12 Companies That Will Pay You Cash For Website Testing

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In recent years, website and software designers have begun to rely on freelance workers to do a lot of their website testing, and several companies have risen up to help them fill that need. These companies generally look for ordinary people with no particular training, and the work is fairly easy. Some of the companies in … Read more

UserTesting Review – Earn $10 Per Test!

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There are a lot of sites popping up lately that will allow you to sign up and earn money for testing out websites. Today I have decided to do a UserTesting review. While I would say that doing this type of work is extra money only, it could be a good bit of extra money — … Read more

Earn Extra Money Doing Usability Testing For IntelliZoom


Intellizoom pays you as a panelist to participate in their software, app, and website testing studies. In this Intellizoom review, I explain more exactly how this works and how you can start. The company helps software designers and webmasters test the quality of their product interfaces, with the end-goal of improving and refining the user … Read more

PlaytestCloud Review – Earn Money For Playing Mobile And Browser Games!

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This post was sponsored by PlaytestCloud. If you love playing mobile and browser games in your free time, you’ll be excited to know you can actually get paid to do it! In today’s review, I’m sharing a little info with you about PlaytestCloud, a completely legitimate company that pays game testers every single week for … Read more

Become a Usability Tester at Testbirds

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Are you looking for a non-phone job? Do you enjoy navigating and visiting websites? Does testing apps also sound like fun to you? Then you might want to look into Testbirds. What Exactly is Testbirds? Testbirds is a usability testing site similar to User Testing or any of a number of sites that test websites and apps for … Read more

How to Earn a Quick $10 Testing Websites For Userlytics

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Userlytics is another website usability testing company that I have so far not gotten around to reviewing. They are very, very similar to one of the more popular usability companies, UserTesting. Being a website tester means navigating a website and speaking your thoughts on how the website is laid out and how easy it is to … Read more