My Personal Experience Reviewing Calls For Humanatic

In January, I posted about a non-phone opportunity involving call reviewing through Humanatic. A lot of you, like me, were very excited because the work sounded fun and easy.

I have since spent a good bit of time doing the call reviewing. And because of this, I decided to write an update on it now that I know more and have some experience doing it.

Another bonus – this is open worldwide! It's possible to review calls from anywhere.

Humanatic Advantages

Fun Work

I actually love reviewing the calls. It's relaxing to sit there listening to calls, and then make a decision based on what you hear. It's nice not to have to do much typing, although you do often have to fast-forward and rewind the calls to figure out how to categorize certain calls.

Pays Weekly

Humanatic pays every week on Monday with Paypal. You do need to have at least $10 to request your money.

Little Training Involved

It's very easy to learn to be a call reviewer.

You do not have to have any special skills whatsoever. You just need to be able to listen to the calls that come in and make a quick determination.

After you're accepted, you listen to training calls. These are very straightforward and help you better understand what you need to know.


This is very flexible work. You can log on and off as you see fit without being tied to a specific schedule.


Sometimes you get little surprise money bonuses while you're working. This is nice! It's happened to me about twice so far out of 1268 calls reviewed.

Humanatic Disadvantages

Low Pay

This is very low-paying work. Allow me to stress low-paying.

I may be particularly slow at it compared to others, but I struggle to make even $5 an hour reviewing the calls. The business opportunity calls pay 3.9 cents each and the answered outbound calls pay 1.1 cent each.

Sometimes you'll get lucky and be able to make a determination quickly when a call comes through, but other times it can be difficult.

For instance, when a person calls and you hear them say immediately what they need, you can quickly categorize it and move on.

But more often than not, the person will ask for another person and you have to stay on the line for a while, fast-forwarding and rewinding until they actually get to speak to the other person and then find out what they need. Sometimes even then they don't say right away so it takes time to earn your couple of cents.

Work is Not Consistent

Unless something has changed in the past few weeks since I did this, the calls are not really back to back. You will usually get a little stream of calls and then they stop.

You'll keep refreshing and refreshing and it will say there are no calls available. For me, the calls do come back usually within five minutes or less, but it seems like they start and stop like that all the time.

This also cuts into the amount of money you can earn because you spend a lot of time just waiting for calls.

Bottom Line

The company is legit and they do pay, but for me I consider this extra money only. I would never ever depend on it full-time.

However, it might be possible to make an extra $50 to $100 per week doing this depending on how much time you can put in, so if that is all you need to make, then who knows, maybe it's for you.

I would still recommend having a few other things to do to earn money on the backburner as well just in case calls dry up completely. One thing I've learned after working at home for so many years is that it's not safe to depend totally on any one thing!

Ready to Sign Up At Humanatic?

If you want to apply at Humanatic, the application form is located here.

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65 thoughts on “My Personal Experience Reviewing Calls For Humanatic”

  1. This may be good for people who live in countries where the US dollar goes a long way, but for the average American… Humanatic is a waste. of. time! First off, their servers are slow and in the 1 week I have worked there I think they’ve had issues 3 out of the 7 days. Anytime you go out of the main screen and go back into it you have to wait 60 seconds. If you have to leave a call because of audio issues (which is way too often) you have to wait 30 seconds and then another 60. You spend more time just waiting in these screens than anything.

    The auditors are completely incompetent. Either they are getting paid to purposely mark you wrong so that it saves money for the company (because it takes double the money away from you if you are marked wrong), or they don’t know how to do their jobs. Don’t bother trying to use any type of analytical skills at all at this job because if you’re smarter than the auditors you still lose. I’ve sent emails to Humanatic and the responses I’ve gotten that way were even more appalling it was like either the admin did not speak English or just didn’t read my inquiry at all…

    I’m fluent in Spanish which is great because I get more calls right? Wrong. In order to advance to the categories that pay more per call you have to have a certain number of correctly audited calls (which is hard to get due to what I just mentioned above. Prepare to spend half your day disputing with the idiot admins in order to keep your accuracy rate in check.) ANYWAYS, no one ever audits Spanish calls. So I’ve done like 30 in this one category and my progress is still zero. Spanish calls must be queued to the reviewers to marked that they can speak spanish so thats like the majority of calls I review and they go mostly unaudited.

    • Sometimes auditors takes away your category on purpose. Even auditors purposely incorrect your calls. When they are not calls available percentage goes down, which why they took category away. Its pocket change. I am going to get $10 and quit using them.

  2. Humantic is not a good company, it takes too long to earn money, and they take money back if “they” think you made a mistake. The money they take is doubled- You earn .019 and they take .038 I have had to fight to explain the the person who audit my calls were wrong. I also work from home with three much better companies: West, USA Contact Point(pays weekly), and ACD Direct. I ve been with West for about 3 years now,

  3. Hi, I am working in humanatic since 2 weeks and I only have earned 20 dollars, my question is, how do people make ultil 30 dollars per dar I don’t understand, because I’ve seen on the leaderboards people making over 10 dollar only 1 day, I can make 1-3 dollar for 3-5 hours, I cannot waste my time all.

  4. hi anna i,m trying to register but i cant asking paypal account i had paypal account but it is not verified how how to register please help me

    • You may want to email Humanatic. There should be a way to contact them via their website. I’m not really sure what you can do other than that. Good luck!


  6. I just started, trying to get an estimate of what the pay would be like since the reviews I read ranged from 11 cents to 1.60 a call. That would be an improvement. If you want to make about 48 cents and hour, this is your job.

  7. Wow. Reading this puts me on the fence about this company. I may see what it is like, but I am not sure if it is worth the time.

  8. Well I have been working with Humanatic for a week now and somehow managed to get 23.56 lol yeah and well I am still waiting for it to be transferred to my account..I think it is fine enough for. making money online is never that easy.

  9. Maybe you’d want to update the article saying you have to have $10 dollars before requesting a payout. 🙂

  10. Did they ever find out what the issue was regarding logging in and getting the message saying the email was already registered? I see that has been a problem for a while now. I’m getting that message as well when I try to sign up to work for them and it sucks.

  11. I am currently working in Humanatic. The money you are earning depends on how you understand the conversation. So far, I can earn $5 in an hour only. Also, there are multiple categories you can choose and depends to which you want to work on.

  12. They have it now that if you correctly catagorize 10 calls in a certain section you get a lil bonus. Not much but it happens pretty regularly so its nice.

  13. This has to be the worse work at home job I have ever tried. My plan wasn’t to make big money from it, but I doubt if i will even make $10 a month. I just recently decided to try them, and now I am not getting any calls, pending review. Its not really worth wasting your time.

  14. I have been with them for 13 days and have barely made $11 and I have worked more than 8 hours all of those days. I can say there are usually very few calls to review and the ones that are available are the outbound $0.006 and $0.009 calls. I have 100% accuracy on 1 of the 8 categories available to me and the others are between 90% and 98%. A big problem I have is that no matter what I do I cannot seem to make more than $1 in an entire 10 or more hour day because they deduct for being too slow, yet if I mark them too fast I am also deducted and sent to the break room for 30 seconds. When the 30 second break is up I am then shown a message saying “our servers don’t like it when people constantly refresh the page. Wait 60 seconds and click here.” In theory, not only do I lose the money, but I am also penalized 90 seconds.

    I get hundreds of non-English calls per day as well. I click the “non-English” call and get no pay for that, even if the person spoke to the first 8 people on the phone in English and I listened for well over 30 seconds. I speak fluent Spanish, so I wonder what would happen if I were to mark the call correctly? They also don’t pay when a caller doesn’t leave a voicemail or if there is no connection made with the intended party, although you have listened to the call ring or to the message. Many of the “high” paying 4 cent calls are over 1000 seconds so it is nearly impossible to do these without a penalty. I don’t even know how I am marking the calls I am being counted against wrong. I only know mine are missed when I look at my Excel spreadsheet, and there is no explanation. Oh and if you are working on a 1.5 cent call and you get it wrong, you are docked 3 cents, so double. Numerous times my calls don’t load. I wait sometimes over 20 minutes. When I hit the refresh button, not only am I docked double for that call for being too slow, but I am also put on a 60 second break for refreshing too often. Many times a category will say it has hundreds of calls to review. When I click it, it says no calls to review and I have to wait 60 seconds before I can refresh. I have written a couple of emails asking for explanations and they told me to refer to the Announcements portion of the site, but mine is completely blank, so that is not helpful at all.

    I look at the leader board and am wondering how the top 25 often make well over $10 in a single day; some days the top 10 are making over $50 in a day. Personally I don’t think it is possible unless they are getting paid more than the 4.7 cent category I have access to that never have any calls to review. Let me tell you how my 1/9/14 was. I started at 8:45 am and listened to the 25 calls I was able to get (I now keep track of the calls I review and I’ll elaborate in a bit.) I went and switched laundry out and then reviewed another 34 calls. I won’t go through the whole day hour by hour, but it is now 10 pm and my records indicate I reviewed 526 calls today and should have earned $4.72, which is worse than pitiful for a 13 1/4 hour day. My Humanatic spreadsheet reflects my making 103 calls, 3 marked wrong and 5 marked slow, and I made a whopping $0.36 for my 13 1/4. That is a low blow. I started keeping my own records this past weekend when I noticed that my calls were not reflecting the numbers I thought they should be; I was certainly right since I was shorted 423 calls just today and about 65 per day Monday through Wednesday of this week. Even if all the calls I was shorted today were the $0.006 calls, which they were certainly not, I was shorted $2.538 in pay. That is still an unacceptable amount combined with the $0.36 I was credited for such a long day. Since the payout has now been raised to a $10 minimum I will continue to work until I reach my payout, but I am finished after that. I am worth much more than $0.36 a day, It’s certainly not worth giving up family time for. It seems even worse than the freelance sites wanting to pay $0.0001 per word for perfectly written articles.

    If you need an extra $10 to $40 per month this certainly is for you. If you are looking to make a decent amount of spending money or money to pay bills, you should not waste your time with Humanatic. I am typically not one to tell people to steer clear of an opportunity to make money, but this one is ridiculous. In my opinion they are taking advantage of the state of the economy and of the people who are unemployed or underemployed. I have a masters degree for heaven’s sake. I am pretty certain I can tell the difference between a missed call and connected call, I can certainly read a timer, I know whether an appointment has been made or not, and I am quite aware of what someone leaving a voicemail sounds like. With that being said, I can’t determine why I would be marked as incorrect or slow as often as I am.

  15. Maybe I can help with a few things I’ve read on here. I’ve been with Humantic over a year, doing work on and off. The work really is not hard, and they give a thorough explanation of each type of job, once you are approved to do them. Being said, the higher the quality of your work, the more areas will open up to you. I think I have about 6 different types I can review right now, and I really don’t log in all that often, but should. Now, the last time I did log in, there were a few updates to read, which you have to do before you can even get to your review section. One clearly stated that for calls that were marked wrong, it would show it as paid, but they would take that amount away. It may not seem fair, but it is so the quality standards are kept high, as these calls are being QA’d for actual companies. Being said, I worked in a physical call center for both a magazine service and a utility company, and if our QA’s were consistently low, we could/would be let go. I think just because a job is outsourced and doesn’t necessarily pay a high amount, it should be treated less seriously. Personally, I try to listen to the call all the way through to make sure I am marking them right. Yes, it takes me longer, but the quality stays up and I’m not losing money. As for problems with logging in, I initially missed my first email giving me the password. I emailed Prisma, and she was very helpful in helping me get started. When I had questions about proper call marking, the support team was really fast at emailing me back. As far as if there are no calls to review, which happens especially when you’re first starting and have less categories, I just stuck with it and kept at it until more categories opened, and I can go to another. Also, the different categories have different pay rates. I also jump to other little task sites and what not if there are no calls then come back. I know it’s not much and maybe not everyone’s cup of tea for the pay, but as I’m STILL in search of a full time job, every penny I make right now helps.
    Hope I helped!

    • I missed this in my above comment, but when I got a call marked wrong, it showed up on my page as an “audited” call which I had to review before I was able to go in to review the available calls, and it always said how it should have been marked, so it’s a bit confusing seeing people say they aren’t being told what they did wrong? Granted, I haven’t logged in other than to read all the updated news, and haven’t actually reviewed calls for awhile. Sorry that so many people have seemed to have a bad experience, as mine has been positive. Granted, I don’t like having cents taken away for a mis-marked call, but I understand their reasoning. Personally, I don’t think everyone takes it seriously, and the company wants people who do.

    • This company is nothing at all like you describe it to be. There is a certain someone with this company if you ask too many question they will send you snotty emails back. Their pay is slave wages. Categories get taken away from people on a regular basis because of the poor training they have received. If you beg and plead your case you might get the category back but don’t count on that. Many have started with 6 categories or more so as far as getting more work if you do good work that is just laughable if anything you will end up losing work because of their standards. I wouldn’t recommend this company to my worst enemy and I had been with them for over a year and put in hours upon hours of work for them trying to make $100 bucks a month. Since I hadn’t logged in when they sent me emails asking me to they blocked my log ins and refused to pay me the money that I had EARNED and was in my account. This company needs a few lessons in how to treat IC’s starting with having a platform that works and judging their IC’s fairly.

  16. i tried signing up but it wont go past paypal verification after i verify my paypal it say thank you and doesnt send me to the sign up page

  17. Well now Im afraid to apply! lol I just got word in a work at home email that they are hiring…so if people are having so much trouble finding calls to review, then why are they hiring? I also have a gut feeling that this is just like another company I worked for called C*aCh*. Kinda of the same thing,but you review “real time” questions and send answers. You get like 2 cents for every question you answer or something like that. So you really would have to keep at it and be quick to even earn a wage. I got frustrated with it knowing it only paid pennies and I’d have to really do a lot to make a lot..and people can only work so fast. The downside can be that your answers are reviewed and if you make too many mistakes, you can get fired. It seems like this job is just Humanatic…low pay…you really have to do a lot to even make minimum wage…your work is reviewed for accuracy (I think this is why some have reported theyve gotten money taken away…as if your work is not correctly done, you dont get paid for it). So I really dont know about this one. I mean it sounds goods, but if the work is not truely there, then why bother?

  18. On my dashboard says 0.00 earn. Am I doing something wrong. If I reviewed calls, should I automatically see the earned on my dash board

  19. I got in, reviewed some calls but can not see how much I have earned. Will I not see it until my first week? Someone please help, so far it is not that bad for a part time gig.

    • I haven’t done any work there for a long time, but I used to be able to see it from my dashboard, kind of near the top of the screen?

  20. I signed up with them a few months ago and they sent me a message that they would get back to me after reviewing my application, at that time I could complete my profile. I never heard back. I just tried to check back with them, but I cannot get in. I have no password because they never sent me the reply email. I resubmitted the application, but it keeps taking me through a circle of “you are already registered”, then try to log in with forgot password (because they never let me complete a profile), then back to your Username and email are not valid.

  21. These people are not very nice is all I can say. They want you to do a job where they give you crummy training if you can call reading a typed page with 3 in your dreams calls if you think those are the type calls you are going to get. If you ask too many questions like I had a friend that did they intimidated her so badly she couldn’t sign back in to work for them and quit. If you fall below a certain percentage they take away that category from you however you will not know it until you log in and that category isn’t there. They will also never tell you that you were doing bad or how to improve. I have worked for other wah companies and this one ranks as one of the worst and as said above the pay is awful unless you don’t mind making 20 cents an hour if that sometimes. They tend to over hire in the hopes people will quit but most likely get fired because they don’t meet the invisible standards the IC doesn’t know about. Sorry but I wouldn’t recommend this company to my worst enemy. Go work for Amazon Mturk or Clickworker you will end up doing way better.

    • That’s such a shame, I remember I was so hopeful this would be a good “egg” for people. I hadn’t read anything much about them in a long time so I was hoping things had gotten a little better. 🙁

      • Me too Anna! I have been with them over a year. It was nice, very nice when I started with them and I made some pretty great money but then things started to change and rather quickly. I understand there was an almost threatening message that was sent to all their call reviewers. I haven’t read it yet but I have heard about it. Not very nice! Honestly I think they are in trouble and taking it out on their call reviewers but the thing is they have to realize we are real people and not some machine so therefore we are going to make mistakes. I agree that excessive mistakes are a problem and should be handled but in a better way than the way they are handling them. I had a lot of hope for this company however not anymore.

  22. I worked for this company for a while and found it to be nothing but one disappointment after another. The training leaves a lot to be desired and if you don’t do the work totally 100% consistent they don’t tell you of your errors they just take away categories like you aren’t suppose to notice. Many time it’s overloaded with people fighting for the few calls that come in. They tend to over hire so it makes it very hard to earn anything with them. They claim to be working on the system but somehow things never seem to improve with them. I will say for the most part the people are nice it’s just that the work at home program they offer needs an overhaul to work better for the people who want to work for them.

  23. i would consider this a waste of time, let me explain. I did this for awhile and it took me two weeks just to get to $15!! And also I was on one time for 3 hours and made only $3? So that is only $ 1 an hour!! Im sorry but there is only so much time in a day and for me to waste my time only making that is a waste in my opinion. Now I have heard people get upgraded to different call reviewing things and supposedly you get more money but, no i am not going to waste my time and get paid pennies in the long run. I stopped also because it would not load the calls and it ended up taking too much time for the calls to load etc.

  24. I have been at Humanatic since Mar. 13 of this year, off and on I have made ok money for what time I have put in… It’s not a scam at all, you just got to get use to the calls and stay with it.. More calls at different times of the day. Also once you get use to it they will promote you to NEW reviews for better money rate! I like it alot, works well with what I do.. Hard to find legit ways to make money from home, so I stick with this.. Thanks find me on the leaderboard and look at my profile for proof or to be inspired. Lil’spears is the screen name Have a Great Day!

  25. This review is outdated again. They have reduced the pay to 1.6 cents for incoming and 0.6 cents for outgoing calls now.

    • Thanks for the update Roberta … it’s hard for me to stay on top of the changes all these companies make. I’ll try to update the info as soon as I get a chance.

  26. Humanatic is a rip off. If we continue to allow these companies to pay dirt wages, they will continue to get away with it as they get rich off of us. What if all jobs switched to paying this way? If Humanatic can get away with it – why can’t they? Remember IC are not held to the same minimum wage laws and that is why a lot of jobs are changing to only hiring IC. Something we should be careful about. I use to review for them as well and got fed up with working 8 hrs a day for a pitiful few dollars. No thank you, I make a lot more just off of blogging.

      • Blogging takes time period, there is no shortcut, especially with the new Google updates, there is a lot to it so I cannot explain it all here, Don’t get scammed, learn for free just Google basictech-imbasics this is totally free and does not require a sign-up, just go there and learn

  27. Hi Anna, I need you to help me in applying to Humanatic, do you have a CV sample to get accepted in the company? Thanks

    • Hi Igor. No I don’t have a sample but I think applying is pretty simple. You just give them some basic info and tell them a little about the jobs you’ve done in the past if that helps at all.

  28. I just started working for them today. I kinda enjoy it. My biggest problem was with their audio player. I can’t control it with my keyboard and I don’t get any time information on it. When I went to email them about it, my email was returned stating that my account had been closed. I can still log on, and still do work, maybe their email is down. I will have to try again tomarrow. Over all I really enjoy the work. After my first 8 calls I got a bonus!

  29. Just wanted to update. I did manage to get hired on with Humanatic. I had a few problems with not getting my sign on information sent to me, but Prisma was extremely helpful in fixing that issue for me. I enjoy doing the work, and at this time am only doing the inbound calls. I know I need to get a bit faster, so using the fast forward more when customers are asking for a certain person or department is something I need to get better at. 🙂 When I see the leaderboards for the day, there are some people making some good money for the day, though I’m guessing they are doing more than just the inbound reviews. It may have gotten busier, but I have had no problem having calls to review. There is now an announcement area on the page, and I have had calls stopped for an announcement to come up saying there are calls holding for different areas, and how many. So far, it’s been a great way to make a little extra money!

  30. I have been with this company for a month and I love it. It’s the best little job. The pay may not be great but the people are wonderful about answering questions. They make you feel at home with them.

  31. I applied, but haven’t heard anything as of now. I had no problem with the application page, and it said it went through. I think it was sometime last week. Maybe after, my days kind of run together lol. But, went back today and it did say my email was already listed. I have no idea how long they take to reply, if they do. But, waiting patiently. 🙂

    • Good luck, Beckie. I hope you hear back soon. For what it’s worth, a lot of others have also applied and still heard nothing. But then I read on one forum where a girl said she applied back in February when they were hiring, never got a response, but then was hired this time around from her old app.

  32. Hello friends!

    We have revamped Humanatic. We are currently looking for more reviewers for our new categories. Please take a look and apply if you are interested!

    • Thanks Prisma!

      Some people are trying to apply, getting an error that their email is already registered. Are you still hiring or is this some type of internal error?

  33. i tried humantic they dont have enough work and also i noticed that one time i would have a certain amount and then the next time i logged in they had taken some of my money away

  34. I have found Humanatic has little work. I don’t think it is really worth the effort. I have only made about 6.00 on there so far. As you say, they are constantly running out of calls. I need to make real money, not pocket change.

    • Me too, Karen. Even though I do like the work, I just can’t justify spending the time on it right now when there are other more profitable things I can do. I can see how it would appeal to some though.

      • Hi ladies! I’ve tried Humanatic over this past week, and honestly it is a waste of time. The amount of time it takes you just to rack up and few dollars is truly a waste when you can find other profitable things to do. It’s great if you need some extra gas money in a pinch, but just know you are literally making pennies, and you will average possibly $3/hr depending on how long your calls are, how fast you are, and how many times they keep making the page reload because “you are moving too fast” and want you to slow down. Not to mention, they take back the money for any calls you get wrong, so the cents you are making WILL disappear sometimes. It seems like they actually take double when you get it wrong, that is what appears when I look at my “detailed earnings history”excel file they offer on the “My Account” tab. I am just continuing until I get my $10 payout (yup, you can’t get paid until you reach $10, and then you can only get paid on Mondays). For some it works great, I’ve seen the leaderboard with people making $25/day. But there could be a reason for this, there is more pay for bilingual workers and also they are likely those ‘promoted’ to call auditors so they are getting a bit more per call. All in all, not worth it. But trust me, I’ve literally had $2 to my name, so I know when money is tight, anything is a blessing. Do it if you absolutely need to, but don’t make it your first choice. Now I am a slave to Humanatic until I get my $10. Hopefully I make it to the threshold today, I’ve got about $3.50 to go.

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