Is FlexJobs Worth the Money? My Totally Honest Opinion.

FlexJobs is a major career site geared toward people looking for flexibility in a job. When I say “major,” I mean featured on major media outlets like Forbes, CNN, Good Morning America, and many others you've probably heard of.

They focus on work from home, flexible, part-time, and freelance work. FlexJobs promises that the jobs you find there will be very flexible and completely scam-free. So far, I have found this to be very true.

However, the catch here is that FlexJobs is not free.

But is FlexJobs worth the money? That is what we will be talking about today. The site is $2.95 for 14 days of access.

They do have a money-back guarantee on this, and it is possible to pay for just one month to check it out and not get billed again. You just have to edit your subscription to expire after one month.

I purchased a one-month membership to FlexJobs so I could dig around in there and see what it's all about, then write an honest review here for you.

Why Should You Pay For a Work From Home Resource?

Let's cut to the chase and address what you're probably thinking. Why in the world should you pay for a work from home resource when it's possible to get job leads here and at other sites?

This is what I used to believe, too — that I wouldn't pay. However, there is something to be said for having access to all the resources you can get your hands on when you're actively looking for a work from home job.

The more resources you have access to for searching, the better your chances of landing a job. And FlexJobs is one of the best, most respected resources on the internet for aspiring home job seekers.

FlexJobs justifies their cost because they carefully screen for scams and don't display any advertisements on their site. Plus, they offer a few other little perks to job seekers which we will go into more detail about below.

My First Impressions Of FlexJobs

Sign up was very easy. I was able to dive right in and start browsing jobs.

I was also impressed by their great organization. FlexJobs has more than 60 categories and sub-categories you can browse through with all the most recent postings right there at the top.

If you click on any of the jobs, you're taken to a more detailed description with a link to apply. It's also possible to sort jobs by company name, location, newest jobs, or you can browse the “Best Lists of Companies” put together by FlexJobs.

Other FlexJobs Perks

You can create your resume within FlexJobs and use it when you apply to jobs through their site.

You can also take up to 50 different skills tests for free on their site to gauge your strengths and weaknesses in different areas. Employers will be able to see your scores on these tests if you apply through FlexJobs and you score higher than 70 percent on any one test. This can help you get a job!

FlexJobs also has a very regularly updated blog with good, helpful articles on finding jobs, hot jobs, information about working from home, etc. Although I'm pretty sure you can access their blog and read these posts whether you have a membership or not.

FlexJob Pros For Home-Based Job Seekers

  • One of the largest databases of home jobs I've seen ever.
  • They have great sorting options.
  • Saves you time researching and seeking out home jobs on your own.
  • No scams guaranteed. All of the jobs are very carefully screened. I have never seen anything in there that looked “iffy.”
  • It's updated five days per week like clockwork.
  • FlexJobs guarantees no ads on the site, and I definitely didn't see any while I was browsing.
  • No monthly billing if you don't want it. You can set your account to expire after one month.
  • There is a money-back guarantee.
  • Being able to take skills tests via their site to showcase to potential employers.

FlexJobs Cons For Home-Based Job Seekers

  • Not all the jobs are work at home, although the vast majority definitely are. Just pick “100% telecommuting” when you're searching and you'll weed out the ones that aren't work from home.
  • The fee. While $14.95 per month is not a lot of money, it's still a cost when there are other free work from home resources out there.
  • Some of the jobs are publicly listed elsewhere on the web and are not exclusive to FlexJobs, so it's possible you could find many of them on your own if you felt like searching.
  • Some readers have complained that most of the telecommuting jobs on the site are more IT and tech-related, or require extensive experience. There are quite a few like that, but you can narrow things down to just entry-level jobs if you follow these steps.


It's not hard to find lots of praise for FlexJobs on the web. Their testimonials are the real deal — many people have found telecommuting, flexible positions thanks to the listings

FlexJobs provides, and these people are happy to have paid the money and recommend that others do the same. I have had many readers let me know they found home-based jobs thanks to FlexJobs.

There are also some complaints, some people who weren't happy that many of the home-based jobs were location-based or not 100% telecommuting.

Some of my readers have also said they've signed up as members and canceled shortly after because they didn't find anything that fit with what they were looking for.

Bottom Line

If you are serious about finding a work from home job, you need access to as many different resources as possible since you'll often find different jobs on different sites.

And at $14.95 a month (actually less if you use the promo code I've listed at the end of this post), it's not that much of a risk to sign up and see for yourself if FlexJobs is worth it for you. Canceling is very, very easy if you don't like what you find.

Overall, this is an excellent resource that I'm glad I tried out. I purchased my membership with the intention of letting it expire after the first month, but after using FlexJobs daily since signing up, I have decided to keep it for now.

If You Want to Sign Up …

You can go here. Be sure to use promo code AFFILPROMO to get up to 30 percent off your membership.


42 thoughts on “Is FlexJobs Worth the Money? My Totally Honest Opinion.”

  1. I had a 1-year subscription to the site a couple of years ago. I can't remember what I paid but I'm sure it was anything like as much as the cost mentioned here.

    FlexJobs is a reputable site, but it doesn't work for all and it certainly was a waste of time for me. I was primarily looking for remote writing opportunities. I'm an experienced writer. I write online content for clients every week and have been published in British and American magazines. Yet I couldn't find work with FlexJobs.

    In fact, from what I remember I couldn't even find any writing jobs I was eligible to apply for. Every time I saw something that looked promising I discovered the person/company posting the ad were only looking for people who have degrees or other high-ranking qualifications. I don't have anything like that. I only have the certificates I got from school and a diploma in engineering.

    I can only go by my own experience but I suggest not wasting money on a FlexJobs subscription unless you have some pretty good qualifications. I make my living writing. I have no other income and I'm good at what I do but I'm not even deemed good enough to apply for FlexJobs positions. I think a lot of writers may find themselves in the same boat.

    • So interesting. I do the same type of work and was referred to FlexJobs. It sounds like you have an advanced degree? Still considering trying it out. Thanks for this info!!

    • Flexjobs does post some jobs that are open to people to India, although being honest there is probably a higher concentration of jobs listed for US residents.

  2. What I found is, Most of the remote job hires from North America or Europe. But If you are from South Asian Countries like Bangladesh and you are an orange skin color. So, it's difficult to get this job.
    Does any South Asian get a job from flexjob?

    • Jobs being open to certain countries has nothing to do with skin color. It has to do with legally being able to easily employ those in the same country as the business.

  3. Hello guys,
    Thanks for this good article and replayes.

    I see some people here are talking about that they didn’t do well on

    I was working on for more than 4 years and I know well why you can’t find a job on…it is simply because you don’t have a lot and a good reviews ..if you have a long list of good reviews on upwork, clients will start give you works…of course there are some other factors but reviews is your weapon on

    so i want somebody here please to tell us why you spend three months on without finding a job.

    honestly I want leave and try please anybody know more details about system to tell me more about how I can do well on that website

    • Hi I used it for a month free trial and really enjoyed the vast majority of work offered. ALoT you do need to be advanced w a degree for but there are a ton offered and pay quite well plus you could even travel some of the time for the company. Check it out for sure, like I said not sure how long but I had it for free for a while and you get the same info as what people pay for when it is free. Hope that helped!!

  4. I am an English teacher who is looking for part-time work at home. Is this a legit resource for the money?

    • Kenneth, have you looked at the ESL companies? I’m now working for VIPKid, and while it’s more of a stopgap measure, it is interesting work that has made me a few hundred dollars a month (although it can be tough to get started and get those initial bookings). There are quite a few similar companies too. As for FlexJobs, you can see what jobs are there now – you just can’t see who they’re from and you cannot apply for them. Education is a category and i did see remote jobs for teachers.

  5. Another CON: The customer service type jobs require a cable or wired connection which is ridiculous because cable goes out the same as wireless. And Admin alongside other jobs are tough to narrow down. Agreed many listings want exec. level work when they are titled Assistant etc.

    • Wireless connections load slower than wired. This shouldn’t be an issue either way because every modem, even wireless ones, offer a direct connection port.

    • Hi, they are definitely not the same. Your wired has faster download &upload speed. When using wifi it is not a direct connection ie. Direct connection less lag and less loading issues.

  6. Try doing a search nationally for remote, freelance jobs via I have gotten a boatload of work that way.

  7. I tried flex jobs for a 3 month period. When I entered my profile information, it kept sending me jobs that didn’t match my experience at all. I tried the advanced search regularly, using various combinations of the options they provided, with no solid results.

    The jobs I did apply for were jobs I knew I could do, but in the end they had requirements that I did not match 100%. Many times I did not hear back from the ones I applied to, though I do realize that is common nowdays.

    Most of the telecommuting jobs are either IT oriented, Project Management (usually requiring a PMP cert.), Medical (technicians, nurses, etc), or medical writing (many times part time jobs only and requiring a PhD in some vague discipline for pay that didn’t match the experiential requirements).

    Overall I found Flex Jobs to be an exercise in frustration. At the end of the 3 months I requested my money back per their promotional offer. They did refund my money – well done them.

    I would not recommend using Flex Jobs. Go through Linked In instead – it’s free and a bit more user friendly.

    • I agree with you 100%. When they announced it on the news, they didn’t tell the truth. Most of the jobs advertised are way out of my league, and the few jobs I wanted to apply to were jobs that was out of the state. I believe when they advertise they should make it known that most of the jobs are for higher management, doctors, and IT. I haven’t found not one job in the MD area!! I have been on their website since November! I’m sick to my stomach because I paid for the whole year!!

      • I paid for the entire year also and I feel it was a total waste. I tried to utilize their ‘tools’ but the writing skills test had nothing to do with writing or grammar. That’s when I knew it was pure b.s. Also, they do not send emails with updates about job postings. You have to constantly check their site. Meanwhile, and other sites match you with positions that match your resume for absolutely free. They also have a resume writing service that you have to pay at least $100+, and there are plenty of places in the community that help you with this no charge. I would not recommend this to anyone unless you have money to throw away.

  8. I tried Flexjobs twice, and I was greatly unimpressed. Some of the jobs advertised were for less than minimum wage, and one of the jobs I found was for a company that had an F rating with the BBB. Flexjobs needs to do a better job of reviewing the jobs before posting them to Flexjobs.

    • The problem is that remote jobs are far less than a minimum wage. I work through another platform and clients don’t want to pay more than 2 dollars for 1, 000 words. That’s ridiculous… but it’s true and a lot of people are willing to receive those 2 dollars. When you work from home, you compete with the rest of the world and in some countried aa dollar is a fortune.

  9. They really need to improve their search logic. If you enter a keyword “Android” you will get hundreds of listings and have to scroll through to find 2 or 3 that even Android in the job title. Even if they want a fuzzy match that includes other software development jobs, the Android jobs should be at the top.

  10. Thank you Anna – I personally LOVE FlexJobs. They are legit and charge a very low amount for the services they provide, plus, their workers are all remote and I’m on board with that 😉 I actually found a freelance captioning job through them once!

    Thanks for your review on them!

    • I love them too! I think their sorting options are so impressive. It’s very easy to narrow down to exactly the type of work at home job you’re looking for.

      Thank you for stopping by Lisa!

  11. Hi..I just signed up for FlexJobs so I don’t have a review yet. But wanted to let anyone who is interested know that if you go to Retail Me Not and search flex jobs you can get coupon codes for up to 50% off one month, so I just paid 7.50 today and set my account to expire in one month. Hope this helps and good luck everyone!

    • Thanks so much for the tip! I just signed up for $7.50 as well. I’ve already found a few jobs that sound really good and which I haven’t seen elsewhere online. I’m impressed!

  12. Flexjobs does have some jobs but they tend to be from the same employers in a given job category. Get rejected a few times and you will have exhausted your run with them. Also, as with most employers now, if you don’t exactly fit their requirements you’ll not even get considered. The days of being valued for your flexibility or experience in a number of areas are gone. Give it a free try but don’t sign up for the long term as you won’t see much new after a couple of months.

  13. Flexjobs is great. However, corporations seem to view only very senior workers as telecommute candidates. Over 50 percent of the jobs are IT related. Companies take out ads for the hard to place positions. There is so much over scrutiny for hiring I predict a backlash of scammers pretending to be employees.

  14. Excellent review! I signed up for Flex Jobs a few years ago. At the time, I did find some good leads but they weren’t full telecommute opportunities. So for me, it wasn’t so much that it wasn’t worth the money… but rather it wasn’t worth my time. Since many of the jobs were not full work at home jobs, it was just easier and less time consuming to find them myself. I personally did not click the ‘advanced feature’ so you made a good point about that. I didn’t even know that search option existed.

  15. Wow! Good to hear all of this about FlexJobs! I had thought about using it, but never got around to it. I do use a variety of networking and word of mouth marketing, but it never hurts to know of other good sources! You never know when you may need them.

  16. I signed up for FlexJobs when I first started working from home, and I found my first at-home job there. Now that I know where I can get most of the same information for free, I wouldn’t pay for it. I find more than enough opportunities between your site, forums, and my own searching techniques (some of which I learned from you!).

    • Charity, what were some of your searching techniques? I’m starting my search and would love some tips!! Thanks!

  17. I can say from experience that I prefer posting to FlexJobs. I didn’t know that they charged their job seekers, though! It’s free for me to post and the quality of the candidates is usually so much better than most other places. In fact, I post all of my hourly positions to FlexJobs. When I do pre-screening, the candidates that tell me they found our jobvertisement on that particular site get extra consideration.

    • FlexJobs is NOT free to job seekers. If it is free to those who are hiring, then this is a strange dynamic.

      Consider – someone looking for a job is most likely out of a job or needs additional income, and as such would prefer to not spend money. It’s assumed that the people hiring (who post a position on FlexJobs) have a business which generates revenue…revenue which could be invested in posting a position on a site such as FlexJobs to search for that perfect candidate.

      I recommended against using Flex Jobs in another post for other reasons, and having read this am now doubly glad I did.

  18. When I didn’t know a thing about working from home, I subscribed to Flex Jobs and I liked it. However, a lot of the companies that are posted only have like one or two job opportunities, and out of the 50 or so jobs I applied for, I only heard back from maybe 1 or 2. I think most people have more luck with the companies that actively recruit, and Flex Jobs only had a few of these positions. Flex Jobs worked for me as i ended up getting a job through a tutoring company. However, I prefer this site because of the well written reviews and I know exactly what I am getting in to. I am looking again because the company I work for slows way down during the summer, so if anyone knows any solid leads let me know! 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind words, Paul! You can always check my job board here for the newest leads I’ve found – and if you don’t always think about checking the job leads board, you can subscribe to get the leads emailed to you every day they are posted here –

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