5 Ways to Get Paid For Making Lists

People love to read lists, and writers like to make lists. I make plenty of them here! It’s a win-win because they are easy to write, and they are also easy to read. Because lists are so popular, there are websites that only post lists. So for today’s post, I’ve created a list (go figure) … Read more

How to Get Paid for Writing & Illustrating Greeting Cards

greeting cards featured

Have you ever wondered how you can get paid to write greeting cards?┬áThis sounds like very fun, interesting work to me because as we all know, greeting cards are very short and to the point. Usually you don’t need to write more than three or four lines max. Almost all greeting card companies (with the … Read more

How To Write a Romance Novel And Earn Money

Are you trying to find out how to write a romance novel and earn money? It’s possible to earn great money writing romance on the side. And you don’t have to be an experienced writer to get started. Today, Yuwanda Black of InkwellEditorial.com has shared with us how much money she earns writing romantic fiction … Read more

5 Ways To Get Paid To Write Dating Profiles

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Today, we’re talking about different ways to get paid to write dating profiles. This may be ideal for you if you’re a good writer and want to try your hand at something a little outside-the-box! Online dating is one of the fastest growing industries around. For millions of people, sites like E-harmony, and apps like … Read more

5 Sites That Will Pay You To Write About Sports

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Do you usually stay up late at night to watch Sportscenter on ESPN, spend hours of time listening to sports commentary podcasts, or read blogs about your local teams? Are you interested in getting paid to write about sports, or looking for sports related work at home jobs? Then read on! The dream job for … Read more

5 Sites That Pay You To Write App Reviews

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We get a lot of requests from our readers for more articles on extra-money making opportunities – small things you can do in your spare time to earn some additional pocket-change. This category includes things like paid surveys, and sites that offer rewards for performing small tasks. Recently, there’s been a mini-surge of new companies … Read more