Dine Out and Earn Rewards With the Seated App

Today, we have a Seated app review for you. This app makes it possible to earn rewards for something you're probably already doing on occasion — dining out!

Is dining out one of your favorite things to do with friends and family?

Do you prefer fine dining over fast casual or fast food?

Are you looking for additional ways to earn back some of the money you’ve spent dining out?

Well, then the Seated app might be a tool you will want to download to your phone.

What Exactly Is the Seated App?

The Seated app allows patrons of some of the finest restaurants the opportunity to earn cash rewards towards their favorite shopping brands. You can earn back up to 30% of the meal total just by snapping a picture of the receipt.

Headquartered in New York City, the app was originally developed to help restaurateurs bring back the joy of fine dining. With more consumers choosing to eat at home using a food delivery service or participating in more casual dining experiences, restaurateurs were experiencing a noticeable “empty table problem”. The Seated app helps re-introduce the consumer to fine dining while bringing in more revenue for the restaurant and better tips for the servers.

Also, for every meal booked, Seated will donate one meal to a child in need via ShareTheMeal, which is part of the United Nation’s World Food Initiative.

How Does the Seated App Work?

Go to either the Apple Store (iPhone) or the Google Play store (Android) and download the Seated app. Once downloaded, you may begin browsing over 1,500 participating restaurants located in New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.

Choose from a wide variety of ethnic cuisine and locations within your selected city. Once you have chosen your desired restaurant:

  • Book the restaurant or walk-in using the walk-in button on the app.
  • Enjoy your meal, remembering to snap a picture of the receipt.
  • Choose your rewards and apply them to brands such as Amazon, Uber, and others. (As of October 2019, they did expand their rewards list to include many more brands including travel brands.)

You are even rewarded for last-minute reservations as well as off-peak hours. Large parties of 12 or more are also encouraged as are birthdays, corporate meals, and other special occasions.

While it is acceptable to walk-in, there may not be any vacant tables, so you may still want to call ahead to make sure there will be a table for you and your guests.

Large parties are welcome and encouraged, but the rule is one booking equals one reward incentive. Obviously the larger the party, the larger the cash back rewards will be.

What Are Some of the Reviews of the Seated App?

The Apple Store gave Seated a 4.7 out of 5 star ratingGoogle Play gave Seated a 3 out of 5 star rating;  and Money Ninja gave them a 9.3 out of 10 star rating.

Some of the comments mentioned how they enjoyed the additional sign-up bonus as well as how well the app worked. Others mentioned that they liked not having to forgo their credit card rewards or mileage rewards to participate.

In other words, the Seated app gives you additional rewards to add to what you are already receiving elsewhere.

One complaint was there weren’t more participating cities. Only the cities previously mentioned—New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and Atlanta—currently participate. However, there is mention that more will be added to the app in the future!

How Can Interested Individuals Use the Seated App?

Download the app as previously mentioned, then you can begin using it. Once downloaded, you can browse the participating restaurants.

If you choose to download it, enjoy and bon appétite!

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