UserTesting Review – Earn $10 Per Test!

There are a lot of sites popping up lately that will allow you to sign up and earn money for testing out websites. Today I have decided to do a UserTesting review.

While I would say that doing this type of work is extra money only, it could be a good bit of extra money — which means this might be a very nice “egg” to have access to!

Here is more about how this works:

UserTesting Review – What You Do For the Company

Website user testing involves using an online screen recorder.

This is something you don't have to buy — once you're signed up, you'll have access to it through the User Testing website.

The screen recorder will make note of everything going on on your computer screen as you explore a website, including your mouse movements, the links you click, and so forth.

Companies pay User Testing to get users to test out their websites so that they can watch what areas may be confusing to people.

Thanks to the online screen recorder, the people behind the website you are testing will be able to see everything you see, which helps them better understand what areas on their site need fixing and what areas are good to go.

They can also hear your comments as you browse their site, so as you can imagine this is a service that would be very helpful to a person building a new site.

How much can you earn with User Testing?

User Testing will pay you $10 for every website test you do. They say it only takes about 15-20 minutes to do a test.

You'll receive your payment via Paypal approximately seven days after you finish your test. Paypal is the only method of payment used.

What does a test involve?

Testing involves using the online recorder to record your use of the website and then filling out answers to four questions about your experience with the site.

Equipment Needed For User Testing

Either a PC or Mac will work. If you are accepted to do tests, you'll also need a microphone so your voice can be recorded.

If you want to apply and do not currently have a microphone, you can sign up using your telephone to record your voice. But once you're hired, you will have to get a microphone for the paid tests (microphones are NOT expensive!).

Applying to User Testing

You must be at least 18 years old to do website user testing. You'll have to sign up by filling out a form with various info about yourself so they can better match you to potential websites.

You'll also have to do a sample website test, and this is where you can use a telephone to record your voice if you don't have a microphone. All of this is easy to do.

If User Testing likes your sample, you'll start getting email notifications about tests that you can do.

Likelihood of Getting Work

You are not guaranteed tests, which is why I said this is really just an extra money thing. Some days you might have website test invitations in your email and some days you might not.

A lot of it depends on your demographic … sometimes they might be looking for people who are from a certain area or who are a certain age.

If you don't fit the bill, you won't get an invite to that particular test. So if you get a test, it's a pretty quick $10! But you can't depend on it to be there.

Can you do this from any country?

As long as you can get paid with Paypal, I believe you can sign up.

They do state on their website that if you're doing tests outside the U.S., you might need to have a really good internet connection because of the large video files you'll have to upload.

Note – I recently heard from User Testing that they have a very dire need for people in Canada right now.

What do people think about User Testing?

People love doing this! I have read mostly good feedback about it in UserTesting reviews I've read. The only complaint I ever see is where people don't get tests often enough.

But, the frequency of test invitations seems to vary so much … I also saw where some people said it's not unusual for them to get two or three test invites per day.

>> Want to try it out? Go here – <

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45 thoughts on “UserTesting Review – Earn $10 Per Test!”

  1. Yes! All I use for a microphone is the standard Apple headphones for both PC and Mobile testing with this website.

  2. I have been using UserTesting for over a year but just started to get regular tests about a month ago. While I would agree that UserTesting is mainly for extra cash and not for reliable income, you can make a great deal of extra cash depending on your dedication and how many tests you qualify for! Whenever I am home, doing chores around the house, or even doing other work on the computer I always leave the UserTesting dashboard on in the background. If you are logged in you are more likely to get tests rather than just waiting for a test to pop in your email. They give tests to the testers who are already online first.
    Last month I got at least one test per day and ended up making $300! That’s quite a bit of money for doing it in my spare time and the tests only taking 10-15 minutes!
    I would highly recommend UserTesting to anyone wanting to make some extra money online, however I do encourage you to be patient when waiting for tests. Go about your day and your life and tests will slowly start coming in!

  3. You do have to do a download to be able to use their tester. There is nothing built into the site. I test and the tests are unbelievably scarce. I haven’t made a dime since the first two days. and been on it two months.

  4. Like Jason said, it’s crazy hard to get jobs. But I know someone that has a good quality rating and is receiving a couple of jobs every day. I think once you get a couple of good reviews you’re good to go.

    Just make sure that quality score doesn’t drop and you can earn a pretty decent amount every month.

  5. Gee, it would be nice if I could actually GET a test. I have been rejected every single time I apply since the first couple of training tests that I performed. I am not sure who they actually use to perform these, but I am obviously not in their demographic.

  6. Hi, I have been testing websites for some time now and love it. There are some good and bad sites, but my favourite sites are Whatusersdo, Utest & TEST.IO, where Analysia is just crap. I get a lot of traffic on my site, especially on Analysia and I guess that my opinion about them is something people want to know.

    Just have a look at and you will find Analysia but other sites as well that I have reviewed.

  7. Just an update: If you applied for a position at this company previously, even if it was over a year ago, and failed the test, you are not able to apply again. This was my situation, and after a year and a half of gaining more relevant experience I sent a message to the company to see if it was possible to reapply. Here is their response:

    “Hi Bethany,

    Happy Friday!

    Thanks for writing in to us.

    We’re sorry that there was a problem getting signed up as a tester. We discourage all applicants that weren’t accepted as a tester, from applying again.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Have a great weekend! =)


  8. If you are having microphone trouble you can adjust it in the computer settings area. There are tests and things there that will fix your microphone. Microphones never just work!

  9. I signed up just a few days ago and have already done 4 videos ($40.) I hope that I actually do get paid, and I wish it didn’t take so long. One of the tests was for my mobile phone but after I downloaded the app, it did not work for me. But all in all, I’m happy this far.

    Again, great posts, Anna!

  10. I signed up two weeks ago and was accepted the same day. Since then I’ve managed to fit 9 tests in, earning $90 (£55) and have now been invited to be a ‘mobile tester’, which will enable me to do tests using my smartphone and/or tablet for $15 a pop when my special webcam arrives. It’s not a fantastic income, but useful as another poster has said for ‘treats’ during the school holidays. You do have to be REALLY quick to pick up a test though, some will disappear in a matter of seconds if you don’t accept them straight away.

  11. Usertesting is my number one supplemental income choice. I’ve been a website and mobile tester with this company for close to two years. I’ve recommended it to many of my friends and family, but it’s not for everyone. Tests can be hard to come by if you’re not glued to your computer often. But even if you only complete two tests a week it’s still well worth it. The work is easy and fast. If you like to talk and give your opinion of websites or app, this is for you. I probably average about $150 a month. The money you earn is transferred into your paypal about seven days after you finish a test. 10 bucks for a website, 15 bucks for a mobile test, and now they have a new test called “peek tests” that pay out 3 bucks.

  12. I have mainly use and its not bad, I have made about $200 in about 2 weeks, but keep in mind that I made this much money because I was out of work. It is easy to miss test when you work all day. I was at my computer 24/7 hitting the refresh button when to get new test. I like them because you get feedback and paid in 7 days.

  13. I signed up to do this on Monday and have already completed 3 tests. So $30 on its way to me. If I’d been quicker responding, I could have completed an extra two tests.
    I work as a Freelance developer and web marketer so this is just an extra revenue stream. If I can make an extra $200 to $300 per month (which looks realistic) I’ll be very happy.
    You mention that testing is not allowed using Google Chrome? Well I have been using Chrome without a problem – so don’t know where you got this information from.
    There are issues with Firefox (due to vulnerabilities regarding the the Java browser plugin) and Opera was a little unreliable. However, Chrome works no problem. I’ve not used IE10 yet – so can’t comment on that.

    • I wrote this a year and a half ago, so it’s likely that at that time they didn’t allow Chrome. I checked the website just now and Chrome is supported, so I’ll update my info. Thanks!

    • Yes you can make 200 to 300/month! But the problem is you have to respond to test quickly, its crazy how fax some test go, when I went to do a test I saw that there were more than one test available so I planned to quickly finish one test then do another and once I was done with one test the other one was gone! That was only like 15 min, well at least I make 200 that month.

  14. I just spent ages doing a recording only to be told on completed upload that someone else had applied at the same time as me and had been given the test. What a waste of time!!

  15. I was just wondering how long does it typically take to be accepted as a tester? I just got done uploading the “test”.

    • actually, my first upload made it to 100% but then I got an email saying there was a technical error with my upload so I had to re-record my test and I’m trying to upload again. It’s at 71% right now. How long does it take to upload videos for most people? Mine takes a few hrs which seems really slow. I don’t know if it’s my laptop or network or just the site.

  16. I like Usertesting. My 1st week I made $40 and that was from a total of 4 tests in 2 days. I could have participated in more tests but I have other things to do, and other jobs. This type of income is more suitable for people who are at home on the computer a lot, and have a lot of patience. Also you can not expect to make this your part time job. At the very most I can use this to have extra money for my kids to do things on the weekend like the movies, skating, swimming etc. It works for me because I do work from home and leave the usertesting site open. So sometimes I am able to hurry and grab a test. Like most people my only complaints are the tests go to quick. You need to be very quick to grab those tests! I have always been paid. Nobody has ever asked for a refund YET. I did get a stupid review from some Doctor. He gave one of my tests 3 stars, and said “The tester said exactly what I expected her to say about the website” What the heck? I got a low rating because I said what they expected me to say? Then why on earth did this person even sign up to have his website tested on usertesting? Or perhaps he did not like my honesty. Lol his site was plain, boring, and a bit confusing. I gave my honest opinion as instructed. Other than that little incident, I love the website! 😀

  17. I’ve been working with UserTesting for over a year now and I love it!! They even have mobile tests now that can be completed using your smartphone! I worked with UserLytics before but they never really had much work. I actually get a lot of emails about tests with UserTesting…but I’m usually at work so I tend to miss out on the tests available during the day. Even still, I think this site is great for making a few extra buck in a short amount of time.

  18. Good luck in getting anything. I’ll get an email notification and it will be gone lickety split! Gotta be on your toes to get an event

  19. Hi Ana,

    I heard about and I really think its a fun way for people to make some extra cash.

    On the hand, I think it also is a great tool for webmasters to use to find out about their own sites and how others see them.

    • I agree! It would be a useful tool for getting an outsider’s perspective on how easily your site is to navigate, how well it loads, etc.

  20. I signed up with site about a week and a half ago. Since then, I’ve been getting email notifications about user testing jobs every day. So there seems to be consistent work lately. However, the jobs get taken up very quickly by other testers, so you have to be fast. I wouldn’t let that discourage you, but it is a little competitive. I was able to get one, and a week later I received $10 in my PayPal. So it does pay…when you can get a gig.

    • Hmm, the consistent work sounds good, but I hate that it’s so hard to grab the jobs before others do. Have you signed up with any other sites? There are quite a few popping up that are just like User Testing. Being a member of more than one might help you maximize your earnings.

    • I wanted to chime in as well. I’ve been with them for about a week, and I’ve done 3 tests. I’ve gotten multiple emails on most days, but I agree with Gina; it’s very competitive to get a gig. The 3 tests I’ve done, I happened to be sitting right in front of my computer with my account page open, so I could go right in and accept the tests. Other than that, I’ve literally run to the computer when I got an email on my phone, and by the time I get to the computer, the test has been taken. Just today, I tried to accept a test that needed 10 testers. Seven minutes after the email was sent out, the test spots were all taken. That said, it is good money for what really does amount to just 20 minutes of work. I just wish it wasn’t so hard to get a test.

      • I’m sorry to hear it’s so difficult to get a test with these sites. What I am hoping is that there will be more and more of them pop out of the woodwork and then there will be more companies offering the same work. Perhaps this would make it slightly less competitive.

    • They only paid me $3 for the first 3 test. It started out pending $10 but when transferred to paypal it was only $3. It makes me angry the have gypped me. I sent an email and now get $10. Here’s what they said. In regards to your email, we apologize about the confusion. Please note, Peek tests have a payout of $3. However, these payments will initially appear as $10 payments. Once the payment has processed, the correct $3 payment will appear. This is what caused the decrease in your “Pending Payments” section. We hope this clarifies any confusion you may have had! Seems shady.

      • When you do peak tests it states that the payout is only $3 because it’s only a 5 minute test. It does initially say that $10 is pending but in a few days that will correct itself to $3. I have done others that have paid me $10.

      • Lyn – it’s not shady. If you take a short peak test you get paid $3. If you take a longer test you get $10. I have been doing user testing for a little bit and really like it. I have never taken a short peak test so I’ve been paid $10 each time. The fact that User Testing paid you $10 even when they should have paid you $3 says something good about them as a company to give you the benefit of the doubt since you’re likely new to User Testing. If you don’t like them stop taking the tests. I’ve seen your review of them on another site saying the same thing. Just let the rest of us have the tests you think are so shady. Thanks!

  21. I have seen these opps pop up from time to time in the forums. I’ve never seen one that is consistent, but it does sound interesting to me nonetheless.

    • Yep, definitely something I would be afraid to rely, but it would be nice to have available. Someone posted in Work Place Like Home that she got five testing invites in one day and made $50! I’m sure that’s not typical, but I would love that 🙂

  22. I’ve wanted to check into User testing for a while. It’s very similar to another site I tried called Userlytics. I’m going to try it, I could use the extra $10 on occasions. 🙂

    • Make sure they pay you $10. I do this and my first 3 I was gypped out of money. They only payed me $3. I confronted them and now get $10.

  23. This sounds a lot like TrymyUi – same thing? lol
    It really does seem like a good egg for those who explore the internet on a daily basic and encounter situations where they wish they could let the designers of the website know how confusing or how great their site is.

    • I think it is the same thing, Katie! I would love to do it but I can’t get my microphone issues straightened out. I might try it on my laptop though. Didn’t think of that.

  24. My advice to anyone for this is to pay attention to the instructions for the test and read everything before taking the test. Also watch the sample test carefully. This is one of a few of these companies, but they want people who can really talk non-stop while viewing the website and to genuinely critique the sites. Great information Anna.

    • Thanks for the helpful advice! I know that will help some people who try it. I haven’t ever done anything like this so didn’t have any advice of my own to offer on how to make it work well.

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