Xerox Work From Home Jobs – Data Entry, Customer Service, & More!

We've all heard of the Xerox company — they are kind of a big deal! I was a little surprised to discover that there are Xerox work from home jobs available regularly, including occasional data entry work!

Another interesting fact about Xerox is that they are more than just copy machines and paper products. Some of their home-based positions involve things like doing Medicaid research and analyzing medical claims.

So how can you apply to work for Xerox from home? What jobs do they have available? Is it open to everyone or limited to certain states? How hard is it to get hired?

I wondered all of the above and got to work doing the research so I could answer the questions in today's post.

Work From Home Jobs Available at Xerox

As mentioned above, I've seen more than one work from home position listed. Also keep in mind that the home-based jobs they offer come and go.

For example, the data entry position tends to appear and disappear, so you need to keep tabs on their careers page pretty regularly since it changes.

To find the work from home jobs at Xerox, go to the Careers page here, choosing the option “Search for jobs related to business process and IT services.”

You can also try the other option, but I hardly ever turn up any home-based positions through that one. Then do a search for “work from home” in the keyword box. You can also use their Advanced Search and specify virtual positions on the options section.

Are Xerox jobs 100 percent home-based?

Many of them are, but you'll have to pay close attention to the job description on each listing. For example, of the jobs I have linked above, the case research specialist position requires that you train on-site initially before working from home.

Also some of the past listings they've had up for the customer service work requires training on site. It does appear that some others are entirely home-based though.

Are Xerox jobs location-based?

This is always something that's difficult to tell for sure, but it looks like some of them may be.

The listings you'll notice do have a location after the job title. When you see that, it's important to read the descriptions carefully to check if there is a mention anywhere that you must live within so many miles of a specific city or reside in that state.

But this can be misleading because the payment method development consultant job I linked above says this in the description in spite of having a Washington DC location listed after the job title:

We welcome applicants from anywhere in the contiguous U.S., especially Washington, DC; Helena, MT; and Burlington, VT. Some current team members work in Xerox healthcare offices while others work from home.

So regardless of what the location says, always be sure to read the job description carefully to see if there is anything specific mentioned about your location. When in doubt, you can of course just email the company and ask.

Are these positions employee or independent contractor?

Positions at Xerox appear to be employee positions. You can read about the benefits offered to employees at Xerox here.

How much does Xerox pay?

The rate varies depending on the position, but it seems that the pay is pretty fair. The customer service rep position (bilingual) is showing a rate of $10 to $10.50 an hour.

How hard is it to get hired?

I've been checking around to see if people on the forums who have applied ever hear back. Apparently some do, so that should give you a little hope if working for Xerox interests you.

I come across an unbelievable amount of jobs where lots of people apply and pretty much no one ever reports hearing anything back.

Lots of times this is because the company might have just one position to fill, and then many companies just don't bother to contact you back if you don't get the job.

Does Xerox hire people worldwide?

They do, although the work from home positions I'm finding on their site right now appear to be US based. But Xerox is a worldwide corporation with offices all over the world. Their website states that they have 140,000 employee across 160 countries.

So if you do not reside in the US, keep your eyes peeled for home-based jobs from Xerox in your country. Their Careers page makes it pretty easy to search for jobs in any location.

What do people say about working from home for Xerox?

Overall the chatter is positive.

I was looking around one of the work at home forums I frequent, and I found this thread where someone is trying to choose between working for Xerox and a few other companies after getting offers from each one, and many former Xerox employees said this person should go with Xerox and went on to say how awesome the company is.

How to Apply For Xerox Work From Home Jobs

The Xerox Work From Home Careers page is here.

If they don't have any data entry positions posted, we have a list of other companies offering data entry jobs if that is what has your interest.

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12 thoughts on “Xerox Work From Home Jobs – Data Entry, Customer Service, & More!”

  1. I have applied for xerox. I have to be honest the hiring process has been hours upon hours upon hours of applications and assesment test. And IQ test and phone recorded test, typing test, recruiter phone interviews and virtual Web cam senior recruiter interview. Which is the one I have left. Whew…You can not be no dummy and get this position. Plus I think it’s so stressful they want to see if your going to give up. They did contact me immediately maybe because I passed all my test. And so wish me luck. But there was more than one opening for my position at home posted so you might be correct in assuming if only one position then they don’t have time to contact everyone.

  2. I have a second interview with Xerox tomorrow at 9AM (or I guess today in 7.5 hours). The application process was easy.. you standard technical support position – resume, aptitude test, etc. The application ended with a “voice audition” where you are expected to rapidly answer customer service type questions – “A customer is angry and ready to cancel service. How do you handle the situation?” – You hear the question for 2 to 5 seconds and have 30 more to answer. I received an email one week later requesting a scheduled phone interview. I completed that today. Basic questions, “Where will your designated office space be located?”, “Why do you want an at home position?”, “Can you work these hours?” etc. Easy. I was then passed through to a more “formal” interview, “virtually”, via a webcam. I was warned by the recruiter these questions would be more technical. So far this has been my experience, and I would say it has been average/borderline positive.

    • Oh wow! That is awesome news! I did my assessment test today and they said they would get back with me soon. So did you get the position? Are you currently working with them?

      • I am sorry I forgot to reply to this. I did get the position, but I do not start until July 27th (they were kind enough to allow me to start so far out due to a family trip rather than risk attendance issues in training).

        • I start tomorrow as well haha! I am attending training in Houston, TX. I didn’t have all those interviews, however!

      • Amber,

        The webcam interview(s) were awesome. I was really nervous to begin each one but by the end of them I was surprisingly very comfortable. The first webcam interviewer (who is your main recruiter) starts out asking very much the same questions as the phone interview (why work from home, is the pay enough and why, how do you feel about customer service). There was a bit of role playing and some nice chit chat over the course of about an hour. At the end my recruiter told me she wanted to push me through to the next/final interview. I completed the final interview three days later and it was a bit more technical. The interviewer was mostly probing for your troubleshooting initiatives (note – not necessarily skills – but ability/willingness to find a solution). At the end she told me my recruiter would contact me within 24 hours to let me know whether or not I got the job. Honestly, although the interview ended on a good note, I did think I had bombed it. However, at 9AM the next morning my recruiter called and extended the offer of employment to me. I had to wait until a week and a half ago to complete my background check, offer letter, and drug test. This was only due to my delayed start date (none of these things could be completed prior to 30 days before the start date). Overall it was a positive experience and I wish anyone else going through this much luck!!!

  3. I work for Xerox and though they pay low ish sometime.. you tend not to get laid off like other companies do.

    There are MANY home based positions, for which I am one.
    They pay for my phone but not internet, but I save alot of time and ga$ travel.

  4. When I click on any of the job description links above, I am taken to a page that says, “The job is no longer available. The job description you are trying to view is no longer available.”

    I wonder if Xerox has stopped hiring for these positions or if this is just temporary?


    • I’m not sure, I’ll try to update the link later if I can find a better one. In the meantime, you can check this link –

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