4 Major Airlines That Hire People to Work From Home

When I search for work from home jobs, I occasionally come across various work from home airline jobs. It might surprise you there are some reputable airlines who actually use home-based agents to book flights and perform customer service duties.

For today's post, I've done the research and made a list of four airlines that sometimes have home-based openings.

One downside — these companies all require that you work onsite for a while prior to being allowed to work from home. So this might not be an option for you depending on where you're located.

Please keep in mind the companies listed below aren't always hiring. I have provided this list for you as a reference to know what airlines to keep tabs on for work at home jobs.

In addition, the jobs below are exclusively US-based. But I'm happy to list some worldwide airline jobs if anyone is aware of them. Just comment and let me know!

4 Work From Home Airline Jobs

1. Southern Airways Express

This company has occasional openings for virtual call center agents. These jobs appear to be open to anyone in the US, but I'm not 100% clear on this.

Per the most recent job listing, pay is $12 to $15 hourly. You would be working full-time, eight hour shifts. You only need to have a diploma or GED for past education, but they do state you need at least a year of past call center experience and they prefer if it's been within the airline industry.

Go here to search work at home jobs at Southern Airways Express .

2. Contour Airlines

This company has frequent openings for full-time home-based reservations agents.

The company headquarters is in Nashville, TN, but you can work from anywhere in the United States. If you are required to come to headquarters for any reason, Contour Airlines states that they will pay for your travel expenses.

It is mostly entry-level, you just need to be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED preferred but also not required. Pay is around $13.50 hourly with opportunities for raises.

Contour Airlines will supply you with all the equipment you need to do the job if you are hired.

Go here to apply at Contour Airlines.

3. Sun Country Airlines

This company has occasional customer service and reservation support work from home airline jobs open.

You may need to live within driving distance to Sun Country headquarters, which appears to be located in Minneapolis, MN.

Pay for these positions isn't listed, but it may be around $15 hourly based on past job listings. It is a full-time position and you do need some past customer service experience to qualify.

Go here to see the listings for customer care and reservation rep jobs with Sun Country Airlines.

4. Eagle's Wings Air

Eagle's Wings Air has occasional work at home customer service rep openings in Tampa, FL and possibly other areas.

Training is paid. Indeed lists the pay rate at $13.50 hourly.

Eagle's Wings Air prefers that you've had three years of past call center experience. They also prefer that you have at least an Associate's degree.

Go here for more info and to apply with Eagle's Wings Air.

Good luck if you decide to apply for any open work from home airline jobs. And again, please do not become discouraged if the jobs aren't open now. They come and go regularly.

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    • I don’t see anything that is remote for airlines in that area right now, but you can check that anytime on Indeed by typing “airline” in the search box and New Orleans, LA in the location field. The Contour Airlines listing in this blog post is open across the US.

  1. Alaska Air is hiring for res agents to work from home at all three of our call centers: Kent, WA; Boise, ID; Phoenix, AZ ( Chandler, AZ). Training is 5 weeks, probation period is 6 months. I just completed training and Alaska Air us a great place to work.

  2. Hello,
    Was excited at first and then realized I do not live near those states. Anything near Boston 😊
    Thanks for the research. Hope it helps more than one

  3. This would be a great opportunity! I wonder if you would get the perks of discounted flights by working with these airline carriers…this would be great for people who want to travel.
    Ashleigh | Smart Cents Mom

    • Actually, yes, many of them offer this! I meant to include that in the post but I think I forgot. But yes, that is a fantastic perk to having a job like this.

    • Hi Keisha. Thank you for chiming in! Unfortunately I’m not sure on that. I would recommend finding out what the major airlines are where you live, then visit their websites and find their “careers” page. Then check for work from home positions in their customer service departments. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for putting this together Anna. I had known about Jet Blue and Delta but not the other two. Thanks for sharing – I’ve already passed this on!

    Have a great day and week!


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