5 Good Reasons You Should Make & Sell Printables Online

Something I've always been fascinated by as a possible “side gig” or even full-time at-home business is creating and selling printables! Today I want to share with you some of the BEST reasons to consider this for yourself.

While I have created a handful of printables (I used to sell these over on Gumroad where my e-books are also listed), it's not something I've had time to really pursue in the way I'd like. But I LOVE the idea of this as a little business, and in this blog post, I'm telling you why!

If you've got the time and the skills, it might just be right up your alley. And it doesn't have to be a side gig. There are many people who have full-time home businesses (some earning six figures) based around creating and selling printables.

5 Good Reasons to Make & Sell Printables Online

1 – You Can Sell Printables Over & Over

Printables are truly a “once and done” thing. You make it once, and then you sell it over and over again. So in that way it's true passive income.

If you take the time to make a bunch of printables and get them selling well, you'll be working way less in the future.

Printables also generally don't require much updating like an e-book or e-course might.

2 – There is a Big Market For Printables

If you think that most people prefer to do all their list-making, record-keeping, and organizing online now without a hard copy, think again.

I will admit that I fall into the former category. I am not a person who enjoys writing things out, and I prefer to do everything online or via apps when possible.

But there are so many people who simply do not trust that their information, lists, and other data is safe online and really just need that hard copy! A LOT of people are still that way.

So as long as there are people who want to print something out that they can write on/fill in the blanks and then hang on their fridge, store in a folder, keep in their car, etc., there are people who will want to buy your printables.

3 – Printables Are Not That Hard to Make

You do not need a degree in graphic design to make a printable.

Pretty much anyone who is capable of learning how to use the simple, drag and drop, template-filled image design sites made specifically for people without graphic design skills (think Canva which is my favorite, or PicMonkey) can make printables!

I will admit you do need to be tech-savvy enough to figure out how to use the tools on these sites, but it's way easier than something like Photoshop.

4 – There Are Lots Of Places To Sell Printables Online

The most obvious site you can use to sell printables is Etsy. But you don't have to stop there. You can sell them on Gumroad (like me), set up a Shopify store for them, or just sell them directly from a website you create yourself.

As a newbie, you would be smart to start off listing on Etsy or a similar marketplace since they help drive traffic to your offerings.

Some people even advertise their printables for sale on Facebook groups and other social media sites where it's allowed!

5 – Printables Are a Great Outlet For Your Creativity

If you like brainstorming and coming up with out-of-the-box ideas, creating printables would be a great way for you to do that.

There are some obvious types of printables that most people would create — grocery list printables, vacation packing lists, calendars, schedules — but you will stand out from the crowd if you think of some other types of printables people might like that not everyone else is doing.

In Conclusion

Despite the reasons I've given you, you may still decide creating and selling printables online is not the business venture or side-gig for you.

There are of course disadvantages to everything, and selling printables is no exception. There is a learning curve and it's not an overnight success for most people.

But if you are thinking it might be for you and you want to read a little more about making money with printables, you can get a free e-book from Julie and Cody of Gold City Ventures. They are in the business of helping other people get their Etsy printable businesses going!

Free E-Book To Help You Get Started

Julie and Cody have written a free e-book that explains to you how to capitalize on seasonal trends to make more sales with your printables.

The book also contains their list of best-selling products by month to help you know what to put out there and when!

Go here if you'd like to download Julie and Cody's book (free).

Good luck in whatever you choose to pursue!

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