Side Hustle Ideas For Work From Home – 12 Legit Options!

In the work at home world, we call our multiple work from home money earners our “eggs.” This post is going to cover various work at home “eggs” or side hustle ideas you can use to make money when work at your main job dries up. And if you've been working at home for any length of time, then you know this happens on occasion!

It's never a good idea to rely on just one job as a home-based worker, because you never know what's going to happen.

I've personally experienced companies laying off/firing workers, changes in available workload, and pay rates suddenly dropping so low that the job was no longer worth my time. So you've got to be prepared.

I polled my readers on Facebook a while back and asked around on forums to find out what sites and various industries most people use for back up work from home. Below is a collection of some of the specific sites readers mentioned.

Note – Keep in mind some of these are just good for extra money, and some possibly amount to part time home based jobs.

Side Hustle Ideas – 12 Legit Options

1 – Create & Sell Low or No Content Books

You can sell books online without having to write them yourself!

Some books have no written content (planners, journals, coloring books, etc.), yet still sell like crazy on sites like Amazon. Low Content School teaches you how to make them and get started selling them.

This can be true passive income for you because once you have the books created, they can sell over and over without you having to do more work on them.

2 – DoorDash

If you are OK with a job outside the home as long as it's flexible, you might delivering food orders for DoorDash! This is actually something my own sister does in her spare time and enjoys for occasional side money.

Earning over $20 hourly is possible, plus you get to keep 100 percent of your tips.

Go here to sign up with DoorDash, or read our DoorDash review first.

3 – Rover

If you like animals, you may want to consider signing up with Rover as a pet sitter. Basically, Rover is a middleman — helping connect pet sitters to people needing the services in your area.

While they do take a cut of your earnings since they offer the platform to help you find clients, it still may come in handy if you've struggled to find clients to pet sit for in the past.

Pet sitting can very much be considered a “side hustle” because you call the shots. You decide which appointments to accept, when to work, and according to Rover, earning $1,000 per month is totally possible.

Obviously, $1,000 a month isn't going to pay anyone's bills enough to count as a full-time job, but it certainly counts for substantial side money.

Go here to sign up for Rover or read our Rover review first.

4 – Fiverr

So many people are listing side gigs on Fiverr and earning income.

For many, it's just a little extra money here and there. But for others, Fiverr pays the bills!

If you don't know what to list there, see this post with ideas for what to sell on Fiverr. I also got some Fiverr pro-tips in another post after interviewing people who have managed to earn money with the site.

Go here to try it.

5 – Cambly

This is a work from home position for people who would like to teach non-English speakers how to speak conversational English.

Basically you do the work via webcam, interacting with people who have the Cambly app installed. You do not need any professional experience, but you do need to be a native speaker of English.

Go here to learn more about Cambly or here to sign up.

6 – Slice the Pie

This is another one that I've personally kept on the back burner for extra money, and it was mentioned by a few people I polled.

It's very easy — you just listen to snippets of songs and then rate/review them in a few sentences. You can get paid once you have earned $10.

Payouts are made on Tuesdays and Fridays. Again, this is just extra money. However, staying active on the site means regular cash outs are possible.

Go here to read more about Slice the Pie or here to register.

7 – Fancy Hands

Many people suggested Fancy Hands, and it's a site I have used myself. Basically this is task-based virtual assisting. Each task pays a different amount, and you might be doing anything from checking to see if a store is open to reserving airline tickets.

Go here to read about Fancy Hands or here to sign up.

If you're interested in making a full-time income as a virtual assistant, I have a very inexpensive e-book that goes into a lot of detail on how that works! You can check out Your Guide to Working From Home as a Virtual Assistant here.

your guide to working from home as a virtual assistant

8 – Quicktate

This company hires remote transcribers, and it's ideal for transcription newbies because the work is pretty easy and you don't need any real experience to get in. You just have to pass a test.

This is one company that has been around for a long time, and I've never heard anything bad about them. The pay is low so most people only rely on it for extra money.

Go here to read more about Quicktate or here to sign up.

I also have a lot more detail on working at home as a general transcriber in my e-book, Your Guide to Working From Home as a General Transcriber. It also includes a huge list of over 70 more companies that hire.

transcription guide

9 – Textbroker

I admit this has been a go-to site for extra money for me for quite some time. You get paid to write articles for Textbroker's many clients. It's not hard to get accepted at all, but unfortunately unless you can get bumped up to the 4-star level, there's not much work to do.

Textbroker pays reliably every single week on Friday provided you have the minimum $10 in your account required to cash out. I've found the writing to be pretty easy.

As of this writing, they are closed to new applicants but they should have the applications open again this spring!

Go here to learn more about Textbroker or here to sign up as a writer.

10 – Amazon MTurk

This is a short task site with a variety of work available at any given time. You can find everything from data entry to transcription and even some article writing.

I have used this site myself many times in the past and occasionally like to log on and do a few small jobs. For some this is just extra money but there are many people who get more than just extra out of it.

Go here to learn more about Amazon Mechanical Turk or here to sign up.

11 – Clickworker

My personal experience with Clickworker is very limited, but this one gets mentioned quite frequently on the forums and also from my followers on Facebook. It's task-based work. The pay varies depending on the project you're doing.

Go here to read more about Clickworker or here to register.

12 – Humanatic

Work from home reviewing calls for Humanatic. Basically you listen to recorded phone conversations and tag them according to whether or not the call you heard was sales-related.

I've done this a little and the pay is extremely low (less than $5 an hour for me), but it's kind of fun and I used to like to hop on and review calls here and there in between other work. It adds up over time, and they do pay out weekly.

Go here to read more about Humanatic or here to register.

Best Types of Jobs for Fill-In/Back Up Work at Home

The best type of back up work at home job is almost always going to be something flexible so that you can pick it up or drop it as needed depending on how things are going with other work you do.

Freelance writing is always very flexible and so is transcription. These are additionally two fields you can break into with little to no experience!

A person on my Facebook page also suggested mystery shopping as a good industry to get involved in for side money. While mystery shopping isn't done at home — with the exception of telephone mystery shopper work — it is very flexible, independent work.

Good luck whatever you choose to pursue!

P.S. – If you like this and find it helpful, why not buy me a coffee? Thanks so much for your support!

27 thoughts on “Side Hustle Ideas For Work From Home – 12 Legit Options!”

  1. Anna – Just have to give you a big THANK YOU for all the articles you post. I bookmark nearly every one of them so I can refer back to them. I have learned so much from you. I joined Swagbucks a few months ago and earn a steady $50 per month. Also, from your blog I discovered Mystery Shopping and absolutely love it! I’ve only been doing it for about 6 weeks but have already been paid a couple times. It’s such a fun way to make extra money. As a single parent who works full time this is just what I needed to make ends meet! I love reading all the posts from everyone and hope someday soon to have the courage and know-how to work from home full-time and give up my back-breaking job that only pays me $1,800/month. Thanks everyone for your great posts and all the good tips.

  2. Hello Anna I read your work at home jobs listing when I can, but I’m really not a phone person and I can’t type that fast. I would like to know is there any work from home job where you can do assembly work that’s legit. I’m good with my hands, so do you know of any jobs like that please let me know. Thank you and God Bless

  3. Thanks to you, Anna, I was able to find 2 work from home jobs…aka eggs! 🙂 Although I am working 60hrs at one and 40 hours at the other, both are non phone jobs which is perfect because I am able to stay at home with my very active 1 year old and also, I am able to work the same hours at both jobs. One job allows me to self-schedule while the other schedules me every month based on my availability. Both pay once a month, but they fall on the 1st and the 15th which works out perfectly! 🙂

    Since everything is non phone and with one of those jobs, I’m allowed to self-schedule, I am able to work both jobs during the same hours which allows me to get enough rest. Being that I am a single mother and knowing how these work at home jobs can come and go so easily, I figured if I make enough while I have these jobs, I can save for those tough situations. Plus, I want to give back to the people that have helped me along the way during my downtimes. 🙂

    I went from barely making it to making approx. $4,000 a month! 🙂 Thank you soooo much!!! 🙂 I pass your site and Miranda’s on to everybody that I know because this was truly a blessing sent from God! Working from home is fantastic! 🙂

    • Wow, Tiffany! You really know how to get the work done. Sure wish I could figure out how you do it. 🙂 Currently I do a little bit of website reviewing and a little music review but it’s not enough to pay the bills.

    • That insane, $4,000 per month. Thanks to Anna I’ve gone from nothing to about $200 per month. I sure wish I knew your secret. haha.

      • I really just work long hours. It’s tough for sure but I can’t afford daycare, driving expenses and rent on my own. Luckily both worked out great for me. I found both jobs through here. On a good average, I can make between $3,000-$4,000 monthly between both jobs. I know for sure that Fetch just wrapped up their hiring, but Metaverse should be. They have tons of positions, many aren’t non phone but they help pay the bills. Some people didn’t believe that working from home pays off, which some jobs are scans of course, but there are a lot of legit jobs one can do from home. I’m thankful for this site! I get on as much as I used to since my jobs have been steady, but it helps to have as many eggs add you can because one min you can have a job and the next, that client doesn’t need the company’s services. I hope you both find something that works for you! 🙂

        • TCM,

          Do you do the phone support for Mod or just the online stuff? I’m curious how you manage to do both. 🙂

          • Hi Vicky,

            With ModSquad, they have social media and forum moderation as well as customer support, which include live chat, phone support and/or email support. It depends on the client’s need which determines what you will be doing.

            Personally, I can’t do phone support because I do have young children (a newborn and toddler) so I stay away from anything phone work related, however, I’m able to average around 170 hours of work each month for non-phone work.

            Unfortunately, Fetch closed last Spring so I’m just working ModSquad now, but I love it and still recommend that people apply. I’ve been with ModSquad for 2 years now and if you apply, I am pretty sure that you will enjoy working here as well!

          • Thank you for responding so quickly!
            That’s a bummer about Fetch, it looks like they had really happy clients.

            Did Mod Squad give you an option of phone vs non-phone or did you have to ask for it? I think they might be offering me a phone option, which I don’t want even if it would be $1 more an hour!

          • Hi Vicky! 🙂

            When I had my initial interview, it was for a phone position, but I had to let them know that since I had a baby that I wouldn’t be able to do phone work. I believe that interview was in the Spring of 14. Although I couldn’t come on (they let me know that they would call me back if something non-phone was available) to my surprise I did receive a call from them and began working around this time of 14. If you can do phone calls, I’d recommend letting them know this way you can get on and in with the company. If you realize that phone work isn’t for you while you are in the company, you can decide to choose some non-phone work if it’s available, which can happen often in cases. But this is a loyal company and will do their best to work with you. I know people that have been with the company 7+ years and they still love it. And if the pay isn’t what you want, don’t worry. You can always get another egg on the side. There are plenty of people that work for the company full time like myself and there are others that have several income jobs (whether it’s work from home or at a outside location). I hope to see you around there soon if you decide to accept the position! 🙂 Have a great night!

          • Tiffany,

            That information is so very helpful and just what I was hoping to hear. It will make me much less stressed for my interview. Thank you for taking the time to answer! Have a great weekend!

          • Hey Tiffany, Thanks again for all the info. I got hired with the ModSquad, I’m excited. At the same time was also hired on with InteliChek, which allows for background noise and pays even better than ModSquad. You seem like you don’t have a second job and this one would work with having a little one (they actually prefer the background noise) so thought I’d let you know.

    • I have been doing work from home for about the past 6 years , and there has been more down times then up times .to be honest .and to find one you like is even a harder obstacle. In the 80s I made 40k plus a year and had a great life , then once my family moved and once our business closed I don’t think I made 40k combined for the last 10 years.

      the area I live in is so stale job wise , so if it wasn’t for work from home jobs I would have nothing .
      most of the phone jobs I didn’t give it the time and left . and those do pay decent I made about 1500-2000 a month for some of them and was only 40 hours a week .. But I don’t really like them ,

      I do tons of research about 30 hours a week and I cant get over how some people here find these non phone jobs that pay well and are reliable, ive tried door dash , surveys , media work , man so many , and they are so stagnate and low paying it doesn’t even cover my electric bill .

      I then even got a invite for appen as a website evaluator , took the tests and passed , to then get a letter saying you passed !! but now we have no openings .lol .. then I am reading in blogs that they never have enough work for everyone , the systems are always down .. blah blah blah .. same stuff i read about for all non phone work ., so you get hired and still don’t make enough to make it worth it . Or you get a phone job that is steady pay with even some benefits , but now you are a sponge of robotic calls yelling at you all day long .. I cant even find a chat job in 6 years .
      I worked for non phone jobs for .. isoftstone,Utest,about 4 survey companys ,usertest,door dash,and probably 5 others I cant think of right now . and made a few dollars .

      So bottom line what I am getting at .. if you can make 2000 a month or more and its non phone .. you made it .lol and if its something you enjoy you do not mind putting in many hours .esp if the pay is there . But if I could ever land one of these steady paying non phone jobs , I would feel like a rock star.

      good luck everyone

  4. A nice list, Anna. I myself prefer Fiverr as micro job market. And if you have skills on SEO tasks, you can visit SEOClerk which is very famous on SEO area. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Bookmarked this list. You are right, it is always a good idea to have multiple sources of income, especially when you are dealing with work from home type jobs that can change or end without warning.

  6. Hi there Anna. Just thought I’d drop you a comment on this post (seemed as good as any) to say that I’ve read a few of your posts and I’m liking the blog! Expect to see me around in the comments! 😉

  7. I tried to sign up for Humanatic, and it says my e-mail is already registered, so I went to the forgot password page and it says my e-mail is not registered, and I don’t see any way to contact them about it.

  8. Thanks a mil! May you receive great blessings in this life.

    Gotta ? about the writing list. Why does Infoarmy have a strikethrough? I know this type of research is not everyone’s cup of tea but I’ve never heard bad things about the company itself.

    • The link may have been broken at one time. I have something set up on my site where if a link is broken, it automatically strikes it out. I will check and remove it as broken soon.

      Update – InfoArmy is actually no more. 🙁 Removed the link entirely.

  9. Great!! My back up is BoostCTR…even if I rarely use them. There is a sense of security and confidence in knowing it is there.

    • Do you need to have copywriting experience? It doesn’t have an option for 0 years of experience.

  10. What a great list of opportunities. Thanks for always being a great resource for stay at home work.

  11. Textbroker is pretty much my back up “egg”, which is funny really because they are where I started out, and I used to depend on them for the majority of my income! If you can get to a 5* (took me a year to get there though), you can make a really good income. I know some 4*s do well also. I think when I first started, some of my friends who have “real” journalism careers kind of snarled their nose at a content mill…but…you have to get a start somewhere! I have since found much more lucrative online resources and jobs,but it was likely my experience at Textbroker that helped me get there…and it’s nice to know they are still there when work is low elsewhere! I do highly recommend them as a great place to “get your feet wet” in the online freelancing world! I have also recently added Crowd Content, but I haven’t done anything there. I keep an “opportunities” folder on my favorites bar filled with links to a lot of places you mention here in your blog…hoping I someday can find time to look at them and add a few more eggs to the “just in case” basket)!

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