10 Types of Easy-to-Make Digital Printables You Can Sell (For Beginners)

digital printables you can sell

If you are thinking about getting started selling digital printables for passive income, you may also be wondering what types of printables would be fairly easy to create. As a beginner, you may have little to no graphic design experience, and you may also have no clue what sorts of printables people like to purchase … Read more

5 Ways to Work at Home Doing Laundry

ways to work at home doing laundry

Working at home doing laundry? Yes, you read that right! Most of us really don’t enjoy laundry, but we have to do it anyway. And while the prospect of doing laundry for other people may not sound that appealing, you can earn an income or even just a little extra money this way! Today, I … Read more

15 Ways to Do the Work Once and Keep Getting Paid

passive income featured

There are plenty of ways to create passive income for yourself while working from home. Passive meansĀ that you do the work once and keep getting paid for it, over and over again. Sounds like a dream, right? It is amazingĀ IF you can make it work. I know of a couple of things and I did … Read more

25 Places to Start Selling Crafts Online

sell crafts online

Today’s post is a list of twenty-five sites you can use to start selling crafts online. If you know of any others that are good or want to provide some feedback on the sites listed below, let me know! I try to update and reshare this periodically so all the info is current for you … Read more

Working From Home Doing Voice-Overs – Interview & E-Course

Work from home doing voice overs

Today, I have an interview with Julie Eickhoff, a professional voice-over artist who works from home. Julie has shared some information about the voice-over industry below that I hope you’ll find useful — benefits, earning potential, and more. If you’re interested in voice-over work, read on to learn more about it, plus get some information … Read more

Home Business Idea – Start a Dog Treat Bakery

How to start a dog treat bakery business from home

I am always interested in “outside the box” ways to start a side business or earn money. So when I started reading about how Kristin Larsen started her dog treat bakery business from home and eventually turned it into five figures a month, I wanted to know more! In today’s post, I’m sharing with you … Read more