Become An Online ESL Teacher For Children With VIPKid

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VIPKid, founded in 2014, is a rapidly growing company that specializes in teaching Chinese children to speak English. They are an extremely reputable company that has won many major awards and is backed by several top investors.

If you have ever been interested in teaching English to elementary school age children and you meet VIPKid's minimum teaching requirements, you're in luck because the company is currently looking to add more teachers to help with the 5,000 (and growing) active students they have enrolled in their program.

The position is ideal for teachers who work part-time and are looking for supplemental income as well as ESL teaching experience.

Requirements to Teach For VIPKid

You may be eligible to become a VIPKid ESL teacher if you are …

  • a current resident of the US or Canada (they cannot hire people in California currently)
  • Any “formal” or “informal” teaching experience such as mentoring, tutoring, coaching, or alternative education
  • have a Bachelor's degree in any field
  • have a working desktop or laptop with high-speed internet that can handle both video and audio

If hired, you are working on a 6-month contract, which may be eligible for renewal.

What You Do For VIPKid

The goal of the company is to provide Chinese children with a virtual American elementary school experience.

If hired, you'll be using VIPKid's online education platform to guide 1-on-1 online full immersion language and content classes and teach the American curriculum, based on the Common Core State Standards. Lessons are set up to be approximately 25 minutes in length.

VIPKid prepares all of your teaching materials for you, so you will not need to come up with these on your own. You'll be allowed to review the materials before you teach your classes, up to 24 hours in advance of each class.

There's an excellent video posted here and another here that takes you “inside” what VIPKid does to help you get a better understanding of what you'll be doing and how it all works.

VIPKid Pay

VIPKid offers a generous base pay of US $22 hourly.

In addition to the base pay, there are bonuses for each lesson you teach. With the bonuses figured into the base pay, most teachers will earn between US$ 16-24 hourly.

At the end of your 6-month contract, VIPKid will evaluate you for a raise in pay. You will receive your payments via direct deposit around the 15th of each month.

The Application Process

There are a few steps involved before you are officially considered a VIPKid teacher and are allowed to begin work:

  • interview
  • demo class
  • sign your contract (if interview and demo class are passed)
  • send the required materials requested to VIPKid
  • initial teacher training (paid)
  • teacher practicum

VIPKid Training

As a teacher for VIPKid, you will receive ongoing training and professional development. The company does pay you for the time you spend training ($40 is given to you for your initial training time).

Your Schedule

If you are looking for a job that you can work around your schedule rather than having to abide by someone else's, you're in luck because VIPKid gives you a lot of freedom.

The only thing they ask is that you commit to a minimum of 7 and a half hours per week (about 15 classes), during Beijing peak hours. The peak hours for Beijing are Monday-Sunday 6-10 p.m., and Saturday-Sunday 9-11 a.m. in Beijing time.

You are free to work as much as you want without limitations. However, the company warns that during non-peak times your availability will mostly not be used.

Ready to Get Started?

You can go here to begin the application process. If you have more questions about working for VIPKid, feel free to check their FAQ or email them at

Good luck to all applicants!


19 thoughts on “Become An Online ESL Teacher For Children With VIPKid”

  1. I have recently applied. I went through the whole process and was extremely prepared. I’m my mentors have me conflicting information as well. I must have mock 2. I never got an email explanation. I feel like it wasn’t a fair processs at all. What can I do about this? Thank you!

    • Brainbuster,

      Perhaps I should have further specified it depends on your specific contract. I have been around for some time and have been paid for training and toolbox. However, I was updated that newer contracts do not include paid training. I have not had to undergo training in quite some time so my informtion is strictly based off of my previous experience. In fact, taking The TEFOL Summer class certification quiz will be the first time I will undergo “training” in quite some time.

      Thank you for sharing your informtion.

  2. I’m interested in applying but will need to be on maternity leave at the end of July and part of August. Will they accomodate that? Or should I wait until my maternity leave is finished?

  3. Hello! I was just wondering if most of the teachers are already teaching full time here in the United States and do this as extra income?

  4. I am interested in teaching for VIP kids. I am in Texas. What is the difference in time zones between here and China?

  5. Hi there! Great post but a few things are incorrect….
    You do not have to be a U.S or Canadian resident. You can live in a number of different countries that is listed on their website (Costa Rica, Germany, Spain to name a few).
    Also, you do not need a bachelor or even an associates in childhood education. You need to have an Associates or Bachelors degree from an American or Canadian university but does not require a specific degree.


  6. Hello All,

    I have been working with Vipkid for about 2 years now. I have experienced the growing pains and a lot of changes. Even though I had my own issues with them at first, I am so happy I chose to stick with them.

    For those of you who are interested in applying here are some changes you can look forward to. First, they no longer require minimum hours so, you can work as little or as much as you choose. I have gained enough students that I work with them fulltime while traveling the world with my family. I was able to go fulltime after only 30 days of working.

    Second, they offered a scholarship to teachers in their second contract or beyond to get their TESOL certification. I am happily a recipient of one myself!

    Third, Vipkid now offers teachers the opportunity to work within Corporate AND teach at the same time. Some of the new partnerships include lesson planning, teacher mentor, liason, practicum evaluators, recruitment partner, and a few other positions. What this means for teachers is you now have the opportunity to gain extra $$$ ON TOP OF your teaching salary. I have taken on an added position and consistantly make $5,000+ per month.

    Fourth, from what I have seen with all of the teachers I have brought into Vipkid they have all started off with $8/lesson ($20/hour with incintives). I am sure me being their reference has something to do with it because their credentials varied greatly. I have come to believe this as truth because I thoroughly prepare each teacher before their interview. So, Vipkid has come to know what to expect from the teachers I refer. Also, the rate I have heard a lot of other teachers start with was $7 or $7.50 per lesson.

    Lastly, I heard it thru the grapevine Vipkid is moving forward to expand their base to teaching Adults. Don’t quote me on this because it was an idea being kicked around in a meeting that is being looked further into. Just know if it is announced you heard it from me first. 🙂

    I am sure many people have many questions or simply want some guidence on how to pass the demo and practicum. Feel free to email me at

    Want To Apply?? Click The Link Below.

    ( ).

    Good Luck Guys!!

  7. Anna–thanks for sharing this! Do I need a passport to get hired? I’m in the states, would my drivers license be sufficient? Many thanks!

  8. I’ve been working for VIPKID for a year, and I truly believe they are the best online education company you can find out there. I was really skeptical at first but I was very wrong. They actually encourage getting to know students unlike some of the other online teaching jobs I have had in the past. There are very few negatives about this company and they are always trying to improve. If I were looking for an online job, I would make applying to VIPKID my first priority. You can literally make 2,000 dollars extra a month just by working 3 hours a day.

  9. I just want to share about my experience at VipKid. First of all I want to say thank you for sharing this job on this site. I found this here back in March. I applied and started working in April. This is an amazing company. I can’t say enough about it. I love my job. It’s the most enjoyable job I have ever had. I love the kids. I love the hours which are very flexible. They offer all kinds of incentives and bonuses for opportunities to make more money. It’s everything the description says about it and more. If you are looking for a fun teaching position and you love being silly or animated this is the job for you. I feel like this job was made for me. Thank you again for this website.

  10. I just finished my second practicum and I should learn shortly if I passed. This seems like a great company to work for and they actually consider their employees an asset which is tough to find in the world of internet jobs

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