Make Money On Fiverr – Sell Your Services For $5 and More!

Fiverr is super popular right now — so much so that it has spawned countless clone sites, a few of which I have talked about before. But I've never actually reviewed the actual Fiverr, so here is a quick rundown on how you can make money on Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is something that many people refer to as a a “micro job” site. Basically, you just post a service you are willing to offer for $5. This could be almost anything — graphic design, writing, editing, or something really off the wall. The bizarre ones are always kind of fun to read over.

As long as it's legal and doesn't violate the Fiverr terms of service, you can really use your imagination here and get creative with what you sell.

Make Money On Fiverr

After you've posted your services and someone has purchased them, you have to deliver your completed work through the “Deliver Completed Work” tab on their site.

After your work has been submitted, there is a 14-day clearing period. Once the clearing period has passed, you can withdraw the money to your Paypal account.

Keep in mind that Fiverr takes a $1 commission off your final earnings, so what you offer for $5 you'll actually be doing for $4.

Some people say that a fee is also deducted from your Paypal account when you are paid by Fiverr, so depending on how much this fee is, you might be doing work for not quite $4.

Customer Ratings

You need to try to get good feedback from your customers to make money on Fiverr. If your feedback rating is consistently low, Fiverr has the right to remove your posts.

The Downside

Some people are annoyed that after the fees and Fiverr commission, you are not *really* getting $5 for your work. So if you are thinking of posting your writing services on Fiverr and doing some quickie articles for $5,  you might want to reconsider.

It may be smart to reduce the word count you advertise for writing articles so what you earn will be consistent with what you're willing to do for almost $4.

Keep in mind that you CAN offer upgrades to your services that cost more, and people now have the option to leave you tips. So you're not necessarily stuck just getting $5.

Many Fiverr users also don't like having to wait the 14 days before they can withdraw their funds.

Some Good Points

In spite of any negatives, the simplicity of Fiverr (and other sites like it) is really appealing.

Sure, you can get paid for your freelancing services on sites like Upwork, but the process is a little more involved and complicated. Fiverr makes it quick and easy to post a job, get a buyer, and start making money.

What to Sell On Fiverr

Want to make money on Fiverr, but don't know what to sell? Check out my list of 40 things you can sell on Fiverr.

E-Books About Fiverr

If you need a little extra assistance to make money on Fiverr, check out some of the e-books below. There are many people who have making money on Fiverr down to an art and do quite well.

These books will give you some additional strategies to make money on Fiverr:

Not interested in reading an eBook? Then check out this post we published recently with tips from top Fiverr sellers.

If you want to make money on Fiverr, you can go here to sign up.

Good luck!

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11 thoughts on “Make Money On Fiverr – Sell Your Services For $5 and More!”

  1. I have just become a Fiverr fan. I am selling on there and very excited about it. I seem to be a day late on these topics. lol That’s okay though! I love this site and I am using it for a stepping stone to bring traffic to my own website. 🙂

  2. I too think Jen is on the right track. I found her through Fiverr! It’s my favorite site. Nothing else comes close.

  3. I love selling my services on Fiverr. I have been able move my Fiverr customers into long term clients who purchase other services directly from my website. If you stop thinking of it as $4 per gig and start thinking of is as a way to attract customers, then you can really start making some money!

    • I love that line of thinking, Jen 🙂 What an awesome way to look at it! Fiverr is huge, so I can see how it’s definitely a good source for finding long-standing customers.

  4. I like that Fiverr is simpler than, say, Elance or Odesk. It seems somewhat more reasonable than MTurk, where people are often working for pennies. Sounds like a great extra money site.

  5. I agree about the disappointing fees bringing my pay down to around 3.80. But if I keep that in mind then I really like Fiverr. I love shopping on there, knowing everything is five bucks…so I imagine that helps increase sales. I think more people are aware of fiverr than many of the other competitive sites.

  6. You touched on one of my favorite things about these micro-job sites: simplicity. I still don’t think it hurts to get out and market that your services are available there, but the “bidding war” aspect is eliminated here.

  7. I’ve experienced success with fiverr and I can tell you that they are one of the more reputable crowd source sites out here. Its funny because I signed up with peoplestox too (because of your suggestion of course 🙂 and with my first sale, I made 5x the fiverr gig amount. Waiting 14 days is really annoying, but its something to look forward to bi weekly. Its another pretty consistent stream for me, I have made 328.00 since Aug 2010. Considering I’m offering my design services there for literally 3.92 a pop, I’m not too concerned about the periods of no work. I much prefer getting fair market value for my work. Some people are making in the 2500.00 per month range with fiverr and others like myself make a consistent 28.00 per month. Its yet another stream though nonetheless.

    • Wow! I had no idea people were doing so well on there! I’m glad I posted about it … the fact that it’s so popular might mean you would get more orders for your services than you might at other similar sites.

  8. I haven’t had real good luck using fiverr but I know others have. It’s something I will definitely consider again in the future and also the other sites that do seem like clones!

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