5 Work at Home Virtual Assisting Jobs For Complete Beginners

Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners

If you are someone who would like to become a virtual assistant but you’re not quite ready to dive in and start your own business, today’s post is for you. Ultimately, starting your own VA business gives you greater earning potential because you will be setting your own rates. However, there’s still a lot to … Read more

7 Good Reasons to Become a Virtual Assistant + Resources to Get Started

7 reasons to work at home as a virtual assistant

You’ve probably seen me post MANY times about work at home virtual assistant jobs. I love sharing information about it as a work at home option because there are so many routes to take with it that are profitable, and there are many ways to make it fit your personality and skillsets. Virtual assistants either … Read more

$99 Social Review – Work at Home Writing Social Media Content

You may have noticed we post job leads for $99 Social quite often, as they are usually hiring for their social media content specialist position. This job has always looked interesting to me, so today I did some checking around to find out more about it. This position is kind of a cross between a … Read more

5 Virtual Assistant Companies Paying $12 (Or More) Hourly

va jobs featured

Virtual assistant companies are pretty popular in the work at home community right now, and it’s easy to see why. Demand for people with the comprehensive administrative skill-set needed for these positions is through the roof, and smart freelancers will tend to focus on niches where work is plentiful. But working as a virtual assistant … Read more

Smith.ai Review – Work at Home as a Virtual Receptionist

smith ai review

Smith.ai is a customer service company, with a focus on providing virtual phone and web chat teams for various client firms. They seem to mostly cater to smaller businesses and one-man companies that are looking to expand their customer service capacity without having to hire a large number of new on-site employees. Most of Smith.ai’s … Read more