10 Good Reasons to Consider Transcription as a Work at Home Career

10 reasons to consider transcription as a work at home career

If you’re looking for a rewarding and flexible career that you can pursue from the comfort of your own home, transcription might be the perfect fit for you. In today’s blog post, I’m exploring some of the reasons why transcription is a great remote career to consider. What Is Transcription? First of all, let’s define … Read more

100 Work From Home Transcription Companies Mega-List!

100 work at home transcription jobs.

Transcription jobs are usually work from home and very plentiful! It’s non-phone work that you can do on your own time, and the best part is that for some branches of transcription, you don’t necessarily have to have past work experience to get started. Many companies will just ask that you pass a test to … Read more

Work at Home Transcription For Beginners – 8 Companies

transcription newbies featured

Need options for transcription for beginners? General transcription is something you can do to earn money from home that does not always require experience or an education to get started, although I recommend learning what you are doing before getting started. However,┬álearning to do the work fast and efficiently will likely take some time because … Read more

General or Medical Transcription – Which One Should You Choose to Pursue?


Many of my readers are interested in doing transcription work from home. Why is it so appealing? Because it’s flexible, non-phone work that isn’t extremely difficult to break into. In truth, there are lots and lots of reasons to consider a career in work at home transcription! What Is Transcription? In a nutshell, transcription is┬álistening … Read more

National Capitol Contracting Review – Work at Home Transcription Jobs

National Capitol Contracting review

Today, we are talking about National Capitol Contracting, a company that regularly hires work from home transcribers. They started out as a closed-captioning service, partnering with the National Institute of Health. Over time they have expanded their business into a huge variety of other niches, including media production, information management, and systems design. They contract … Read more

New Ebook! Your Quick Guide to Working at Home as a General Transcriber

your quick guide to working at home as a general transcriber

New Ebook – Your Quick Guide to Working at Home as a General Transcriber This short, to-the-point guide perfectly explains EVERYTHING you need to know about becoming a work at home general transcriber. This is a very popular, flexible career path for people who are looking to work at home! In addition to a detailed … Read more