Work at Home Jobs for Canadians

Please note that this list of work at home jobs for Canadian citizens is in the process of growing and will continue to do so as I find new things.

I encourage you to let me know if you see an opportunity listed that shouldn't be here or if you know of another opportunity open to Canadians that I should add.

After you have browsed these listings, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for more resources that may help you find work at home jobs for Canadians.


Entry Level OK

  • Casting Words – Read Casting Words Review – This company accepts people in Canada and other countries to do small transcription jobs. Note this is very low pay, so it's definitely just for extra cash.
  • Quicktate – Read Quicktate Review – This company accepts transcribers from Canada and other countries. While the pay is on the low side (as is the case with most transcription companies open to newbies), they have been around for a long time and are reputable.
  • Rev – Read Rev Review – This company accepts transcribers, translators, and captioners to work at home. You can work for this company from almost any country. Payments are made weekly.
  • Scribie – Read Scribie Review – You can work at home doing transcriptions for Scribie. They accept transcribers from most countries. Again, this is extremely low pay that you may or may not be willing to spend time working for.
  • TranscribeMe – Read TranscribeMe Review – This one is ideal for beginners who have no experience and just need extra money. Most of the clips you transcribe are just 2-4 minutes long. They are open worldwide.
  • Ubiqus – Read Ubiqus Review – This company hires in Canada as well as other countries for transcription work from home. Very little information is provided on the website, but there is an online form to fill out to send your application in.

Requires Experience

  • Babbletype – Read Babbletype Review – This company, which hires both in the US and abroad, are usually looking for transcriptionists and editors. Mostly this job is focused on general transcription, but the company also offers translation services. 
  • Digit Scribe – This medical transcription firm doesn’t always have work from home jobs available, but they’re a Canadian company and have no problem hiring people from Canada. 
  • Expedict – They hire work from home transcription contractors internationally, but there’s not a great deal of information available about the job at the moment. Apparently they deal in many different kinds of transcription services, from dictation, to webcasts, and business meetings, but they specialize in financial transcription. 
  • Outsec – A transcription company based in the UK. They offer transcription services in a variety of different categories, and clients are able to download a custom dictation app. When they’re hiring, Outsec recruits internationally. 
  • Pioneer Transcription – This company’s been in the business since 1990, and were among the first to get into the digital transcription game. They’re looking for experienced transcriptionists who already have a foot-pedal, and won’t need much (or any) additional training. They don’t appear to have any restrictions on hiring internationally.
  • Production Transcripts – This company only hires occasionally, but you can apply at any time to be added to their list for the next time they need someone, and they don’t seem to have a problem with hiring worldwide.
  • Scribes Transcription Services – A Canadian company who mainly seem to market to customers based in Canada. Their hiring requirements, which include a college education and previous experience in transcription, are fairly restrictive.
  • SpeakWrite – Read SpeakWrite review– This company is almost always hiring, especially if you have experience in legal transcription. Set your own hours and potentially earn more than $3000 monthly. 
  • Way With Words – Read Way With Words review – This company pays on the low end, especially considering their experience requirements, and stringent hiring practices, but they do hire internationally, and the hours are flexible. 

Medical Transcription

  • Athreon – A company based in Chicago, best known for their speech to text software. They also offer a variety of other services, including medical transcription, and hire internationally. 
  • Terra Nova – This medical transcription company hires Canadian residents. You’ll need at least one year of previous experience.
  • 2A Scribe – Hiring medical transcription editors in Canada. You must be a highly skilled medical transcriptionist with proven editing skills in all specialties, work types and accents. They have both full-time and part-time available.

Virtual Assisting

  • Simple Lend Financial – They are currently seeking a highly organized and efficient virtual assistant to support their team with a variety of tasks, including scheduling, data entry, research, and customer service. The ideal candidate will be comfortable working independently, have strong communication skills, and be able to multitask effectively.
  • Alt Tex – Now hiring an administrative assistant who will work alongside the CEO to manage the day-to-day business operations of the company, wearing multiple hats to allocate, optimize and deploy both human and material resources across the team efficiently.
  • Ops Level – They are hiring work at home executive assistants to help support developers and engineers. Must have some relevant experience. Full-time role. They offer market-leading compensation, including equity, based on the skill set and aptitude of the candidate.


  • Words of Worth – This UK based company are looking for freelancers who can write sales copy and search engine optimized content. They will hire people located in most English speaking countries, including Canada.
  • Textbroker – Read Textbroker review – One of the oldest and best known content writing sites on the web. This is a pretty good entry level option for freelance writers, but not as good as it once was. There have been a number of changes in recent years that’ve made the site a little less appealing, though still very much worthwhile. They have no restrictions against hiring Canadian residents. They will be hiring again in spring 2023.
  • Constant Content – Read Constant Content review – This site isn’t technically a job. It’s really more of an open market place where you can sell previously written content. Articles can potentially earn you more than $100 apiece, but you might have to wait a while to sell anything. They allow people from all over the world to register. 
  • The Content AuthorityAnother content mill, very much like Textbroker, and they also hire worldwide. The pay is apparently on the lower end of the spectrum, but from what I understand, it’s fairly easy to get hired. Not always accepting applicants.
  • Pure ContentAnother site for writers where you’ll be working on various projects, generating mass quantities of web content. They’re open to hiring freelancers all over the globe, but apparently the pay is on the lower end.
  • iWriter – This company claims to employ more freelance writers than any other website in the world, and they hire worldwide.The way their system’s set up, it’s possible to build your own client base, and like most content mills, you have a lot of flexibility to set up your own work schedule. Not always accepting writers, but check back. 
  • Scripted – Read Scripted review – Earn an average of 10-cents per word as a freelancer writing web content with this company. Like many other content mills, the client gets all rights to the material and you won’t get a by-line, but they claim there’s plenty of work available. Scripted hires in 18 different countries, including Canada.
  • Textmaster – Read Textmaster review – A company that hires both freelance copywriters and translators. Last time we checked there wasn’t always a lot of work available here, but it was a decent site for freelancers who want to keep a lot of eggs in the basket. They apparently hire in a number of different countries, including Canada. 


  • Cactus – Read Cactus Review – If you have an eye for detail, you might enjoy working as an editor for this company that specializes in Academic and scientific writing. Most of their jobs actually require that you live in India, but they do occasionally hire people from other countries, including Canada.
  • Lifetips – This company makes money by posting simple tips that people can use to make their everyday lives better. They’re interested in hiring skilled editors, especially those with some sort of background in search engine marketing, and hire people from both the US and Canada.
  • Scribendi – Read Scribendi review – This Canadian proofreading company has fairly steep requirements for their work from home editing jobs, but they pay – up to $27 per hour – is pretty nice. 
  • Pure ContentWe mentioned this SEO content creation company in the writing section above. They also hire dedicated editors. 
  • Textmaster – Read Textmaster review – Another company previously mentioned in the writing section who also sometimes have editing positions open.
  • Managed Editing – This proofreading company will hire work from home editors from all over the world, but the requirements are pretty steep. You need a college degree and at least five years of previous editing experience. 
  • Words R U – Another editing company with very stringent requirements. You’ll need either a Masters Degree or PhD equivalent, along with two years prior experience as an editor.


  • ICUC – Read ICUC review – Make up to $12 dollars hourly as a work from home social media moderator for this company. Many of their jobs involve working for big name client companies, helping them to promote their brands and facilitate productive community discussion on their websites. They sometimes have openings for people in Canada, you'll just have to keep tabs on their jobs board.
  • LiveWorld – Read LiveWorld review – If you enjoy spending time on message boards, you might enjoy working for this company that hires forum moderators. The job will vary a bit depending on the client you’re working for, but if you have much experience with social media you probably have a good sense for what would be involved. The pay is around $10 per hour, and they hire internationally. 
  • ModSquad – Read ModSquad review – You can pick your projects based on your interests when you work as a moderator for this social media management firm. The pay isn’t amazing, but they hire people from all over the world, and it might be easier to get on here than with some other similar companies. 

Phone Jobs

  • American Express – Read American Express review – This well known credit card company sometimes hires work from home telephone customer service people. Most of the jobs are for US workers, but occasionally they hire internationally. 
  • Apple – Read Apple review – They were mentioned above in the chat section, and also offer remote phone customer service positions. Most of the jobs are US only, but Canadian jobs are available occasionally. 
  • Sutherland – Read Sutherland review – This well known company, which has been around for 20 years, occasionally hires work from home customer service people to join their “cloudsource” team. Canadian applicants are welcome.
  • Working Solutions – Read Working Solutions review – One of the few home based phone jobs that seems to get a lot of positive feedback from current and former workers. They hire work from home staff for tech support, sales, and customer service positions. They do offer jobs to people from Canada from time to time, but those jobs are a little harder to come by than US-based positions.
  • Concentrix – Read Concentrix review – It’s rather easy to get hired by this large company, partly because they’re almost always hiring. Most of their jobs are in the USA, but they do also occasionally hire in the UK and Canada.
  • Transcom – Read Transcom review – Formerly known as “Cloud 10,” this company has been around for a long time. Their jobs are location based, and they aren’t always hiring, but they apparently do have Canadian jobs on offer occasionally. The starting pay is $18+ per hour, and the nature of the job varies some depending on which client company they set you up with. 
  • NexRep – Read NexRep review – This company hires work at home agents to staff their virtual call centers. The nature of the work can vary depending on the needs of each individual client company, and you’ll have to pay an upfront fee for a background check.
  • TTEC – Read TTEC review – This company provides customer support for other major corporations, and they hire work at home agents to staff their call centers. Unlike many other phone jobs, you won’t need a landline. The jobs are location based, and the do offer occasional Canadian positions.
  • Ipsos – This company specializes in opinion research. They do a lot of polling for political races, and also help companies with market research. They occasionally hire work from home telephone interviewers to conduct polls and surveys, and apparently they do hire in Canada for certain jobs. 
  • Nice inContact – This cloud software company sometimes hires work at home agents for various telephone jobs, and they do occasionally offer positions for Canadian workers. 
  • LanguageLine – Read LanguageLine review – This is an interesting job where you could be hired to work as a telephone interpreter, helping people who speak two different languages to communicate in real time on the phone. Obviously you need to be fluent in at least two languages, and one of them needs to be English. 
  • MarketLinc – This company, located in California, apparently offers remote Canadian jobs, at least occasionally. Most of the positions seem to be in the customer service category. 
  • U-Haul – Read U-Haul review – This well known company that rents moving trucks hires for quite a few work at home positions, mostly in customer service and sales. They apparently hire remote workers in both the US and Canada. 

Sites for Freelancers

These all have a variety of jobs in several categories that you can bid on and are typically open worldwide:

  • Fiverr – Read Fiverr review – Fiverr is a great option for you to post freelance gigs in a variety of categories. While your base price for your work does have to start at just $5, the real money is in the upselling you get to do.
  • Upwork – Read Upwork review – This is one of the premier marketplaces for Freelancers in all major fields. Both US and Canadian residents can sign up, but there’s a $10 membership fee. 
  • Freelancer – As the company name implies, this is a freelance marketplace. They seem to cater mostly to small businesses, and Canadian freelancers appear to be welcome.
  • PeoplePerHour – This freelance site has been featured in Forbes and on CNBC. They seem to have quite a few jobs available in just about any field you can imagine.
  • FreeeUp – Read FreeeUp review – This freelance marketplace has more stringent requirements than most to join. They only want the best of the best in the various niches they cover.

Mystery Shopping

  • About FaceA reputable mystery shopping outfit. Apparently payments are typically in the $25 to $45 range. 
  • ARC Consulting – Read ARC Consulting review – If you’re interested in telephone-based mystery shopping, this might be a good company to go with. The pay is on the low side, apparently, but since you don’t have to leave your house, it still might be worth the effort. Canada is listed among the eligible countries on their application page. 
  • BestMark – Read BestMark review – One of the most reputable mystery shopping companies around. Requirements to become one of their shoppers aren’t really that strict, so it might be an easy job to get, and they typically have quite a few Canadian shops available. 
  • Campus Mystery Shopping – This company’s been in business for more than 25 years, and they offer mystery shopping services all across the US and Canada.
  • Compliance Solutions – In addition to mystery shopping, this company offers a wide variety of related services, mostly focused on customer experience and competition research. The signup for shoppers looks pretty simple, and from what I understand, Canadians are welcome.
  • Confero – Read Confero review – Founded in the mid-1980s, this company is one of the better established mystery shopping outfits you could work for. They currently employ well over 100,000 shoppers, and there’s apparently quite a bit of work available. 
  • MarketForce – Read MarketForce review – A generally well regarded mystery shopping company. The average shop apparently pays about $11 hourly. One cool thing about this service is that they have their own custom phone app that lets you see shops available in your area. 
  • PerformaLogics – A mystery shopping company founded in the early 2000s. They have good coverage in both the US and Canadian markets. 
  • Intouch Insights – Formerly known as “Retail Track,” this mystery shopping company appears to be legit, and they seem to have work for Canadian shoppers. 
  • Shopper’s Confidential – A mystery shopping company with a primary focus on the Canadian market. 

Search Engine Evaluation & Task-Based Work

  • TELUS – One of the better known search engine evaluation companies. They’ve been around for a long time, and for people who enjoy this type of work, it’s a pretty good gig to land. Apparently, they do hire people from Canada. 
  • Appen – Read Appen review – This company offers quite a few different types of evaluation positions for remote workers. They bought out Leapforce, who used to be one of the major players in this market.
  • Clickworker – Read Clickworker review – The work offered by this company is roughly in the vein of Amazon Mturk, so if you’ve ever tried that then you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. It’s basically short tasks that pay a small fee – things like quick product surveys, editing small pieces of text, or looking for errors in photos. Canadian applicants are welcome. 


  • Aim4A Tutoring – This tutoring company has been in business for quite a few years. They offer both in-person and online tutoring services. Like most tutoring jobs, the requirements are fairly strict: you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree, and (though it isn’t required) a teaching certification is preferable.
  • BrainMassThe services offered by this company are a little different than your typical online tutoring firm. They partner with big educational institutions who put their teaching assistants in touch with particular students for one on one coaching. The pay apparently isn’t all that great, and the company makes it clear you should view this more as an extra money opportunity rather than a full time job.
  • Studiosity – Always needing work at home subject specialists to make a difference to students around the world by providing academic support when they need it most. Hires in Canada as well as other countries. May pay $16+ CAD or more hourly.

ESL Tutoring

  • Cambly – Read Cambly review – This is one of the better known ESL tutoring jobs where they use the conversational method of teaching. What that means is you don’t need any special teaching skills to work here. You just talk to people in normal conversations and let them practice their English. The pay (a little over $10 hourly) isn’t amazing, but a lot of people enjoy the work, and it’s an easy job to get. 
  • LearnlightA well regarded language tutoring company that used to go under the name ISUS. They pay $12 to $15 hourly, and hire worldwide. Because they have students all over the globe, you’ll have a lot of flexibility when choosing your hours to work. 
  • Italki – Read Italki review – Another language tutoring company where you won’t need any special teaching certifications to participate and make money. All you need to get hired is the ability to speak some language – including, but not restricted to, English – fluently. They take applications from people worldwide. 


  • Globalink – I haven’t yet done any serious research on this translation company, but apparently they do hire remote Canadian translators. 
  • Gengo – Read Gengo review – This translation company (now owned by Lionbridge) is interested in translators with expertise in quite a few different languages. You’ll have to take a test when you sign up to determine your skill level, and depending on how well you do, certain jobs might not be available. 
  • TextmasterRead Textmaster review – We already mentioned this company in the freelance writing section. They also hire for remote translation positions.
  • Verbalizit – Read Verbalizit review – Recently acquired by a company called Smartling, this company still hires remote translators worldwide. To get hired, you’ll need to pass a test, and apparently only 10% of applicants make the cut. 


  • Art+Logic – If you have a programming background, you might enjoy working as a remote coder for this software development company. They appear to hire primarily in Canada, but jobs may not always be available. 

Other Resources

  • FlexJobs has regularly updated work from home job leads for Canadians. Note this is a pay-to-access site, but I've paid and found it to be an excellent resource considering the lack of scams, no ads, and quantity/quality of the leads. Use promo code AFFILPROMO to get 30 percent off a membership here.
  • is a blog with regularly updated freelance writing jobs for Canadians.
  • – Indeed has a Canadian site you can search that will limit the results to Canada only. Simply type “work from home” in the search field, or use their handy filtering options and select “remote” from the dropdown to see just work from home jobs.

Good luck! Please comment below if you are aware of any other companies with work from home jobs for Canadians.

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