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Hire Writers is a site I stumbled across that will pay you to write SEO-focused content. While I have not accepted any assignments yet, I did sign up myself so I can share some details with you on how their process works. Hire Writers will pay you for article writing, article re-writing, and apparently there are also proofreading and research jobs available at times.

This site is open to writers in the United States of America, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore and New Zealand.

How much does Hire Writers pay?

The exact amount varies depending on your level on the site and the specific assignment. Right now I am just at “Beginner” level and the rate appears to be very low with some jobs only paying around $2 for 150 or so words.

From the FAQ, it looks like the most you can make is a little over $10 an article once you reach “Expert” level, although on the sign-up page it says you can earn up to $20.

The levels you advance through are Beginner, Average, Skilled, and Expert. Clients can also offer bonuses if you pick up their work and give you tips if they like your completed articles.

Even though the pay is low, there are some people who can write these kinds of articles pretty fast. So depending on your speed, you may be making more than minimum wage. Still, I do understand that not everyone will work for such a low rate of pay.

When does Hire Writers pay?

Hire Writers will pay you on Friday with Paypal as long as you have at least $10 in your account.

How does the application process work?

There isn't really one. All you do to sign up is make an account. They don't require that you take a test or anything like that. Just create your account, fill out some details on your profile, and you are ready to start picking up assignments.

What does the open order board look like?

The open order board is very well-organized. Each assignment listed gives full details on the pay, the number of words needed, and the keywords to include.

Information about the client is also listed, such as their acceptance/reject rate and the number of assignments they've posted on Hire Writers to date.

If you've ever written for Textbroker, you'll notice that Hire Writers does not have nearly as many assignments listed on their board, but this is the second day I've logged in to check and there does appear to be over 60. So hopefully work is pretty consistent.

Is there a direct order system?

Hire Writers does not have a direct order system set up in the same way Textbroker does, but they do allow clients to request certain writers for assignments. So if someone likes your writing and wants to keep using you, there is a way that they can request you specifically.

But what about the low pay?

I completely understand there are some people who simply will not accept writing assignments that pay so little.

I used to enjoy keeping sites like this on the back burner — especially since they are one of many work at home jobs that pay weekly — because I always found it pretty easy to write SEO articles.

If you can't write this kind of content quickly, or if you frown on writing sites like this in general, then Hire Writers is probably not for you.

Do you want to sign up?

You can go here to create your account. If you want to use Hire Writers to get articles written for your blog or website, you can sign up using this link.

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30 thoughts on “Get Paid to Write for HireWriters”

  1. I currently write for Hire writers, and I really enjoy it. I don’t make a lot of money, but it is good when I am strapped for cash since I have just started out on my freelance writing career. I make about $104 a month. For the most part, the clients that you write for are pretty nice but sometimes they want you to write more words for them than what they are actually paying. I get paid every Friday, and I never have any problems with Hire writers.

  2. Love HireWriters! I’ve been writing for them for years and have never had any serious issues. It is amazing to see how far they’ve come to be honest. They used to not have a lot of jobs available but now they always have a lot to choose from. Support is excellent and MOST of the clients are too.

  3. Hi there. I just wanted to let you know that their application process has apparently changed since you wrote this. I signed up with them a couple days ago, and I had to take a short multiple-choice grammar test and submit an essay of at least 150 words about the last book I read. They responded with an acceptance in less than a day, and I just picked up my first job a couple hours ago.

  4. hey… Need help. I outside the countries permitted to register on the site as writers.. Been writing on iwriter and upwork for quite some time and I’d like to try out hirewriters. Can someone help me open an account with them. Please?

  5. I just started with Hire Writers about a week ago and I’ve already earned just over $20. I like it so far and it gives me something to do (which I appreciate very much). I’d like to get some other projects going so I earn a bit more – gotta pay those bills. My primary question is how they pay – do they automatically transfer $ to PayPal on Friday? Anyway, if you wanna earn a little bit of money, going that route is a good way

  6. I’ve been writing for them for about 6 months and have earned about $1300. To be perfectly honest, I like to think of my compensation as an hourly rate. Say a job pays only $1.15, the most common pay for a 150-word article at beginner level. Sure, it may be low, but if I can get that done in five minutes that’s not a bad rate. On average I make between 10 (on a bad day) and 25 (on a good day) dollars per hour. As far as a part-time job goes, it beats flipping burgers. Plus I can do as much or as little, whenever I want, which accommodates my education well. Plus, after a while, you amass a number of private clients providing reliable and well-paid work. For a time, that was all I did on the site. For this week, I’ve got $30 waiting to be paid out, with another 5 pending and 10 lined up, and I can go to the job board at any time to get more.

    Pretty good deal if you’re not living on it.

  7. I have been writing for hirewriters for a couple of years. They area great site. The best thing is you only need $10 to cash out and if you like to write, you can reach that in a day or two!

      • I personally did get paid by them and it’s great. I will admit that since things got in the way, I stopped writing there. I am planning to get back into it since I am strapped for cash. Just doing promotions isn’t enough. Writing at home is ideal on so many levels. If you needed a reliable site to write at, this company is one of them. I’ve never been disappointed with the exception of them waiting to clear up the W9 form as an IC. Other than that, it’s a great company.

  8. I am starting to question this site. I have a total of 4 rejections the latest being today. I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but the issue is they can just outright reject for no reason without asking for revision. This time, it was a $2 300/word rewrite. I did everything as instructed. I had another rejection on a rewrite a while back saying i ‘refused to rewrite”. I wonder if this site is even worth it. Now, as mentioned above, they are taking out fees.

    • I don’t blame you for questioning the site after your recent rejections (or about being upset about the rejections; having a total stranger say that your work “isn’t good enough” is never fun). From my understanding, most writing sites require clients to request revision if the article doesn’t meet their standards (I could be wrong, so don’t quote me on that). Then again, I’ve heard stories about writers on HW getting “fired” from assignments not even five minutes after taking the assignment on for no apparent reason…most likely by clients who couldn’t figure out how to invite their favored writers to certain projects. There’s honestly no telling with that site…
      While I never had an article rejected during my time on that site (I was extremely picky about who I grabbed assignments from; if their rejection rate was obscenely high, I wouldn’t touch their stuff no matter how tempting the payout looked…not that those sorts ever offered much pay from what I noticed), I once had an article given a rating of a 4 because the client wanted a key word put in that was unusable in the form they provided. More specifically, I got dinged a star on that assignment because grammar necessitated that I added the suffix “ing” to part of the key word in order for the sentence have proper grammar and getting dinged a star over that irked me to no end. The desire for certain keywords should not trump quality writing with proper grammar.
      Ultimately, I would say that after my five months on the site that it isn’t worth it. On one batch of assignments I was invited to by a regular client, he mentioned that he’d budgeted $17 for six three hundred word articles (said client lives in a country that suffers nation-wide economical distress and the currency of his country has a very poor exchange rate with the American dollar…I mainly kept working with him because I liked him as a person as well as a client from my correspondences with him via the site, even if the pay was low).
      Here’s the kicker: $17/6 comes out to approximately $2.83 an assignment…HW was taking out $0.68 per assignment (about 24% of the pay per article) out of what he’d paid in. The amount they took out I can understand because servers and other things needed to keep a website running cost money. I’m not going to gripe about a site taking a bit off the top to cover their costs.
      However, the “$1 processing fee” on top of them taking 24% of the article cost right off of the top seems a bit much, especially seeing as the site’s set-up is rather bare-bones and strikes me as a very simple interface. The site getting about $4 out of every $17 pumped into the site by clients adds up to a pretty decent chunk of change with the usual number of jobs that come up on the site without them taking an extra dollar off of the top of every writer’s hard-earned weekly pay.

      Oh, and an update from my earlier comment about my account being frozen: I emailed support and was told that I “failed the grammar test”. They then closed out the ticket, marking it “resolved” yet did not remove my account (*or* unfreeze my account); over the course of the following week I got emails notifying me of invitations to projects by my regular clients. If I supposedly failed their (obscenely easy) grammar test when I took it ***5 months ago***, then why did it take so long for them to take action (and more importantly, why was I even allowed to work on the site at all)?
      Were it not for reading several accounts on other sites of others whose accounts were arbitrarily frozen for reasons that just didn’t add up that couldn’t get any sort of answers or responses from HW support upon getting the “reason” for their account being frozen…I would have fired off an email back that would show whoever’s pulling the strings on their end precisely why it is unwise to anger a writer.

      Sorry about the novella of a response; I guess you could say I’m more than slightly miffed about what happened. My suggestion is to take your earnings and run for the hills before it’s too late. I’ve read several comments on other sites where former writers on HW got frozen out of their account before they got paid for the week and never got their money…and some of them had a fair amount of money in their accounts.

  9. I’m sad to see that they started the processing fee since this year. I don’t remember when exactly I signed up but today received $66.50. I did some articles starting on Sunday to yesterday and planning to do the ones that I snatched just last night.
    I did miss the deadline for some jobs but there are always other clients on the site that would give you the chance if you turned it in on time.

    I’m sorry that company block certain writers from writing on there again. It had to be devastating especially since they pay every Friday.

  10. Hi

    I just want to know what percentage exactly do they take out if you dont meet deadlines? Let’s say a $40 dollar project?

    • Hello Jay,
      Until my account got frozen for some unknown reason sometime between Friday afternoon when I received my payout and this (Saturday) morning, I wrote for HireWriters for several months. Based on the pop-up screen warning me of what the financial penalty would be if I did not complete the job on time on the last job I took before my account was inexplicably frozen, I did a rough calculation to determine what the penalty percentage is on timed-out/uncompleted jobs.
      The last job I performed paid out $7.70 and when I accepted the job it warned me that if I did not complete the job on time I would be penalized $1.43, which is approximately 18.57% (rounded to the second decimal place) of the job payout that would have been deducted from my account had I not completed the work on time. I am admittedly uncertain if the percentage stays flat as the payout amount increases, but if it does…for a $40 job, the penalty would be $7.43.
      Keep in mind that if you do not complete a job on time, you are automatically fired from it–you cannot complete it nor take any other work from that client (from my understanding you will be auto-blocked by that client–not an issue I ever had as I’d forgo sleep if needed to complete a project in time)…AND the penalty fee will be taken from any money you have made from completing any other assignments. In theory, if you did not yet have any earnings since your last pay-out and did not meet a project’s deadline, your earnings from other assignments would be going towards getting you “out of the red”. I don’t know for certain, though, as I never missed a deadline.
      Another thing to keep in mind is that the likelihood of finding jobs with a payout of $40 is exceedingly rare–even at the expert level. I worked on HireWriters for several months and the highest paying job I ever got was still under $30…and this was at expert level for 3500 words. Aside from projects I was invited to, I rarely saw any jobs with a higher payout than perhaps $5 as expert-level work is extremely difficult to find on the site even when you make it to the expert level. Even so, high-paying jobs are gone from the job board before you can blink as there are so very few of them that ever pop up on the job boards. Another thing that I noticed a few months ago is that the site has started to deduct a $1.00 “processing fee” from your earnings when receiving a pay out.
      Sorry that it took several months for someone to respond to your query, but I hope my reply has helped. I will also add that while I am more than slightly miffed that it took me attempting to log on to my account to discover that my account had been frozen (an email stating “Your account has been frozen” would have been in order instead of the red text stating such above my log-in information when I attempted to log in…), I am thankful that I at least received my pay prior to whenever they decided to freeze my account. (It may not be a whole lot of money, but money is money!!!)

  11. I stopped writing for Hire Writers after working for them a little over a week. At first I really liked it even though the pay was low because there was a lot of work available. I moved up to Skilled quickly and found that the pay rate didn’t go up as much as I had expected. (around $2.00 for 300 words instead of $1.15). But I still wanted to continue writing for them since the work was easy and I could finish the content quickly.

    I made payout that week and was paid on Friday around noon. Over the weekend I got requests for two projects. I completed the first one and the second one, that I got Sunday night, I accepted and was planning to work on it Monday morning.

    When I tried to log in to work on the article, My account was frozen. I emailed support and the first reply I got was “Sorry, your account is frozen for security reasons as you are logging on from a banned ip address.” Confused, I emailed back for more information and after 24 hours got “Other writers who are banned are logging in from the same ip. Do you perhaps share a computer?” I told them no, I have been using the same laptop to log into their website and I am the only person who uses it.

    I was hoping to get an explanation, but the next day they replied with just “Have you registered under other names perhaps?” By that time I had looked up other reviews and found that several other writers have had their accounts frozen for no reason in the past. I’m not sure what is going on at HireWriters but something does not sound right. I requested to have what was owed to me sent and my account deleted and they said that they would do that. I will find out today if they actually do.

  12. It’s pretty much the same compensation as 2-5 star on textbroker, with a tiny bit of variance. There’s a lot more 2 star equivalent work though, and I’ve yet to see any Expert work.

    A complaint I have is a client wants a revision to double the word count asked for, and I appear to not only have no recourse, but an actual financial penalty for blowing it off. At least I can see the client name and avoid them like the plague, but that’s still a huge turnoff.

  13. I’ve written for Hire Writers for about six months now and I haven’t seen much of a pay increase although I’ve reached Expert level. That said, there are always jobs available. I take the Entertainment articles because the requested articles are short, they have very specific guidelines and there is a lot of celebrity information available. Hire Writers is GREAT about paying every Friday into Paypal; I’ve never had a delay

  14. Hey Anna! Great site! I did have a question for you…. you said this site pays “Beginner” level writers around $2 for 150 or so words. Do you know what the pay rate is for the other levels? I tried searching around their site, but I couldn’t find that information.

    • Unfortunately I don’t have this info. The website is kind of vague about it as you saw and only says that you can earn up to $20 per article once you reach expert level.

  15. Just as an update: I registered at the site a few minutes ago, and there is, in fact, a grammar test that is required as part of the application process. I was given 5 minutes to answer 29 questions, all of which were on very basic grammatical issues (it’s versus its, etc.).

  16. I tried signing up to the site but was not successful. I don’t know whether they are still recruiting but I would definitely want to sign up. Has anyone here signed up recently? can you even try signing up to see it shows any sign up form because mine doesn’t!

  17. I did and it gave some details- I guess im just not sure of how they want me to put it together. Do i need to do research and then use that to figure out what to say?

  18. I am brand new to this writing from home thing.I signed up on this website today and i was reviewing the jobs. I have not accepted any assignments yet. How do I know what the clients want? I was looking at one job that wanted flooring content- but it didnt give me much information about what specifically they wanted. Do you just make it up? Is that how these jobs work? Sorry if I sound stupid- but Im a newbie!

    • Is there an option to read more? It seems like when I was browsing around on there, I thought the same thing but then found something I could click under each job that gave more details.

  19. I joined recently but have not submitted anything because my private clients increased their work load.
    When I first signed on, I was scared because their setup looked very similar to iWriter, which should be avoided like the plague.
    However, I will probably give them a try next week.

  20. I have been with hire writers for about a month. I have never seen the board dry, and I made it to expert writer fairly quickly. Here is something very positive…..(1) you can accept more than one job at a time, so if you see a few jobs out there that you want to take, you can grab them. But, you have to do so knowing how long you have to write them. Most expire within a day, and you do lose a small percentage of what your pay would have been if you don’t make the deadline. Also, I had one client “fire” me about 5 minutes after I accepted the job, which, of course, hurt my rating. I emailed support and they were wonderful. They could not remove that “declined” status from my rating, but they gave me a 5 star rating on their own to help boost me up. So, any time you have a problem, support is very quick and friendly. Yes, the pay is low, but it’s there, it’s consistent, and it’s definitely another egg in your basket.

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