Field Agent App Review – Earn Side Income With Your Phone!

If you happen to be an iPhone or Android owner, you'll be happy to know that there are tons of ways you can earn money with these devices — and the Field Agent app may be one of the most profitable I've come across so far.

We've done the research for you, and you'll learn what you need to know about how it works in this Field Agent app review.

How does the Field Agent app work?

Get on your phone and go to your app store. Do a quick search for “Field Agent,” and download the app. It's completely free.

Once the app is installed, you can set it to check for jobs in your local area. These jobs vary greatly, but for the most part they involve doing things inside stores.

Like for example, a job recently showed up on my phone through the Field Agent app asking me to take a picture of a certain type of turkey inside the deli display case at my local grocery store.

Another one I saw was to take a picture of how many notches were on the shelf just under the monitor hanging from a Wal-Mart end cap display in the Pharmacy section.

I didn't do either of these, but if I had, I could have simply accepted the job, took the required pictures, and uploaded them to Field Agent.

After my submissions were approved, I would have been paid for the jobs.

For more help in getting the app up and running, and for troubleshooting help, you should check out the I'm a Field Agent site. It's chock full of tips and resources for Field Agent users.

How much does Field Agent pay?

Pay varies from job to job, but from what I've seen most jobs pay anywhere from a few dollars up to as much as twelve dollars. The money you earn should show up in your Field Agent account within 48 hours after you've completed a job.

You can then request that the money be sent to via direct deposit or prepaid card. Currently these are the only two methods of payment available.

What is an Agent Score?

You start off with a “score” of 85/100. As you do more and more jobs accurately, your score goes up. It could also go down if you don't follow directions or reserve jobs without executing them.

The higher your score, the better the chances are that you'll get access to the higher-paying stuff. After you reserve a job, you have 120 minutes to complete it, so don't reserve anything unless you know you can be at the specified location within that time period.

According to the website, not all jobs require that you visit a store and that in fact some can be done from home, but I haven't seen any on my list yet that don't require being at a store.

Is Field Agent open outside the US?

Yes. Field Agent is open to the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Spain, South Africa, Australia, and Ecuador.

What devices is Field Agent available on?

This is available for both iPhone and Android users.

What are the Field Agent app reviews so far?

People are really liking Field Agent! Some people are actually making a decent amount of extra cash with the Field Agent app.

From what I've read, they pay when the money is requested. If you have an iPhone and need some extra cash, you may find this of interest.

Want to try it?

Here's a link to the Field Agent website if you want to read more about it for yourself. Use my invite code 8rhjave when you sign up!

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16 thoughts on “Field Agent App Review – Earn Side Income With Your Phone!”

  1. I’ve had a bad experience working with fieldagent. I’ve been with fieldagent for about
    two weeks now. I’ve worked in accounting and IT where I need to be very thorough and I take all my jobs seriously. Currently I am starting my own business and am on the road so I take some jobs to earn some extra cash. However, fieldagent has denied to pay me for at least 2 jobs now. They’re not even high paying jobs, $3 here, $2 there. The discrepancies indicated on an email sent to me do not match the job tasks I was asked to complete. Do not waste your gas, time and $ completing jobs for a company who is not willing to pay the small amount you’re due for completing a job.

    • agreed as well!! i have since uninstalled this app. i only picked up assignments where i did not have to travel far due to them rejecting for reasons that made no logical sense.

  2. I agree! That is nice that they’re concerned about having enough work available for everyone. I’m hoping some other similar companies will start to emerge. So far Gigwalk seems to be the most similar to Field Agent, but it’s also only available for iPhone and it’s even limited to people in certain areas.

  3. The negative comment is right. They hook you by paying a few jobs so you begin to trust them and then when you start getting jobs where you have to pay out of pocket (restaurants, shampoos, etc) they deny the job and you’re stuck not only without getting paid but with non reimbursed expenses. Read their latest reviews!

    Jobs like that on my area used to be picked up within seconds, now they’re unfilled for days even though they keep raising the job payment because apparently other people got burned too. No, thank yo

  4. Thanks! I am going to try and use this and sharing the idea with others! You can never have too much extra money 😉

  5. I went to 3 different Walmart to search for products. Accepted items but could not locate in any of the stores I went. I really wanted this to work. It would of been an easy $20 but it was looking for a needle in a haystack and then find out there was no needle.

    • Hi, I’m going to try it because my sister in law uses it all the time, and she made $1,800 last year using this field agent app. She has a high score, because the more jobs she does, the more job offers she gets. Great App!!!

  6. Hi. I can honestly say that this is the best work from home resource I’ve ever seen! You do a phenomenal job with it, and I wanted to say thank you so much. 🙂 I’ve posted a Facebook status about this blog, as well as the Facebook page, because I’m sure I have friends (especially the single parents) who would appreciate some more money-making opportunities.

    I LOVE the Field Agent app, and am super impressed with how fast I receive the money on my PayPal account when I cash out. It pays the same day. Can’t beat that!

    • Awesome, glad you are doing well with Field Agent — it’s been around a while so good to hear it’s still a nice side earner. And thanks so much for the kind words about my site, and for sharing it!

  7. I tried this app and I have to say, I’m not impressed. I have worked for other companies doing this so I know that my skills are pretty decent. I’ve also worked in management before becoming a stay at home mom–so I understand that you need to have some give and take when working with staff. I’ve had quite a few gigs refused based on “technicalities”. When I challenged the technicalities(one for example was you didn’t check this box but instead you put a comment at the end. Another was–you didn’t put a photo–okay, but the product wasn’t available, how could I put a photo?) Some things send up warning flags—I get numerous answers depending upon whom I speak with and rules change. For example, I got rejected because of a photo–they said that it was cut off and I had to stand back farther. When I said that there was an aisle and that I couldn’t stand back any farther, they told me that then I should have taken the shot on an angle. Okay, shouldn’t that be noted in the instructions?(answer–well, if it isn’t stated, it is okay to do. Okay, if I’m new, how do I know what to do if it isn’t stated????) I asked if there was a list of things that are okay and not okay or specifics? They didn’t answer that question. The next time I took a photo on an angle and it was rejected because “you need to take photos head on”. Hmmmm….. Also, when I asked for guidelines, etc, etc, and specifics on how to handle situations, no one could tell me. IF you use this app, follow the directions as closely as possible. Realize that IF the product is not available and even if the instructions tell you to note it at the end of the gig, chances are likely that you won’t get paid. However, if you abandon the gig, your rating will go down and this will affect your ability to get gigs. It is a no win situation but basically you are out your time and gas money. Also realize that they are EXTREMELY picky about photos and not clear about “rules” of taking photos either. Because of that, I no longer go out of my way to drive to gigs. IF I am out and there is a gig at the store I am at, I will complete the gig. I strongly recommend Easy Shift and Zappidy instead of Field Agent. However, it is good to have as an “extra egg” in your money earning basket. Just don’t take the rejections personally, and don’t go out of your way(spend gas money) to complete any gigs that are offered.

    • to michelle,
      Ive used field agent for about 3 months now and they have only refused one job ever for me. It was a survey (recycling survey) that required you to be at the store while doing the survey but it didnt specify that you needed to be at the store prior to accepting the job. I sent a short email to the support staff at field agent and they corrected the issue by stating on those surveys that you would need to be at the store to complete. I have sent many questionable (blurry, at an angle, close ups etc) that they have approved and still sent payment for. Overall this is probably my favorite money making app that i have used so far. I like easy shift as well but i feel like they expect a lot more out of you for their dollar (ie sams club product check for 6.00 requires 46 photo questions and 58 regular questions) whereas field agent has actually sent me to the tilted kilt to drink a beer and watch football and answer 4 questions about my experience for $15.

  8. Your review is accurate. Actually I’ve earned as much as $16 on a job. Average is about $5.75/ job over last 15 weeks. I’ve done 108 jobs which took 65 hours of work and 886 miles of driving. That is driving specifically for this work. If I was in or near the store for other reasons I didn’t record the milage. You can’t earn a living doing this, but you can pick up some extra cash. i.e. You can pay for the cost of owning an iPhone:-)

    • That’s awesome, Skip! Maybe one day they’ll open it up to people using other types of smart phones, like the Android and Blackberry. I would love it if more people could take advantage of it.

      • I contacted Field Agent about that Anna. I asked how long it would be before they offered this to Android users. Their response was that they already have the technical abilities to do so…but the work load is not high enough to add all those users. I loved that about them! Although it currently eliminates me…I love that they are concerned about depleting the work available for their current users. Great sign of a great company!

        • I agree! That is nice that they’re concerned about having enough work available for everyone. I’m hoping some other similar companies will start to emerge. So far Gigwalk seems to be the most similar to Field Agent, but it’s also only available for iPhone and it’s even limited to people in certain areas.

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