10 Places To Check For Remote Telehealth Jobs

Stating that we live in unprecedented times seems a bit cliche. However, cliches exist for a reason: because they’re often true.

The coronavirus has upended life as we know as well as the status quo, and people are rightfully feeling a range of emotions about it. But there is one emotion that seems to be at the core of everything: fear. Fear of the unknown, of what we’re going to do next, where we’re going to go from here, and fear of what the job landscape will look like for all of us.

While leaders and politicians hold debates, people are being laid off and more and more are turning to remote work.

If this is your first time looking for remote work, and you work in an industry that typically doesn’t allow for it (or at least, hasn’t allowed for it until recently) – like healthcare – never fear! We’ve got you covered.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 telehealth jobs hiring now – read on below to learn more about shifting your focus and industry into the remote work field.

10 Places To Check For Remote Telehealth Jobs

1 – The Remote Nurse

The Remote Nurse is a fantastic website and is currently offering live updates on remote COVID-19 nursing, PA (Physicians Assistants), and NP (Nurse Practitioner) jobs.

Companies like Aerotek, United Concierge Medicine, and BabyLiveAdvice are all listed as companies that are currently hiring. When I last checked, 16 positions were listed.

One user asked if LPN’s (Licensed Practical Nurses) were able to apply, and the response from The Remote Nurse was that it depended on the job requirements, so keep that in mind if you’re applying as a LPN.

Also remember that this website is purely to list jobs – The Remote Nurse is not recruiting or hiring for these positions! Its function is to simply act as a job board. Salaries for these positions vary as well.

Go here to check out The Remote Nurse.

2 – Carenet Health

As a nurse working in telephone triage, you can work overnight shifts (i.e., after the kids have gone to bed – if you have them!), and you can make around $25 hourly, full-time.

This is likely not the ideal salary for a nurse, but it seems more flexible than a “regular” nursing job, and keeps you home and safe during the era of COVID-19.

Some RN’s on Glassdoor said you can even make up to $26 per hour – and who knows how that salary might change as the weeks turn into months during this pandemic.

Caranet does require over three years of experience in the following: Pediatrics, Home Health Care, Emergency Nursing, ICU, Med./Surg. or related fields with patients of different ages.

There are 33 job opportunities at the time of this article’s creation, and they even include ones like “Proposal Writer,” which doesn’t require nursing experience, of course (although it is preferred to have a medical background); however, it does require a four-year degree from an accredited university in either Communications, Business, English, or a related field.

As a freelance writer, I know that technical writing or medical writing jobs require a bit more in terms of either experience or a degree, but one perk to writing for these “tougher” jobs is that they generally pay more. And if you’re a medical professional who is not a professional writer, I would still recommend going out for jobs like these.

You never know what you may fall into, especially during a time of crisis – and that can be a good thing!

Go here to check out Carenet Health.

3 – FoneMed

At the time of this post’s creation, 3 telehealth jobs were available through FoneMed. One cool aspect to the FoneMed positions is that they are employment positions – not contractor positions. This means that they offer salary plus benefits.

Honestly, work-from-home jobs that are flexible and offer a salary and benefits are my favorite types of remote jobs. There’s certainly a benefit – if you’ll pardon the pun – to project-based work, especially if you’re more introverted (hello, never having to talk to someone after a project is finished!), but in my mind, you can’t beat a regular paycheck – and benefits!

Go here to check out FoneMed.

4 – Triage 4 Pediatrics

Triage 4 Pediatrics hires remote, telephone-based pediatric triage nurses. You must have a Texas RN license to apply.

At the time of this article, the company is hiring a Pediatric Telephone Triage Nurse. There is not any salary information on the company’s website; however, according to RegisteredNursing.org, a telephone triage nurse can make anywhere from around $64,000 per year to nearly $80,000 per year. Not too shabby!

Go here to check out Triage 4 Pediatrics.

5 – Conifer Health Solutions

To find remote telehealth jobs through Conifer Health Solutions, I simply typed “remote,” into the search bar via the above link, and boom! 65 results were found!

There were jobs across multiple departments, including coding, patient and physician services, RN positions, A/R Management, health information management, and many others.

Payment seems to vary based on the job. I like seeing jobs that are available in multiple departments, as they could be a little more lenient on your background and experience requirements, allowing more folks to apply for more jobs as they become available.

Go here to check out Conifer Health Solutions.

6 – Dot Dash

Did the Medical Proposal Writer job I mentioned earlier spark your interest? Good news – there are plenty of remote freelance writing jobs for medicine going around! You can find them on Dot Dash; once again, I simply typed in “remote” into the search bar.

Remember, when searching for remote jobs, it’s important to get the keywords right, and “remote” is one of the best keywords you can use! “Work from home” also works well for these types of positions.

Dot Dash has several different types of content jobs currently listed, including a Health and Wellness Content Update Editor and Research Coordinator for their health division.

The great thing about Dot Dash is that it also lists jobs in the tech and home, pets, and crafts arenas, so if you have some non-healthcare-worker-friends who are looking for remote work, send them Dot Dash’s way!

Payment seems to vary based on the job and your experience level.

Go here to check out Dot Dash.

7 – him & hers

Looking for a truly modern look into telemedicine? Look no further than him & hers, a product line that helps aid in hair loss, ED, skincare, and more. They’re also looking for remote workers in the telemedicine field who can work as Clinicians and are NP’s and MD’s.

Your job as a telehealth worker for the company would be to conduct consultations via phone or video, answer patient questions, and be available at least 10 hours per week.

There is no salary info for this company, though they do tout on their job application page that they’ve raised over $200MM in funding. Pretty impressive, but it’s a bit strange that a hair company is trying to branch out into actual medicine, so proceed with caution if you’re a NP or MD.

Go here to check out him and hers.

8 – TTS Technologies

Honestly, the website for TTS Technologies is a bit confusing – it says to call or email if you’re looking for a job, but they also have an active job posting for a Remote Nurse on Google.

This is a telemedicine management company, and they seem to operate in the role of recruitment.

According to the job board posting for the Remote Nurse position, the client’s company is looking for RN’s, LVN’s, and LPN’s who are 100% remote, are contract, direct hire, or contract to hire.

There is no information on salary. Let us know if you apply and move forward in the application process!

Go here to check out TTS Technologies.

9 – Aligned Telehealth

Aligned Telehealth is an interesting company that I came across in my research for this article. They’re a “leading national provider of behavioral healthcare, offering Telehealth services as well as facility-based staffing programs.”

I’m sure that there are many companies out there like them, but their website is well-put-together, and it seems like they’re very experienced in telehealth services, to say the least.

Their mission statement is front-and-center on their website as well: to provide healthcare to every American, no matter where they live.

The company recently posted a job for a Physician in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Requirements include Board Certification in Internal, Emergency, or Family Medicine; 1-year post-residency experience; an active, unrestricted DEA license; and an active state license in any of the following states, per the website: “FL, TX, CA, WA, NJ, AL, CO, GA, IL, MN, NC, NV, OK, TN, WI, NY, AK, AZ, MD, VA, DC.”

Go here to check out Aligned Telehealth.

10 -Doctors on Demand

No, you don’t have to be a doctor (necessarily) to join Doctors on Demand! In fact, you can simply work on the customer service side of things in telehealth or on the corporate side. There are many jobs listed at the above link, and salary and/or hourly pay is based on experience and the job itself.

Want to learn more about Doctors on Demand? Read our review here, or go here to check for openings.

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