Swipe Your Phone & Earn Rewards With the Fronto App

This post was sponsored by Fronto. However, all opinions stated are my own.

If you like the apps you can download that pay you for unlocking your phone,  I think you may really like Fronto.

It seems there have been a lot of these apps popping up here and there lately, and they definitely offer a way to earn extra cash and rewards for doing something simple that you already do multiple times per day — unlock your phone.

Fronto is currently only available for Android smartphones and US residents.

How It Works

After you install the Fronto app, you will begin seeing different types of content on your lock screen.

Unlike the other similar “get paid to unlock your phone” apps, Fronto does not just display advertisements. In addition to advertisements, you might also see interesting articles to read. In fact, interesting articles will most likely make up half of the content that you see.

If you swipe right, you go to your home screen like always. If you swipe left, where you go will depend on the content displayed on your lock screen. You might end up on a webpage or the Google Play store.

Swiping left and engaging with the sponsored content on your phone is how you earn points that you can redeem for cash or gift cards. Engaging with content means you visit the webpage for the ad, read an article, or download an app that was advertised on your lock screen.

You can only participate in sponsored content and earn from it three times per hour.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

As mentioned above, this app pays you in redeemable points that may be converted to cash or gift codes. The exact amount you get per interaction with sponsored promotions will of course depend on the advertiser, but it could be anywhere from a few pennies to a few dollars.

On average, most Fronto users can expect to earn anywhere from $15 to $20 monthly from point redemptions, so this one may be a little more lucrative than other similar apps.

How You Get Paid With Fronto

Once you have earned at least 25,000 points with Fronto, you can request your earnings either in the form of Paypal cash or gift codes (Amazon, Starbucks, etc.).

Payments are made in real time, so no waiting around after you redeem. You just choose your redemption — Paypal cash, Amazon or other gift card, or coupons — and they are immediately sent to you right then and there.

Bottom Line

Even though this one is new, it's very promising so far.

I definitely like that your lock screen can display interesting articles rather than just ads, and of course getting paid immediately after you redeem is a huge plus! I'm very much in favor of the extra cash opportunities where you don't wait for your money after you ask for it.

If you have an Android device, you may want to try this one out and see how lucrative it is for you. So far it has high reviews in the Google Play store — four stars out of almost 3,000 reviews.

How to Get the Fronto App

Just visit Google Play and download it here. Good luck, and be sure to comment below if you've tried it and want to tell us how it's going!

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8 thoughts on “Swipe Your Phone & Earn Rewards With the Fronto App”

  1. I rather use the paypal feature and redeem points every $3-$5 to make sure I get my money that let it accrue too much and risk the app crashing and not be able to redeem my points. I rather get actual cash sent to my paypal then agift card. Then I can use the money however I want.

  2. Hey Anna! Just read the review and wanted to know what’s your take on it at the moment? I started using it along with other similar apps like MooCash, Slidejoy, Perk Unlock, etc. So far so good, I think lockscreen apps like this one are great to use on an old phone that you don’t use much.

  3. I love fronto! Easy to use and when you cash out you get your earnings right away, not hours later like some other apps. Use my code Sarahj4077 for 1250 free points!

  4. I made over 67,030 points and it just stopped people downloaded from the link and I dont earn anymore can someone tell me why?

  5. A very good app indeed. You can earn without doing anything unlike others. I have also a good list of apps that pays, be sure to check it out sometime.

  6. Just downloaded this one and already I can tell it’s going to wreak havoc with my pseudo ADD! By the time I get past the information on my lock screen, I forget why I was going into my phone in the first place! LOL!

  7. I’ve been using this app for a couple of days now. I like it because there are a lot of point opportunities, but what I dislike about it, is that it took over my lock screen picture, as it is now my permanent lock screen, and it has made me phone start acting weird. Freezing mainly, something it never did before. I’ve done a couple of hours of trying to get points and have about 6,000 so far, but it takes 120,000+ to get a decent amount gift card, so it will be a while lol. All in all, so far the app is okay.

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