Medical Billing From Home – What It Is And What It Pays

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Many readers ask me about medical billing from home, so today I’ve done the research to help you understand exactly what it is, what it pays, and — most important — how to dodge the many scam opportunities you might come across when seeking out this type of job. While medical billing is totally for real … Read more

5 Companies Hiring Work at Home Medical Scribes Right Now

Are you interested in becoming a work at home medical scribe? I’ve found five companies that are looking to hire right now, and a few of them are entry level positions! In this post, I’ve listed the company hiring scribes, the experience you need, how much they pay (if I was able to find that … Read more

12 Medical Transcription Companies That Hire Remotely

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Have you been thinking long and hard about working at home as a medical transcriptionist? Do you have previous experience in some capacity in the medical field? Would you be willing to train and just get out there and get some experience? Well, then keep reading because this article will tell you where to go to get … Read more

Medical Scribe Jobs (Work at Home) – What To Know

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Work at home medical scribes — this is a new remote job I’ve been seeing posted quite a bit lately. Today, I decided to do some more digging into what medical scribes do, what they earn, what it takes to become one, who is hiring medical scribes, where to get trained, and other details you … Read more

Medical Coding Jobs (Remote) – Exactly What To Know

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A lot of people tend to be curious about remote medical coding jobs because they think it’s quick, easy work at home employment. However, just like medical billing from home, this isn’t something you can just dive right into and start doing. Almost every company that would hire you to do this is going to require … Read more

5 Mental Health Work at Home Jobs Open Now

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Are you a licensed therapist looking to work from home? Luckily, thanks to the boom of telehealth in recent years, there are plenty of opportunities available. Many people who struggle with day-to-day life or suffer from mental health issues want therapy but are unable — or lack the desire to — leave home to get … Read more