20 Work at Home Jobs Paying $20 An Hour or MORE

Do you want to work at home making a great deal more than minimum wage? If so, this post should get your wheels turning. I have created a list of several companies that pay their workers $20 an hour or more to work at home.

It goes without saying, but when you're talking about this kind of pay, you are almost always talking about companies that are more likely to require a very specific skill set or a college degree.

It's very rare to find a work at home job that pays in this range where you need no prior skills or experience to start.

And if you don't have the right skills or experience to do the jobs listed below, keep in mind that at least now you know where the money is!

So if you're thinking of furthering your education in order to get higher-paying work, you know what industries to possibly focus on.

So with that said, let's get on to the opportunities! As always, I cannot guarantee these companies are hiring right now, but if they are on the list, they have hired home-based workers in the past and paid $20 an hour or more.

Work at Home Jobs Paying $20+ Hourly

1 – Fanatics

Fanatics is hiring remote customer support associates.

Must have good communication skills, a general knowledge of trading cards/collectibles, and proficiency with MS Office products. Pay is $20 – $25 / hour. 

Go here to apply.

2 – 10UP

This is a web development company that allows all employees to work remotely. They have occasional openings for web and design engineers, designers, developers, etc.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary at this company is anywhere from $53K to $85K, which should work out to over $20 an hour.

Go here to see what jobs are open now with 10UP.

3 – Clever

Clever is hiring remote content editors in the US or Canada.

As a Content Editor, you’ll spend about 60% of your time editing new articles from their in-house writers or freelancers, and about 40% editing older articles to ensure they’re up to date.

Requires 4+ years of experience writing or editing professionally. Experience in real estate, finance, or related fields is preferred.

Pay is between $75,000 and $80,000 yearly.

Go here to apply.

4 – Boldly

Boldly is hiring remote executive assistants in the US (except for Washington, DC, Alaska, and Hawaii) and UK.

Must have a minimum of 7 years of direct hands-on experience as an executive assistant or senior administrative assistant to one or more executives as well as 4 years of calendar management experience including coordinating meetings, appointments, and schedules for executives.

Starting pay at $24-$28 an hour (£18 in the UK).

Go here to apply.

5 – ShopShops

ShopShops is hiring a remote graphic designer.

This is a part-time role open to US residents.

You will create well designed, speedy graphics for their app and social assets, as well as other marketing collateral like posters, animations, logos, emails, banners, and more.

Pay is $30 to $40 hourly.

Go here for more details and to apply.

6 – Art + Logic

This company, which specializes in web and app development, is often looking for developers with great coding skills to add to their team. Everyone works at home in the US or Canada.

Pay is over $20 an hour, with some positions paying $30+ an hour.

Go here to check for job openings with Art & Logic.

7 – LitCharts

LitCharts is hiring remote freelance writers in the US.

LitCharts writers can work from anywhere, and compensation varies based on the length and difficulty of the work.

You'll need to send in a resume with samples.

According to Glassdoor, pay probably works out to around $32 / hour.

Go here for more details and to apply.

8 – Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line is hiring candidates for their crisis support stuff. Must be bilingual, fluent in written and verbal English and Spanish.

This position is open in the US to people in the following states: CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, IA, MD, MA, MI, MN, MO, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA.

Pay is $22 hourly.

Go here for more details and to apply.

9 – Amplify Education

Amplify Education is hiring a remote customer support analyst.

Open anywhere in the US. Must have at least 1 year of experience in a customer service role, and a strong understanding of Google Suite products.

Degrees in computer information technology or education, and a background in IT are preferred but not required.

Pay is $20 – $23 / hour. 

Go here to apply.

10 – Embrace

Embrace is hiring a remote customer success specialist. Anywhere in the US. This is a full-time role.

This is an entry level position. They're looking for candidates who're willing to learn with strong communication skills, and an affinity for teamwork.

Pay is $20 / hour.

Go here to apply.

11 – ClassUp

ClassUp is hiring remote K-12 Math Tutors in the US.

As a tutor for ClassUp, you will have a flexible schedule and the chance to earn top market compensation. Must have completed or currently pursuing Bachelor's Degree and experience tutoring or teaching grades K-12.

Pay is listed at between $20 and $36 hourly.

Go here for more details and to apply.

12 – Scribendi

This company regularly hires freelance editors and proofreaders to work at home. According to Glassdoor, contractors working for this company average around $25 an hour.

To qualify, you must have a university degree and three years of relevant experience. They cannot accept workers living in the US States of California, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Colorado, New Jersey, Wyoming, South Dakota, West Virginia, Hawaii, New Mexico, or New Hampshire.

Go here to apply at Scribendi, or read our Scribendi review.

13 – Github

Github is a software company that allows many of its employees to work remotely. They have several remote positions that pay well in the Sales, Operations, Product, and Legal departments.

Per Glassdoor, most Github positions provide a salary of over $60K per year.

See if Github currently has openings here.

14 – Razor Rank

Razor Rank is hiring financial copywriters to work at home. This is open to US residents and possibly other countries.

Writer will be responsible for creating 8-10 articles per month, with a typical cadence of two per week.

Pays $50 to $100 hourly.

Only writers with legitimate knowledge and experience in FINANCIAL PLANNING, INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, ESTATE PLANNING, and related areas should apply.

Go here to apply with Razor Rank.

15 – Wordvice

This company is regularly hiring work at home editors. Per the job description, you will “Edit and proofread academic papers, admissions essays, and other documents for grammar and mechanics issues and ensure natural language and flow of communication.”

English fluency, 2+ years professional editing experience, and MS Word proficiency all required. Must be enrolled in or have completed a graduate degree program. According to Glassdoor, pay should work out to around $29 – $31 / hour.

Go here to apply.

16 – Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight is hiring remote contact center associates in the US.

You will provide customer service via phone and email. Entry-level, but they do prefer some past customer service experience.

Must be able to work a flexible schedule, including weekends and holidays.

Rate of pay is listed at averaging $20 hourly, but this will depend on your skills, location and experience.

Go here to apply.

17 – Alma

Alma is hiring a remote senior customer experience manager anywhere in the US.

To qualify, you need at least five years of past relevant experience.

This position comes with a lot of benefits, and pay starts at $125,000 per year.

Go here for more details and to apply.

18 – SpeakEasy Authority Marketing

Excellent English skills are required, as well as basic SEO knowledge and some legal experience.

To apply, send in your resume AND a 400-word writing sample using the “DUI in your state” to speakeasyhiring@speakeasymarketinginc.com.

Writing assignments are paid on an hour basis of $20/hour.

Go here for more details.

19 – Branch

Branch is hiring remote property claims specialists in the US.

This is a full-time role requiring at least two years of past claims experience.

Benefits are offered and pay is listed at $75,000 yearly.

Go here for more details and to apply.

20 – SitePen

SitePen allows their workers to work remotely. They have occasional openings for software engineering, project management, javascript engineering, and web development. Per Glassdoor, these positions pay over $80K per year.

Go here to apply at SitePen if they're hiring and you meet their qualifications.

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  1. Hi,
    I am looking to retire from a 21 year career in law enforcement, mainly as a criminal investigator and will need to find a work at home type job.. I would like to have a full time position that would allow me to work remotely from my home, located in the east Texas area. I do not have a college degree, but I do have a variety of experience provided by my lengthy career in law enforcement.

    Are there any ideas of jobs that would be suitable? The jobs do not need to be law enforcement related.


  2. I promote a number of work at home jobs or assignments that I believe can generate some good incomes. But you must do your diligence to visit each of the websites and read up their offers, to be convinced they are worth the investment. Though there are millions of scams on the internet, there are still a few genuine ones. Sometimes, one may need to take necessary risks.

    • Hello Sylva,

      I am actively searching for legitimate work-from-home opportunities.

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  3. Hi! Having big surgery left me in bed and home for months to go, disability don’t pay and I need money to cover bills and baby, any real job out there that I don’t have to talk on the phone, but maybe answer emails or stuff like that. Any idea please…. I am desperate here

  4. im from pakistan and i just completed my high school regarding med studies.im looking for some online job .to manage my pocket money .kindly help me. thanks

    • Hi Samia, I don’t have a lot of information on companies hiring in your location. However, you can check this post for worldwide work at home resources -http://realwaystoearnmoneyonline.com/where-to-look-for-worldwide-work-at-home/

  5. I’ve applied for Book in a Box, but it was a great experience. They didn’t leave me wondering where my I was in the process for weeks on end. Also, I’m on their list for when other things come up. I’m working on “me” so that I can make a career move into something that I enjoy and be paid what I’m worth!

    Good luck everyone!

  6. Hi,
    I desperately need a work from home based job. I live in Saudi and have seen most of the online jobs does not fall in this region.
    I have a bachelors degree in business administration.
    Having a hard time finding one!
    Can anyone help me find one?

  7. I have applied for at least 3-4 of these and they require experience as well. I have a masters degree in HR and have took IT classes but couldn’t get past the application. I have been 0 for 4 because my experience is in telecommunications (something I am trying to get away from because of the policies). If anyone has tips let me know. It is heartbreaking to go to school and get ‘typecast’ into a job.


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