Honeygain Review – Share Your Internet Bandwidth and Earn

Everybody needs extra money, but unfortunately there are only so many hours in a day, and many people are already grinding as hard as they can. One of the best strategies to increase your monthly pay without adding to your workload is to look for ways to earn passive income.

Most passive income ventures involve doing a lot of upfront work to create something people want or need (like an ebook or a blog) and then letting that product bring in money over time. That can work great if you have the right skills and knowledge, but what if you can't take the time to build a website or write a book?

That's where Honeygain comes in. It's an app that can give you a (very) small passive income stream, and all you have to do is install it on your various devices. I should mention up-front that Honeygain isn't going to earn you a living – not even close – but as an extra cash opportunity it's pretty neat because it requires almost no effort on your part.

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How Does Honeygain work?

Honeygain makes their money by selling crowdsourced internet bandwidth. In this case, the bandwidth comes from users of the app. Once you install it, Honeygain's clients, mostly big-name companies you've probably heard of, will be able to utilize your bandwidth for a variety of different purposes. Over time, you'll earn credits that you can turn into extra cash.

All you have to do is make sure your device is turned on and has access to the internet. Honeygain will run in the background, and gradually you'll begin to accumulate small amounts of money.

What Do These Companies Do With My Bandwidth?

According to Honeygain's website, there are quite a few different ways their clients utilize your bandwidth through the app.

For example, some companies use it to do SEO research: sending out requests to search-engines, and analyzing the results. Others search for brand piracy, scanning products on various retail sites to make sure no one is ripping off their ideas.

Additionally, Honeygain has recently added a new feature where companies can use your bandwidth to crowdstream multi-media content. This works a little differently than other aspects of the service, and you have the option of leaving it turned off in the app, but if you turn it on, you'll get paid on an hourly basis, just for offering access to your bandwidth, even if none of Honeygain's clients ever use it.

I'm sure some of you are probably wondering how much inconvenience you might have to deal with to use an app like this.

The good news is that all these activities are happening in the background. From what I can understand, running Honeygain won't affect your internet browsing in any noticeable way. Everything occurs at the data-level, behind the scenes and out of your sight.

Does Honeygain Spy On My Browsing Activities?

This is exactly what I thought of when I first started researching Honeygain. I figured this was something that might compromise my internet privacy. However, based on everything I've read, that doesn't *appear * to be an issue.

Honeygain promises right up front that they don't collect any information from their users' personal internet behavior. They just utilize your broadband connection to send out data-requests and conduct research that's specific to the needs of their clients.

Basically, you're just selling internet bandwidth, and nothing else. The bandwidth is used to collect data, but the data they're collecting is not your data. For some people this probably sounds like a pretty small distinction, and many may not trust Honeygain's promises.

If you're extremely concerned about internet privacy, I wouldn't blame you for deciding to give Honeygain a pass, just on general principles. There've been companies in the past who've made similar claims about privacy, and later on you find out they were secretly mining user-data all along, so a certain amount of suspicion is probably warranted in these cases.

Based on my research, Honeygain seems like it's probably legit and safe to use, but each individual will have to make his or her own decisions about who to trust when it comes to internet security.

How Much Can I Earn

There are quite a few different factors that impact your earning potential with Honeygain, including your location, and how many devices you've installed the app on.

Based on my research, it sounds like $50 a month is possible in many cases if you run the app 24-hours a day, and earning around $25 per month or more seems to be fairly common. That's not a huge amount of money, but it's not too bad either, especially since you don't really have to do any work.

Quick note: I also found people on Reddit claiming they had tweaked their setup to the point where they were able to earn more than $100 a month. This seems to involve a lot more effort, but it's apparently possible if you get everything fully optimized.

How do I Get Paid?

The money is delivered via Paypal, and you need to earn a minimum of $20 to request a payout.


I mostly used Reddit to look for user opinions and discussion on Honeygain. There were quite a few posts available (lots of people seem to be using the app) and most folks seem to have a positive view of it, although there were some who didn't enjoy it nearly as much.

The good news is that most people seem to be earning some amount of money, but the actual earnings tend to vary pretty wildly. Some people have trouble earning more than twenty-cents per day, while others, especially those who've optimized everything, are raking in much, much more than that.

Based on everything I've read, it sounds like your location will be a big factor in determining your maximum potential, so you'll just have to try it and see how it works out. You might also want to do some research into the various tricks Honeygain users rely on to improve earnings – there's quite a bit of information available on the topic, but be warned, some of it will require a fairly high degree of technical savvy.

How to Get Started

If you're interested in trying Honeygain, check out their website here to read more about it and download the app.

Good luck to you if you try it out!

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