Short Task Sites

Short tasks sites are fun because you never know what kind of work you might find to do. While some people use these sites for extra money, others focus on sites like Amazon Mturk and Clickworker full-time to make up the majority of their work at home earnings. Last updated 3/14/14.

  • Amazon mTurk - Read Review – Get paid for doing HITs (short tasks). This could be anything from data entry to writing. You get paid per HIT and you can transfer your earnings to your bank or your Amazon account balance at just $1.
  • ClickWorker - Read Review- Payout is at $10 through Paypal.
  • CrowdSourceRead Review – Do short tasks like image tagging, transcription, website categorization and writing.
  • MicroWorkers - Read Review – Pays you to do things like comment on YouTube videos, blog posts, like FB pages & so forth.
  • MobileWorks - Read Review – Earn extra money at a fair wage rate with the freedom to work whenever you want, without hassles.
  • Rapid Workers - Must have $4 to request payout via Paypal and fees are taken out of your payment. Very similar in layout to Microworkers.

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