Equivity Review – Work at Home as a Virtual Assistant

Equivity review

Are you a virtual assistant likes the idea of having clients provided for you? Does the idea of being a part-time employee sound better than being an independent contractor? Would you like to work traditional office hours instead of off-hours? Well, then Equivity might be the online company that you have been searching for. In our Equivity review … Read more

What Should a Virtual Assistant Charge For Services?

services featured

What should a virtual assistant charge for services? And why do you see so much variation in services and amounts? When I first opened my virtual assistant practice in 2006 (very part-time), the going rate at that time was $35 to $65 an hour. Now, that is not to say that everyone charged that, but … Read more

What Services Can You Offer as a Virtual Assistant?

List of services a virtual assistant can offer.

People are always asking me which services they can offer as a virtual assistant. I always answer them back with several questions of my own: What skills do you have? What do you enjoy doing? Which services or skills is your ideal client in need of? Which industry do you plan on serving? What other … Read more

Where to Find Clients as a Virtual Assistant?

Tips and resources to help you find clients for your virtual assistant business.

People constantly ask me where do I find my clients in my virtual assistant practice. My answer is always the same, “Everywhere!” In other words, I have diversified my “marketing pie” to have clients coming from several good sources and not just one. Before you can really find clients, you need to be clear on … Read more

Working at Home as a Virtual Assistant For Contemporary VA

contemporary va review

Are you very interested in getting an online job as a virtual assistant? Are you tired of spending your marketing dollars looking for private clients? Would you like to just have the leads found for you? Then Contemporary VA might be the right work at home job for you. What Exactly is Contemporary VA? Contemporary VA … Read more

Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant For Worldwide101

Work at home virtual assistant jobs at Worldwide101

Do you enjoy working as a virtual assistant? Are you tired of marketing for private clients? Would you like a company that would just find you the clients? Then Worldwide101 might be the right work-at-home (WAH) job for you. What Exactly is Worldwide101? Worldwide101 is a work-at-home company that offers multi-lingual support from virtual assistants … Read more