Data Entry Jobs From Home – [9 Companies That Sometimes Hire]

Are you looking for data entry jobs from home? Then you are in the right place. It's the first thing most people look for when beginning their home job search, and it's the first thing I looked for, too. We want to do data entry because it's non-phone and sounds so easy!

Below are links to legit, researched data entry work from home without registration fees, plus good job search sites and basic info on the work and what it involves.

Data Entry Jobs From Home

1. Cass Information Systems

Cass Information Systems hires people for data verification and data entry. This position is very location-based (currently you'd need to be in or near St. Louis, MO). If the position is available, you'll see it listed as “Offsite Invoice Payment Specialist.” You have to train onsite for a few weeks before you can do the job from home. Their BBB rating is A+.

You can also read our Cass Information Systems review to learn more about the position.

2. Ibotta

Ibotta occasionally has a data entry position open, but it's for Colorado residents only. So if you're in Colorado, be sure to keep tabs on their “Jobs” page to see if they're hiring for data entry. Pays $10 hourly and is part-time when open. Ibotta has a B rating on the BBB.

We always list this in our weekly work at home email updates when we see they are hiring, so you can subscribe to that if you aren't already for a better chance of catching this one when it's open.

3. Telus International

Telus International offers very low pay. Really just good for extra money here and there. This company offers part-time online data entry jobs, as there is typically not enough work to do this full-time. They offer data enrichment, data annotation, online rating, and other data entry related work.

4. Dion Data

Dion Data is a legit company that has been around for years. Unfortunately I don't think they actively hire that often, but if there is a way to apply on the page, I would recommend sending your application. They haven't had any openings in quite a while, but I have seen it open over the years so don't totally dismiss this one.

You may want to read our Dion Data review to learn more about working for this company.

5. Xerox

Xerox data entry jobs are usually location-based, requiring that you work on site for one week before being allowed to do the job from home. Visit their Careers page and type in “work from home data entry” in the keywords box “transaction processor” to see if this position is available.

We also have a Xerox review if you'd like to learn more about working for them.

6. Freelance bidding sites

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our list of freelance bidding sites. These almost always have data entry opportunities listed that you can bid on to do.

7. Amazon MTurk

Amazon MTurk has short tasks available on occasion that involve keying and typing, but you will have to do a search for them. We have an Amazon MTurk review with more details on this site, how they pay, and how to start.

8. Clickworker

Clickworker is a short task site similar to MTurk (above) with similar tasks. Many of these tasks are data entry. We have a full review of Clickworker with more details.

9. Sigtrack

Sigtrack is a site frequently accepting data entry keyers to put in voter registration data.

Some of my readers have done this in the past and as you might have guessed, pay is not great. You most likely won't earn minimum wage. But if you are interested in doing it for extra income, it is legit, although like many of the companies listed above, there aren't always openings.

You can read our Sigtrack review for more details.

If we find any new companies, we always include these among the leads in our work at home newsletter that goes out three times a week. If you're not yet a subscriber, you can become one here. It's free!

Online Data Entry Jobs – My Favorite Job Boards to Search!

Sometimes you'll be able to find data entry opportunities when you search major job boards. It's a good idea to check these daily since the listings change constantly.

1. Indeed

Read each description carefully to check if the opportunities you find on Indeed are work from home — many are not. Indeed is good at weeding out scams, but you still may find a few so be careful.

You can see the data entry jobs on Indeed here.

2. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is one of my favorite sites to use for finding remote jobs and learning about new companies that hire remotely. And they do list data entry jobs from home!

The great thing about FlexJobs is that they guarantee ALL listings are scam-free. They list hundreds of jobs — all of which are either remote or flexible in nature — five days per week. There are also no ads on the site.

Because there are no ads, they do charge a membership fee since that is the only way they can see a return on their job-searching efforts. But it's cheap — $14.95 a month. And you can get a 30% discount if you use promo code AFFILPROMO.

If you sign up and don't like it, it's very easy to cancel right away so you are not billed again for the following month.

Go here to check out FlexJobs.

3. Craigslist/Adhuntr

I use a site called Adhuntr to search all of Craigslist. Unfortunately there are many more scams on Craigslist than there are legitimate online data entry jobs, so be careful what you apply for.

Go here to check out Adhuntr.

What Data Entry Involves

The duties of a data entry clerk will vary a little depending on who you're doing the work for, but in general you are transferring data from one source to another.

Usually, you'll be looking at data — either on paper or on a computer screen — and typing it out into either a form or spreadsheet.

Even though data entry jobs from home sound fun and easy, it can actually become extremely boring and monotonous. Not everyone is cut out for it.

Data Entry Earnings Potential

This line of work is not known for paying well as far as work at home jobs go. Most of the work at home data entry jobs I find pay minimum wage or less. They can legally do this if you're working as an independent contractor, and in most cases, you will be.

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, most data entry keyers earn about $16 hourly. However, I believe this data is more in line with what this work pays when you're doing it onsite. As stated above, most of the data entry jobs I find that are work at home do not pay much at all.

Skills Needed For Data Entry

Most of the companies with work at home data entry jobs are not going to just hire you without first testing your skills, so be prepared to be tested.

You need to be not only a fast typist, but also an accurate typist. Even if you are neither fast nor accurate with your typing, these are skills you can work on.

Keybr has a good online tool you can use for typing practice to help you get faster.

Equipment Needed

Work at home data entry jobs aren't usually going to require equipment you don't already have. At minimum, you'll need an up to date computer with high speed internet.

Some — but not all — companies will either require or recommend that you use dual monitors. If you're wondering why in the world you'd need something like dual monitors for data entry, it's because it can greatly simplify the transfer of information from one document to another.

If you have two monitors side by side you can look at, you will not need to be clicking back and forth between various open tabs on your computer.

This is a major time-saver. And because data entry work is usually pay per piece, you'll want the tools that make it possible for you to go as fast as you can.

Avoiding Data Entry Scams

These are the typical red flags for work at home scam sites. Watch out for these on any site you use to search for online data entry jobs, but in particular watch out for them on Craigslist!

Be careful if you see any of the following:

Be wary of claims you'll make a lot of money.

That's not typical for data entry. I'm a little skeptical of any data entry listings promising much more than $10 hourly. If the ad states you'll make hundreds or thousands each week, don't even look at it.

No skills required? That's not realistic.

Scammers usually don't list that you need any skills because they want to make sure many people will attempt to apply.

If there are skills listed, you'll notice they're usually very basic skills most anyone would likely have. An example might be something like being able to type 25-35 wpm — most people can do that.

Any sort of fee to apply should be a major red flag.

There are some instances where a fee for a work at home job is a legit thing, but it's rare. The jobs listed on this page are free data entry jobs.

Anything that isn't free is probably a scam. Avoid any listings where you're asked to pay for training, membership, software, etc.

No company name or contact info on a site is suspicious.

If you can't research the company that posted the ad, just stay away to be on the safe side.

Poorly designed or brand new websites are also suspicious.

Scammers often throw fake websites together to fool people, and they usually don't take time to ensure they're nicely designed.

You can see how recently a website was created by visiting and putting in the website address. A website that was just thrown together and created a few days or weeks ago equals a red flag for a work from home scam.

A request for you to deposit a check for business supplies into your own account equals scam.

This might sound strange, but it's rampant. Work at home scammers will “hire” you, typically via a chat session on Google Hangouts or Skype, and then tell you that before you can begin work, you must accept a check from them for your business supplies.

They will ask you to deposit the whole thing and then wire them back a portion of what they sent you. The check will be fraudulent and you will be liable for the wired money. The scammers will be long gone! There is more info on this scam here.

If you think you've already fallen victim to a work at home data entry scam, you can and should report it here with the FTC.

Your Quick Guide to Data Entry Jobs From Home

If this blog post has your curiosity piqued about data entry work from home and you'd like a lot more information, I have a short guide that explains more about what it involves, what skills you need to be good at it, as well as a MUCH larger list of companies that hire remotely for it.

And the best part is, the guide is just $1!

It will come to you as a downloadable PDF file after your purchase.

data entry guide

Go here to purchase and download.

Thank you, and good luck if you choose to pursue data entry as an at-home career.

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  1. I’m sorry to be the downer on this sort of work because data entry was what I did in the corporate world for eleven years with at a local bank and 4 years for another non-bank company. Virtual Bee in my opinion is not worth the time. It’s worse than slave wages unless you can type 90+ wpm and it’s still bad pay. A side job maybe for a gumball from the local store’s gumball machine. lol Dion Data I have never heard of anyone getting hired by them. I had a perfect resume and eleven plus years of data entry under my belt with impeccable references and still couldn’t get hired by them. Axion Data I have heard about for years and again never heard of anyone getting hired by them. I tried a few times myself and nothing ever happened. As far as bidding on data entry work you end up working for peanuts because someone will always bid to do the job less than you so the pay ends up to be worse than Virtual Bee.
    I don’t mean to be a big downer when it comes to data entry work from home but in my opinion you would be better off looking in a different line of work. I’ve done chat hostess jobs and made $15 an hour and could work any hours I wanted to. My opinion is a decent work from home data entry job just doesn’t exist.

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