criminal background check and possibly a drug screen and credit check, too, just depending on the client you're handling calls for.

It could take some time after your interview for a training class to come open, so keep that in mind if you're hired. You won't get to start working right away.


Feedback is mixed. Some people have been here a while and seem content with things while others have not, but it's clear this is a reputable company that's been around for some time.

They definitely appear to pay and usually have some openings. This is definitely not going to be the right fit for everyone though because it isn't that flexible and there are no benefits at all, but if they have a schedule available that would be a fit for you and you know you'd meet the qualifications, it might be something to look into.

How to Start

Go here to get started on your application. Good luck!

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10 thoughts on “Work at Home as a Customer Service Representative For Transcom”

  1. can anyone tell me what the training is like for this job? I got offered a position and they will be sending me all the equipment and the training is supposed to be 4 weeks. Thanks

  2. I have had the worst ever imaginable experience with I hope that my wasted time and efforts at least will help and prevent other people by making the same mistake again. I applied for the Customer Service Rep – Work From Home position that I saw posted on The application that was supposed to last max 45 mins. actually lasted 2 hours and 30 mins. It was very tedious, annoying, and considering the pay they are offering, really excessively demanding. Last but not least, I had to download a program on my Internet Explorer and by doing so my system got infected with 2 harmful threats !!! I spent hours rebooting and cleaning my PC, it was just horrible. I thought it was my duty to inform the Company of the risks they may potentially cause to aspiring candidates and explained my experience. I received no answer, nothing at all !. I was so upset and disappointed, considering that during the application process I had to share sensitive data like my SSN and DOB. I’m not a novice when it comes to work from home jobs, I have a solid background with high reputable companies offering telecommuting positions, including ZeroChaos, and lately I’ve been applying for various work-from-home jobs but the incompetence and negligence that I experienced with has no rivals. I believe in justice and when I see such a lack of respect from employers, I think it’s my duty to let the world know, and make it public. So if you really want to apply for a WFH position with this Company, make sure your PC has a potent antivirus shield protection and you’re patient enough to go through a faulty application system !. Luckily, there are so many other Companies out there, offering better service and conditions ! Best of luck everyone in your future endeavors !

    • Hi Monica, I am curious to know what has happened since last year? Did they help with the virus on your PC? Has anyone else had a similar WAH exp? I noticed that the good reviews came from brick and mortar reviews!

  3. Nice review 🙂

    I was wondering if anyone knew what the voice audition questions on the transcom application are, or what you’ll be doing for it?. I would like to be a little prepared if they are going to be asking me some type of questions that i’m going to need to think a little bit for, so that i don’t sound like that i don’t know how to answer questions lol.

    So if anyone has any info on the voice audition that would be great, thank you 🙂

    • In my phone interview the lady asked me some very simple questions about scheduling and if I would be avail. to work on certain days of the week (basically all days every week) to be honest. But at very beginning of the ‘interview’ the only truely real question that I was asked was, “What is the difference between a modem and a router?”

      The phone interview that I was told could take approximately 35 minutes took 4 minutes and was not done by a recruiter, the call was done by a Customer Service Representative, the same job that I was applying for.

  4. Unfortunately after a job interview that I thought went quite well..Transcom e-mailed me two days later and said the usual “..thank you but we have applicants better qualified, blah blah”..SMH Oh well, back on my WAHM hunt!

  5. Thanks for the great review as usual Anna! I have an interview coming up. I will try to remember to post the outcome..

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