Work at Home Taking Flower Orders for Teleflora – Seasonal Positions!

Here is one more company that might hire you over the Valentine's Day holiday to take flower orders and help customers — Teleflora. Two other companies you might also want to check out are Blooms Today and 1-800-Flowers.

I believe there are people who work from home for Teleflora year round, but this review focuses on the seasonal positions. The busy, flower-ordering seasons for Teleflora are Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, and Christmas.

How much does Teleflora pay?

They no longer list pay rates in their hiring materials, but in the past you could earn between $8 and $11 an hour plus commission. Based on a quick inspection of their Glassdoor reviews, those numbers still appear to be roughly accurate.

The training (paid) lasts approximately 16 hours. The rate for training is the equivalent of your state's minimum wage.

What are the requirements to apply?

You must be legally eligible to work in the US and have a high school diploma or equivalent.

They prefer if you've done customer service work over the phone before, but it's not a requirement. You also need to be computer literate, a good multi-tasker, and be able to work well with no supervision.

A pleasant phone demeanor with the ability to handle customer conflict and troubleshoot issues is also a must.

In addition, you must submit to a background check before you are hired, and of course being able to provide a quiet background while you work is an absolute necessity. This is typical of most work at home jobs requiring a phone.

What are the technical requirements at Teleflora?

Before you start training:

  • Computer must be ‘hard-wired’ to modem or router, no wireless connections.
  • Corded Telephone headset with noise-canceling microphone that plugs into a corded landline telephone for production calls. Mute button and volume control required either on headset or phone (here's a list of good headsets to consider).

Before actually beginning work:

  • High Speed Internet: DSL or Cable (no wireless or satellite ISPs allowed)
  • Analog landline phone line (No cell phones, digital or VoIP, some cable companies ok)

Computer Requirements:

  • Teleflora supports Windows XP, Windows Vista Basic, Windows Vista Premium/Business/Ultimate, and Windows 7.
  • In addition 2 GB RAM is required.

What is scheduling like with Teleflora?

Your schedule may not always be the same week to week. You most definitely will have to work holidays if one falls on a regular scheduled work day seeing as how that is when Teleflora is busiest.

What is the feedback on Teleflora?

I have not found anything negative so far about the work from home customer service rep positions with Teleflora. People do seem to like the work and there are also many who seem very excited about the prospect of being hired for the seasonal positions.

I think that there are some people who are hired to work on a temporary basis that end up working for Teleflora for longer than originally scheduled.

How do you apply?

To go ahead and start your application process for Teleflora, you'll need to go here and submit your resume.

You may get to take an assessment test and if you pass that, they will probably contact you to submit to the background check. Good luck if you decide to go for this! Note they may or may not be hiring at this time.

Here is a big list of more work at home seasonal jobs if you'd like more seasonal work!

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15 thoughts on “Work at Home Taking Flower Orders for Teleflora – Seasonal Positions!”

  1. Is anyone working for them now that can answer a few questions ,I did work for them before around year 2012-2013 . I started seasonal and did good and then they asked me to come back full time and perm .I am not a fan of phone jobs anymore { Sutherland , convergys , teleflora, amazon etc } I did them all , and I needed to realize it was me that was not into that billing and complaint thing all day long , and the programs used to find resolves drove me to quit most .But one thing about teleflora was the systems was very basic and for sales we just went off our heads and was easy to provide the info and order taking that the customer needed , { just had to ask them questions that the order form asked } cut and dry . I was offered a promotion to internal tech support , to help workers with password resets and problems with the systems .that was short lived because there wasn’t enough tech issues to keep 5 of us on the payroll. So when they said I had to go back on the phones for 24 hour flowers .. I hated it !! we had sales quotas now to meet and if we didn’t meet them , we lost the job . there is 24 hr flowers and then there is lawson . lawson which was seasonal back then and only lawson , that was nice it was just taking new orders and if they had a issue with late delivery of flowers or damaged flowers , we would just transfer . 24 hour flower calls was just nonsense back then , we had to act like we were at that flower shop and 90% was all complaints and not new orders , so how are we suppose to meet sales quotas. I would get personal calls for the shop owner and it put me in a spot when I am not suppose to say I work for teleflora .lol { hello this is dawn can I speak to Joe I only deal with Joe he knows me } now those calls that was not a order for me and I lost my quota . Lawson was all Teleflora orders so that was a breeze , we represented who we are .no false pretenses . I even took the largest flower order one week of the whole company 600 dollars and still did not meet my 24 hr quota.Because the other 99% calls was complaints and to leave a message for the flower shop . most of new orders went to seasonal reps cause that’s all they were allowed to do. its like working for amazon and you are taken calls for walmart ;/ I even had to check the weather in those city s I was suppose to be in , so it would match the customer if they asked . pretty awkward huh . Btw lawson didn’t have sales quotas that was only for FT workers not seasonal reps .

    So my question to any current workers , does it still operate this way ?. because I read now that seasonal workers do both lawson and 24 hr now ? because online jobs I would enjoy never comes my way like web evals etc , I may be thinking of going back for seasonal and nothing more . But if 24 hr flowers is part of seasonal now and reassembles what I said I rather pass. Sorry for another lengthy post again Anna , But I was curious of how things are now , and I am sure from my post new prospects might get a insight of things before applying unless this all changed over the few years .

    PS I noticed some asking about pays , its 7.50 for training or state min wage and 8 -9 dollars after . 8 dollars for seasonal . Training was not live with a trainer and it was a few days of watching slides and going over materials . because the actual order taking process is very simple .
    thanks again Ray .



    • Hi, the resources I use to search for work at home job listings usually post only jobs for US residents, although I occasionally do find things that are open worldwide. When I find these types of listings, I always try to get them added. But unfortunately this means I don’t find much for places outside the US.

      In the meantime, you can check this page I created for people living outside the US. It has some work from home resources for people living in other countries. This page will take you to the things open worldwide that are listed on my site, along with some other resources.

  3. $8.00 an hour for training and seasonal wages, unless your state minimum is higher, then they pay the state minimum. This is a good way to earn extra $$$ if you already have a job and need extra cash.

  4. I’m a 22 year old girl and I’m too low self esteem to even apply for this company. It seems like a starter company to me, but even Sutherlands and Convergys hasn’t got in touch with me and it’s been a week. I have no college education nor call center experience. Just a high school diploma and non relevant experience. I doubt there’s any hope for me. If the person above me didn’t get hired with TeleFlora, I doubt they will hire me..a person with absolutely nothing to put on the table but hungry and eager.

    • Well, there is no harm in trying, Kelly. I say go for it! And there are tons of other call center companies you can try, too, besides just these. I think Live Ops and West are a little easier to get in with if you have no experience.

  5. Hold on…redo! I just applied & after submitting all that (app. resume, & assessment), they said:

    “Your responses to our initial questions for this position indicate that you lack minimum requirements for this role. If another position becomes available in which you have an interest, we will look forward to renewed contact from you.”

    I have way more educational skills to do this job…not to brag. I don’t know what they’re talking about. Does anyone know which questions they are referring to? I answered everything adequately.

  6. I think you asked for feedback IF we are hired.

    Anyway, I am currently working for Teleflora at home and LOVE IT! I started a couple of weeks ago. First, their support is by far the best I’ve ever come across. I’ve had supervisors come on the phone during and after a call just to help or tell me how well I am doing. Second, their system they ask you to use when logging in and taking calls is easy! I sit here and take calls and make sales just by asking for it. EASY!
    There ARE bad reviews about EVERY company. All you have to do is look for it. Ask yourself, how often do you give a GOOD review to a company? Most don’t as they are more likely to complain then give kudos, myself included.
    The only real complaint about the company is that they don’t do a good job of weeding out those employee’s that have no or bad phone or customer service skills. I think their initial testing should be more comprehensive. Other than that, Teleflora is great!
    And by the way, I love your site because it helped me find work successfully and easily.
    A Million Thanks!
    Chris M

    • Thanks so much for the insightful comment, Chris. I am so glad Teleflora is working out for you! Sounds like an awesome company overall.

  7. I think this would be a fun work-at-home job. I used to work at a Hallmark store, when I was in college, and I loved working during the holidays. People were in a good mood, and time passed quickly.

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