Work From Home Writing and Editing For Domainite

Overview of the writing and editing opportunity at Domainite.Domainite is a company that regularly advertises for freelance writers and editors to work from home. Feedback from current workers indicates that they most likely have a good bit of work to go around, so I figured I would post some info here today for those of you who might be looking for some more freelance writing and editing work. They have a variety of different topics available, and if you are accepted as a writer or editor, you can pick and choose the ones you want to do.

List of Sites That Pay For Guest Posts

Get paid to guest post - list of reputable sites and blogs that pay guest posters.I often write reviews of websites you can apply with that will pay you for freelance writing. These have mostly been content sites/mills that have regular assignments available that you can grab and work on at your leisure. Most of those sites don’t pay all that well, although they are good to have access to for when you need money in a pinch.
Today, I thought it might be fun to make a list of sites/blogs you

Freelance Writing For CopyPress

Review of CopypressAre you a writer who is always looking for companies needing writers? Do you enjoy copywriting and are considered well-versed in it? Would you consider yourself a prolific blogger for a targeted niche? Then the freelance writing site CopyPress might be something of interest to you.
What Exactly is CopyPress?
CopyPress is a freelance site that uses writers to write for large

Make Money Writing For Online Writing Jobs

Review of You can get paid weekly to write for this site and there is potential for up to $50 an article.Online Writing Jobs is a company that used to be known as Quality Gal. I have a review already posted of Quality Gal, but I decided to do an updated review since they rebranded a couple of years ago. The company has been in business since 2006. If you are accepted as a writer for Online Writing Jobs, there is potential for you to make up to $50 an article. Currently only writers based in the US are accepted.

Get Paid to Write the News at Newslines

Get paid to write about news topics at Newslines. Daily Paypal payments!Newslines is a news site that will pay you for writing the news. This looks like it could be one of those writing “eggs” that are great for supplemental income because the posts you do are quick and easy. Before I go any further into the review, you should know that you do not need writing experience to join and it may be possible to get paid almost every day. Newslines is open worldwide, but you must be a native English speaker to write for the site.

Writing, Proofreading, & Translation Jobs at TextMaster

Work from home writing, proofreading, and translation work at TextMaster.Do you dream of living the writer’s life? Do you also enjoy proofreading as a complementary skill to writing? Do you also consider yourself fluent enough in another language to translate? Then the freelance writing site Textmaster would help you enjoy all three of these skills and make money working from home doing it.

TextMaster appears to be open worldwide.

Local Writing and Journalism Jobs at Patch

Local writing and journalism jobs at PatchDo you have a passion for journalism? Do you enjoy covering local events in your area? Do you also have other skills such as video photography? Well, then Patch might be what you are looking for in a work-at-home (WAH) opportunity!
What Exactly is Patch?
Patch is an innovative, community-specific way to find out about, and participate in, what’s going on near you.  Patch is run by professional

Short Tasks & Writing/Editing Jobs at CrowdSource

Work from home doing short tasks for CrowdSourceCrowdSource is a company that recently bought out Cloud Crowd (do you remember that one?). This company hires home-based workers to do short tasks as well as writing and editing jobs. Some of you may already be familiar with CrowdSource thanks to the many different tasks they post at Amazon Mturk. I know I’ve seen them and done a few on there myself. The work you do for CrowdSource is through the Amazon Mturk platform as of now. However, I read on their blog that they are working on something that will allow you to do work for CrowdSource

Freelance Writing & Editing For TripleCurve

Work from home writing and editing assignments at TripleCurve - from realwaystoearnmoneyonline.comTripleCurve is a company name that I keep seeing pop up here and there when I’m checking for job leads and browsing forums. They occasionally have writing and editing projects available for freelancers, and from what I can see so far, their reputation is good. I believe they might be a newer company because I don’t recall hearing about them in freelancing circles until probably last year. Their website is very well put together with lots of information for potential clients who may be in need of their services.