10 Fortune 500 Companies Hiring For Work From Home

In today's post, we're listing ten of the top Fortune 500 work from home companies! So if you're looking for a job with a known company that also happens to be work from home, look no further.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 13+ year writing career, it’s that for clients – in particular, for my resume and job material(s) clients – the grass is almost always greener on the other side. But for many, leaving the corporate world and diving head-first into that freelance life is intimidating – and those feelings of intimidation and fear can happen on the flip side as well.

If you’ve been a freelancer or remote worker for a long time, going into the corporate world can be a bit unknown – and the 9-to-5 lifestyle may not be the best fit for you.

Money is always an issue, too. Sometimes corporate folks will want to go freelance, because they think they can make more money that way; freelance workers will want to go corporate, because they’re tired of hustling, and they crave a steady paycheck.

See what I mean when I say that the grass is always greener? It always is!

I think deep down, people always know what’s right for them when it comes to their own happiness and security. And that may look like a combination of a steady corporate job and the freedom to work from home while securing the bag.

10 Fortune 500 Work From Home Jobs


Remote Roles Available: Solutions Architect, Fulfillment & Management Operations, Software Development, and many more

Where to Find Jobs: The main hiring page is here.

Salary: Varies by job

Amazon is, of course, one of the biggest companies in the world, so it makes sense that they would need to outsource their tasks to remote workers. With this Fortune 500 company (it should be noted that Amazon is actually number two on the Fortune 500 list!), you can apply for a variety of remote jobs, including: Solutions Architect, Fulfillment & Management Operator, and Software Developer. The jobs seem technical, but there are other options, too, like working as an Account Manager, although it still seems like you would have to have some technical knowledge for a more managerial or even entry-level role.

We have a blog post with a list of many ways to work from home for Amazon if you want more options.


Remote Roles Available: At-Home Advisor

Where to Find Jobs: The main hiring page is located here. But, you can also see these listings on FlexJobs when they are available. There is a low monthly membership fee to access listings on FlexJobs.

Salary: Anywhere from $11-$25 per hour according to Glassdoor, or between $25,000-$98,000 annually, according to ZipRecruiter

I have actually known people who work in these remote roles for Amazon, and I have heard nothing but good things. Apple apparently takes very good care of their people! One such friend has some health problems, and it seems that they’re also very understanding and supportive. This is all conjecture, of course (and perhaps a bit of editorializing), but the short version is that Apple seems like a safe bet when it comes to good Fortune 500 companies to work remotely for.

You can start out as an At-Home Advisor, and perhaps work your way up to an At-Home Team Manager or At-Home Area Manager. You’ll be the customer’s first point of contact, and provide customer support, troubleshooting, and technical support advice. According to Glassdoor, At-Home Advisors generally make between $11-$25 per hour, but according to ZipRecruiter, you could make up to $98,000 per year. Not too shabby!

American Express

Remote Roles Available: Collections Specialist

Where to Find Jobs: Go here to see when this company is hiring.

Salary: According to Glassdoor, anywhere from $17-$23 per hour

Ever wanted to work for a fancy top creditor? Now’s your chance, with American Express work-from-home opportunities! While a job as a Collections Specialist with Amex may not seem glamorous, it can pay the bills; the salary, according to Glassdoor, ranges between $17-$23 per hour. You’ll have to have tough skin, though, to work in customer service, let alone as a Collections Specialist! This job role is not for the faint of heart for sure.

CVS Health

Remote Roles Available: District Leader, Jr. Access Database Administrator, Field Service Technician, etc.

Where to Find Jobs: Go here to check for work at home jobs at CVS. You can also check FlexJobs for their openings (this is a little easier to navigate).

Salary: Varies by job role

Again, these remote job roles at CVS Health seem a bit on the technical side, but if that’s your groove, then apply away! With CVS, you can work remotely as a: District Leader, Jr. Access Database Admin, Field Service Technician, or a ServiceNow Developer (Tech Lead). Basically, it seems like in these job roles, you could be doing anything from leading a team of developers to executing programs and managing P&L. Many of these jobs – if not all – seem to require at least a Bachelor’s degree, so keep that in mind when applying. For a company like CVS, you may even need a BS or PharmD. The good news is, for the jobs requiring a degree, you should be able to get a higher salary (in theory!).


Remote Roles Available: Campaign Planner, Account Manager – Small Business Associations, Penetration Tester, etc.

Where to Find Jobs: Go here to check for openings.

Salary: Varies by job role

Dude, you’re getting a job (at Dell)! Sorry, I had to make a pun, but I probably also just aged myself. Getting back on track – these remote jobs at Dell are primarily in the account management realm. While the jobs may not be as technical as others at the Fortune 500 companies on this list, they still do require a bit of experience and/or education, so be sure to read through all of the job requirements before applying. The salaries and/or hourly wages vary by role.


Remote Roles Available: Program Manager, Oncology Nurse Educator, Outcomes Researcher, Biostatistician, etc.

Where to Find Jobs: Go here to check for any openings and apply.

Salary: Varies by job role

McKesson, like all of the others on this list, is a huge company, and working for such a business would be a boon to your resume. However, for these remote roles, it looks like you absolutely must have a degree, whether you apply to be a remote Program Manager, Oncology Nurse Educator, or Outcomes Researcher – these are all highly technical, and you’ll need the work experience to back them up! Salaries vary by job roles.

U.S. Bank

Remote Roles Available: Partner Integration Product Owner (Remote), Quantitative Analyst/Financial Engineer 2 (MSR), Residual & Valuation Manager

Where to Find Jobs: Go here to check for openings and apply.

Salary: Varies by job role

There are even more technical roles coming your way in the form of remote jobs at U.S. Bank! You have to do a bit of digging to find the remote jobs on this list – some just list that you can “earn” remote hours – but there are good roles you can find! For example, in the Partner Integration Product Owner – Remote role, you would be working 40 hours per week remotely during the “first daytime shift,” and your focus would need to be on project management. So, it wouldn’t be a role that’s too technical, but you would need to have a Bachelor’s degree to obtain this job.


Remote Roles Available: Customer Service Consultant (Bilingual – English/German), Customer Service Consultant

Where to Find Jobs: Go here to check for openings and apply.

Salary: Approximately $16/hour

It seems like the hourly wage may be a bit low for a bilingual Customer Service Consultant (English/German) for Wayfair, but applying for the job is worth a shot, especially since companies generally pay more for candidates who can speak more than one language, and German seems very specific to Wayfair. However, this seems to be a tough job that requires you to work both weekends and holidays so keep that in mind when applying.


Remote Roles Available: Nurse Case Manager I, Clinical Fraud Investigator II, Managed Care Coordinator, etc.

Where to Find Jobs: https://anthemcareers.ttcportals.com/search/jobs?q=remote&cfm10=&location=

Salary: Varies by job role

Anthem has a variety of remote opportunities – great news for any Nurse Case Managers or Clinical Fraud Investigators out there! It seems like these roles are mostly full-time, and surely very demanding. For example, with the Nurse Case Manager I role, your work hours would be 9:30am-6:30pm in the time zone where you live, and you would need to be a RN who can handle care via the computer and phone, which I imagine isn’t easy. Hopefully, the appropriate salary comes along with a role like this one!


Remote Roles Available: Graphics Presentation Specialist, Configuration Management Analyst – Devops, Senior Java Developer, Java Technical Lead, etc.

Where to Find Jobs: Go here to check for openings and apply.

Salary: Varies by job role

According to a brief Google search, Conduent is a “business process services company” based in New Jersey that is derived from Xerox. It “offers digital platforms for businesses and governments” – I had no idea, hence the Google search! It seems like their remote opportunities are pretty technical, as showcased above.

We have a blog post with more information on working from home for Conduent if you'd like to know more.

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