8 Ways to Earn Money While You Travel

Did you know there is an abundance of work from home jobs that you can do while you travel? When it comes to looking for work from home, one of the most popular reasons is to spend more time with your kids.

But another big motivator for work from home jobs is the need for flexibility to travel while you work, allowing employee to work from anywhere.

Some work from home jobs required a dedicated home office or landline (especially for phone-based jobs) but some companies are cutting costs and being innovative by operating 100% remote, meaning even the CEO works from their laptop!

Location independent jobs are on the rise, so if you’re looking for work from home jobs that you can do while you travel, here’s some great ideas of the most popular roles:

1. Accountant or Bookkeeper

Being an accountant requires a lot of researching and analyzing numbers. In the app development company Clevertech‘s remote job posting for an accountant, they state “As long as you have good internet, and a computer that can handle accounting demands, this job could be yours.” How awesome is that?

The reality is, a lot of accounts receivable and accounts payable jobs are done completely over email, which makes accountants one of the more popular work from home jobs you can do while you travel.

Some companies that hire remote accountants/bookkeepers include Accounting Department and Belay. Or, you could go into business for yourself as a bookkeeper.

2. Blogger

Bloggers can morph to and from many different career paths, including freelance writers and business or life coaches. They usually make their living off of ads, affiliate sales and content-rich articles and/or products like eBooks and eCourses.

Their meetings and phone calls are minimal, so bloggers easily secure a spot on the list of work from home jobs you can do from anywhere.

You can learn more about how to start a blog here if you're interested, or learn about affiliate marketing and how you can earn great commission for things you promote on your blog!

3. Marketer

This is broad category encompassing a ton of creative fields, including but not limited to photography, writing and social media management.

It’s an arena that is absolutely thriving with jobs that you can do while you travel. Copywriters and Social Media Managers can and do work while they are on the road.

Although these jobs tend to be more coveted, it’s not unheard of to see a marketing spot open up in a lot of remote startups.

A good place to get started looking for marketing jobs you can do while you travel is at RemoteOK.io, an awesome job search site dedicated to this very topic.

4. Customer Support

Good with people and computers? Many companies are ditching the 1-800 number in exchange for email only support. If you’re anything like me, you love this, and find email a much less awkward and way more efficient means of communicating.

Because these companies operate with email only customer support, they are able to allow their jobs to be location independent.

There is some useful information on getting paid to answer emails from home here.

5. Education/Teaching

Many people are working from anywhere as virtual tutors, teachers, educators and translators.

This is often viewed as a rewarding career (which makes us warm and fuzzy inside and is all around awesome) as well as can be done over software like Skype, making it easy to travel while you work.

Just make sure you thoroughly read the job description before applying and make sure there are no “dedicated home office space” requirements.

Two companies with remote tutoring jobs open are Preply and Brainfuse.

6. Transcriptions

Often founds as freelancers and contract workers (much like remote writers), transcribers and captioners are able to transcribe over the computer, sometimes by just picking up a file via an online software program and working on it from their laptops, from anywhere in the world.

Personally, I worked as a captioner in the past and was up Sunday morning captioning SNL weekend update segments, with no dedicated landline required – it was actually a really fun gig!

If you’re a fast typer, I’d recommend checking into this field as it easily lets you work from anywhere.

A few companies with regular transcription openings include TranscribeMe and Focus Forward.

7. Programmers

Programmers are one of the most popular work from home jobs that you can do while you travel. This is because demand is high for people who know how to develop software by writing code.

Companies like Stickermule and Edgar are usually hiring for remote programmers and developers.

8. Direct Sales Consultants

Even though the word ‘sales’ makes some people cringe, direct sales can be a very casual and lucrative way to make money, even from your laptop. If you are good with people and like to sells things, setting up an online shop with a popular brand (think Avon as an example) could be an option for you.

You’ll distribute an eCatalog to people online, take the orders online through an ecommerce shop that can operate autonomously, and then customers get their products shipped to them straight from the warehouses.

And seriously, even though they are sometimes shrouded with a negative stigma of shadiness, don’t be scared of most well-known direct sales companies – they are actually incredibly legitimate opportunities to create a career for yourself with work you can do while you travel (in fun and varied industries, to boot!).

You can see this list of direct sales companies for ideas.

In Conclusion

So get out there and find yourself a work from home job you can do while you travel, if that’s your thing!

Startups are especially known for offering work form home jobs you can do from anywhere, using collaborative software programs like Google Drive and Slack.

Some companies not only allow their employees to work from anywhere, they support it, by offering annual paid trips for their teams to meet in different, interesting spots around the world.

Buffer is known for this with their annual Buffer Retreat.

Perks like this make work from home jobs you can travel with even more appealing! If you’re looking for work from home jobs you can travel with, start with the ones on this list, as they are in high demand in the work from anywhere realm.

About the Author:

Lisa Jordie was stuck in desk job that made her unhappy because she couldn’t travel, so in the summer of 2015 she quit to become location independent. She now works as a full-time freelancer writer. She created and blogs at The Drifting Desk to help others find their path to career freedom, too.

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