10 Good Reasons to Consider Transcription as a Work at Home Career

10 reasons to consider transcription as a work at home career

If you’re looking for a rewarding and flexible career that you can pursue from the comfort of your own home, transcription might be the perfect fit for you. In today’s blog post, I’m exploring some of the reasons why transcription is a great remote career to consider. What Is Transcription? First of all, let’s define … Read more

General or Medical Transcription – Which One Should You Choose to Pursue?


Many of my readers are interested in doing transcription work from home. Why is it so appealing? Because it’s flexible, non-phone work that isn’t extremely difficult to break into. In truth, there are lots and lots of reasons to consider a career in work at home transcription! What Is Transcription? In a nutshell, transcription is listening … Read more

Can I Work From Home Without a Computer?

Can I work from home with no computer

Can I work from home without a computer? This is a very, very common question I receive from people who are without one. While you can work from home without a computer, most “traditional” work from home jobs are going to require that you have one. For example, if you’re doing phone support, transcription, data … Read more

How To Find High Pay Freelance Jobs

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Are you currently freelancing, but know that you could be making more money? Do you hear others in forums talking about how much money they are making? Would you like to one day replace your current salary by just freelancing? When it comes to seeking advancement and more earning potential, a freelance career is not … Read more

Top Things You Should Know Before Working From Home

things to think about before working at home

Since the start of the global pandemic in 2020, the movement towards work-from-home jobs, which was already well underway across a number of major industries, has accelerated by leaps and bounds. A flood of brand new people, many of whom have no experience with the challenges of making a living outside of a conventional workplace, … Read more

The Best and Worst Things About Working From Home

Best and Worst Things About Working From Home

Here on this site, we’re all about work from home, of course. But we’re also willing to acknowledge that, like all things in life, it can be a mixed bag. Today we’re talking about the best and worst things about working from home. We’ll talk about some of the things we really love about remote … Read more