Earn Extra Money Answering Questions For 1Q – Pays Fast!

Do you enjoy fast, easy money? Do you love it when people pick your brain? Do you usually have your smart phone with you? Then 1Q might be something for you to try.

What Exactly is 1Q?

1Q is one of those fun and easy sites where you can answer a few questions and make money. Questions come in off and on throughout the day, and you answer them via your PC or laptop or on your smart phone by downloading the app.

Questions are usually demographically specific and are based on where you live. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google all make money on your answers by conducting research.

For years, advertisers have marketed to us and took up minutes or hours of our valuable time.

The company, 1Q, feels that if they are going to do that then they should pay us for our time. If they want to ask us a question about a product, then they should pay for us to answer that question.

1Q can also post the question on your Facebook account via private message, although connecting your Facebook account to 1Q is optional.

What Do Need to Have to Answer Questions For 1Q?

You will need to have a:

  • Smartphone (Apple or Android), laptop, or PC
  • PayPal account
  • Email address
  • Phone number that is not a Google voice number

How Much and When Does 1Q Pay?

1Q pays immediately upon your answer via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you will need to get one. 1Q charges no fees and your money made is your money made.

Every answer is paid either .25 or .50 cents. When you register, you're asked if you'd prefer to receive .25 or .50 cents per question, and it says that if you choose the .25 cent option, you'll likely get more questions.

Does 1Q Have an Affiliate or Referral Program?

1Q had an affiliate program where you could share your personal 1Q link and get paid .25 cents for every friend you refer, but they have paused it for now.

They are however paying users for customer referrals (getting people/businesses to sign up and submit questions they need answered).

Is 1Q Available in All Countries?

1Q is available in the United States and a few other countries. They are adding countries all the time. If you are uncertain, you can send them a message to see if they are open to your country.

Do They Actually Pay?

Some readers have commented and emailed to let us know they have been paid by 1Q. So yes, it appears that they have paid survey respondents.

How Do Interested Individuals Sign Up on 1Q?

Go to the website and click on Register to Earn. Good luck.

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14 thoughts on “Earn Extra Money Answering Questions For 1Q – Pays Fast!”

  1. I joined less than a week ago, but I’ve already had 3 questions, all of which I got paid for almost instantly. They do warn that it can be quite variable as to how many questions you might get, but nonetheless they do what they claim to do.

  2. I’ve had 1Q for a month or so. I will say they do pay, and right away too. I haven’t got many questions though. Only a few, so I don’t even think about it most of the time; just if I get a text for a question (which may be why I don’t get a lot, I only get them through texts) I think “cool I just made $.25 and let it sit in Paypal to be added to other funds.

  3. I checked out what it’s like to ask a question there.. It costs money, depending on how many answers you want.. So like if you want 6 answers, it will cost $6. I don’t think anyone wants to pay money to ask a simple question therefore, we aren’t getting many sent to us.. But that’s just my opinion.

    • I saw that too but I think this is basically geared towards companies that are looking for statistics for one thing or another and maybe more towards smaller companies. Larger companies I think would go for a bigger audience and not pay per question they want to ask but I could be wrong. For individuals to ask questions there are many other ways to get answers. It could just be that this company is too new yet and still in the growing stages on making this work. I had sent a few emails and they were always nice and answered questions but when you are looking for ways to make money that only goes so far. I do wish them well and I hope this comes around for them.

      • Ditto Cheryl. I believe they are mainly targeting businesses for their clients, moreso than just individual people.

  4. @Hugo – Thanks, Anna for getting to Hugo for me. Hugo, all should be okay for you to log in now.

    @Money Makin’ Diana H – Good to know about Surveys On The go, Panel App, and Qriket! Never hurts to have a few extra up under the ol’ sleeve. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I downloaded the app a week ago, and never got one survey! You should look into Surveys On The Go they are pretty persistent! Also look into the Panel App, and Qriket!! they are awesome apps to earn rewards 🙂 You have a great site btw!

  6. I have been with them for some time however I have not found this one to be very beneficial. The first week I signed on with them was great but since and has turned into a big goose egg. I just removed their app from my phone a few days ago and gave up on them. Sorry to be a downer on this one.

  7. Hi Leisa,

    I went to the the followng site link https://1q.com/register, but none of the options work. Has it worked for you?


    • I registered earlier with no problems. Are you in the US? If not, it could be that they aren’t open to your country.

      • ETA – If you used my referral link above, that is why it didn’t work since the referral program is paused. If you go directly to the site with this link, it may work – https://1q.com/register

        You can also check at the top of the site for a blue tab that says, “Register to Earn.” If you click that, it may let you sign up.

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