Work at Home Doing Medical Records Retrieval For Parameds

There are a lot of people who work at home doing records retrieval for a company called Parameds.

This involves a lot of phone work, retrieving information intended for insurance companies. The company claims to have people working in almost every U.S. city.

From the website, “Headquartered in New York with representatives covering every city in the United States,, a PDC company, is the premier provider of APS Retrieval and Summary Services, Exam Solutions, and Underwriting/Claims Support to the Insurance Industry.”

This work at home opportunity appears to only be open to the U.S.

How much does Parameds pay?

The rate of pay is not disclosed on the company website, but I have read reports online that they pay about $4 or $5 per case.

Note the per-case pay is just for right after you start. You will move to hourly pay after you've been there for a few months.

Payments are made weekly, and this begins as soon as you start work.

What exactly are you doing for the company?

Unfortunately Parameds does not explain much on their company website about what exactly their remote workers do.

There are three positions that they hire for which include records retrieval specialist, risk management specialist, and outsourced remote underwriter.

If you are doing records retrieval, from what I understand you are working from home, making outbound phone calls to various medical facilities and collecting information that insurance companies need about patients.

You might also be calling other places as well because Parameds apparently deals with other types of insurance too apart from just medical, but it's mostly information for medical insurance.

What kind of equipment is needed?

This is one of those phone jobs from home where you do not need a land line. A reader mentioned in the comment that Parameds does supply a phone for you to do the work.

What are the requirements to apply?

Parameds prefers to hire people with some customer relations and administrative skills. It also helps if you have some background in the medical or insurance industries in records retrieval for insurance companies, underwriting, etc.

Training is done via conference call for approximately six hours. The time for training is not paid. Thanks to a reader in the comments below for providing me with this additional information about training.

What is scheduling like at Parameds?

If you're looking for flexibility, this job seems to fit that bill for the most part.

The work is mostly Monday through Friday, and you need to be available to work six hours a day during those days. But no one is exactly looking over your shoulder while you do the work, so you can make the calls when you're ready which means you can break everything up to suit your needs provided the offices you are calling are open during those times.

However, this could of course vary depending on the case you're doing so it all really depends. But from what I understand, Parameds is a fairly flexible work at home opportunity since you are being paid per case and not hourly.

What is feedback like on Parameds?

I have read a mix of good and bad reports while doing my research. Some people seem to love it while others hate it.

Some people complain that the supervisors there nag and nag about getting the work done, which can put you under a lot of pressure. Most are also not a fan of the company holding back your pay for one month after you start working (I really wouldn't like that either).

Others complain that they aren't able to make a good rate per hour as some cases can take a long time to do. But on the flip side there are many who enjoy the work, claim to make good money, and feel that it is a flexible work at home job.

Before you decide whether or not to apply, you may want to read through the various threads on Parameds at (there are many!).

Would you like to apply at Parameds?

If you're ready to apply, you can email your resume to [email protected]

Another flexible, work at home career in the medical field is medical transcription. You can learn all about how medical transcription works here.

And if you're interested in getting training from one of the most reputable online schools (which also offers courses in medical coding and billing) you can go here to learn more about CareerStep.

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19 thoughts on “Work at Home Doing Medical Records Retrieval For Parameds”

  1. Parameds does pay well and if you do a good job it is possible to advance quickly. I have found that the staff and supervisors at Parameds have been the most positive staff that I have ever worked for, making it that even when there’s stress I still have a general good feeling about the job.
    You start off getting paid per case but there are all different departments for which you get a nice fixed wage a month.
    Even if you get paid per case though, the wage is reasonable and for the first few months, bonuses are paid per case as you are not as experienced and they want you to have a chance to earn a normal salary.
    Very fair and I would definitely recommend Parameds to anyone looking for a job in America. If you are interested to apply for a position there and want to know more, feel free to message me.
    They provide you with a phone and everything you need for the job.

    • Alice, I haven’t worked in a medical records department, but I have quite a few years of medical transcription experience, both in-house at a clinic and working at home remotely. Do you think they’d still hire me with that experience?

    • Hi, Alice.
      Any chance they are hiring? I’ve no experience doing that kind of work. But I have some customer service experience as well as remote experience as a moderator.

    • Hi Alice,

      I am a credentialed RHIT with medical records experience as well as release of information experience and inpatient coding experience. I love working from home and I am interested in finding out more about how Parameds works.

    • Alice, how do we message you other than in here? I’ve applied with Parameds and included my resume in the email to them back in April of 2017 but never got any response from them at all. I would love to be able to do this type of work, but I have no idea how to get a response from them. And, I don’t know how else to message you. You mentioned in your original post that if any of us were interested in applying for a position with Parameds and want to know more about the job, we’re to message you. But, you didn’t provide us with any email address or other way to message you.

    • I worked in Parameds for 5 months. I did a good job in the company since I was one of the top retriever. The company who handles parameds was closed. That is why I want to apply as a medical records retriever again.

  2. Hello Marlene, Have you ever thought about doing HEDIS work? I’ve found that it is especially rewarding work. If you enjoy working in medical records and are good at finding all types of medical record data, it might be a good option. Most insurance companies are hiring right now and you can find HEDIS positions on LinkedIn. For information about it, check out the HEDIS link on the NCQA’s website. I’ve been doing abstraction for 4 years now on a nurses team and absolutely love it. I look forward to HEDIS season every year with a lot of anticipation. Keep in mind that most positions are seasonal, usually lasting 5-6 months. Best of luck to you!

  3. I currently work for parameds and they do pay hourly, and you get paid once a week, you even get paid the following week after you start.

  4. Things have really changed from what Ive read here and what i actually experience working on the job. I found parameds via indeed and its worth the try so far. I wont tell too much but this information about should be updated. They are really great and have advanced with the times and in a short time from what im reading here.

    • Hi Michael, I can’t update the info because I don’t work there, and so I don’t know what has changed. It would be great if you could tell me what parts need to be updated? Unless of course you’re bound by an NDA, in which case naturally I don’t blame you for not sharing. But please understand I can’t update the info if I don’t know what to update since I’m not directly connected to this company.

  5. I currently work for Parameds from home. I have been with them going on 5 years. Yes there are some days that are stressful (with any job) but the good days out weigh the bad by a long shot. They have always been willing to work around family emergencies and or time off that may be needed here and there. I would recommend if you are in the market to work from home to give this a shot. Also the plus side is if you move your job goes with you 🙂

    • I was thinking of applying but I’ve no experience in this field. Do you know if they would consider someone without it?
      There is no clear info about the job on the website.

  6. I worked for Parameds a few years ago. The job itself is very easy. All you do is call doctors offices on behalf of insurance companies requesting medical records, however, you don’t get paid until the insurance company receives the records which could take up to 4 weeks or more. You have to attend a 6 hour phone conference call/orientation which is not paid. You make calls via the phone portion of Skype. If you are looking for a real income then this job is not for you.

    • Making calls via the phone portion of Skype? Does that mean that we have to be seen by the other party we’re talking to? Is that mandatory? I’m not comfortable with having the other part seeing the inside of my home. They don’t allow using a regular landline phone to do this job?

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