20 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs With No Startup Fee

So you want to work from home, and you don't have more than a few dollars (or less) to your name. You find some information online that appears to be legit and you get all excited — until you see that the company charges you $30 (or more) for a background check before you can even start working.

Suddenly the wind has been taken completely out of your sails.

Sound familiar? This is a typical scenario for many home job seekers.

The following is a list of companies you can work at home for that do not make you pay them for anything prior to starting work. Still, that doesn't mean you won't have to have certain equipment (headsets, etc.) or have a background check or drug test done.

It just means that either they pay for you to have these checks done, or that it's your responsibility to acquire your own equipment for working if you need something you don't already have.

Work From Home – Companies With No Fees 

It's worth noting before we begin that *most* freelance positions do not come with attached fees — freelance writing, short tasks, work at home data entry jobs, search evaluation, and some transcription companies. And we share many of these in our free weekly newsletters!

You are mainly going to see the fees with employee positions — particularly call center work from home. Still, the list below is a mix of freelance and employee positions.

Work at Home Jobs With No Start-Up Fees

3 Play Media – Read 3 Play Media Review – Work from home transcription editing. No fee to start.

Amazon – Read Amazon Review – Amazon regularly hires people for customer service jobs from home. It's usually necessary to live in or close to various locations nationwide in order to be considered, but they hire in many different locations. There are no fees associated with applying for this job.

When Amazon does have work at home jobs posted, they are often pulled within a day because they get so many applicants, so be quick if you see they are hiring.

Apple – Read Apple Review – You can work at home for Apple as a chat or phone support agent. They do not charge you any fees to apply and in fact if you are accepted, they will supply you with equipment to do the work.

Babbletype – Read Babbletype Review – This company hires home-based workers for transcription and transcription editing. You are not required to pay them any fees to start.

Blooms Today – Read Blooms Today Review – Absolutely no fees to start. They hire people to work from home taking flower orders for their customers. It's usually temporary, seasonal work.

Capital One – Read Capital One Review – This popular credit card company hires people to work from home handling their customer service. They charge no fees to get started. However, this is usually a location-based position (Virginia and Florida most of the time).

Convergys – Read Convergys Review – They hire at-home agents to answer incoming calls from home for their clients. There are no upfront fees to get started.

Fancy Hands – Read Fancy Hands Review – Work from home virtual assisting. There are no fees to start. Pay is per task, paid twice monthly.

Metaverse Mod Squad – Read Metaverse Review – They hire for work from home moderation and a few other moderation positions. They don't charge you anything to apply and get started.

NextWave Advocacy – Read NextWave Review – This company hires work from home outreach callers and writers. They charge absolutely no fees to get started working. I do not believe they do a background check at all. Pay is $12 hourly.

OnPoint Advocacy – Read OnPoint Review – Similar to NextWave (above). You do work from home writing and calling for political outreach. No fee whatsoever.

Sitel Work at Home – Read Sitel Review – They hire work from home call center agents. It states plainly in their FAQ that they pay for the cost of your background screening, credit check, and drug screen. You need no money to get through the application process and begin working.

Sutherland – This company hires home call center agents regularly. They may or may conduct a background check just depending on the client you're servicing. Their website does not mention a charge if a check is conducted, but feel free to correct me if there is one.

OneSupport – Read OneSupport Review – This company hires work from home agents for tech support positions. There are no fees associated with applying.

TeleTech – Read TeleTech Review – This is a company that hires work from home call center agents. There are no fees to start — they pay for the cost of your drug screening and background check.

Textbroker – Read Textbroker Review – You can work at home doing freelance writing for this company. They accept people with no experience, and they do not charge fees.

Time Etc. – Read Time Etc. Review – Work from home virtual assisting. It doesn't look like there are any fees associated with the application process.

Transcom – Read Transcom Review – This company hires work at home call center agents. They do credit checks, background checks, and often drug screens depending on the client you are servicing, but you may not have to cover the cost for these checks.

Tutor.com – Read Tutor.com Review – Work from home as an online tutor. There are no fees associated with applying. A background check is done, but they pay for it.

World Travel Holdings – Read World Travel Holdings Review – Work from home vacation sales. A $500 deposit is required for your computer which they send you, but this is taken out of your first five checks so you don't have to worry about coming up with it out of pocket. This company will also pay for your background check.

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  1. I worked for World Travel Holdings until I had to stop working for personal reasons. They are the best company I’ve ever worked for. They make sure you are trained very well. They are always there for you and, you’re selling or servicing cruises!! You can win free cruises and the work is so fun. Wish I was still able to do this. Try them…they are awesome and they pay very well!!

  2. Anna, Again I can not thank you enough for this wonderful website. I have a third interview/job offer with TeleTech tomorrow. I am very thankful for your website and allowing me to land a Work At Home Job.

  3. Good day Anna, I am from South Africa does these jobs from home employed people from other countries like South Africa thanks.

  4. mam i am nawin . i wish to do a home job like typing and data entry without starting fee . please give me the link to apply for that

      • I’m new here looking to work from home what do I need to do because every other site I have to pay to start?

        • Any of the links above should take you to actual work at home jobs that do not require fees. Just click the links, read about the jobs, and apply for the ones you’re interested in just like you would with a regular job (if those places are hiring). Good luck!

  5. I’m new at this site. I am looking for at home jobs to supplement my ssi disability income. Could anyone give me some ideas on how to go about this. Thank you in advance for your replies.

    • Hi and welcome! You might want to check out some of the sites on this list. They are all flexible and pretty good for supplemental (or maybe even more) income: https://realwaystoearnmoneyonline.com/big-list-of-work-whenever-you-want-jobs-from-home/

  6. Hi, I’m new to this page but what it’s wonderful to know there are actually legitimate jobs out there! I am interested in finding home jobs that don’t require a specific location. Because currently I am residing in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

    Looking forward your reply.

    Best Regards,

    Shan Asharaf

    • They always have charged a fee. They are not a company hiring people to work at home, their site is a job board that posts hundreds of work at home/flexible jobs every day that you can browse, and it’s not free to access. They work with a ton of legit employers to find candidates, and the reason they charge a subscription fee is because they do not use advertisements on their site for making money like many other websites.

      It’s just a good resource I recommend to readers for finding even more legitimate options since FlexJobs guarantees their listings against scams.

    • Linda, I think they recently changed their links around. You can see their current job openings here – http://www.support.com/about-us/careers/current-openings/.

  7. Uber is no longer hiring US agents. Most positions are now going overseas and they continue to lay off the US reps.

  8. hi , fancy hands charge a package fee they vary from basic to unlimited i thought you could just work on it without a star-up fee

    • That’s for people signing up to use the service. If you want to work for them, you go here to apply — no fee — https://www.fancyhands.com/job/apply

  9. Does anyone know of a stay at home job in Oklahoma for a mom of 2 toddler boys ? Preferably not a phone job. TIA

  10. Hello
    Im new to this site but I am interested in finding out about the capital one position if it still exists…

    • Are you in or near Glen Allen, VA? Looks like right now they have a work from home opening there – http://jobs.capitalone.com/richmond/call-center-and-customer-service/jobid7209213-full-time-work-at-home-customer-service-associate-jobs

  11. Amazon called me awhile back and asked if I was still interested in working from home and after the big speech it was $200 to get my website setup…couldn’t afford it so they are not free unless it was a scam

    • That’s more then likely a scam. I went through the process with Amazon, and all they required was a computer with high speed internet access, a landline, and a noise canceling headset (and even supplied a headset) for taking their inbound calls. Their remote jobs are for customer service agents to assist customers with their accounts, orders, etc. You don’t need a website for that!

  12. Hi, I’m new to this page but what it’s wonderful to know there are actually legitimate jobs out there! I am interested in finding home jobs that don’t require a specific location so if you or any of your readers find or know of any I would appreciate finding out about them. Thank You so much!


  13. I worked for TeleTech a few years ago. I didn’t pay for anything upfront – maybe that has changed since. They were supposed to send me a headset, but they sent it to the wrong address despite having my correct one on file and I never got it. I didn’t get to choose the hours I wanted to work and they had me working a 6pm to 1am shift. That just wasn’t practical for me at the time and after asking for a switch but being denied, I quit. The whole experience was a cluster f.

    • I worked for teletech recently from home and asked to be moved into a different client because the one I was working for I could no longer deal with the customers yelling at me personally for something the company did to wrong them. I was told by my team leader she’d look into it, she got back to me and said we can’t move you to another client and said me asking for to be moved was quitting so I have no job now. No wonder there was over 100 people being hired each day?! They’d rather loose someone they trained for over a month and hire new.

  14. Capital one also doesn’t charge anything for equipment or background checks. you’re given the equipment on the first day during the days of the on site training.

  15. I just turned down Teletech, they do make you pay for a background check. Not the reason I turned down, they didn’t have any more 3rd shift openings.

    • Really? Thanks for letting me know. It says in their FAQ they won’t make you pay for it, so I’m surprised to learn they actually do. Did you ask them why you were being asked to pay when it says in their FAQ that you don’t have to?

      • No, I actually didn’t view it before hand. I found the position on Career builder and it said so in the description. On the day of orientation we were told that after or during training we would have to submit the background info and fee before the week we start taking calls. She also said it would not be refunded. I think it said so in the initial offer letter as well.

      • I actually start training with them on Monday and I didn’t have to pay anything up front. They covered everything. Not looking forward to only making 8.50/hr but hey, it’s a start 🙂

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