What Is the Difference Between A Proofreader & An Editor?

Proofreading and Editing

I’ve been a writer since, technically, the third grade, when my short story, The Wolf & I, won me third place and $300 in my local library’s writing contest. Yep, that’s right – 300 big ones for a third grader. The nineties were a different time to be a writer. But I digress – my … Read more

10 Ways to Manage Time Efficiently While Working at Home

work at home time management

Staying focused and productive as a work at home mom is an ongoing struggle for me. I’m the queen of distraction! I love to stop what I’m what doing and read emails and check Facebook. And sometimes I’ll get caught up doing housework, cooking, and cleaning instead of working. Those things are definitely important, but the fact … Read more

How To Calculate Your Rates as a Freelance Writer

How to calculate your rates as a freelance writer

I have been a freelance writer for over 12 years. My first real, paid writing “gig” was as the Managing Editor of my college’s small literary magazine. I was also a writer for our college newspaper – a pretty big deal to 20-year-old me. My stipend was only $100/month, but as I typically write in … Read more

Wondering Why You Can’t Find a Work at Home Job?

wondering why you can't find a work at home job?

Are you one of those people who has tried and tried to get a work at home job and you just can’t seem to get anywhere at all? I know it’s frustrating, but don’t give up. There are several reasons why you may not be getting any interest from employers, and there are also some … Read more

Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Invest In An eCourse

questions to ask before you invest in an e-course

There are all kinds of eCourses and training out now that can help you learn the skills you need to know for various work at home industries. I have a big list of several reputable ones here. But, you’ll notice most of these eCourses (with a few exceptions) aren’t too inexpensive. You definitely don’t want … Read more

Freelancers – Please Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

basket of eggs

It’s the same story time and time again. You find a content site to write for, a transcription company to work for, or a private client to write, transcribe, or do virtual assisting tasks for. And then for a while, the work is flooding in like crazy and things couldn’t be better. You are making … Read more