Earn Extra Cash Transcribing Audio For Quicktate

Quicktate is a work from home transcription company that hires home workers to transcribe recordings of different things. If you're not familiar with what transcription is, it pretty much involves hearing some type of audio and then typing out what you hear word for word.

There are many Quicktate reviews online from people who have done work for this company. Today, I'm going to share some of those with you so you can decide for yourself if you should work here.

How much does Quicktate pay?

Quicktate pays 1/4 cent per word for general and legal transcription and 1/2 cent per word for medical transcription.

Overall, this rate is far below what professional transcribers receive, therefore I would recommend this company as a source for supplemental income only.

What method of payment does Quicktate use and when do they pay?

Quicktate pays with Paypal, and they pay weekly on Mondays. If a Monday is a holiday, then your payment will be made on Tuesday.

What are the requirements to become a Quicktate transcriptionist?

Quicktate does not require any professional transcription experience to apply. They just want people who can accurately transcribe audio files with good English and punctuation/grammar.

It's also important that you not have any arrests or indictments on your record, since a background check is necessary. The background check costs $15.

What does the application process for Quicktate involve?

To apply to Quicktate, you have to fill out a form on their website with general information about yourself as well as list a few references who cannot be people related to you. No resume is required, but they do want to know about your past typing experience.

There is also a quiz you must take to help them determine whether or not you should receive assignments. If they approve your account, they will start sending you audio to transcribe.

How does transcribing for Quicktate work?

From what I understand, you can log in at any time to start receiving audio files. If one is available, it will just start playing on your speakers if you're logged in.

Most of these files are only a few minutes long. You just type what you hear, proofread what you've typed, and submit it. You won't necessarily receive files back to back and obviously the frequency of the files would affect your pay.

There might be times when files are coming in one after the other, but it's not something that happens all the time. I think many people do this as something for a little extra money to keep open in the background while they are working on other things.

Does Quicktate hire people who live outside the United States?

Yes, although their website does not list specific countries. They do say that everyone outside the United States who applies must list a tax ID number (people who live inside the US must do this, too).

Does Quicktate offer opportunities for advancement?

If you transcribe for Quicktate for a while and consistently do good quality work, they might let you start transcribing for iDictate, which is another company they are affiliated with.

Transcription for iDictate is half a cent per word, which is twice as much as what most Quicktate assignments pay.

What Are Some Quicktate Reviews?

I personally not have not done work for this company, but I have found several Quicktate reviews online from people who have. Here are a few you may want to read so you can get that first-hand experience info that you need before deciding to apply:

  • This person on Glassdoor loved working for Quicktate, but got promoted to iDictate and had a terrible, frustrating experience.
  • Another Glassdoor reviewer complaining about the horrible pay. It is definitely best to consider Quicktate one of those extra money/side earners.

Final Thoughts on Quicktate

Quicktate is not the type of work at home job opportunity that could replace your paycheck, but the work sounds fun, and it's definitely a legit company. If you're looking to get into transcription, I think this would be a great place to get your feet wet.

It's something you could list on your resume when applying to different, higher-paying transcription jobs.

Another bonus here is that you don't need special transcription training or experience to get started. People enjoy the work at Quicktate for the most part, and pay is on time.

If you're still interested after reading through the Quicktate reviews, you can go here to apply to Quicktate.

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14 thoughts on “Earn Extra Cash Transcribing Audio For Quicktate”

  1. I’ve worked for Quicktate. It is a great entry-level practice Transcription. TranscribeMe pays a bit better. It just wasn’t worth my time for what I was getting paid! I made more money with SlicthePie.com than I ever did with Quicktate! Plus SlicethePie was more enjoyable. To each their own. This is not a high-paying job. But a good “filler” until you find the job you really want. Hope this helps.

  2. I just passed the tests and have been notified that they need $15 to cover the cost of a background check. Just FYI there is this cost if you want to work for them.

    • I saw that somewhere else, too. I don’t think they used to charge it. I will update the post though to include the info.

  3. Quicktate should only be viewed as paid transcription practice. You won’t make much money with it, and there are several companies that pay much, much more (Verbal Ink, Production Transcripts, Ubiqus, Capital Transcripts, Allegis, etc.). I hate to see people working so hard for such low pay when they don’t have to.

    • I applied several months ago and only heard back a few days ago. Hopefully they will contact you soon, sether, but if they do not just be patient. You might get the acceptance email when you are least expecting it.

      • yeah thanks a lot because I got to learn new sites here other than scribie. I should think positive that I’ll be hired as soon as possible.

        Did you start working with Quicktate yet? How was it?

        • I haven’t tried it yet. I had never attempted transcription until I took their test, and I am not sure that it’s something I would enjoy.

          I will probably go ahead and do some work for them at some point and post more detailed information here. That might be something good for me to try this week. I really like to offer first-hand experience on things I write about if I can get it.

  4. I think Quicktate is a lot of fun, but definitely not a way to make a significant income. I used to keep it open while I did ChaCha and would do them as they trickled in. I have not logged in for a long time though.

  5. Luckily I tried out Quicktate back in the day when I thought I wanted to get into transcription. Turns out, I didn't. 🙂 Transcription doesn't seem to be my cup of tea.

    If it is still the same as it used to be a few years ago, if you are doing well with Quicktate they on occasion move you up to iDictate which pays better. It is full length files.

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