Working From Home as a Stylist – 4 Opportunities!

Over the past several months, I've been coming across various “online stylist” jobs. If you are someone who has an eye for fashion and absolutely loves putting together outfits, then you'll want to read on because you actually can get paid to do it from home.

Below are different ways you can work from home as a stylist.

If any of the jobs listed below are closed when you visit the links, be sure to check back! The hiring needs of various companies change continually.

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Working From Home as a Stylist

1 – Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a company that sends out monthly subscription boxes to fashion lovers.

Basically how it works is you sign up, give Stitch Fix information about your personal style, and then every month you get a box full of clothes that one of the Stitch Fix stylists has hand-selected just for you based on your personal preferences. You keep and pay for the clothes you want and send back the rest. It is a fun and very popular service!

There are almost always openings for remote work from home stylists on the Stitch Fix careers page, which means you get to be the person who picks out the clothes for Stitch Fix subscribers!

These are all part-time positions (15-29 hours weekly), and they are location-based because you're required to attend a 5-6 hour training session prior to working from home. After you've worked as a stylist for 90 days, you may be eligible to start working full-time.

And, you get a discount on the clothes you buy for yourself through StitchFix!

The locations Stitch Fix hires remote stylists in the US and UK.

Check out our review of the stylist opportunity with Stitch Fix, or go ahead and apply here.

2 – Taelor, Inc

Taelor, Inc. is a newer clothing subscription service for menswear. They are currently looking for a team of work at home stylists to help style their clients.

According to the job description, you'd be expected to work anywhere from 10-20 hours per week, and you would earn between $40 and $50K yearly.

Online styling experience is preferred, but not required. You must also be comfortable with computers and writing.

Go here to apply with Taelor, Inc.

3 – Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma is regularly looking for home stylists to help their clients with designing their homes and also businesses. This is a remote job open in a few different locations nationwide.

Rate of pay isn't listed, but there are lots of benefits offered. An interior design certification is required.

Go here to apply for a remote stylist position with Williams-Sonoma.

4 – Motiff

Motiff is hiring a remote sales stylist. Pay is listed at a little over $30K per year.

This is a full-time position requiring at least a high school diploma.

Go here for more details and to apply at Motiff.

Good luck if you apply for anything listed above!

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11 thoughts on “Working From Home as a Stylist – 4 Opportunities!”

  1. Hi my name is Audrey and i have had a passion for anything that involves creation i have made lots of things besides ideas in my head for clothes. Ive made jewlery, pottery , patying ect. My dream is to do something that involves some of my passion for creative things. How can i get my way to the future dream job id like to have?

  2. Hello my name is Steven and I am interested in a styling and personal shopper business with men’s fashions do you have knowledge of any business like the ones you have posted with men’s clothing.

  3. Hi Anna,
    I’m curious if you know anyone who’s actually been hired by Stitch Fix? If so, did they say what the process was like and how long it took? I live near SF and I applied a good month ago. I haven’t heard a thing back so I’m pretty bummed. 🙁 That said, the position is still open on their website so I’m hoping I still have a chance…

    • Hi Becky. I don’t know any personally, but I usually check Glassdoor when I’m looking for employee reviews of companies. There are a few posted for StitchFix on Glassdoor — some of the reviews are from stylists, so you might want to read this –

  4. Hi. I live in Maryland. When Stitch Fix is hiring in the Pittsburgh, PA area, do you think I would be considered if willing to travel to Pittsburgh one day for the training (it said training is about 5-6 hours one day)? That could actually be doable since training is just one day.

  5. It seems like stitch fix is mostly hiring for TX and CA right now. All the other jobs look like they go quick, so this is probably a place to check back pretty often to.

  6. There’s also Cabi, another direct sales opportunity. The problem with Cabi and Keaton Row is that since when starting your business, you rely on your closest circle of friends, if you are in a middle to low income group, it’s going to be tough because the items are too pricey for most in that range. I signed up for Keaton row, but the items are never for sure and are poor quality when you direct your customers to the page. It’s to confusing for the consumer. Plus, why buy nordstroms clearance items from Keaton when you can buy the latest from the website at the same cost. I’ll check out the other two though because it would be fun landing a job like this.

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