Over 30 Ways to Earn Money With Your Blog

Here is my gigantic list of blogging resources! Blogging is an excellent way to make money online, but the money doesn't build up overnight.

It takes a lot of time and patience. If you're interested in blogging or you already have a blog, here are some ways to earn money and also some more helpful resources toward the bottom of this page.

Popular Ad Networks 

If you want display ads on your blog, the networks below are some of the best to use.

I have experience with several of these. The way they work is you apply with the networks and, if accepted, you can get code to put on your blog which will display their ads.

When people click them, you earn a little money per click. Some of the networks also pay per impression (a certain amount per 1,000 views of the ads).

  • Google Adsense – Adsense is PPC (pay per click), some pay per impression. You can get paid via check or direct deposit once you have accumulated $100.
  • Media.net – Delivers targeted ads based on the content on each page. This company pays net 30 if you have $100 accumulated via wire transfer or Paypal. High volume publishers can possibly get paid net 7 after their fourth payment.
  • AdThrive – They have two levels of service, AdThrive Edge and AdThrive Premium. You must have at least 100K page views per month to get in at the Edge level, and 750K page views per month for premium. They have an ad management service, and it's highly recommended. I use them and they've been great. Payments are made monthly via direct deposit.
  • Sovrn – This network used to be known as Lijit. They are part of Federated Media. I used them when they were Lijit and wasn't too impressed, but I have heard from other bloggers that since they've changed things, they are much better to use and people are earning more money than before.
  • Taboola – This company puts the “stories you may like” links at the bottom of blog posts. You can earn per click on these links. The earning potential here is supposed to be high, but the catch is you need at least 500,000 page views coming in per month to be able to join.

In-Text Advertising

These are the little ads that pop-up within the text when you hover your mouse over them. Lots of people find them annoying, but they can definitely earn you money.

  • Infolinks – This is the one I use and recommend. They are easy to get in with and pay monthly with Paypal, bank transfer, Payoneer, ACH, or via Infolinks prepaid Mastercard. They also have lots of options for tweaking the ads to make them look how you want. $50 minimum payout.
  • Vibrant Media – Probably the most popular alternative to Infolinks.

Popular Affiliate Networks

When you sign up to be an affiliate, you earn a commission by promoting products/services (generating leads, getting sales).

  • Ultimate Bundles – This one is GREAT because they have tons of bundles containing e-books and e-courses across many different categories — health, parenting, essential oils, crafts, blogging, and more. I've been an affiliate for a long time and have had great success with them.
  • Share a Sale – This is a very large network with a huge variety of offers, similar in many ways to Commission Junction. They pay monthly as long as you’ve accumulated $50.
  • Commission Junction – A huge network with hundreds and hundreds of offers available in every category you can imagine. Payment minimum is $50.
  • ShopHer Media – This is another affiliate network with lots of coupon and paid survey offers. They pay monthly via Paypal on the 15th.
  • Linkshare (Rakuten) – Another big network very similar to Share a Sale and Commission Junction with lots of variety.
  • Amazon Associates – Earn a commission on Amazon product sales. Pretty easy to get in. Not available in some states.

Automated Affiliate Marketing Options

These sites will affiliate some of your links automatically. Great options to use if you don't want to miss out on any opportunities.

  • Viglink – Read Review – It’s very easy to set this up on your blog, and if you get any earnings they will send them to you monthly no matter how small. Tons of major partners including Amazon, Ebay, Wal-Mart, etc.
  • SkimLinks – I haven't tried this company, but they are similar to Viglink.

Selling Ad Space On Your Blog

In addition to using the ad networks I have listed at the top of this page, you can also earn money selling ad space on your blog directly.

You can of course do this completely manually without using a service, but the companies below certainly simplify the process for you.

  • Blogads – Another network that lets you set up ad space on your blog and set your own price. According to Blogads, you need at least 30,000 page impressions per month to attract many advertisers. Seventy percent of the revenue you earn goes to you and payments are made net 30.
  • BuySellAds – Sell ad space on your blog, set your own rates, and have the freedom to decline the ads you don’t want. They take a 25 percent commission on your sales.

Sponsored Posts

These are companies that will compensate you to review their products and services on your blog. Compensation may be in the form of cash and/or getting to keep the product you review.

Some of these companies might also want you to host a giveaway on your blog to help them promote their product and again, you may get to keep the product for yourself and/or earn money for holding the giveaway.

  • Linqia
  • Clever Girls Collective
  • Pollinate
  • Massive Sway
  • Tomoson – Read Tomoson Review – This site is similar to those above where you can get paid to try out free products and review them (or have a giveaway for them) on your blog, but you can also sign up even without a blog as long as you're an online influencer.

Promote Your Own Products & Services

Many bloggers make great money promoting themselves — not just other people and brands. Below are some ideas of products and services you could create and offer for sale on your blog.

  • Write an eBook related to your blog's niche to promote and sell on your blog, using a site like Gumroad.
  • Create a course related to your blog's niche and sell it to your blog followers. You can use Udemy as a platform for course creation if you don't know how to go about creating a course.
  • Create and sell printable products (planners, guides, etc.) that your readers may want to download and print.
  • Create and sell physical products (crafts, etc.) that you make and would be willing to ship to your readers if purchased.
  • Offer live phone and/or video consultations, coaching, mentoring, to readers who would be willing to pay for your advice. You can set your own hourly rates for this.

Articles I've Written About Blogging

For a little more detail, you can browse through some of the past articles I've written about blogging.

E-Book Recommendations

These e-books are recommended reading if you're new to blogging. The top eBook was written by me and will show you exactly what I do to get over 150,000 page views coming from Pinterest every month.

Recommended Blogging eCourse

  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – I invested in this eCourse in August of 2016. Within the first month of implementing what I learned, I had increased my affiliate earnings almost $2,000 over what I normally earn. Well worth it if you have a new blog and want to monetize it, yet you don't really know how. Affiliate marketing is one of the most non-invasive ways you can make money from your website, and this eCourse walks you step by step how to do it.