30 Work From Home Jobs With Benefits (Many Open Now!)

In this post, you'll find a listing of 30 work from home jobs with benefits. This includes everything from health insurance to 401K.

With more and more companies joining the work at home bandwagon, there are quite a few well-known companies that will hire remote workers, pay them a reasonable wage, and best of all — they will offer competitive benefits for those who need them.

So, what are a few of these companies offering the best of both worlds—working at home and benefits?

Below is a list of 30 of them, and I am certain that you will recognize most — if not all — of the names. Note that most of these are not part time work at home positions because benefits are typically reserved for full time workers.

If any of the positions below are closed (takes you to a 404 error page or says “listing not found”), please be mindful that this is a time-sensitive article and job openings do come and go rather quickly.

However, I would recommend going to that company's main “Careers” or “Hiring” pages to check for other or similar openings that may be open instead if you like the benefits that they are offering.

30 Work From Home Jobs With Benefits

1 – Fetch Pet Insurance

Fetch Pet Insurance hires regularly for different remote positions, although I most offer see them hiring for remote customer retention jobs.

To work for them, you do typically have to have past customer service and/or retention experience as well as an insurance background/licensing in multiple states.

Fetch doesn't list their pay rate on their site, but they do offer benefits which include 401k, paid time off, discounts on their insurance products, and more.

Go here to check for remote openings with Fetch Pet Insurance.

2 – Ollie Pets

Ollie Pets frequently has remote jobs open which may include customer experience associates, data analysts, and more. Some of these jobs may require you live in or near Salt Lake City, UT and Nashville, TN as this is where the company intends to relocate in the future.

Ollie doesn't list the salary, but they do describe it as “competitive.” You will receive benefits which include a stake in the company, 401k, health coverage, paid parental leave, and more.

Go here to check for remote openings with Ollie Pets.

3 – Foundever

This is a well-known business process-outsourcing company. They frequently have openings for various remote telephone jobs. Many of the positions have fairly steep experience requirements, and don't be surprised if you have to do some selling as a basic part of the job.

Benefits include medical and dental insurance, along with a 401k plan. Pay is typically in the $14 per hour range, although this will vary depending on the position.

Go here to see their US-based remote openings. If you are located outside the US, you can find your country on this page and check for openings.

4 – Crowdstrike

If you know your way around a computer, you might enjoy working for this internet security company. They hire quite a few remote workers for all sorts of different jobs. Some of the openings are pretty high-end, including management positions, but there are also occasionally entry-level jobs available.

Salaries vary a great deal depending on the position, but most jobs seem to pay more than $50k per year, and have nice benefits packages.

To learn more about Crowdstrike and have a look at their current openings, go here.

5 – Erie Insurance

Like most insurance companies, this firm offers a benefits package for most of their employees.

They hire for quite a few different remote position, especially in their customer support department. The pay and specific benefits will tend to vary some depending on the job.

To find out more about Erie and check for current openings, take a look at their careers page.

6 – Hubspot

This company produces a popular marketing, sales, and service software suite. They've embraced quite a few innovative practices designed to increase employee retention, and morale.

One of the most interesting is their focus on flexjobs. For many people that may be a new term – it was for me when I first heard it. What it basically means is that you can go to the office on some days, and work at home on others.

There may be certain situations where you'd absolutely have to go into the office, for crucial meetings and things like that, but otherwise you're often free to decide for yourself.

Many of this company's jobs are pretty high end, and have stiff requirements, but they offer an excellent benefits package.

If you'd like to find out more about Hubspot, we have a fairly recent in-depth review here. To check their current openings, have a look at their careers page.

7 – Apple

This well known software and hardware company hires quite a few remote workers for certain types of positions, particularly customer service professionals through their “At Home Adviser” program.

The average pay is about $30k a year, and they tout a “robust” benefits package, but don't provide any significant details.

To find out more about Apple's work from home jobs, read our article here, or check out their At Home Advisor home-page.

8 – Capital One

This bank and credit card company usually has several remote positions available. Then Capital One also gives you incentives once you complete their on-site training.

Capital One offers benefits that include 401(k), medical, dental, and vision. The type of benefits you receive may depend on your position and the amount of hours you work.

You can read our review of remote jobs at Capital One here. Or, you can go here to see if they're hiring home-based workers now. Note they are usually only hiring people who live in FL and VA.

9 – Amazon

Everyone knows this company, but many may not realize how much they've expanded into the work-from-home sphere. Positions range from basic customer service jobs, all the way up to senior management positions.

Amazon's benefits package is apparently top-notch, including all the basics (medical, dental, vision) as well as the option to invest in company stock.

To learn more about Amazon's work at home opportunities, and check their current openings, go here.

10 – QVC

QVC often needs remote customer service reps to work at home. Hiring locations vary, but it's usually a handful of states in the US. Right now, they are looking for people in South Carolina, Idaho, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas.

The pay rate is listed at $15 hourly, and you will receive benefits if hired. These include 401k, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, employee discounts, parental leave, and more.

Go here to apply.

11 – Alorica

This company dabbles in a lot of different industries – everything from customer experience management, to digital solutions – and a significant portion of their workforce are off-site employees.

They frequently hire remote virtual call-center employees, mostly in customer service oriented positions. The starting pay isn't that great (around $15 per hour), but they do offer a benefits package that includes medical and dental insurance.

To learn more about Alorica, you can read our company review here, and you can go here to check their current openings.

12 – Tandem Diabetes Care

Tandem Diabetes Care hires for many different remote tech support roles throughout the US. They specifically look for people who are bilingual (English/French and English/Spanish) but it does not say this is a requirement.

The tech support roles will pay at least $18 hourly, but this could be more depending on your skills and location.

The benefits package includes medical, dental, vision, health savings accounts and flexible saving accounts. You’ll also receive 11 paid holidays per year, a minimum of 20 days of paid time off (starting in year 1) and have access to a 401k plan with company match.

Go here to check for openings with Tandem Diabetes Care.

13 – Mathys+Potestio

This company is currently hiring a Customer Service Coordinator in the US.

You will engage with their audience, troubleshoot issues, and respond to retail inquiries. Requires an associate degree or equivalent customer service experience.

Pay should range between $15 and $17 hourly. Benefits, which include PTO, health and dental insurance, and/or 401(k), after some time.

Go here to apply.

14 – Humana

This is one of the largest health insurance companies in the USA. In recent years, they've been hiring quite a few remote employees in a variety of fields, from customer service, to telephone-based nursing consultants.

With such a wide variety of remote positions available, the pay obviously varies quite a bit. Like most insurance companies they offer a great benefits package, including health, dental, life, and vision coverage, along with retirement plans and a whole bunch of other perks.

To have a look at Humana's current job offerings and read more about the company, go here.

15 – Century Link

This telephone and Internet provider frequently hires remote customer service representatives and sales support representatives. You will be selling their phone or Internet services or service packages to callers.

Then again, if you are customer service, you will be assisting those who already have the service. The only drawback is that you must have their service in your home or live in an area where you can switch over to their services in order to be eligible for a job.

The pay varies depending on the position, with a wide range of benefits, and you may check out the unique qualifications per each job.

The benefits may include medical insurance, dental insurance, vision plan, health and wellness programs, EAP (Employee Assistance Program), paid time off, holidays, 401(k), dependent day care spending, life insurance, short and long term disability, and career development programs.

Go here to learn more about working at home for Century Link.

16 – Juni Learning

If you have a college background, especially in computer sciences, you might be a good fit as a remote instructor for this web-based tutoring company. They also occasionally hire remote customer service reps.

The tutoring job requires you to commit to at least 8-hours a week, for a minimum of 3-months, and the starting pay is around $20 or more hourly. There's apparently a benefits package for both jobs, but the details are not disclosed.

To find out more about Juni Learning tutoring jobs, go here. They also post some remote job openings on their LinkedIn profile.

17 – Doxo

Doxo is almost always hire remote software engineers, and there are occasionally openings for remote customer support specialists as well. These positions are for US residents.

The pay rate will vary depending on what you are hired for. The most recent posting for customer support listed at a starting salary ranging between $40k yearly and $65k yearly.

If you are skilled in software engineering, you can expect to earn over $100k yearly working for Doxo from home.

Doxo offers benefits, which include health coverage, equity grants, 401k, paid time off, and more.

Go here to check for remote openings with Doxo.

18 – Squarespace

Squarespace has occasional openings for remote customer support advisors. These usually require that you are located in Hawaii, but I have seen it posted before where you just need to leave in an area in the Pacific time zone.

Full-time. Respond to customer-submitted live chats and email in a timely manner. Must have 1+ years customer-facing experience required in a similar role (retail, hospitality, online support).

They are also looking for people who have familiarity with the Squarespace platform (for building websites). Cash Compensation Range: $35,800 – $39,000 USD.

Squarespace offers a generous benefits package which includes your choice of medical plans, health savings account, retirement benefits with employer match, paid time off, and more.

Go here to apply if you are located in Hawaii and would qualify.

19 – Assembly Health

Assembly Health is currently hiring payment posters to work remotely full-time.

You will download and post electronic payments, among other responsibilities.

Looking for people with basic knowledge of billing and insurance practices and procedures.

Benefits offered, but pay rate is not given. Benefits include paid time off and paid holidays.

Go here to apply if the opening is still active.

20 – College Board

College Board is currently hiring remote customer care specialists in the US.

Full-time. As a Specialist, Customer Care, you will be responsible for managing all SAT, PSAT, AP and CLEP escalated customer service matters to full resolution.

Looking for people with 2-3 years of customer service experience managing customer escalations in a high-volume customer service operations.

Benefits offered. The hiring range for a new employee in this position is $32,000 to $57,000. Benefits include health, dental, and vision insurance, generous paid time off, paid parental leave, fertility benefits, pet insurance, tuition assistance, retirement benefits, and more.

Go here to apply if the opening is active.

21 – Service 800

This firm builds virtual customer service teams for larger companies.

They frequently hire remote workers to staff their virtual call-centers. The jobs tend to be location-based, and they offer a benefits package.

To find out more about Service 800, and check for current openings, go here.

22 – Concentrix

Concentrix hires remote customer service agents to do a variety of day-to-day tasks for their clients. These tasks might include phone work, email management, and web channels. Many of their clients are household names, such as Samsung and Apple. The pay varies depending on the position and your location.

Concentrix offers benefits including pension plans, holiday pay, and flexible scheduling.

Go here to read our review of remote jobs with Concentrix. Or, go here to check the work at home openings at Concentrix.

23 – CVS Health

CVS Health hires remote workers for all sorts of different positions, including app developers, customer service reps, managers, health consultants, and a number of others.

The benefits package is first class, with everything from health insurance, to family wellness plans, and retirement packages.

Visit their Careers page to check their current job openings (they hire through CVS Health).

24 – Enterprise

This well-known car rental service hires both customer service representatives as well as reservation and sales support.

Customer service agents start at $17.25 hourly, although this may vary depending on the state you live in. They don't hire in all states, so you would need to check to see if your state was one of the ones in which they do hire.

If you are full-time, you are eligible several benefits including health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, disability, retirement, time off (paid and unpaid), leaves of absence, and adoption assistance.

Go here to read our review of remote jobs with Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Or, go here to see the work at home openings available at Enterprise now.

25 – Unum

This company helps large firms provide various kinds of insurance for their employees. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that they offer a decent benefits package for their own workers. They frequently hire remote customer service staff, with a base salary around $33k per year.

We did an in-depth review of this company not too long ago that you can check out for more info, or you can go here to see their current openings.

26 – Batesville

Batesville currently has an opening for a remote customer service rep in the US.

Schedule will require that you work one weekend day every week and do a four day week with ten hour days or five day week with 8 hour days. Hours are typically 9am-7pm ET but need flexibility up to 8 or 9pm to cover operating hours.

Offers benefits and competitive pay. Requires at least one year of past customer service experience.

Benefits include comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance, as well as prescription coverage, short-term disability, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and more. They also offer 401k matching and paid time off.

Go here to apply if the opening is still posted.

27 – TTEC

TTEC hires inbound customer service agents and outbound sales agents among other remote roles. Unfortunately, TeleTech does not hire in all 50 states. They do have some openings outside the US as well.

You are required to work between 20 to 40 hours and based on your hours you may be eligible to have benefits such as health insurance, dental coverage and 401(k).

Go here to read our review of remote jobs at TTE. Or, go here to see TTEC's current work at home openings.

28 – Formstack

This company, whose main product is a slick online tool for creating web-forms, has built their entire business around the idea of a remote workforce.

The pay varies significantly depending on the position you're hired for. Lately they've been adding customer support personnel, which is probably the closest thing they have to an entry level position. The jobs pay about $75k per year or more, and include a decent benefits package with a 401k and insurance.

To find out more about Formstack and see if they have any current openings, go here.

29 – U-Haul

The popular moving van rental company hires customer service reps to service those calls who are either on the road using the moving equipment from U-Haul or who might be on the road soon using the equipment.

Most of the remote positions pay $14 an hour to start. Both full and part-time employees are offered benefits.

This is a work from home job with benefits. For full-time workers, the benefits include medical, dental, limited-care medical plan, life insurance, travel insurance, 401(k) plan, stock plan, educational assistance, U-Haul discounts, paid holidays, vacations, and credit union.

Part-time benefits include a limited medical plan, travel insurance, a 401(k) plan, stock plan, U-Haul discounts, and credit union membership.

Go here to read our review of remote jobs at U-Haul. Or, go here to see the current work at home openings at U-Haul.

30 – World Travel Holdings

This is a company that sells and services vacationers. You could work as a customer service agent or a travel agent among other remote roles.

Their remote employee benefits include health Insurance, dental Insurance, a 401(k) plan, paid vacations, paid sick days, and disability insurance. World Travel Holdings also offers free or greatly discounted trips to its employees to allow them to experience first-hand the trips they sell.

Go here to read our review of remote jobs at World Travel Holdings. Or, go here to check their current openings.

Well, there you have it! Work at home jobs with both pay and benefits.

Because these companies are offering benefits, you are an employee and not an independent contractor. These jobs are also only available to those eligible to work in the United States.

31 – Bullhorn

Bullhorn is a reputable company with many different remote jobs across different industries. They also offer positions in countries outside the US.

If you are hired to work for them, they provide the equipment you need to do the work. And they also provide benefits which includes paid time off, health benefits, and more.

Go here to browse the open remote jobs at Bullhorn.

For More Job Leads – Check FlexJobs For Even More Well-Known Companies Hiring Remotely

FlexJobs is one of my favorite sites to use for finding remote jobs and learning about new companies that hire remotely. Most of what I see there when I check the listings pays well above minimum wage and are known companies.

The great thing about FlexJobs is that they guarantee ALL listings are scam-free. They list hundreds of jobs — all of which are either remote or flexible in nature — five days per week. There are also no ads on the site.

Because there are no ads, they do charge a membership fee since that is the only way they can see a return on their job-searching efforts. But it's cheap — you can get access to their listings for just $2.95 for a few weeks to be sure you like it!

If you sign up and don't like it, it's very easy to cancel right away so you are not billed again for the following month.

Go here to check out FlexJobs.

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