20 Ways to Take Surveys For Money – (All Online)

In this post, we're talking about how to take surveys for money. This is a flexible way to earn extra cash in your spare time!

In case you weren't aware, many survey panels these days are paying in gift cards, not cash. While most of us like gift cards, it's safe to say cash is preferable, am I right?

With that in mind, I came up with a list of 20 ways to take online surveys for money. Every panel on this list has a cash option for payment.

Keep in mind surveys are only good for extra money. You won't break the bank participating in the panels below, but every little bit helps.

20 Ways to Take Surveys For Money

  • E-Poll – Of all the paid survey sites, this one is one of the most fun because many are entertainment surveys. They pay in Paypal along with a variety of other options for your responses. You only need $5 (equivalent to 3750 points) to redeem for a Paypal payment.
  • Swagbucks – Lots of surveys available, and very easy to get your pay in Paypal cash rather than gift cards (although gift cards are also an option if you prefer that). As of now, 2,500 SB is equal to a $25 Paypal payment.
  • Opinion Outpost – You can earn Paypal cash or other rewards for taking surveys. You must have at least $10 (100 points) in your account to request a Paypal payment. Payments are made almost instantly once you cash out.
  • YouGov – You can get paid via check, Paypal, or other types of rewards for your responses to their political surveys. $25 in points is required in order to redeem for a payment.
  • Pinecone Research – You can earn $3 per survey in cash paid via check or Paypal, and they usually pay within a business day or two. Other rewards also available.
  • Zap Surveys – This is a mobile survey panel that offers high-paying daily surveys as well as instant cash outs. Plus, they guarantee you'll earn $6 on your first survey. Overall, the reviews are good so far.
  • Toluna – Lots and lots of survey opportunities with this panel. They will also pay via Paypal or check, but you must have at least $5 in your account to request pay.
  • Ipsos I-Say – Still pays in cash, which you can request via Paypal or Visa pre-paid cards. You need at least $15 in your account to redeem.
  • Springboard America – Take surveys and earn cash. You must have at least $20 accumulated to request a Paypal payment.
  • Survey Downline – Pays in cash or sweepstakes entries. You can get your money via Paypal.
  • Paid Viewpoint – Take legitimate surveys for money with Paid Viewpoint. The surveys are very short and easy. Cash out to Paypal at $15. Also pays very fast, sometimes the same day you request.
  • Mindfield Online – Take paid surveys at home for Mindfield and receive cash payments for your time spent. They also have an option for Amazon cash out if you would prefer that. Not always accepting new members.
  • OneOpinon – A newer site to take surveys for money, but promising so far. US, can join at 13 or older. While they do pay in points, it is possible to redeem them for Visa debit cards, which operate like cash (can use almost anywhere). You can also redeem points for Paypal cash.
  • OpinionSite – Take surveys for money and get paid via mailed check, but you need to have 14,000 points accumulated before you can request it.
  • Survey Spot – You can get Paypal cash, with 1000 points ($10) required to redeem.
  • Crowdology – Pays in cash to Paypal, they have both US and UK versions of their panel. You need $8 in your account to cash out.
  • Quest Mindshare – Pays in cash to Paypal or you can get Amazon codes. Must have at least $12.50 in your account to request a Paypal payment.
  • Baker Street Solutions – Pays in Amazon gift cards or cash for surveys you complete. Rarely sends out surveys, but still worth being a part of the panel for when they do.
  • Brand Institute – Open worldwide. Pays with Paypal or check.

Things To Know About Taking Online Surveys

Taking surveys for money is fun and rewarding for many people. That said, there are some things to know before you get serious about it.

1. It won't make you rich.

You can't quit your day job with paid surveys. No matter what income claims you see online, the pay is minimal. Most people don't earn more than an extra $50 a month, if that.

2. It can be frustrating.

There is some frustration that goes along with survey-taking. Sometimes you'll disqualify from surveys you attempt. Other times you'll notice you're not getting a lot of surveys. And then sometimes you won't get paid fast. It's not a walk in the park.

3. You need to join more than one panel.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Making even $50 a month usually requires participating in many panels. You need to have surveys for money coming in from different sites on the regular to make it worth your while.

And that wraps up our list! Good luck!

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15 thoughts on “20 Ways to Take Surveys For Money – (All Online)”

  1. survey savvy its another that’s not listed. its amazing. you received money by checks. i waiting on my second check in few weeks.

  2. Great post! I find it really helpful and I like to try online surveys. I’m actually looking for information about this site that I came across with, it’s called iglobalsurveys.com. have you heard about this? Is this legit? I want to know more about this site before I join. I was hoping if you can give me some idea. Thank you in advance and once again this post is great.

    • They are new to me. I did a search and wasn’t able to turn up much online, other than this – https://forum.surveypolice.com/index.php?/topic/4110-saw-an-advertisement-for-iglobalsurveys/. Someone thinks they are more of a “survey router,” not the same as answering Q’s directly for a survey panel. So I think I personally wouldn’t sign up, but as always I recommend that you do you your own research in addition to the research I’ve done.

  3. Just to let you know that Mindfield Online is not excepting new members and the link for Pinecone research is redirecting to Toluna after you answer what you gender is.

  4. i belong to onlycash, mommytalk, talkbacksurveys There was a fourth one I joined ….called watch and tell, or something similar…….(they originally had another name) …Somehow I deleted the site, …and cannot find it when searching for it. It was related to the first sites I named. ….I was ready to cash out, …and cannot find it. Anyone know the name?????

  5. I’ve had bad experiences with iPoll. I’ll answer the “screening” questions and am told I qualify to take the survey, then once the survey is around 90% complete, I’m told the survey is “closed”. My guess is this is how they’re getting their data without having to pay participants. I’ve also gotten “invalid website” in the middle of some of their surveys as well, of course, after answering 15 minutes of questions.

      • not only ipoll..even survey scouts you sign in and after giving them your information they lock you account…give me an example of a real survey job that is friendly to work with

  6. I like mypoints.com bit others like swagbucks.com for surveys. Mypoints gives points if you qualify or not, referrals, printing coupons shopping and web searches. Swagbucks is similar, as well as I hear superpoints,com I think and a few others but I know that mypoints has been around for longer than swagbucks for sure bbb ratings and information.

    • Oh I forgot to add that at least mypoints uses some of the listed above and others for surveys. vindale.com ( I have tried and was ok. I got paid but lots of work for not always getting into/doing survey although there are higher amounts you have to buy and so 35 might be like 10.00 after you buy things so be careful) and panda research is similar.

  7. www.ConsumerOpinionServices.com (I believe that is the web address). Otherwise known as Consumer Opinion Services… They have panels they invite me to occasionally. Can’t absolutely guarantee you get paid as I haven’t yet, but it seems to check out…

    It’s possible they only issue invitations in certain areas. I’m in the Pacific Northwest, and their office hours are listed as being Pacific Standard Time.

    Though I’ve had a couple of invitations, I haven’t actually done one yet, because I got lost in the big city the one time I accepted… never made it to their panel. (We got a GPS in preparation for “next time”.)

    But they would have paid me $100 with a check at the end of the last one if I’d gotten there, they said. And last night I just got another invitation to join one of their community services panels. It would be worth checking out, at least. They do actively solicit your input and pay up front as soon as you take part in their panels.

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