How To Get Traffic To Your Blog – (9 Ideas That Really Work!)

One of the most frustrating things about blogging is figuring out how to get traffic to your blog. Trust me, I know.

The first year that this blog was in existence, there weren't too many people stopping by. I did a ton of research on how to get people here and I've learned so much since I started.

If you've already been doing research on this, some of the things I've listed won't be new to you. But don't knock them until you've tried them because it will all actually work IF you do it.

How to Get Traffic To Your Blog

1 – Guest Post on High-Traffic Websites

I am guilty of not doing this enough myself, but I have seen some pretty good results from guest posting over the years. You'll get the best results from this if you write for other blogs that are in your niche that you know have a decent-sized following.

Not sure how to tell if the blog you want to guest for has a good following? Poke around on their site and take note of things like how many comments their posts get, and how many followers they have on their various social media accounts.

If the blog you want to guest post for has an advertising page, you can check there to see if they've listed specific traffic numbers. Anything over 100,000 page views per month means you may get more than a trickle of traffic back to your site from the post.

Most blogs have information about advertising either in the navigation bar at the top, in the footer (bottom of the site), or on their contact pages.

Keep in mind there is a right way and a wrong way to send over a guest post request. Check over the site you want to post for to see if there are any guest post guidelines.

Then, be honest and friendly when you do make contact. Let the blogger know what kind of post you have in mind before you send over the inquiry so they can tell you if they're interested, and also be sure to let them know about your site since that's the site you'll want to link back to in your byline. You can bet they'll want to check you out!

Don't be offended if they aren't interested — there are lots of other bloggers out there who probably will be. Just keep trying.

2 – Get on Social Media Networks & Use Them!

Do you have Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts set up for your blog? If not, do so right away and then start following other people. Many of them will follow you back.

I have personally seen the best results from Pinterest and Facebook, so I don't spend a lot of time on the other social media networks. I do know that some bloggers are having a lot of success with Instagram, but that isn't territory I've thoroughly explored so far.

Once you have your social media set up, don't just leave them dormant. Actually use them!

While it is true that Facebook isn't as viable an option for blog traffic as before since they've changed their algorithm so much, it still saddens me to see so many bloggers who have hundreds or even thousands of Facebook followers that never even use Facebook to interact with those followers!

3 – Speaking of Pinterest … Images Are Everything!

Take the time to learn how to create eye-catching images for all of your blog posts using sites like PicMonkey or other free to use image editing sites, then pin them over on Pinterest. The vast majority of my social media traffic comes from Pinterest, and this is why.

Also, try to join as many group boards on Pinterest as you can. Being part of a Pinterest group board means that when you pin to it, you'll be getting your pins in front of more than just your own followers — you'll be getting them in front of the followers of the person's board that you joined.

So look at it like this — even if you only have, say, 50-100 Pinterest followers, your pins can still get seen by tons of people if you're allowed to contribute to group boards that have thousands of followers!

You can find group boards to join by checking groups for Pinterest on Facebook like this one that let people invite others to their group boards, or on PinGroupie.

If you're having trouble remembering to pin, you can do as I do and use Tailwind — an awesome tool that will pin your pins automatically all day long for you.

4 – Hold a Giveaway

This actually helped me a lot in the very beginning. Set up a giveaway on your blog and list it at or any number of popular blog giveaway linkies.

Make sure that some of the options for entry include following you on social media, subscribing to your newsletter, and so forth. This will help to ensure these people hang around.

Giveaway widgets like Rafflecopter make it very easy to set up a giveaway on your site and offer multiple options for entry. If you can't afford to give anything away, use sites like Swagbucks to quickly earn a $5 Amazon gift code, and then give that away once you receive it. Everyone loves Amazon!

Another idea is to participate in some group blog giveaways. These are often free to sign up for and will help you build up your social media numbers in exchange for promoting the giveaways.

5 – Use Forum Signatures

Visit forums that are in your blog niche and make sure that you have a link to your website in your forum signature. Then, get active and start posting so that you increase the chances someone will see your site link.

This doesn't mean spam the forum — it's obvious to others when that is what you are doing. Instead, make sure you're adding to the discussions and sparking real conversations. People will be much more interested in you if you are interesting! And that means they might check out any links that appear in your forum signature.

6 – Make Sure You Have a Newsletter

Use a newsletter service to set up a newsletter for your blog, then make sure you have plenty of places inviting people to subscribe on your site. Some reputable newsletter service providers are Convert Kit (this is the service I use), MailChimp, and Mad Mimi.

Then, email your subscribers once per week or every few weeks with blog updates, news, or anything else you know they might find interesting. Make sure you link back to your website several times in each newsletter you send to boost traffic.

Here's more info on why newsletters are a good idea for your blog.

7 – Network!

Network with other bloggers in your niche. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Don't view other bloggers in your niche as your competition.

Thinking of them as “enemies” and trying to one-up them constantly is a waste of your time and energy. Try to make friends with them. Learn from them. Guest post for them. Make a point of sharing their posts with your readers. Lots of times they will return the favor!

Some great ways to network — Joining a tribe on Triberr, a Facebook group for bloggers in your niche (here is a great list of those), or a Pinterest group board.

8 – Comment

Leave comments on other blogs. And yes, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. First off, don't overdo it. Don't spam the comments of another blog in your niche by leaving more than one per day, every day.

Second, make sure your comments are actually meaningful and helpful. Don't just put a short, “Thanks for the post!” or something completely generic like that. Write something that either adds to the post, or asks an important question so the blog owner will know you actually read the post you're leaving your comment on.

Also, definitely don't leave a comment that just says for people to visit your website with a link inside. I can almost guarantee you that by doing that, you're wasting your time and your comment will likely get deleted.

The only appropriate place to leave your website URL in a comment on another blog is the URL field unless the blogger has given permission for you to do otherwise. Sometimes you may be able to get by with it if you've left a high-quality comment that shows you've read the post before dropping your URL.

9 – Post Regularly

The search engines love new, fresh content. If you're posting more than a few times per week, chances are good you might show up high in Google search for what you've written about. And of course this will equal some valuable search engine traffic!

Another reason to post often is because it's a great way to keep your readers coming back. The people who are stopping by won't continue to do so if there is never anything new for them to read.

Remember – Don't Burn Yourself Out!

Don't try to do too much, too fast. You'll get burnt out and you'll never stick with it. Do all the things above, but just don't overwhelm yourself with it. Do as much as you have time for every day that you can spend any time on it.

Blogging successfully is NOT easy and trying to get traffic is one of the main things that makes it hard. Don't give up!

What are your tips for getting blog traffic? Is there anything that has helped you that I didn't list above?

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78 thoughts on “How To Get Traffic To Your Blog – (9 Ideas That Really Work!)”

  1. This is a great post.

    My blog is only 1.5 months old and I highly recommend Facebook groups and StumbleUpon. I got over 15,000 visitors using those two methods alone.

    StumbleUpon isn’t really thought of when people think of Social Media but it works wonders. About 5000 of the visitors came from submitting there and having a few posts go mini-viral.

  2. Great tips! I took notes on them so I’d remember. I’ve been technically blogging for a while now, but I haven’t actively been working on it a lot. I definitely need to use these tips to get traffic to my blog. Thank you!

  3. These are superb tips Anna!

    The best way to drive traffic to your brand new blog is guest posting. My main goal every month is to guest post atleast once so that I can reach a lot more people with the content I’m publishing.

    Keep blogging forward!

  4. This is some very helpful information. I am thinking about starting a blog, have been preparing posts and researching non stop. I think I am burnt out already. I’m so motivated to do this but afraid to take the plunge. This is a great blog!

  5. These are all great (an actionable) suggestions- especially for a newbie blogger. (Like me!) I’m still navigating my way through social media- MANUALLY- and really need to get on board with an automated program- but there are so many!! Hootsuite, Boardbooster, Buffer, social sprout… I’ve got some research ahead of me, for sure. Thanks again for all the great suggestions. (And I found you on Pinterest- so you were right- it does seem to work for you.)

    • Thank you, and good luck!

      For what it’s worth, the only social media schedulers I use are Tailwind and Boardbooster for Pinterest as of now. I don’t bother scheduling Twitter (I just manually tweet when I post and tweet the articles of others as I find them). And I also don’t use a scheduler for Facebook. I’ve actually read that Facebook may penalize you for using schedulers, so I just use their native scheduler. I have no idea if that’s true, but their native scheduler is easy enough to use, so I just err on the side of caution there.

  6. I think #10 is the hardest! There are ALWAYS things you can do to make your blog better or improve your traffic, but that doesn’t mean it all needs to get done today.

  7. Thanks for putting a link for where to find Pinterest group boards. I found some great ones, but what I can’t figure out is how to actually join the group, all I can do is follow it. Any help here would be great. Thank you.

    • Hi Heather, You have to actually message the board owner and ask to be added. You can tell who the board owner is because their picture appears first in the list of contributors. Hope this helps!

  8. Hi Anna. Thank you for this very informative article. I recently started my own blog and this article gave me some good ideas to drive traffic to it – will definitely be trying a few of them! Thanks.

  9. This is excellent. Thank you very much for putting this post together. It definitely helps. By the way, i’d be honored to guest post for you soon.

  10. Thank you for this post. I’ve seen many of this type posts but yours offers a lot of new ways to increase traffic that aren’t click bait 🙂

  11. These are some great tips! I am still so new to blogging and as much as I have tried to use some of the tips I’ve learned from other bloggers, the idea of collaboration with other bloggers still scares me! Hopefully in the near future I’ll get over my fear and just go for it! Thanks for the post!

    xx Victoria

  12. Thank you so much for this post. We have just started our new blog and are working really hard to build our followers. Your tips will definitely put to use.

  13. This post is so helpful! Thank you for sharing your tips. I just started my blog and I’m struggling with getting people to read my posts! I will definitely take your advice to heart.

  14. Hello! Thank you so much for sharing this post! I currently have no followers, but I am definitely going to try your tips! I saw some other posts that got my attention, so I will read them tonight!!!

    Lots of love,


  15. Hi,

    That line with “Don’t give up!” was what I needed today. I started my blog month ago but I have got maybe some 2 visits which were not spam bots. It is really hard to start on Pinterest. Nobody simply sees my pins in that huge amount of information even if I improve with every day 🙁

    Best wishes,
    Kot from TreesUnderHeaven

  16. Thank you so much for this article! I found it on Pinterest and I ended up pinning it to my own board and tweeting it out because it’s a must read for anybody who is wanting to start a blog, or to anybody who already has a blog. I sure wish that I had read this article prior to starting my own blog.

    I did not know about Pinterest groups or Facebook groups for bloggers. I did not know about broadbooster or other blog engagement sites likes Triberr. I didnt even know about the importance of setting up a newsletter, so I started playing around with mail chimp today since it is free. I feel like I know so much more now thanks to the info that you provided. Again, this article is a must read, and I thank you enormously for it!

  17. Great post! I’m fairly new to blogging and one of the first things I did was create an Instagram and a Twitter for the blog (after adding a few posts of course). I think Instagram has potential for bringing in more views, but Twitter doesn’t seem to be too helpful. I’m still figuring out what works best for me through trial and error…lot’s of it. It’s always nice to find helpful information like yours.

  18. Thanks so much for this post. I have been back and forth on blogging for quite some time now and just haven’t been disciplined enough or too frustrated with the process. I believe these tips will be a big help when I take the final leap into the blogging arena. I also agree with Angie Nelson’s comment on “getting back to the basics” and spending more time on bloggers actual websites for the reasons she stated. Looks like I’m going to be busy for a little whilte, but in a good way! Thanks again for this helpful information.

  19. Thanks so much for this post. I’m new to blogging and still trying to figure things out. I’ll be pinning this to come back to for sure.

  20. When I started my blog I didn’t think I wanted or cared if people read it, I was just doing it for a way to get my ideas out of my head, but now that I’m doing it I feel like I want people to know what I am thinking. Thanks for the ideas, it was helpful.

  21. Loved your post:) seems so honest and helpful. Me and my husband just started a blog about traveling, we are still very green, but we re enjoying the process. So every information is very useful. Thank you for the information.

  22. I appreciate your candid sharing of your resources. I joined Pinterest this year and it’s taking some time for me to get an understanding of how it works. Sometimes I believe I have spread myself too thin. I started my blog in 2011 but I was working over 15 hours a day so I was not able to develop my blog until 2014 after retiring. So I did research and still do research on a regular basis to improve my blog. So the information you’ve shared will come in handy and is surely appreciated.

  23. Thanks for your advice, especially about Pinterest. There’s a few tips there which cover things I didn’t know existed.
    I’m only a brand new blogger, so found your advice really useful and will start doing some of those things today.
    I have a colleague who has also recently started a blog and she is a great networker with other colleagues and just people in general. She’s promoted her blog through her personal Facebook site and gets a lot of traffic from work colleagues. It works for her, but I am really uncomfortable with that strategy for my own blog. Do you have a view on that?

    • Samantha — thanks, I’m glad you find my tips helpful! Regarding using your personal Facebook to promote your blog, honestly I think it’s fine and lots of bloggers do it. If you know you have friends who may benefit from your content, then it’s a good idea actually. But just like with anything, it’s probably best to keep it to a minimum and not post your blog posts constantly. Maybe once a day or once every other day. I think that, as long as you’re not being overly pushy, it’s actually a good idea.

  24. You’ve hit the nail on the head with this 8 great tips. I personally do 7 of these tips currently. Guest posting is a tactic I need to get back into doing as I’ve stopped for a while…thanks for the reminder.

  25. Hi Anna
    Came across your post through pinterest.
    As a new blogger practically everything I do in my blog is new to me.
    The learning process has been hard but we’ll worth it. I’m trying to gradually build a follow up by first encouraging my family members to come to the blog. Is that a good strategy?
    The thing is in Sri Lanka blogging is a new thing ( My mom just asked what was blogging?).
    Usually what happens is they come to the blog fb page and stay there posting comments and liking images!
    Sometimes I have to give them a buzz and show them how to get to the blog.
    Can you also recommend a blog or a group that would give me feed back on my blog?
    I would really appreciate your help.

    • This group on Facebook is pretty popular. They would probably give you feedback there if you posted the link –

      You’ll have to request to join and it may take them a day or so to approve you.

  26. I’m in the middle of my fifth month of a daily blog. My traffic isn’t great because I’m not writing about how to make money. My topic is my local area, and I’m still trying to figure out where my target audience is. I’m encouraged, though, since I am starting to see a growing number pennies coming in from Google. I don’t have a newsletter yet because I haven’t got time yet to do it right. I’m having to redo my main website of 600 pages, converting it from a selling site for my book inventory to an affiliate selling site. Once I get rid of my inventory I will have more time, I hope, to devote to my other blogs that have been neglected. My priority is to keep posting to the local blog every day and building traffic there. I publicize my posts on Twitter, in Facebook groups, on Pinterest, and on tsu. The blog is also hooked into the international network of Daily City Photo bloggers.

  27. These tips are very helpful… specifically he importance of guest blogging! This is something I need to do! From reading it is my understanding that I can contact other bloggers with a proposed post but I don’t actually have to send them a full post to consider right off the bat… is that correct? Thanks!

    • Yes, that is correct. It’s best not to send a full post over initially. One reason is because what if you never hear back from the blogger? You’ll be kind of in limbo, wondering if they are going to publish it or not. You wouldn’t want to send them a post, wait for two weeks and not hear back and assume they didn’t want it, send it to another blogger, and then find that the first blogger actually did publish your post after all.

      I’ve found that most bloggers prefer if you contact them asking if they would accept a post from you, tell them a little about your website, and then give them 2-3 ideas of things you could write for them and let them pick. Also, be as genuine and friendly as possible in your initial email. Most bloggers with high numbers of traffic get so many guest post submissions/queries that they can tell at a glance when a guest post request is canned or copy/pasted.

  28. Thank you so much for this post! I’ve literally been poking around websites and quora trying to figure out what REALLY works with traffic. I’ve been getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest via group boards – it CRAZY how much traffic you can get from group boards! I’ll definitely be using this post as a resource tool!

  29. Great tips! Recently, we had to spend six weeks staying with my in laws while our entire downstairs was being remodeled and I only had limited access to Internet during that time. My traffic has severely suffered to the point of where I almost want to throw the towel in;however, I believe that the best things are about to come when you feel you’re at the breaking point. My readers have never been much to interact but every once in a while, some will surprise me and make me realize just how much they do pay attention. I’m thinking about sending out a survey to my readers (offering a small gift card i.e. $5 Target or Starbucks) to random person who fills it out. It will ask questions about what my current readers want to see on my site, if they’d share it or not & why, etc. Then I can grow from there by feeding off my individual audience. Each blogs’ is unique!

  30. Hi Anna! Thank you very much for this post! I am really enjoying articles on your blog!
    But I have one specific question to you. Which website/program have you used to create the image for this post, for example? I am struggling with creating such cartoon like images with humans for my posts so please help! 🙂

    • I use a site called to buy my images. They have vectors that are cartoon-like people. Once you find one you like and download it, you can then go to PicMonkey (a free, online photo editing tool), and select the option to design an image and pick your dimensions. That will take you to a blank white canvas on PicMonkey to dress up with text, images, etc. however you want. Then, you go to the little butterfly icon within PicMonkey that lets you select overlays. At the top, choose “Your Own” and then it lets you upload the little vector cartoon person you download. You can resize it in PicMonkey by stretching it to fit and of course reposition it. You can also change the background color of the image to match the background of the cartoon person (which is what I did for this post). There is a bit of a learning curve, but you will get the hang of it.

      • 123rf lets you purchase 20 images for $20, so that’s why I like it. Once you’ve paid the 20, you’ll see 20 credits in your account that you can use to download images when you need them.

  31. Your advice is a HUGE help to me. I just started blogging myself and it’s been a grueling process, mainly because I’m so confused on what blogs to follow, what to write for my next post, and just how to keep up in general. This really really helps. Thank you very much!

  32. I Just stumbled upon the link to your post on Pinterest and I’m glad I did! Thank you so much for sharing all this. I could not agree more about networking: you can learn so much from other bloggers! I am quite new at the whole blogging thing and I absolutely love it but there are so many talented food bloggers out there! I love getting inspiration and drooling over mouth-watering recipes. Blogging is not just an insular hobby; it makes you join a community and I have found everyone so supportive so far it give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I will check out the pinning tool you mentioned. That sounds good, but I’m a tad worried about becoming spammy. Will follow you via email.

    • Thanks Mel! Boardbooster is so customizable that you can for sure keep it from making you seem spammy. You can tell it how often to pin each day, and what times, too. Plus you can also set up which pins to pin to which boards so you’re not having the same stuff go out over and over. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you have it down, it’s fantastic. 🙂 It has seriously done great things for my website traffic coming from Pinterest.

      Good luck!

  33. Great tips. Pinterest is one of my best platforms for bringing new views. Pictures make such a huge difference that many bloggers can utilize. Just go back to older posts and recreate better photos/images can be an easy way to get more attention!

  34. Thank you for this post. Sometimes we forget to do some of these tips and don’t realize how important they are. I need to update my daily to do list so I remember to do some of these, especially commenting on other blogs.

  35. Wow! This is such a great article. I started out trying to build facebook and then realized that no one was seeing my posts…or only about 3 to 10 people. I also started a giveaway and found (based on my analytics) that people basically bounced on the giveaway page, entered, and then exited without shopping which was really disappointing. The thing that I have found the most helpful so far is Pinterest ads. It’s relatively cheap and the visitors coming from Pinterest are actually shopping when they get to the site. Yay! Thanks for the tips, I am definitely go to try to work on some of these.

  36. Anna, your post was extremely informative! Thank you for the insight and for doing the research work! I have visited PinGroupie and have started to join other’s boards. I really need to get comfortable with networking and leaving messages on the blog sites I have visited. Though it is sometimes difficult to say something different in the comment section, I can see where trying to would exercise a blogger’s mind!

  37. Hi Anna,

    How do I contact the group board on pinterest to invite me to join them. I visited pingroupie and some a couple of group board I will love to join but do not know how I can go about contacting them so that I can join them. Your response will be greatly appreciated.

    • The person who owns a group board is always going to be the first one listed on the top left. Most of the time if the group board is open and accepting contributors, there will be some information on the board description explaining how to join. If not, you can try to message or contact the person who runs the board and see if they will accept you.

      • You can also determine the owner by looking at the link of the group board. For example, I’m taking part in this board: Once you remove the board name (keep-it-vegan-or-raw), you get to the profile of the owner.

        I do think that Pinterest should make it a bit more obvious though. If you’re just beginning with Pinterest, it can be quite tricky to understand board ownership. Perhaps a little note “creator” next to the board owner’s name in the contributor list? Would be awesome.

  38. Good tips. Thanks! I’m not so sure about the URL in comments. I think if it fits the topic and is helpful. This has happened twice on my blog (so no on really over does it & I haven’t run into a good situation yet) and each time I visited the other site and found the information useful. So, it can be helpful as long as it’s not spammy and genuinely helpful. I didn’t delete either one.

    • I absolutely don’t mind either when it’s clear the person commenting is genuinely trying to be helpful and add to the discussion in some way. Those types of comments with links get approved! 🙂 But — and maybe it’s just with the work from home niche — many of the comments I get with links include spammy/scammy things or people’s affiliate links.

  39. Thank you for this information. I am going to have to join some forums. I think it would be a great way to make some new bloggy friends as well! I have never thought of having a news letter, so I really appreciate that information and am going to look into this tonight!!!!

  40. I’m enjoying the insight on this post. I think all bloggers have the these same frustrations, especially when first getting started. I know that I continue to stress about traffic, because it’s something that you really have to continually work at.

    One of the things that I’ve been doing is looking at the sources of backlinks from similar sites in my niche. There are some online services such as where you can look at your backlinks and compare them to other sites like yours. That way you can visit those sites, comment on relevant posts, offer to guest blog, network, etc.

  41. This is a great article that I could surely use for my blog to grow. Thank you for sharing this one. There are so many things to do and I agree not to burn out myself on trying to do a lot of things at once. Sure, blogging is fun and interesting, but my goodness there are so many things you can and have to do for it to be successful.

  42. Writing good quality articles and submitting them to the many thousands of sites that accept them is another ideal way to build traffic coming to your blogs or websites. The more inbound links you have to your sites increases your website or blogs rankings in the major search engines. As with anything that you do, it takes work as well as time. Submitting several articles per week alone will help build traffic to your site. This is one of the extra little things that you can do that will help out in the long haul.

  43. I lost track of my Tribber network. I had a couple going and then everyone just disappeared. I am noticing more and more people using G+, I imagine since FB is starting to push for $$. I was spending more time there because I see a lot of food related material there (and users) that I don’t see on FB. Not to mention, a ton of international users which is still great for my traffic. I’m slowly working on another website and cleaning up some of my smaller websites. It’s such a process.

    One thing I haven’t done is start a newsletter. All these years, all my sites that have came and went and those that I have stuck with it is something I have never done. It’s the one thing that still baffles me.

    I switch back and forth between Bing and Swagbucks. I never thought about using my Swagbucks for a giveaway! So silly. I was just thinking about what to do for YUM and something to do for the new site when the new year starts. Thanks for that idea Anna!

    • I feel like a newsletter is one thing you have control over whereas we can’t really control Google search or any of the social media networks regarding the changes they make that affect us. I didn’t start a newsletter for probably more than a year after I had this blog, but now I’m so glad I did. I see a small traffic jump every time I send it out. If you have someone’s email address, you can reach them. Unfortunately we can no longer count on the social media networks for reach. However, I’m going to start focusing more on Pinterest. When I put in the effort, I do see good results there.

  44. Usually this time of year, traffic is super slow since people are with their families during the holidays, so I try not to get discouraged when my numbers drop, even though they’re not big numbers. My hardest part is getting people to interact on Facebook when you set it up for people to give a response. Probably because less and less people can see my page, therefore, can’t respond. I dislike Facebook for this very reason, I almost want to get rid of it altogether as it’s one less site to deal with.

    • Facebook is losing effectiveness for me, too. I have almost 5K followers and I’m lucky if even 700 people (usually less) see my posts there.

  45. I have been working at this for awhile now and have actually seen a decline! I have the subscribers on FB and Twitter, but I have virtually no response to anything I post. I got these folks from giveaway entry requirements.. so it is not an audience *apparently* that reads blogs and such. I am bummed… I also signed up for some hit exchange sites… got a ton of hits, but not any that will stay I suspect.

    There really is no easy path on this! Networking seems to be the key, and can be very slow to work. Bloggers don’t have a lot of time to blog and read your blog lol!

  46. Hi Anna,

    Great blog post about blogging. Right now, I signed up for a traffic package at this website known as Adwords is just too expensive for me. Today, I used their linkbooster service. They advise website owners to use it no more than once a week so I’ll re-submit my website around this same time next week. I’m also trying to list my blog in blog directories. I check the page rank of each directory I consider. One website has a PR of 8/10, which is really good. Have you tried doing something like that? Submitting your blog to blog directories? If you did or didn’t let me know.

    • I have not heard of, but you need to be careful with it. I think Google frowns on those kinds of services and could actually penalize you if they figured out you were using it (probably why they tell you only to use it once per week). I think it can work for some people, but it’s a little risky. As far as blog directories go, I always had a hard time getting any of them to accept my site when I would submit it so I can’t speak from experience on those, but I have heard it’s worth doing — some people definitely report good results from them.

      Good luck to you! Please let me know how your methods are working!

      • isn’t necessarily a traffic exchange. According to Adsense’s policies, you can use alternatives to AdWords, but they just advise against advertising companies that work like traffic exchanges. So far, Revisitors isn’t like that since I’m not receiving any inflated clicks compared to if I was still using a traffic exchange program. Back in October, I signed up for a 500 visitors free trial through Revisitors and decided to try it out since I made my first dollar through them. However, it is true that they do advise you to use linkbooster’s service once a week so you don’t get penalized by Google or the other main search engines. It’s going good though. So far, I’ve earned over $0.50 since using

  47. One thing that I would love to see the return of with the recent Facebook demise is the return of more onsite conversation. I have to admit that I have gotten more lax with commenting over the past year because we have been interacting more with readers on social networking sites. As we are shown over and over, social platforms are NOT for keeps. I’m definitely planning to get “back to the basics” in some aspects. And I don’t think it’s a bad thing. 😉

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