20 Companies That Hire People to Work at Home In Texas

Today, we're talking about what work at home job opportunities are available to residents of Texas!

Since the start of the pandemic, for obvious practical reasons, there’s been an explosion of work from home jobs all over the United states. A number of very big companies, including some that have been almost entirely brick and mortar in the past, have been shifting more and more of their hiring into the remote work sphere.

Despite this, many companies still have stringent location requirements for all their job offerings.

These restrictions, which are mostly due to tax laws and various labor regulations in different states, can make it fairly difficult for people in some parts of the country to find remote jobs. As a result, the process of searching for suitable home-based work opportunities can be confusing, especially for those who don’t have much prior experience with the quirks of the remote jobs market.

Fortunately, Texas – the second most populace state in the US – is one of the easier places to live if you want to work from home, with plenty of available jobs, and more being added every day!

In the article below, we’ve put together a list of 20 companies that are currently hiring remote workers in the Lone Star state.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should serve as a good starting point for Texas residents who’re new to working from home and eager to get a sampling of what’s available.

20 Companies That Hire People to Work at Home In Texas

  1. Nordstrom – This popular luxury department store franchise is hiring seasonal overnight customer care reps in a number of different states, including Texas. You’ll need decent phone skills to get hired. Experience is preferred but not required. Pay is reportedly between $14 – $16 per hour.
  2. Disney – You’ll need prior experience in retail or contact center jobs, as well as one full year of general work experience to get hired as a guest service rep for this well known media conglomerate. Pay is generally in the region of $16 hourly.
  3. Cotiviti – This healthcare analytics company is hiring remote customer service personnel in Texas. If you don’t have past experience in service jobs, that’s fine because this is an entry level position with only very minimal requirements. Pay is $14.50 hourly, and they offer a benefits package.
  4. TTEC – Get hired as a service rep for this customer experience software company. Jobs are available in most US states, including Texas. This is telephone work, so you’ll need a headset and a quiet home-office environment. Prior customer service experience required. Pay is around $12 hourly.
  5. Daily Transcription – Read Daily Transcription Review – No experience required for this one, but you will need a minimum typing speed of 50 words per minute, along with good listening skills and a strong ability to speak English. The starting wage is $0.75 -$0.85 per audio minute. Actual earnings will vary depending on your speed and level of skill.
  6. Rent The Runway – If you’re comfortable answering questions about apparel, you might be interested in this customer service job. Some prior experience required, and you’ll need a solid working knowledge of video conferencing software products like Zoom. Pay is in the neighborhood of $18 hourly.
  7. National General – This auto insurance company is looking for Customer Care Forecasting and Scheduling Analysts. The requirements are pretty hefty, including two years of previous relevant experience. Pay is reportedly around $17 per hour.
  8. Boldly – The requirements for this virtual assistant position are pretty steep, including 5-years of previous experience in a similar or related field. The pay starts at $22 hourly, and they’re almost always hiring, so it’s worth giving a look if you have the right work background.
  9. Liveops – Read Liveops Review – Dictate your own schedule with this flexible call center job. Some customer service experience required. Pay ranges from $12-$17 per hour.
  10. DISH – This Satellite TV provider is hiring customer service reps in several states, including Texas. They will supply you with all the equipment you need, including a PC tower. Requires at least 6 months of prior customer service experience, and a high-school diploma. Pay starts at $12.50 per hour.
  11. Amazon – Read Amazon Review – Amazon’s work from home jobs program continues to expand. As of this writing, there are actually over 100 remote jobs being offered specifically for Texas residents. Usually they have at least a few entry-level customer service jobs available, but they also hire remote workers for higher paying positions with fairly stringent requirements.
  12. Blackboard – This education technology company is hiring remote enrollment coaches in a number of states, including Texas. High school diploma required. Pay is around $15 hourly.
  13. Working Solutions – Read Working Solutions Review – They offer a number of remote jobs and are usually hiring all over the US. Most of the positions are customer service related. Pay and requirements vary depending on the job.
  14. Teleperformance – Read Teleperformance Review – This tech company hires remote workers across the country for a variety of different positions. Many of the jobs are phone-based, but not all. Pay and requirements vary depending on the opening.
  15. VIPdesk Connect – Read VIPdesk Connect Review – This firm creates remote customer service teams for a number of well known client companies. They’re frequently hiring work from home call-center personnel in a number of different states, including Texas. Most jobs require two years of customer service experience. Pay is generally in the range of $15 hourly.
  16. Genworth – A mortgage and health insurance provider headquartered in Richmond Virginia. They looking for remote customer service agents. Must have two years of prior experience. Pay is generally around $34k per year.
  17. Vicky Virtual – Read Vicky Virtual Review – This company runs remote answering services for their clients – mostly small business owners. Since you’ll be functioning as a virtual receptionist, this can be more varied than other call center jobs, and you might have more complex responsibilities. Previous experience is a plus, but not required. Pay is $10 per hour.
  18. 3PlayMedia – Read 3PlayMedia Review – A well known captioning company. They frequently hire remote transcriptionists and editors all over the US. Pay ranges anywhere from $10 to $30 hourly depending on your speed and level of efficiency.
  19. Victoria’s Secret – This well known lingerie company hires seasonal customer service reps in a handful of US states, including Texas. You’ll need to have some prior customer service experience. Starting pay is $13 per hour, and they offer a few perks for employees, including brand discounts.
  20. Sykes – Read Sykes Review – This multinational business process outsourcing provider hires remote customer support agents all over the US. Seems to be an entry level position. Pay is between $11 and $13 hourly.

Hopefully the list above provided some good ideas to help you get started on your remote job search.

More Work at Home Opportunities

If you didn’t see anything that fit your needs, keep an eye on our job leads page, updated every weekday with interesting new work at home and flexible job opportunities.

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Good luck if you apply with any of the companies above!

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