How to Get Paid for Writing Greeting Cards

Get paid to write and illustrate greeting cards!If greeting card merchandising doesn’t appeal to you, how about writing them? This sounds like very fun, interesting work to me because as we all know, greeting cards are very short and to the point. Usually you don’t need to write more than three or four lines max. Almost all greeting card companies (with the exception of Hallmark who doesn’t openly accept submissions) will consider work from freelancers. You may also be in luck if you’re an artist or a photographer because many of these places will accept freelance submissions in those fields too!

Is writing greeting cards as easy as it sounds?

Even though it seems like easy work to me, I keep reading that it’s actually not that easy. These companies are very picky about what they accept and even though what you write doesn’t have to be very long, it has to be very catchy and engaging. Think about it — how long does it take you to decide whether or not you like a particular greeting card when you’re browsing around in the store before you put it down and go find another? Probably not that long. So your writing has to be really, really good! It probably also helps if you can be funny since so many greeting cards are humorous.

How much does writing greeting cards pay?

Your pay for accepted greeting card submissions will vary of course depending on the company. The amount you can earn is usually anywhere from $25 up to $300 per approved submission.

How selective are the greeting card companies?

They are all pretty selective, but the ones that are the most selective are the more well-known companies like American Greetings. Also, keep in mind that these companies have different needs when it comes to writers and they may not all be actively looking for submissions at this time.

For more tips and advice in getting started in the greeting card industry, I’d recommend giving this page from the Greeting Card Association a read.

Want to give greeting card writing a try? Here are some places to get started:

American Greetings – You have to download and sign their disclosure agreement and then submit ideas before you can just send your work. They do not accept unsolicited writing or artwork submissions.

Avanti Press – They claim to have a full roster of verse contributors, but you are welcome to mail them samples to be considered in the future. They also leave a phone number to call so you can speak with a rep to learn what type of writing they prefer.

Blue Mountain Arts – This company pays up to $300 for submitted work and has a very detailed list of guidelines to read before you submit anything, which is really helpful.

Ephemera – This place needs you to be funny! They sell cards, magnets, bumper stickers and more with really humorous and sometimes fairly politically incorrect slogans. If you come up with something funny enough, you could get $50. They have an easy online form to use for submissions or you can send your stuff via snail mail.

Freedom Greetings – No word on pay, but they have an address to send your submissions. They also accept art and photography submissions. Be sure to read their guidelines before you send your original work.

It Takes Two – You can email them six to twelve verse ideas at one time for consideration. They state however that most of their card writing is done at their headquarters. You can also submit card artwork here.

Paper Magic Group – Paper Magic does accept submissions from freelance greeting card writers, but their guidelines are not visible on their site. You have to contact them to get the guidelines.

Oatmeal Studios – Oatmeal is looking for original, funny writing for their cards. Very detailed guidelines available on exactly what they are looking for.

Many more listings for greeting card opps can be found in my directory.

Hopefully this list can help you get started! If you’re lucky enough to get your work published in a greeting card, it would be awesome to add to your writing resume or artist/photography portfolio! Good luck if you decide to give it a go :)


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    This is a great list. I tried my hand at writing greeting cards a while back and didn’t have much success. I know some people make a career out of it though, so maybe it’s just not my thing. :)

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      Yeah, it sounds intriguing to me but I don’t think I can be witty enough in just a few short sentences. Still though, I know there are some people who are really good at that.

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    This is a very nice idea… especially holiday season is coming already. This will be a nice way to develop your creativity and at the same time earn extra money to spend this season.

    Thank you for the idea and more power.

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      You’re welcome! I think it’s good money if you’re lucky enough to get your submission selected. And great for your writing portfolio!

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